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The Last Of The Immortallius

Author's note: I Got Bored So I Decided To Write. I Know There Are A Few Errors In Continuity But Otherwise It...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I Got Bored So I Decided To Write. I Know There Are A Few Errors In Continuity But Otherwise It Should Be Easy Enough To Follow.  « Hide author's note
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The Last One....

Ah, so where to start. I guess I'll start with my name. My name is Vladimir Augustine Ellis, and I am 16 years old. There usually is no reason I write, I see no point in it. But not today, there is a specific reason I am writing today. This reason is to tell you of the lives I've lived. You probably are thinking “Lives?” Well, you see I’m an immortal; I’ve been called a god, angel, demon, and devil. I’ve been everywhere, and I’ve seen everything. I’m sorry, where are my manners? I should start on how I became immortal. It was more than 2,000 years ago that I was visited by a strange gypsy who promised gifts beyond my wildest dreams in exchange for servitude. The young naive man I was who was hoping to get out of my half-witted village I lived in, automatically accepted the gypsy’s offer. The gypsy took my hand and bit it hard I quickly smacked her off my hand, but the gift was already implanted in me. Ha, some gift that was, more of a curse. The gypsy had given me the gift of immortality, after she bit me she asked me to take her knife and cut her throat. Reluctantly I took the blade and sliced her throat, but there was no blood only dust, the gypsy had said thank you to me for relieving her of this curse. I looked down at my hands where her blood should have been, but they were clean and pristine. Even the deep bite she had given me just minutes before was completely gone, no marks whatsoever. The gypsy was gone when I looked up from my hands. The gypsy was so old she was dust; she must have been as old as mankind was. I went back to my village and the people looked at me like I was cursed, my own mother cast me out of her family. Exiled to never return, I wandered the lands for years barely surviving until I came across a traveler. This traveler was an honest man trying to make an honest man’s wage. I automatically liked this man because he was the first person in years to accept me instead of keeping a good distance. He was going to pick up a delivery from a nearby farm, and on the way he said “I know what you are, I haven’t seen a blade like that in 80 years.” I thought this man insane because he looked to be no older than 25, and he claims he is over 80 years old. So I ask “what am I?” he says that he and I are blessed with a curse from the last two of the imortallius clan he was visited by a man with a close description to that of the woman I met so many years ago. For some reason of all the things I’ve seen in those years, the woman’s face is forever burned into my mind. He said that the man who visited him asked him if he wanted eternal life, he said yes because he was dying from a bear attack. The gypsy man said he shall bite him and he will be implanted with the blood of the imortallius and he must slice the gypsy’s throat with a special blade for the blessing to take full effect, and that he must also take his bag and read the note when he reaches safety. The dying man agreed, and sliced the gypsy’s throat without hesitation and as he was about to walk away and live his life he remembered the bag with the note and the note said “If you are reading this then I must be dead, I must first say thank you for relieving me of this curse. This curse will eat you alive, and you must live with it until you find a suitable heir to carry on the legacy of the imortallius, don’t try to find the heir because he shall find you. When you find the heir you must do as I did and first bite the hand deep and offer the blade I gave you this day and tell them to slice your throat. There is a sister to this blade keep them separate or disaster shall strike. You can only die if the blade that was given to you hits your neck by the heir. Remember these words and you shall eventually be led out of the darkness into the light. Remember the imortallius”
As the man finished his story we were heading up on the farmhouse. I asked the man his name and if I would meet him again, he was sure of himself when he said “my name is like the wind, constantly changing and shifting, and will you see me again? Yes, many more times Vladimir” and he was off. The farmer needed help with his land and caring for it, all I asked of him in return for my work was a place to live, he agreed and my life as a farmer began. I believe that was the happiest I ever was, was when I was living the simple life. My time came to move on from the farm and I moved constantly and lived in the industrial district for a while and worked hard in the factories of London when I found The man I met so many years back as the head of the factory, I didn’t know who the owner was because I’d never seen his face, only heard his voice. He found me on the floor of the factory when his workers had stopped production because of a man who was dead one minute and working the next, He believed this was me but could not believe it. He stopped me while I was working and he asked to see me in his office, as I passed the other workers they slid against the wall to stay away from me, calling me the devil and performing the sign of the cross. I made it to his office and we caught up and he asked why I was working instead of owning, I simply said I didn’t have money, he said “why don’t you have money? When you can take all you want?” I said I didn’t want to be a criminal, he shortly showed me out of his factory and to grow a pair. “Grow a pair…” Vladimir thinks “He doesn’t know the bloodshed I’ve seen”
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 19 Next »

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