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Chapter 4321: Salvation


It has been 400,033 pages, or 4315 chapters or 7 months and about 14 days since there has been anything exciting, other that the power failure. Travis and I are now friends, but like my Dad used to say: Don’t bring it up if it’s not your fault. In case you fell asleep while listening to your computer read the last few chapters to you because you are to lazy to actually do anything, here’s is what has happened since we opened the riot gates.

We started exploring - Travis to West, me to East, always meeting back at the security room (or home base, as we like to call it) at night for sleeping. Eventually, the mall ran out of electricity, but we had a lifetime support of AA batteries so we were ok. Then, we started taking things, small at first, but by the end, we each had the top cell phone and laptop as of the closing of the mall. But don’t worry, we paid for them... eventually. And now, drumroll please, we are in the present!!! Yay!!!

So here is how freedom day, which I now know was the day report cards around the world went out, began:

I woke to a loud combination of banging, smashing and rumbling. Eventually, a huge cloud of dust appeared next to the wall. There was a gaping hole, and a bulldozer was in its entrance. A large number of people crowded around it. Travis and I poked our heads out, and everybody stared at us. Then, they started applauding. I saw my Mom and Dad in the crowd, and Travis evidently saw his. Our parents an over and hugged and kissed us. I was confused, because my parents usually don’t do that, but then I saw the flash of a camera, and then I knew. This was all just an act; they were doing for publicity. So I turned over to Travis and asked him the words that changed my life. “Can I live with you?”

Travis looked confused for a moment, but then he saw my parents and nodded. “Of course,” he replied.

So, then, I crossed the line, did the irreversible act. I asked my parents to put me down, and they did. Then, making sure that I was in full sight of the cameras and microphones, I told them, “Mom, Dad... It’s really nice that you bought the plane ticket for me with you, but I won’t be needing it. I’m not coming home with you.” The crowd gasped, but they haven’t seen the best part yet. “I’m going to live with Travis, because I’m sure that his parents can take better care of me than you did. I denounce you as my parents.” Everyone was silent. I could literally hear a fly land on a leaf in Madagascar. Then, just like that, all the noise just started.

“Did he just deny his heritage?”

“Did you get that on tape. That’s CNN gold.”

“What happened to him?”

“Gold I tell you, GOLD”

Then, Travis’ dad walked up to me and said, “That was very brave, what you did there. Very brave indeed. Welcome to the Nefantee’s.”


Well, I have the honor of ending the story. That was basically what happened. We had to adopt Sam and that was a nightmare, but other than that, everything turned out pretty much fine. We got sued by Sam’s old family, but thanks to the money from sympathetic viewers, we could pay it off with at least a billion to spare. So Sam and I, we both got our wishes. I got to be rich (with Sam making sure that I don’t become a snob) and Sam got a good family (courtesy of mwah). So everyone’s happy, well, everyone except for Sam’s old family, that is. I had a brilliant idea. As we were walking into my house for the first time, I turned and asked Sam, “Hey Sam, do you still have that journal from Alaska?”

“Yeah,” he answered. “Why?”

My answer to that? “I thought that it would be pretty fun to make a story out of it, you know, with a dramatic one word title, like ‘Snowstorm’, or something like that.”
“Yes.” Sam said. “Something like that would be perfect.”
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