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The Life

I heard a loud “ Cut!” and breathed a Thank God. I was starting to get bored. When I’d envisioned movie-making, there were cute boys( well, there are), amazing clothes, fame and fortune.
Kim smiled at me as I rode back on Mitzie.
“ You look just like Korra. It’s amazing!” she said. I nodded and got off Mitizie. I felt exhausted. Kim chattered as we walked up to the hotel. Three more weeks, I thought. I can survive three more weeks.
I yawned in my room and picked up the phone to order room service. I picked out a movie from Netflix and watched it. The movie was Harry Potter 1. I kept on watching all the HP movies until I was practically falling asleep. I fell asleep on my bed, next to a empty box of Domino’s Pizza and a few cans of Coke.
When I woke up, sunlight was filtering through the windows. I shivered and dug through my closet for my sweatpants, fuzzy socks and a big sweater. I logged onto Facebook and onto Chat and saw a ton of my friends on it. It was Saturday so I had a video chat with all of them.
“ Omigod, Ash! I haven’t seen you in FOREVER! What happened to your hair?” asked all my friends at the same time.
“ Dyed it. I’m in Alaska now... obviously. So, how have your lives been?” I asked.
“ You’re in Alaska!” said Caitlin. “ Why’d you dye it?” asked Rabel.
“ Korra has brown hair and we’re doing all the scenes in the Southern Water Tribe,” I answered.
“ Is it cold there?” asked Michelle.
“ No, it’s tropical weather and I’m not wearing five layers of clothes,” I said.
Everyone laughed and I laughed as well.
“ Oh, God. I’ve missed you guys so much. Making a movie isn’t as glamorous as you think. I’ve made a lot of friends though and in the first time in my life, I’m popular!” I joked.
Caitlin smiled at me. They peppered me with questions. I cut them off to order breakfast and then ate and watched them gape at me.
“ Aren’t you going to show us your stuff, Korra?” asked Michelle. I grimaced at the name.
“ Ok, these are my sleeping in beads. They’re waterproof and I can only take them off if my hair is in a ponytail so we can put in the other Water Tribe beads. My costume is with the people so when we all see the movie, you can see it then,” I said, smiling.
“ We’re not going to go to the premiere,” weeped Michelle.
“ Well, if you want to fly to London or Hollywood, I’ll have the tickets for you... probably,” I answered.
After chatting with them a little more, I logged off Facebook and watched TV. The scene was at 12pm, then another one at 5pm. The running away scene and the giving-back-Lin’s-powers scene. Luckily the last scene was a no-talking scene so I just had to memorize the actions. Easy.
I walked to the Makeup/Costume Room and came in. Kaya smiled at me from her chair. I caught the costume bag that was thrown at me and walked into the wardrobe. My hair was in a messy ponytail that I hadn’t bothered to brush this morning.
I pulled on the whole costume and smiled at Georgia. She fixed my fingernails and redid the pedicure and cut my hair a little.
“ Perfect! You’re all set!”she said, ten minutes later.
“ Thanks a lot, Georgia,” I said, giving her a hug. She blushed and hugged me also. I did a bit of homework after checking my email for the assignments. At eleven am, I ordered lunch and shared it with Kim. She only had one scene for today and then she was leaving tomorrow on the plane with Phillip and Mark to do some scenes with Phillip while I finished off here. I’d miss her.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 8 9 10

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