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Making Me Korra

My trailer was HUGE! I had a kitchen, stocked with food and a huge room with a huge bed! A TV was across from the bed. I opened a few of the windows, tip-style for some air. I got out my laptop, plugged it in to charge and turned to the rest of my stuff. It took an hour until I was fully settled in and then I went for a shower. I hummed a tune as I turned on the warm water and went under it. I sighed in relief as my tense and sore muscles relaxed. As scrubbing shampoo through my dirty hair, I rinsed it off and did shampoo again. I laced conditioner through it and just stood in the warm water, relaxing. Sighing, I turned it off and got out. I padded into my room and got out shorts and a blouse.
There was a knock on the door. I glanced at the clock: 12:30.
I yelled,” Come in!” I jumped onto my bed and watched as Kim came in.
“ Woah, your trailer is amazing!” she commented.
“ Thanks. Do you like yours?” I asked.
“ It’s less luxurious than this which I find so unfair. I am Asami Sato, daughter of the richest man in Republic City. I deserve better. I deserve yours!” she said, raising her chin.
To keep me from laughing, I said, with a smile,” You are also the daughter of Amon’s right-hand, the daughter of a traitor.”
“ Well, you’re nobody from the Southern Water Tribe,” said Kim, snottily. Wow! She was a good actress.
“ I’m the Avatar who also steals your boyfriend away from you,” I reminded her with a smirk.
Her eyes flared and then we both started laughing... hard. Maybe I wouldn’t be so alone here as I’d thought.
At 12:50, I went out to look for the appearance trailer. My hair was practically dry as soon as I stepped outside. That’s how hot the sun was. Georgia let me in even if I was five minutes early.
“ We can end earlier then,” she explained.
She had three assistants who were holding dye, hair stuff, tweezers, hot wax, and strips of paper. They first dyed my hair after asking if I was “ ready.” After lying, they started.
My hair was wrapped into paper and then they started on my fingernails, giving me a French manicure. My nails were beautiful, I noticed at the end. Then they undid my hair and someone started on my toenails, giving them a pedicure.
My hair was a stunning, chocolate brown. I actually looked good in it. They started cutting a part of it into sidebangs that were long enough to tuck into my ear. They tied everything into a high ponytail and left two parts for the clips. They started cutting the ponytail hair after putting in the clips and taking the ponytail out. After the hair, I was giving a garment bag and shown to a dressing room.
Inside was a shirt and pants. I pulled them on and then the bracelet that slid up to my shoulder and fit perfectly. I tied the animal skin around my hips and laced up my boots. I caught a look at myself in the mirror and gasped.
It wasn’t me. This girl had high cheekbones, was a lot older than I was and was a lot prettier. Her blue-green eyes were intimidating. I pinched myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream and saw the girl in the mirror copy the action. I took a huge breath and walked out.
Georgia’s eyes were wide.“ Wow. I never thought... You look just like I thought Korra would and everything also fits?” I nodded.
“ Well. Come on here. Eyebrows and makeup,” she sat, tapping on the chair.
After waxing and tweezing my eyebrows, Georgia brushed on some blue eyeshadow, gray eyeliner, blush, and lip gloss.
“ You look amazing!” said one of the assistants. I smiled at her and turned to look in the mirror.
Now I really was unrecognizable. My eyes were bigger, my cheeks rosier and my lips shiner.
“ Go and show everyone else. Then someone will give you your lines that you have to memorize for the scene we’re shooting later,” said Georgia, shooing me off. I walked out and Kim walked in, not looking at me.
“ Kim?” I said, impatiently.
“ Ash?” she said, amazed.
“ How do I look?” I asked.
“ Amazing. Just like Korra,” she said, staring at me. I went red and gave her a hug.
“ Prepare to be in there for a while. They are completely insane,” I told her. Phillip came out from another door labelled BOYS APPEARANCE. He stopped and simply stared at me. I sucked in a breath. Phillip was completely hot. He was wearing a loose black leather jacket with a muscle shirt underneath to show off his muscles.
“ Um...” I’d forgotten how to speak. I blushed and turned away.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 10 Next »

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