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Love at first sight

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The Ball

`Once upon a time, there was a precious naïve teenage girl. Her proper name was Ella Rhiann Sanchez of Presipitoria. With every good fairytale there is a prince of course. This enchanting young man’s name is Prince Paul David Gregor Jr. of Brostania. They are both sole heirs of their kingdoms. But who wants to rule alone?
“Nimballina, I can’t quite seem to find my purple hair pin. Would you mind helping me in my search for it?” Princess Ella called out to her fairy as she rifled through
i know, it moves fast
her huge vanity.
“I will be right there princess!” Nim answered
When a royal baby is born they are assigned a wonderous fairy from Spartania. They are unusually similar to a guardian angel, just alive. Your fairy helps you with almost everything throughout your life. You become unquestionably attached to them.
“Okay, here I am, my dear,” Ella’s fairy said to her. “Where have you already looked?”
As the princess speaks of where she has already looked, she realized something. The ball is for anyone in the kingdoms of Presipitoria and Brostania, where the atrocious prince Paul lives…

While Ella was thinking about this, Prince Paul had already realized and was rather happy he was attending the same ball as she.
“Timothy! Where did you put my purple tie? I can’t find it ANYWHERE!” Prince Paul complained rather loudly, “I’m gonna be late and it’s all your fault!”
Paul’s tiny fairy just shook his head. He’s known the young man his whole life and was more then used to his inappropriate exaggeration.
Ever since Paul was two or three he was acting and just adored being on stage. His was attention he craved and he simply could not get enough of it. When he was on stage his face has a slight glow and lit up like the sun as he spoke his lines and ran across stage. But ever since the king and queen separated that spark just has not been as lively or the same.
“On your hook, in your closet, sir!” Timmy cried as he flew graciously into the prince’s bedroom.
“Ahhh! You’re such a lifesaver, my Timothy! However would I get along without you, or even survive?”
The wise fairy just casually smirked and replied, “I’m not so sure you’d be able to sir.”
Paul sighed and slowly knotted his tie.
Timothy knew he was only like this when he has something unique on his mind. When he says something he means a unique someone. And someone always means a special young lady.
“So, sir, what’s on your mind today? Anything? Anyone?” Timothy merely ventured hoping to get an insight on who this lady is.
“Oh no one.” Prince assured him, “I would rather not speak of it. She’s far too mature for me. And beautiful, and smart, and funny.”
Right away the elder one took a guess, “You got your eye on Princess Ella sir? I can tell!” Timothy winked.
Paul’s face turned a terrible deep shade of scarlet. He was afraid someone would find out. He didn’t want anyone at all too know. Princess was already fifteen years old, he was only the age of thirteen. Paul was much too young for a starry-eyed princess. He thought that anyways.
“No, of course not! How on earth did you come up with her?” Paul quickly tried to hide the truth.
Timmy only smiled, because he knew very well Princess Ella was the one on his mind.

“Mother, were going to be late!” Ella called up to her mother, the queen.
Ever since Ella was young, she was always neat, organized, and on time. How people should be, in her opinion. But her mother…Queen Tessa on the other hand…was not. AT ALL!! It had bothered her forever that she was consistently late to parties, school, and church. Walking in late all the time caused a disruption and Ella hated drawing attention to herself. Her mother absolutely adored the eyes on her for some odd reason. Ella never quite understood why because if you draw attention to yourself and mess up you just get embarrassed. Ella will not stand to be embarrassed.
“Oh hush Ella!” her mother assured her, “honestly you should be still getting all prettied up! Prince Paul will be there and you already ruined your first 5 impressions with him. You can’t afford to wreck another one.”
Ella clenched her teeth at the sound of hearing her mother say that. She had grown overtired of everyone insisting she try to get to know Paul better. She had good reason too. After all Paul is atrocious, obnoxious, and SOO annoying. He also is only the mere age of thirteen. Ella is fifteen and doesn’t need a thirteen year old trying to protect her and take care of her. She can do that on her own. She didn’t particularly have anything against him because the obvious fact that he’s younger, but there was just something about him that irked her. She’s tried so hard to think fondly of him. She attempts to find a good quality in everyone, but Paul is just too much of a challenge.
“Mother!” You know I take absolutely no interest in the boy. I’d rather work on my studies then prance around hand in hand with some silly guy.”
Nim smirked quietly to herself only. She didn’t want Princess to get upset with her for thinking everyone else is right. Nim knew El would eventually fall for Paul. All the girls do. He has the soft silky brown hair with matching soft suddel brown eyes. The skin that feels like flowers and smells like the sweetest scent you could ever imagine, but so indescribable. He has that voice that rings through everything; it’s the only voice you hear. When he’s around, everything goes fuzzy and he is the sharp focal point of it all. He has those sugary sweet compliments every girl wants to hear. He is just everything a girl wants in a guy.
“Well honey, you need to find a prince soon. Your crowning is less than a year away. You can’t be Queen without a King,” Tessa pointed out.
Ella sighed. She wanted to meet a boy magically. She wanted to walk away feeling mystified, like it wasn’t real. The experience should be enchanting and breathe taking. She wanted to feel wonderstruck and, leave with questions so its promising she’ll see him again. The least thing El wanted was something arranged or pushed. She couldn’t figure out why everyone wouldn’t leave her alone about it.

“Father, were always so early!” whined Paul, “I want an entrance everyone remembers, not one no one will see!”
King Paul David Gregor Sr. shook his head, tired of his son’s complains. Unlike timothy, he never got his son. Never understood him and never really wanted too. It was better to keep quiet and to blend in with everyone else in his opinion. Not to Paul though. Never to Paul.
Timothy stepped in to ease the tension, “Well Paul, your being awfully over-dramatic. But if you’d like, you could step out and roam the gardens and arrive back later for everyone to see.”
Paul grinned at the idea, “look at ole’ Timmy on his feet!”

“Oh look Nimballina! It’s so gorgeous!” Ella squealed with excitement as she spun around in her over-the-top dress under the twinklely lights.
This was the first year Ella had been allowed to the Grand Ball. Her mother had kept her at home in the past, afraid that her daughter wasn’t ready for all the excitement. As much as she wanted Ella to marry, something in her kept her from going off on her own.
But this time, it was Nim’s eyes that lit up. She flew in ever so slow with her mouth hanging open.
“It’s absolutely everything I’ve ever dreamed of!” Nim yelled as she took her turn in twirling around under the lights.
Ella ran to her and shrieked “Oooh Nim, this is going to be such a perfect night!”
They strolled around and socialized with the other royals and fairies. Ella hugged and waved to all the young princesses who came to greet her. She loved the attention from the young ones and enjoyed the fact that she was their role model. All these young girls looking up to HER! Normally she hated attention. But its different when their young ones who want to be like you. It’s not people staring at you.
After awhile, the lights dimmed and a spotlight was pointed towards the door. Expecting a royal king of some sort, El turned around politely and waited. Then she was let down as she saw Prince Paul strut through the massive oak doors.

Paul had made his entrance approximately twenty minutes ago and he’d already had seventeen princesses come up and introduce themselves. The only princess he had his eye out for, was Ella.
“Tim Tim, my old man, have you happened to have seen Princess Ella?” Prince asked anxiously.
Timothy smiled knowingly, “No I have not happened upon her yet sir. I will surely tell you if I do.”
And at the moment when Paul turned around, he saw her glowing silhouette gliding across the room. His knees nearly gave out as his mouth turned brick dry. Butterflies whirled in his stomach giving him a queasy feeling. The reason he didn’t dash to the means room was so he could stare at her flawless figure. Her smile just pulled him in and he was unable to lose sight of her, even if he wanted too.
Not being able to take his eyes away he said, “Timmy, tell my father I’m going to mingle.”

“Nim! He’s coming over here!” Ella shrieked, “Make him leave!”
Nimballina put on her serious face and replied “El, I know your better than this. If this was any other prince you’d at the very least politely say hi and attempt to engage in a conversation. This is EXACTLY what you’ll do!”
Ella pouted with a quiet groan hoping to ward him off with unpleasantness. Unfortunately today was not her lucky day.
“Hello Princess Ella and Lady Fairy Nimballina.” Paul greeted as he approached. Really rather charming in Ella’s opinion surprisingly.
“Why hello there Prince Paul,” Ella managed to stutter out.
Why was she feeling like this, she didn’t understand. She was always near perfect with her speaking skills.
“You look absolutely enchanting tonight in your dress Ella,” he gushed, “Would you mind dancing with me?”
Ella’s heartbeat sped.
“Well I’ll just get outta your way now,” Nim smiled, “Don’t wanna bother you!”
Ella’s eyes shot up in alert. She wasn’t ready. Her first dance! And with Prince Paul?! This was the young prince she found outrageously revolting. But then why did she feel so excited. He looked so handsome in his white suit. Too match it he had a purple tie to go. The exact shade of plum that went with her gorgeous dress. Maybe one dance wouldn’t kill her she figured.
“Of course ill dance” she softly replied.

Paul shyly took her hand as he led Ella too the dance floor. He just couldn’t believe he was about to dance. And with Princess Ella of all of the Princesses!
He slid his arms around her hips as she wrapped her arms around his neck. His heart went soaring, as he realized this was even better then how he’d imagined it.
“You look so lovely Ella,” Paul exclaimed, “You always do.”
Ella giggled, although she seemed quite embarrassed she did as her face turned red and suddenly stopped.
“I’m more then flattered Paul. You look quite handsome yourself!” she replied.
The two swayed to the song as everyone around them whispered.

El didn’t care if people whispered or started petty gossip she was never interested in. She had never felt this way about Paul. She had never given him the chance to let her. So she moved happily to the beat as she saw Paul smile so widely.
Princess Ella just realized she had probably made his day, and many more. But in the end, her day was made too. She was so excited she’d finally listened to Nim about something.
If happiness was a dance, she’d dance with him forever.
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