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Bonds Between Worlds: The Cheater of Death

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Kyle’s House

Kyle sat there silent. He was going insane; this never happened. He wanted to believe it was all a lie, but he couldn’t. His heart started to beat faster. Could he be next?
Everything from the moment he had the vision has been chaos. He needed to find out what was going. He needed to stop it. He needed to bring order. Everything that happened up to this point proved it. Yet where could he start? Everything around him was madness. Everything was madness. It was random, uncontrollable and unpredictable. Or was it?
He turned back to the TV and hit rewind. He saw the report on the deaths. All of them were criminals, so he should be safe, but who knows what will happen. All the thinking made his head hurt. He needed a break.
He went upstairs and laid on his bed. Mom came upstairs and asked if he was ok. He said he was fine, but they both knew he was lying. “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing, I’ve just been so worried after...”
“I know. You left the computer on. You looked up quite a bit trying to figure out what was going on. I think you’re worrying too much.”
Worried too much? After what was going on, how could you not be cautious? He looked up and said, “But I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”
“Neither does I, but how can you. Stay in the present.” She walked downstairs “Dinner’s in half an hour.”
“Thanks,” he said under his breath, but her smile showed that she heard him. He really did need a break. That was one of the last thoughts he ever had.
His hand started to twitch against his will. He stared at it in surprise. What was going on? Three seconds later he remembered what he saw on the news. The man suffocated himself. Horror struck him and his heart started to beat like it was going insane.
“Help!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. His dad came changing up the steps, followed by his mom, but it was too late. His right arm slammed into his throat, knocking him out the window. Pain covered every inch of his body, yet he still survived. However it didn’t matter because he didn’t stand a chance against his right hand.
He laid there a moment trying to take in what happen. He couldn’t breathe. He felt his right hand around his neck. It was hopeless. Then he saw his dad and mom take one look out the window desperately before bolting down to help. No. He won’t die easily.
He ripped his right hand off his throat with his left and did everything he could to hold it back. Air never felt so good. However he knew his right hand was dominate, but it didn’t matter. As it forced its way back on it tighten its grip. Mom and Dad came also, grabbing the arm and trying to rip it off, but with no luck. It was over. The pain started to go away and he started to feel sleepy. He mouthed I love you then passed away.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 17 Next »

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