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Life's Long Journey: Cindy's Choice

Author's note: I was inspired to write this piece when I read an article about the 9/11 attack. I was fascinated...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this piece when I read an article about the 9/11 attack. I was fascinated and completely scared after reading it. I decided to write about a girl's journey after she was being affected by the attack, as well.
I hope people will understand that real people are going through or have gone through something similar, sometimes resulting in something far worse then becoming Gothic. I hope people will be able to put themselves in Cindy's shoes and figure out how they would deal with a loved one dying. I hope people will learn and love my story!  « Hide author's note
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September 11, 2001 6:35 a.m.

Chapter 5
September 11, 2001 6:35 am

Cindy woke up and went into the kitchen. There she found a note taped to the table. She read it aloud.
Cindy, went to New York. Contact Mrs. Ammle in case of an emergency. I will call when I get there. Love you Bubbles! Bye! And don’t forget, be careful, and there is a hundred-dollar bill for you to go to the grocery store to get food. It’s in the cabinet by the sink.
I packed you a lunch.
Cindy couldn’t believe it. Her mom was gone. She slammed down the note and went into her bedroom and got dressed for school. She got onto the bus and sat in her seat. Cindy stared out the window for the whole ride. No one talked to her at all. She thought about crying, but suddenly, she decided to act tough. She had this feeling inside of her. She really didn’t care that her mom left.
The bus arrived at her school. When she was walking off the bus, she saw Logan and Chelsea. They were holding hands while they walked into the school. Cindy caught up with Chelsea.
“Hey Chels! What’s up?” Cindy chimed.
Chelsea looked at her.
“Hey, about yesterday,” Chelsea started.
“Don’t worry. Forget it,” Cindy said cutting her off.
Cindy talked to Chelsea until they were at their homeroom. Cindy stopped and opened her locker and put in her backpack and notebook. She kept out her binder and pencil and went to sit at her desk. Chelsea and Logan were talking with the popular crowd. Cindy walked over to join them.
“I went to the mall yesterday and was in Deb’s and this guy started to talk to me. I found out it was Jason Henson. I talked with him and the conversation ended when he asked me to the prom!!” Eve boast.
Chelsea and everyone, including Cindy, gasped.
“No way,” replied Chelsea.
“You go girl,” replied another in the group.
Cindy and Chelsea headed back to their seats after lots of “high fives” to Eve.
“I wish someone would ask me to the dance,” Cindy said disappointed.
Chelsea ignored her remark.
“I picked out my dress already, its gold. It has a pearl sash. It’s really pretty. I got it from Deb’s.”
“I really wish someone would ask me,” Cindy said.
Just then, the bell rang and everyone got up at the same time. Everyone was trying to get out at the same time. It was like trying to fight a big pack of hungry wolves. Chelsea and Cindy knew better than to run with them. They waited until the pack of wolves were done fighting for the piece “meat“ of getting out the door. Then they both walked out. When she got to French class, she saw Sara. She sat down next to her and asked her why she was called to the office.
“I really don’t want to talk about!” she snapped.
Cindy backed away.
“Wow! Grr to you too!!“ she retorted.
The teacher rang the bell.
“All right class, calm down. Lets start today lesson. Can anyone tell me how to say mom in French?”
Cindy and Sara raised their hands and so did a couple other people. The French teacher called on Henry, a very smart kid in high school. He answered her question correctly.
“Good job, Henry!” she praised.
For the rest of the class, they did paperwork and graded it. Just then, the bell rang. Everyone hurried out the door and half of the class went to band or choir. Cindy went to choir. She met up with Chelsea.
“Hey, Cindy, how was French class? Boring as ever?” Chelsea joked.
“Uh, duh! You were suppose to be there, but you weren’t. Where were you?” Cindy asked.
“I was busy,” Chelsea said.
“Busy? Doing what?”
“Me and my boyfriend skipped an hour to go get coffee,” she whispered.
Cindy gasped. She couldn’t believe her friend did that.
“You can get caught, you know,” Cindy warned her.
“Pish posh! Who cares!” Chelsea said unworriedly.
Instead of singing, the choir class completed a worksheet. Once choir was over the students split and switched classes. The morning passed by quicker than you could say the word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. After their last class of the morning, everyone went into the lunchroom. Cindy and Chelsea sat down with their lunches. Cindy had a salad and two chocolate chip cookies. She also was packed a peach yogurt. Her mother packed it before she left for New York. Cindy kept thinking of her mom. she checked her watch. It was 12:30. She wondered if her mom arrived in New York. Before she knew it, lunch was over and she was sitting study hall, where she was reading. Then, they were told to report to home room. Her teacher stood at the front of the classroom and cleared her throat. Everyone drew their attention to the front of the class.
“Class, I am handing out your report cards. There are only three students, however, that got a perfect GPA,” she announced.
Mrs. Harold began calling out her students names.
“Georgia Ace, Scarlet Ames, Matthew Bean, Maxine Buck, Benjamin Casey, Mason Dern, Jillian Finn, and Christy Ingold.”
All the students who got there names called walked up and retrieved their most likely doom. Christy was walking back when she suddenly began jumping up and down.
“Yes! I didn’t get a D in algebra! I got a D+! My mom is gonna be so happy!” she said excitedly.
Eve congratulated her. Their teacher went on.
“Logan Jameson, Chelsea James, Kelley Kerri, Mary Mack, and Vicki Nightingale, Sara Owens, Elizabeth Preston, Patty Queen, Mallory Robinson, and Eve Taps, Lili-Anne Took, and Cynthia Tarry.”
Cindy walked up with the rest of her peers and got her report card. She looked at it. Her face brightened and then she frowned in disgust.
“Well, that’s it. Here are top students. Sara Owens, Jillian Finn, and Cynthia Tarry.” Everyone began giggling in their seats. They were trying not to laugh aloud. Some people were whispering. Chelsea was even giggling. Cindy looked at her. Chelsea stopped giggling and squirmed uncomfortably. Logan was practically off his chair.
“What is so funny?!” their teacher asked harshly.
No one answered. Her face turned red. She stomped over to Benjamin Casey. He was giggling so hard you would think he was going to faint. He suddenly stopped when he saw Mrs. Harold.
“Benjamin Kurt Casey, you tell me why you and everyone else is laughing?!” she demanded.
He just shrugged.
“Is it because these fine students got a higher GPA than you did, with your 2.345?” she snapped back.
Mrs. Harold walked back up to the front of the classroom. The students all knew she was about to give them a lecture.
“You three may take your seats. Now, you may not agree, class, but with your low GPA’s and horrible grades, besides you three, I wish you good luck into finding a nice college.”
Cindy began to giggle. No one thought it was funny. The end of the day bell rang and the students who rode the bus home for their transportation went to their lockers and got their things. Cindy didn’t go with them, since her mom wasn’t going to be home when she got there.
I can do what ever I want to, and she wouldn’t have to know, Cindy thought. When the buses were gone, walkers were dismissed, and Cindy walked out with Chelsea.
“I can’t believe I got a 4.0 for my GPA. Now I will be the talk of the school! Cindy The Geek.” Cindy complained.
Chelsea just laughed.
“I know! It’s hilarious! You know, we might have to spend a week or two away from each other because I will start being known as Chelsea, Cindy The Geek’s friend. It will ruin my reputation. You understand, right?” Chelsea asked.
Cindy just nodded. Chelsea smiled and turned around to catch up with Logan.
Cindy got her backpack and shut her locker. She walked down the hallway and out of the school’s doors. Cindy stopped at the grocery store and used her mother’s one-hundred dollar bill to buy an energy bar. She walked home and unlocked the door. She put her backpack in her room and went into the living room. The phone was blinking. She walked over to the phone and saw the new message button blinking. She smiled. She knew her mom called to tell her she was in New York. Cindy pressed a button to listen to the message.
“You have one new message. Message one. Cindy, its mom, um, I won’t be making it home, honey. I have only one minute. Terrorists took over a plane. If I die, honey, please know I love you. Never forget that. Take care of yourself. There is a money stash in my top drawer of my dresser. Love you bub-”
The message stopped. Cindy stood in front of the phone, frozen. She could not breathe. Her mother. The mother in which her last words were to her were “I hate you”.
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