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Freedom Fries

Author's note: Something that inspired me to write this was when my abusive father kicked me out, so then I...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: Something that inspired me to write this was when my abusive father kicked me out, so then I experienced a lot of problems. I was really glad my family was there for me.  « Hide author's note
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Friday, September 27th

All of us[kids] were sitting in our 1st period class, waiting for the announcements from the School Council. We got our usual update about the basketball games, and such. Then Dylan changed the subject to French Fry Fridays, and made the following statement:
“Good morning, everyone. As you all know, today is Friday, and we would normally have a French Fries today, but this will no longer continue. Our annual tradition will be stopped from here on out, my orders.”
You could feel the tension in the room, and it felt like the Earth’s rotation came to a complete halt. So now, our plan was coming into action, so I excused myself from the room by saying that I needed to use the restroom. I took my backpack with me, without my teacher knowing. As I walked by the window, I gave the hint to my classmates that wanted to help with this. I took my phone out of my pocket, texting Derek that I was ready. Before I knew it, I saw Derek sprinting towards me, and then he lead to the secret buckets of paint and paintbrushes.
“You should go out to the meeting spot, to lead the kids over here.” Derek suggested. I took his advice, and went out to the front to show the other kids where to go. Once I got out there, I saw a huge group of people, more than I planned for. Then I saw Ben, and I knew he put this all together. They all snuck back, and we made an assembly line, and made sure everyone got a bucket of paint and a brush. After everyone got one, Derek and I did a double check.
“Are you guys ready to stand up for what we believe in?” Derek asked.
Everybody did a mini chant, but very quietly. Then Kylie came up to me and thought this was an amazing idea. Derek said go, and we all dispersed and separated. I went to the Cafeteria, and walked in naturally, and the lunch ladies let me go ahead with what I was doing. I kicked open the can of paint, and got paint all over my shoes, but I didn’t care. I put the brush in and painted the words “Freedom Fries” all over the wall, and I dipped my hand in the can, and left a handprint. I ran to the next wall, and did the same thing, and it just happened repeatedly. Derek came into the cafeteria and told the lunch ladies to start making the French fries, so they’d be ready by lunch time. All of us went onto the stage, and waited for lunch time to come around, because Dylan and the Council were going to make a speech, and we beat them there. Once Dylan saw us, he was in shock. As soon as he walked in all the kids solemnly came into the room, piling in slowly, and once they looked up, all you heard was everybody gasp.
Dylan was wondering what was going on, so he demanded that someone open the curtains, and his face completely dropped. He was so applauded, that he went to get the Principal. While he did that I made a speech, hoping that I would finish before he got back.
“Hey everyone, we actually all did this. We did this to express that we should be able to have a voice/opinion in what goes on in this school. Instead of just letting Dylan the Snob, make decisions. This is our school too, and our opinions matter. If you look around the school some more, you’ll see more of testifying. I think we should have some freedom, hence the words ‘Freedom Fries’.” During my speech, the principal walked in, and his face was somewhat proud it seemed. Then he came up to the stage grabbed the mic, and Dylan came up there, hoping I would get scolded. Mr. Weston looked me dead in the eye, and then started a slow clap. Before I knew it, everybody in the auditorium was applauding me.
“Thank you, Carter for showing us that everyone’s opinion matters, and that is why I elect you School Council President!” Mr. Weston said joyously.
The applause got louder, and then Derek came up and asked for the microphone. Mr. Weston immediately handed it over.
“LET’S HERE IT FOR MY LITTLE BRO! Whoo!” he shouted, and everybody cheered still. I hugged Derek tightly in my arms, never wanting to see my brother let go.
“I love you, Derek.” I said, gently, and trying to sound kind. I felt a tear fall on to my shirt, since Derek was crying. I started crying too, knowing that my brother would never leave my side.
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