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Life of Lies

Author's note: I was inspired to write this piece by my sister who when reading the rough draft told me to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was inspired to write this piece by my sister who when reading the rough draft told me to finish it and find a website to publish it.  « Hide author's note
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The Beginning

Today was offically the worst day of my life. What would happen to me if I failed? Would I be abandoned in the desert, taken to an institution? Stay here where everyone would bully and tease me for the rest of my life or leave the place where I had lived my entire life?
“ Lily! Wake up!” yelled Jess from downstairs. I muffled the sound by turning over and stuffing my pillow over my head. Unfortanely that meant that I couldn’t hear her as she walked into my room, saw me still in bed and turned me and the sheets on the ground.
“ Ow! Jesus! It’s 6:30am, Jess! Let me sleep!” I complained, massaging my poor elbow. The clock lay next to me, obviously knocked over with my twisting and turning of bad dreams. The sheets were around me twisted. I stared at the mess that had once been my bed. I would have to redo it all because of Jess.
My cousin, Jess, stared at me with narrowed hazel eyes. It’s amazing that we’re related because we don’t look alike... at all. Jess takes after her parents who have black hair, brown skin and hazel eyes. I take after my mom: red, curly hair, green eyes, pale skin. Her dad and my dad were brothers so we only have a blood connection. We also have completely different personalities.
I stay out of people’s way while she sticks her nose into other people’s business... including mine. I like to read in my room while she’s a social gossip. A lot of people are now careful exposing her secrets to her because she can’t keep her mouth closed.She’s considered the beauty of the town but I’d be careful around her because she’s also famous for her temper. I guess people with Fire Talents have tempers because George, a classmate of mine, is also known for his and he’s a Fire Talent.
Jess’s dragon, a Sparx, is a beautiful dragon. Eva, the dragon, has bright red scales and light brown eyes and extremely tiny. But when I was younger, more inncont and carefree, I’d always dip my fingers into the bowl where Jess was cutting up fruit or something even more delicious, she’d blow a flame of fire, resulting in a nasty burn on my hand. I’m tall for my age and Jess goes up to my shoulder which shows you how short she is for 26. Ever since Mom died three years ago, Jess became the official “ mother” of our family and have taken care of us ever since. She’d moved in and had tormented me ever since.
“ It’s a big day,” she said.
“ It’s a stupid day,” I mumbled. She pretended not to hear me as she paced up and down my room. My birthday and Choosing Day on one day! Worst combination ever!
“ Mabye a dragon will choose you even though you don’t have a...” She stopped but I could finish the sentence.
“ Talent,” I said. Her eyes were clouded with pity and embarrassment. For me or her? I wondered. I wished I could even have a tiny Talent like lighting candles than none. Talents are gifts...I guess. Everyone develops one at six or seven. Everyone except me...that is. Some are huge like enough super-strength to lift a mountain like my dad or Fire Talents like Jess. Mom had a Beauty Talent and Tommy ( my little brother) has an Air Talent. He blasted into my room on a cloud of air, laughing the whole time.
“ Thomas,” Jess scolded. I hardly couldn’t laugh. He had on his I-didn’t-do-anything-wrong face, a mixture of pity and puppy eyes. Tommy was a born troublemaker. He drives Jess to her wit’s end most of the time.
“ Tommy, stop! Jess, I’m getting up now!” After getting them out of my room, I got out my school uniform which was hanging neatly in my closet. I put on the white shirt, green sweater, green plaid skirt, white socks and black shoes. I fixed my hair and then put a green headband in it. Grabbing my backpack, I walked downstairs. Tommy was already stuffing himself full of breakfast. I took a seat and then began too nervous to eat.
“ You need something to eat,” Jess said, no doubt remembering the morning of her Choosing as she piled ketchup on my sausages. I took my fork and knife and started to eat. After taking one bite, my stomach growled and I devoured the food on my plate.
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Shadow257 said...
Sept. 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm
OMG. Really good book. You need to post more it was so good. I love the idea. The voice you used was also really good.
JoshK28 said...
Apr. 22, 2012 at 3:21 pm
I really like the idea you have! I want to keep reading more. Haha. If and when you put more into it, I will read it. Haha. Good Job.!
witchchild1234 replied...
Apr. 22, 2012 at 8:32 pm
Thxs a lot ill post more mabye tomorrow or the day after

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