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The Last Sunset

Author's note: I was really inspired by this idea of these two characters knowingly facing there deaths. I hope...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was really inspired by this idea of these two characters knowingly facing there deaths. I hope that readers will find this intriguing and heart wrenching, but ultimately hopeful.  « Hide author's note
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Prologue: Elevate Me

I was hardly aware that I walked into the elevator, I was only focused on where I was going after I got off of it. Fear pulsed through every nerve in my body.
“Hi,” said a quiet voice that made me jump. I was in no mood to respond, so I ignored him.
“Are you OK? Oh...” his voice trailed off as his saw the wristband that marked me for execution.
“I’m fine, thank you very much, much better than yourself,” I said with as much dignity as I could muster.
“I guess... these are your last moments. Are you going to savor them?”
I had no response. I stroked my hair. How long would I have my body?
“Something’s wrong. We’ve stopped. The doors aren’t opening. We’re stuck,” the voice said. “I’m going to press the emergency button,” he said, and he did so.
“If you’re lucky, this will take a few hours. A few hours more for you to live. I go by Lynx. I pride myself in being young, naive and impulsive- in other words, idiotic. If you’re not going to look at me, then I might as well describe myself to you. I’ve got light brown hair cut in a charming way. I would almost classify as tall. My eyes are the same green as dew-covered grass on a warm summer day,”
I shot a glance at Lynx. He was as handsome as he had described. The only thing he hadn’t mentioned was a playful sparkle in his eye.
“My name is Espoir. It means hope in French,” I told Lynx.
“Bonjour, Mademoiselle,” Lynx teased.
“Ha ha,” I laughed sarcastically.
“So, any last wishes Mademoiselle Espoir?” Lynx asked in his same light tone, but no longer was it funny.
“I want to make sure-sure that they don’t find my family. That they don’t find Joie,” I said. Tears started forming in my throat.
“Who’s Joie?”
“My little sister. She’s only seven,”
“So sorry to hear that. So, isn’t it kind of ironic that you’re named “hope”, and yet you’re standing here, despairing, just because some idiots are going to kill you?”
“You don’t understand,” I snapped. Anger pulsed through my veins.
“Sorry, but I thought a girl named Hope would hold her head high, be proud of her life, and know that a better future was in store when she faced death.” His light tone had become accusing, almost bitter.
“And how would you be acting if you were in my spot?” I snapped at him. He just grunted, which infuriated me even more.
“How would you be if you had just freed about one hundred innocent people from their clutches, almost escaped, and then been betrayed by your boyfriend?” I was losing control, I knew I shouldn’t, but it was pouring out of me.
“It wasn’t easy to free them, it took weeks of planning, it was such a disaster when we did it, but it worked. Now I guess they’re taking one life instead of one hundred. Yippee hooray wahoo. Except that one life is mine. How would you feel?” It was hard to keep the tears inside my throat, but I could not let him see them.
“I would be proud of everything I had done, of all of the lives I had saved. I would be proud that I had lived up to my name, that I had provided hope for one hundred people,” he said softly.
“Yeah, right. It’s more likely that you would be screaming your head off, begging for their mercy, betraying all of the people you had just saved.”
“You really think so?” he said softly, dangerously. It was the first time that he looked really angry, really provoked.
“I do.”
“Well then, you don’t know me,” said Lynx. He looked tired.
“I’m not going to fight you, Espoir, in your last hours. You really should be enjoying them. You’re a wonderful person; I really don’t understand why you’re so afraid of death. Death is a new adventure, another leg of the journey. It’s not evil. It’s something everyone goes through. Even if you hadn’t saved those people, you would have died eventually. You made a difference in this world. You were selfless. You are such a greater person than your oppressors, who cares if they kill you? They can’t kill your spirit,” Lynx said softly.
For a long time we didn’t speak. I had no idea what to say.
“I think they’ve almost fixed the elevator,” Lynx said, still quietly.
“When they kill you, will you think of me? Will you remember that stupid Lynx who drove you so crazy in your last hours?”
“Why should I?” was my response.
“Just say you will, please?” Lynx asked. There was begging in his voice.
“Sure,” I said softly.
“Thanks,” he murmured.
A few minutes later, the elevator door opened. We had arrived at our destination.
“I’ll walk you to the room,” said Lynx as we got out.
“That would be stupid, don’t you have somewhere to go?” I said.
I simply gaped as Lynx showed me his wristband that had the word EXECUTION written on it. It was identical to mine. All this time...
His gaze met mine and we held it. I only hoped that we would still be together when they did it. Because Lynx had made me strong, and I wasn’t sure I could be strong without him. He had elevated me.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 ... 9 Next »

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