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The figure drew near. The shadows parted for him. He stepped out, into the spotlight created by a near by streetlight. He cringed as it hit him, like it was going to hurt him. He was tall and lean, dressed almost completely in black. He looked right at me, his black eyes burning right through me. After a moment he pushed his dark sunglasses over his eyes and fled back into the shadows.
The darkness appeared to have eaten him; there was no trace of the boy who had been in the spotlight moments ago. I slid out of the front seat of my car and walked toward the spot where he had been, moments ago. I wanted another glance of this stranger, who to me, in the few moments we had eye contact, did not feel like a stranger.
The darkness was thick; it was like a blanket, smothering the lights, the buildings, the ally. Trying to suffocate me. The stagnate air in the ally was warm and smelled stale.
I cut through it, determined to find him, who had dissolved into the darkness. Wandering in the thick darkness for a few minutes I was barely able to see my hand in front of my face. I was feeling around trying to find something. Anything.
After a few more stumbling steps I could see a faint light ahead. I headed towards it. Once I got there I could see that it was a place where the ally widened. There were lights on a few of the buildings. Strange, seeing all the buildings were empty and none of the others had lights. There were crates littered through it, they did not appear to have any pattern to them.
Sitting, tucked into the corner where light barely touched was that boy. He was sitting on the crate with his back against the wall sitting on a crate. His eyes were still covered in his sunglasses.
His gaze fell on me. “What are you doing here.” His sentence was worded like a question, but in fact was very much a statement.
I gasped awake. This was not the first time this figure, this boy has haunted my dreams. In fact he has haunted more than my dreams.
I got up and walked to the window and pulled up the blinds, focusing on the darkness. After a few minutes my eyes adjusted and his figure stood out, darker against the darkness.
He saw my movement and slid away, out of the vision of my window.
I wondered if he knew that I knew. He was shameless, always in the shadows. Maybe he didn’t know that I saw him. It was very much a possibility. What did he want to know? And for some reason I didn’t feel threatened, it didn’t concern me at all. And maybe it should.
“Nightmares again?” Colton was the only one who knew of the dreams, of the figure who would not let me rest. Though he did not know of the fact that the figure was more than a dream. No one knew, no one noticed. Raising my head I glanced around the crowed cafeteria. In the far right of my vision he could be see sitting, alone in the busy room. His gaze was fixed on me intently. I slowly laid my head back down, not making eye contact with him. A rough hand ran down my spine causing me to shiver. I sighed and let my tensed muscles relax.
A gentle hand shook me awake. I turned to look at them. Only it wasn’t who I expected. Instead of my boyfriend, it was my stalker who woke me up. This was the first time he had made contact with me, even though he showed up three weeks ago.
After the fog had left my brain I began to realize other things. One my table was empty and cleaned. Second, on top of that the whole cafeteria was completely empty.
“Wait. What time is it?”
“Almost time for your fifth hour. I though I would wake you so you didn’t miss another hour.”
“Wait. I slept though fourth hour?” no wonder the cafeteria was empty, they must have all left, and left me sleeping. No surprise there, the dreams did not allow much sleep. When I finally fell into the dream realm I would be awaken by them. They never really scared me but they were so bright and vivid and they always woke me up. And he was always outside afterwards. Always.
“Why are you stalking me?” I blurted without thinking.
“What are you talking about?”
“You’re always watching me.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about. I was trying to help you. Didn’t want you to miss more school. I better go.” and with that he was gone.
The bell rang symbolizing the end of the day. Colton met me at my locker, grabbed my hand and led me to the parking lot.
“Where’d yah go?”
“Nowhere. I fell asleep.”
“Hey. Wanna come with me Friday?”
“Sure. Don’t see why not. Where to?”
“Just away. Thought we would have some fun.”
“Sure. Sounds good by me.” this was slightly out of the ordinary. Plans were always my job. I was excited for this change.
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