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Author's note: This novel was inspired by a personal experience.
Author's note: This novel was inspired by a personal experience.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter One

Amerigo’s heart thumped in such a dramatic way that he felt as if it was going to burst out of his rib cage. He looked to the outside of the car glancing nervously and attentively at the passing buildings that displayed bright and alive lights of all colors. The car hastily turned and as they entered the abandoned and depressing alley to escape the lights, the driver was forced to turn off the headlights in a quick flash. The driver stopped the car a couple of feet away from the way they had entered and turned off the engine to keep their place a secret.

The car was full of silence, an awkward silence that haunted all four of the passengers. No one spoke anything, no one opened their mouths; it was completely awkward. The driver sighed deeply and took her hands off the driving wheel to place them on top of her head in worry. She made a grunting sound as they slid down her face and back at the wheel. A couple of minutes passed that seemed as centuries to all of them.

“Why aren‘t you yelling at me as usual?” Eden carefully asked breaking the silence. Eden had dared to ask . She and the three other teenagers were driven out of the street of Las Vegas. Nora glanced at her daughter and gave a small smile to go with it. Eden returned the look at her mother and then at the boy that sat behind her through the side mirror; Alex was as confused as Eden. In all of this, Amerigo kept his sight outside the car and tried to avoid the conversation at all cost.

“Do you want me to yell at you?” She asked her daughter with a serious tone as she crossed her arms. Eden thought about it, it was the first time that her mother wasn’t blowing her head over something that she had done, and the fact that she wasn’t yelling confused her.

“Not really, but why aren‘t you? I ran away across the country and with a werewolf.” Eden said. “I would expect you to at least scowl at me.”

“I‘m not going to scowl at you Eden, and neither will I scowl at your new…husband.” She sighed and glanced at Alex through the head mirror. Alex looked at her and felt uncomfortable; it was the first time that he was meeting his mother-in-law and her dark wolf-like eyes frightened him. “Hey kid, what‘s your name anyway?”

“My name is Aleixandre madam.” He answered quickly fearing to upset her.

“Aleixandre, that‘s a nice name.” She admitted and gave him a smile through the head mirror. Eden couldn’t understand what was happening; her mother was being kind to her new-according to the Nevada law-husband. Her mother was acting as if she hadn’t abandoned her family and city; she was acting as if it really didn’t happen. “What about you, do you have a name?”

“Amerigo.” Amerigo slowly responded as he kept his sight outside the window. He didn’t want to get involved in the conversation.

“Nora, I still don‘t understand.” Eden continued she did not want to let the subject go.

“Understand what, why I’m not screaming my head off? I‘m not yelling at you, because I have a good idea of what both of you are going through at this moment.” She sighed. Eden remained quiet.

Aden inspected her violet school handbag, for she was preparing for yet another day of high school. This particular day, which was Monday, usually drove her crazy. Books, pencils, pens, US history book, spell books and I-Pod were all there, yet she felt as if she was forgetting something, something important.

“The cauldron, the cauldron!” Her twin sister shouted repeatedly as she ran past her bedroom. Aden peeked outside her bedroom door and watched her sister’s blond shoulder length hair swing inside her room as she ran in.

“That‘s right, the cauldron. I completely forgot.” Aden remembered as she grabbed the giant piece of metal that was neatly placed next to her computer desk and magically forced it inside her bag.

“Where did you leave it Eden?” Shouted their mother from down stairs, she was in the kitchen.

“I don’t remember.” Eden responded. “Hey Aden, have you seen it?”

Aden walked out of her room fully dressed in her school uniform and headed to her sister‘s room. She wore a black velvet vest engraved with a crest that read: Bronx Academy and under it a leafy dark green polo shirt. She also wore a platted black and green skirt, knee high black socks and black and white checkered Vans.

“Maybe you wouldn’t have such a difficult time finding your school supplies if you would clean your room once in a while.” Aden suggested as she looked at her sister’s room through her purple glasses.

Eden’s room was a complete disaster. Clothes covered every inch of the once visible dark blue carpet. Her bed displayed the bottom of her mattress as the covers were wrapped in a swirl of pink and turquoise colors. Her computer desk was piled in Chrome body spray, two boxes of heart shaped earring containers, a giant Arrow Head water bottle and pieces of construction paper. On her TV hanged a necklace, a bubble gum pack and a couple of other things. There were towels everywhere and her closet was mounted with books, shoeboxes and loads of papers.

“Shut up! This is my room I can clean it if I want to or not! Besides, if you don’t like it, the door is right there. ” Eden Shouted as she picked up a pile of clothes, which she was unaware if they were dirty or not; at the sight of her sister she threw them back at the floor.

“How you can lose that thing, Eden, it‘s as big as a table lamp!” Aden asked as she crossed her arms in bewilderment. “And especially how could you lose it in here?”

“I didn’t lose it!”

“Oh really, then where is it? If I was you I would hurry and find it, you know mom has to be early to work.” Aden warned as she left the room and headed downstairs. Eden smiled and suddenly remembered that she had substituted the cauldron as a chair one summer chair less day. She quickly dug it out from a mountain of clothes and placed it inside her pink school handbag, it automatically disappeared.

“If you didn‘t find it don’t come crying to me that you need a new one because that‘s your problem.” Their mother said to Eden as she appeared into the kitchen. Their mother was a woman in her early forties with brown, very light brown hair held in an elegant bun. She wore a gray, pink, and striped business suite with pink stilettos; she was a lawyer.

“No need for a new one, I found it. I would never lose Bob; he’s like a brother to me.” Eden assured as she patted her bag and grabbed a green apple. Eden then gave a giant bite at the apple.

“Thank god he‘s not our brother, mom would have killed you if you would have lost him.” Aden said. “Never mind, mom wouldn’t do the terrible mistake to leave you with a child.”

“I know she wouldn’t, I wouldn’t trust myself with a kid either.” Eden admitted and shrugged.

“Speaking of the cauldron, where did you find it?” Their mother asked, she seemed intrigued.

“Funny thing, I’ve been sitting on that thing all summer. Can you believe I thought it was a chair! You can‘t blame me though, I haven‘t used one since we went into vacation.” Eden stated with a full mouth.

“In your face! Mother, I believe you owe me some money.” Aden demanded as she extended her palm in front of her mother’s face expecting the money. Their mother appeared a twenty-dollar bill unexpectedly and rolled her brown wolf eyes behind her own lenses.

“Damn, I was sure she would have lost it.” Their mother sulked. Eden looked at her mother with a hurt facial expression. She had figured out her mother and sister’s little bet.

“Don‘t be a sore loser Nora.” Aden sneered to her mother and made sure that what she had received was actually money and not some magical replica of it.

“Sore loser my ass, I bet you both plotted this out so you could make your mother twenty dollars less rich” Their mother sneered back and crossed her arms. “You are so lucky to have each other, especially to be twins.”

“What are you talking about? It‘s not the greatest thing. It‘s weird having a girl looking exactly like you.” Aden said. “Especially is she‘s like Eden.”

“Hey! What‘s that suppose to mean? For you information, you don‘t look exactly like me. You have the dullest attitude in the world, and you don‘t even use your Chromo…”

Chromo was a special and rare hair condition in a person’s hair where when the person touched a section of their hair, it would change to what color that person wanted. Eden and her twin sister were fortunate enough to be born with the ability, and Eden would take advantage of her strange hair. Eden would Chromo her hair depending on how she felt, but instead of doing her whole head, she would only do her long bangs.

“That‘s because I don‘t want to look like a freak. No offence mom, but I‘m already a sorcerer and that’s already far from normal. I just don‘t want to add to the list.” Aden admitted. Eden glared at her sister and rolled her gray eyes.

“Aden, you shouldn‘t be ashamed to be a sorceress, that‘s who you are and who‘ll you‘ll ever be. That‘s the kind of blood that runs inside of you. You just have to accept it.” Their mother sighed as she made her car keys fly to her hand and headed for the door. She couldn’t understand her daughter sometimes; Aden wasn’t happy being who she was: a sorcerer. She wanted to be “normal“, but since she knew that she would never attain this goal, she tried her best to avoid doing any magic when it wasn’t extremely necessary.

“I wish I didn‘t. I wish I was a Natural.” Aden whispered softly as she followed her mother.

Bronx Academy was a prestigious school to Naturals, non-magical teenagers, like how the sorcerers called them. While Natural parents would pay the education of their children, not so Natural parents would send their not so Natural teenagers to learn at no expense. The academy was divided in to five smaller, more individual schools with their own buildings, entrances and faculty members. There were five individual buildings on the campus, two on the east connected by a bridge, two on the west also connected by a bridge and the last building was on the north, which was a bit more separated from the others… isolated. All the buildings created a pentagon shape from a bird’s point of view. They were all blue, crimson blue, that made them look the same, except that every building, had a different silver number engraved on them.

All students wore the same school uniform that consisted of black vests, polo shirts with black pants for male and plaited their individual building assigned color with the black skirts for female. Witches and wizards wore the color green, werewolves white, other magical creatures purple, and vampires’ ruby red. Naturals were a little more different when it came to their uniform. The Natural students wore Navy blue slacks, white polo shirt with a navy blue vest and black tie.

Sorcerers studied in building 200. Apart from the cafeteria, mall area and the segregated library, building 200 was the only place that they were allowed to go inside the campus. The cafeteria was located in the back of the isolated building and in front of the cafeteria was the Garden of Eden like Mall Area. Werewolves studied in building 300. A bridge bound their building to Building 200. Building 400 was for magical creatures such as Elves, Fairies, Ogres est. they were all mixed because they all fell into the same category. The building connected to the 400’s was that of the Vampires’. The 400s was heavily guarded and kept away from the last and isolated building, which you would consider it the “main” building of the whole academy, just because it sported Bronx Academy on it. This building was the Natural’s building, the normal school for normal teenagers.

“Don‘t you ever wonder why we can‘t all see each other?” Eden asked her best friend Iris as they walked into their own entrance to Bronx. “What I mean is, us and the rest of the other teenagers that come to Bronx that don‘t ‘wave a wand around’.”

“No. You know quite well that our kind aren‘t allowed to talk to them fellers. You know how things are Eden, since Naturals control this world we liv‘n in, we were forced to blend in w‘them. But you know so they won‘t try n‘ hurt us no more we get segregated from the rest of them when it come to school, so they won‘t know who’s a witch or an Ogre n’ they won’t come n’ hunt us no more. ” Iris reminded her friend. Iris was a seventeen-year-old enchanter who a proud Oklahoman was born teenager with a southern dialect. She had light, short blond hair that matched her very light brown freckles on her cheeks. Her hair was so short; she would spike it from the back.

“Anyway, why would you want to see them? Werewolves are hairy, Naturals boring, Creatures short, and Vampires pale and toothy. What else is there to see?” Iris continued.

“I guess nothing, but haven’t you ever wondered? I’ve never seen a vampire in my life, or that I‘m aware of. In a way guess you’re right, even if I did want to see them; the giant locked bridge would let us through.” Eden Admitted.

“You know what‘s stupid? Why is that there bridge connecting both buildings if we can never go yonder?” Iris wondered. “Hav’n that bridge was a pretty stupid idea if you as me.”

“I‘ve heard stories where people actually used to cross that bridge. I‘ve heard that a long time ago all of our societies used to talk to each other. ” Eden sighed.

“Well that was a long time, and I still think it’s stupid.” Iris grunted.

As both girls continued their stroll to class, they came across a wooden trophy case that held their part of the school’s achievements, trophies, and medals. Visible to the eye, inside the case sat an old gold plack that read:

67th Annual National Sorcerer Debate Tournament
First Prize winner:
Gabriela A. Lombardo
Los Angeles, C.A year 1983

“That name, Gabriela, where have I seen it before?” Eden asked herself aloud as the old award caught her attention.

“I dunno.” Iris shrugged. It suddenly hit Eden. No wonder that name had seamed familiar, that name, Gabriela Lombardo, had appeared in some of her parent‘s documents that she had found in their room. Eden had discovered earlier last week a number of documents that contained that specific name all over them, it seamed as if this woman was very involved in her family yet she had never met her. Her parents had never mentioned anything about her; she was a stranger to Eden.

“Yeah it does, but I’ve seen that name in some of my parent’s documents. I think that Nora knows that woman or something.” Eden said. “She must be important because she appears in most of my parent’s documents, but I‘ve never met this Gabriela Lombardo before.”

“Well then why don’t you ask her who she is?” Iris pushed. “What if she‘s her twin or sum thing.”

“Nora, having a twin sister, that‘s impossible.”

“Hey, no’ ting’s impossible in this yer world. You‘nd Aden are twins, maybe your mama is a twin herself.” Iris Shrugged.

“That may be true, but don‘t you think she would have told Aden and I about her.” Eden asked.

“Maybe she didn‘t know herself or something. Remember that you know nothing of your mama‘s family.” Iris Reminded Eden.

Their mother’s whole family was a mystery to Eden and Aden. They knew nothing of a grandmother or of an aunt of uncle. In their eyes, their mother could be an alien or something else because of the lack of information from her past. As children, Aden and Eden once deduced that their mother was a government spy, but that theory was abolished when their mother delegated with them and convinced them to drop the thought. Years later, Eden realized that their mother was right and that this foreign woman could finally be the relative the twins were yearning to know of.

“What if I try and get in touch with this woman?” Eden asked Iris after a couple of seconds of deep thought.

“That could be a good idea, but first ask your mama.”

“But what if she denies knowing her or something?” Eden bit her lip and cocked her eyebrow.

“She can’t deny it, as her young’n you have a right to know. That woman, her twin or not, is apparently very close to your mama and you just wanna meet her.” Iris pointed out and crossed her arms.

“You‘re right Iris, if that woman is my aunt or any other relative I have the right to meet her.” Eden said with confidence.
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