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Bonds Between Worlds: The Cheater of Death

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Modern Day, Berkley, California

It was a great day for a hike and Kyle and his dad Rick decided to take advantage of it. After all, compared to spending two hours on his report it was a good idea. Also he loved walking; probably why he went two miles in the wrong direction when talking to Joey the other day, he thought with a grin.
“So what’s up?”
“Nothing much. Coach says there’s gonna be a soccer tournament next week.”
“Nice, maybe you’ll get to play midfield this time.” Midfield was his favorite position, because nothing is better or more exciting than playing both defense and offense. It was everything exempt goalie, which he was bad at and didn’t like anyways. He liked to be in the heart of the action.
“Ya” Then it happened. Kyle suddenly couldn’t move. The ground started to shake, first slowly then faster and harder as if the earth itself was going insane. Murmurs surrounded him and things became dimmer and dimmer. Then all around him was pick black and he heard one phrase, hardly more than a whisper, “Bonds between Worlds.” His eyes closed and opened and it was back to normal.
He stood there for a second, recovering from the shock. He could hardly comprehend what, happened, let alone understand what it meant. Was he mad? No it was too real. Bonds between worlds. Could it really mean? No, I’m becoming insane, ignore it. But still…
He started to breathe fast, either he was mad, or everything he knew was about to change. Don’t think about it. He turned towards his dad, almost at the verge of hyperventilating. Rick was staring forward. He hardly moved an inch and said under the tone of his voice, “D-D-Did t-that really happen?”
So it was real. Two minutes later he made it to the top of the hill, yet the view wasn’t what he thought it would be. Dirt paths laid were some roads should be, but that’s not all. The bay had many small dirty houses, and large sailboats, but many skyscraper and cargo ships still stood. The Bay Bridge wasn’t there and no tour boats were going to Alcatraz. Nothing seemed the same. Worse right behind then wasn’t a flag of the United States, but one of the Democratic Republic of California, which was a country briefly founded in the Mexican-American War, over 150 years ago. He was right, everything he knew was about to change.
For a while he and his dad stood, staring at the once so familiar Bay Area. “Come on, let’s go home.” He had a lot to think about.
Kyle normally enjoyed the tall eucalyptus trees, but he was so deep in thought they were less than wallpaper. Bonds between worlds. It was interesting because bonds had two meanings, like chain. One was a link, something attaching things together, but one was something holding things back. Either way it meant that the worlds combined, but what worlds?
Another thing that caught his attention was that San Francisco looked almost completely different while Berkley, Oakland, and Richmond were hardly affected. Was it that San Francisco was older or was it that it was more famous? However its meaning wasn’t as bad as the flag.
The flag meant they were standing on land that was the United States, Mexico, and the Democratic Republic of California (who gave the land to the U.S. two years after being founded anyway.) It was almost certain to cause war and if that was the case here imagine the situation in Texas, or Canada that was once all British colonies, long after the United States was created. It probably was even worse in Europe.
“The car’s there.” His dad said.
“Hopefully the roads are the same.” There was a long moment of silence following. Kyle looked out the window trying to see if there was anything strange. Oddly enough there was nothing, but a random tree growing in the middle of a house every once in a while. Why so much change in San Francisco? As many small houses passed by, he wondered about it more and more. Then a thought hit him. Should he be thinking about all this or maybe it was beyond him. His eyes widened. No, he should at least understand what’s going on before something happens.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 17 Next »

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