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The Pale-Faced Miracle

Author's note: I hope people will read my book and understand that even if your life is at its worst, or even if...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I hope people will read my book and understand that even if your life is at its worst, or even if you are having a bad day, you just have to fight through because it will always get better.  « Hide author's note
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The Worst Place On Earth

It had been a long day at the orphanage. The sun was beating down hard and Tyler was wiped out after a day of yard work. The owners of the orphanage, Mr. and Mrs. Clint, hated outdoor work like pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, and the most dreadful chore, repainting the building. The orphanage housed over 30 boys and girls who were abandoned as children.
Tyler, now a tall twelve-year old, was sick of this place. It was the worst place on earth. He sometimes would ask himself how it could even be considered an orphanage being run by such terrible people. Tyler could remember living here since he was just a little boy, nothing had changed much except, the food had gotten better ever since Mrs. Clint decided she was tired of cooking for them and had hired a woman from a nearby town to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, seven days a week. The woman’s name was Ms. Lynn. She was a nice lady and her cooking was much better than Mrs. Clint’s.
I grabbed my shovel and garden gloves and headed for the building. The orphanage’s decor hadn’t been updated in a while. The same chandelier that was in the orphanage when Mr. and Mrs. Clint bought it from a housewife over 30 years ago still hung in the main lobby. Mr. Clint always told the children the story of the orphanage every night at dinner. He said that he thought every child should know a little about where they live. Tyler could tell that even Ms. Lynn was tired of hearing the story by the way she rolled her eyes when Mr. Clint began, “Let me tell you a story.” Mr. Clint always told the story exactly the same and barely ever changed a single word. Tyler could probably tell anyone the story off of the top of his head. In fact, Mr. Clint was a great storyteller, he just told dreadful stories that children hated, especially Tyler since he had been at the orphanage the longest.
Tyler walked past the common room and up the small staircase to the second floor. The hallways were dark and cramped. There were doors to rooms on both sides. Tyler’s room was at the end of the hall and when he got to his room, he twisted the small gold handle and stepped in. Tyler’s room was a mess. He didn’t have a problem admitting it, either. His room was about the size of a closet so it was no wonder there was now where to put anything. Tyler quickly threw his clothes under his bed and set his lawn tools next to it. Everyday around four, Mrs. Clint came by to inspect each room. It was almost four now so any minute now, she would come.
Tyler stepped over by his window which wasn’t much bigger than a dinner plate and looked out. Tyler loved the view from this window. It was on the front side of the orphanage so he could almost see every movement that was happening outside. Down the sidewalk, a little boy walked with his mother. Tyler admired the little boy’s smile and stared at the happiness in the mother’s face.
Just then there was a knock at the door. “I’m here to inspect your room! Open up!” The loud and sharp sound of Mrs. Clint’s voice rang in Tyler’s ears. Tyler glanced back around his room to make sure everything was in order before opening the door.
“Hello, Tyler. Move to the side and let me see your room.” She slid past Tyler and took a heavy inspection of the room as if knowing that there was something out of order. “Well, I’m surprised! Your room seems to be in somewhat of an order,” she exclaimed. Then she wrote a note on her clipboard and walked towards the door. “Oh, I almost forgot, you have a meeting with some people who are looking to adopt you tomorrow evening at six,” and she walked out of the door.
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