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The Plane Ride

I called my mom and told her the good news. I would fly to Hollywood next week and first do “boot camp” to get me fit and learn how to fight. Mom said she’d try to see me every weekend but she couldn’t come because of work.
When I came home, I pulled out my suitcase and started pulling in clothes. I filled my backpack with notebooks, school supplies and my textbooks since I knew I would have to do my homework and schoolwork. My teachers were going to send my tutor the notes, classwork and homework assignments so that we could work on it together.
My friends were excited for me about this opportunity. I told them I would come back mid-October and email them as much as possible. I was sweating hard when Mom dropped me off at the airport.
“ Ohmigod. I’m going to miss you so much, sweetie,” she said, giving me a big hug.
I felt extremely guilty. I was particularly abandoning her like... like Dad. She read the expression on my face and answered,” No. I’ll be fine. Go, live your life. This is a big chance for you and I’ve always known you were meant for more than this,” she said. I knew what she meant. Tiny Wilmette had always been too small for me. I’d been planning to travel the world after university and get a job that allowed me to do just that.
“ Bye, Mom. I’m going to miss you so much,” I told her, hugging her hard.
“ Ash!” I heard a voice behind me. Kim. I waved goodbye to Mom and walked towards her, Mark, John and another guy.
Kim was jumping up and down.
“ Ash, this is Phillip. He’s playing Mako,” said Kim.
I went red. Would I have to kiss him? He was extremely cute with puppy-dog brown eyes and black hair. He was sixteen, seventeen.
“ Phillip, this is Ashley. Or Ash. She’s Korra,” said Kim.
He held out his hand and said,” Hey.”
“ Hey. So... I guess we need to check-in,” I said, trying to change the subject smoothly.
They all had their luggage with them and backpacks. They nodded and the five of us walked to the check-in desks. After security, I bought myself candy since I can’t stand the airplane food. Phillip stood near me for some reason and kept trying to talk to me.
“ So, you like M&M’s...” he said, looking at me.
“ Yes. I do,” I said, answering the question for the hundredth time. In the waiting section, I burrowed my nose into a book and refused to come out of it. On the plane, I was horrified to see that Phillip sat next to me. I tuned into music as soon as he sat down and concentrated on finding myself a movie. We were in Business Class which for me was a amazing experience.
I sipped a glass of orange juice while relaxing my chair into a comfortable position. Since this was a night flight, we got dinner. It was a lot better than the normal airplane food. I got a hot dog and some Coke and watched new hits on the movie screen. Just before I was going to bed, I relaxed my chair in a slightly upright bed position and fell asleep. In the middle of my dreams, I felt a hand stroke my forehead and hair. For some reason, it made me sink deeper into Dreamland.
I woke up, feeling someone’s arm around me. Then I realized I could feel the side of someone around me as well. I forced my eyes to open and saw total darkness. That wasn’t completely true. The lights on the floor and above( though dim) were blinding me. I blinked a few more times to get used to it and looked at the person next to me.
Phillip. I was starting to get annoyed by this guy. He’d taken me out of my seat while I was sleeping and cuddled with me. I shivered. Creepy. I gently pulled his arms away and stood up, feeling the plane move. I got into my seat and scrolled through the movies. Absentmindedly, I chose Captain America. I watched the “ romance” of a weak, skinny boy who became one of the most well-known superheroes of all time and a pretty woman who had loved him before the transformation. I chose Mirror Mirror after that and then heard a groan. I looked over at Phillip. His forehead was wrinkled as he tried to wake up and his hands were groping everywhere like they were looking for something they’d lost. His eyes flew open. I concentrated on the movie and tried to ignore Phillip.
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