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Chapter One

Chapter One
It’s Tuesday.
After school Hunter and I start talking on Facebook like usual.
Hunter: Hey, you know there’s a fair on Friday?
Bella: Yah, I know.
Hunter: You should come with me?
Bella: I don’t know if I can. One sec, let me ask.
Hunter: Ok.
I stand up from the dining room table and run upstairs.
“Hey mom, Hunter wants to know if I can go to the fair with him on Friday.”
“But mom!”
“No, that’s a date and you know you’re not aloud to go on dates. I don’t even know this kid.”
“But I do. We have been talking for awhile and I know him really well.”
“Bella, no.” My mom says sternly.
“How old is he?”
“18, but we are just friends.” I say.
“Uhh.” My mom chuckles.
“Mom please!!” I argue.
“No, Bella!! He’s 18 and you’re 13, there’s no way you’re going to the fair with him!!”
“Mom, we are just friends! He’s just a student teacher and you’re acting like I’m in love with him or something!!”
“I said no Bella! No means no!”
“Ugh mom you’re making a big deal out of nothing!” I stomp downstairs and continue our conversation.

Bella: It’s so stupid! They’re acting like something’s going to happen.
Hunter: I’m guessing they said no?
Bella: Yah. And it’s just because you’re 18!
Hunter: I can understand that.
Bella: Well it’s ridiculous and I REALLY wanted to go!!
Hunter: Yeah. I wanted you to go too!
Bella: My parents are so difficult, I wish I could just go and die.
Hunter: Don’t say that.
Bella: Well it’s true!
Hunter: No, it’s not.
Bella: I don’t see the point in life anymore. I’m losing my best friends and nothing good is happening to me anymore and I’m done. I wonder if I just disappeared if anyone would miss me.
Hunter: I’m 100% sure a lot of people would.
Bella: I don’t know..
Hunter: Well I have to go and do homework. Don’t do anything stupid. I better see you in class tomorrow.
Bella: Ok..
Hunter: Promise?
Bella: I promise.

I always look forward to 4th hour now and in my opinion, it goes by so fast!. Hunter can make me smile and laugh even when I don’t want to. He has an irreplaceable personality! We have been talking all week and it’s Friday. The day of the fair, I really want to sneak out with him..
Bella: Hey.
Hunter:: Hey sweetie.
Bella: I’m really sorry I can’t go tonight.
Hunter: It’s okay.
Bella: No it’s not!
Hunter: Really, it is!
Bella: Have fun for me?
Hunter: I’ll try. No promises though. I’ll bring something back for you.
Bella: You don’t have to do that.
Hunter: Yeah I do. I can’t come back with nothing.
Bella: Yes you can.
Hunter: Listen Bella, I have a confession..
Bella: Yeah? What is it?
Hunter: I think I’m falling for you..
Bella: I have a confession too.
Hunter: And what is that?
Bella: I think I might be falling for you too.
Hunter: I promise I’ll be there to catch you!
Bella. Please don’t let me drop. Last time I fell no one caught me and now my heart is shattered into a million pieces.
Hunter: Well, I’m going to pick each one up and sew them all back together
Bella: :)
Hunter: Well I have to go..
Bella: Okay. :’( Have fun.
Hunter: I don’t know if I’ll be able to.
Bella: Crap I have to go too. My mom’s coming!
Hunter: Ok, bye. I’ll talk to you tomorrow!
Bella: Ok. Bye

“Bella, who are you talking to?” My mom says as she barges into my room.
“Um, no one.” I reply as I quickly close the chat Hunter and I were in, “Just one of my friends from school.”
“Ok. Well it’s time to eat so come downstairs.”
“I’m not hungry.” I lie, I’m starving!
“We know you’re upset but sometime you’ll understand. You need to come eat.”
“Ugh fine I’ll be there in a minute.”
She leaves my room and I shut my grey and black HP laptop and head downstairs. Man that was close, I think as I take a seat at the dark wood dining room table.
As soon as I finish eating I come back upstairs and reread through all of the messages with Hunter. Throughout the week we have made it so far and become so close. From just being strangers to being friends to saying that we are falling for each other. We are like the poem Romeo and Juliet. He’s like my prince, and treats me like a princess. I only wonder what he would’ve done if I would’ve gone to the fair with him..
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