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Author's note: It's a vampire novel with a twist
Author's note: It's a vampire novel with a twist  « Hide author's note
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It seemed like days before we arrived at our destination. It was about three o’clock in the afternoon. The house- it looked like a mansion- was on the edge of yet another cliff, but this time the cliff over-looked the sea. Seagulls swooped and cried in the skies above us, and the gardens around the house were perfectly kept. It was the kind of mansion you would find in Hollywood, except this was somewhere in England.
My kidnapper led me to the door, and then knocked thrice. After a little
to zara. for her not so constructive critiscism which will hopefully come right back in her face
while, a man who looked about twenty-seven answered the door. “Tristian.” He greeted my kidnapper. “Aaoron.” It looked like Aaron and Tristian were not friends. Aaron’s face changed when he saw me. His eyes widened and his face paled. “You’d better get her up to one of the rooms.” He said, gulping. “The boss isn’t home. She left yesterday and said she wouldn’t be back for four days.” Tristian acknowledged this with a nod, and pulled me through the door. Inside, there was a vast lobby with a tiled floor and several potted plants lying about. On all sides of the walls, there were doors leading off to different places. Tristian led me through one of them and into a very long corridor with plush red carpets and oak panelled doors on each side. It was like a hotel, the way it was set out.
After the first turn, I lost track of where we had got to and just started to follow Tristian. I hoped he wasn’t going to hurt me. In fact, deep inside, I knew he wasn’t going to. He seemed almost reluctant to do his job, which was strange. Finally, after another of the identical never-ending corridors, Tristian came to a room that looked like any other and stopped suddenly, then opened the door and pushed me inside. He untied the gag, and I let out a torrent of swear words which would have gotten me expelled if I were at school. Tristian just raised one eyebrow, leaning against the door frame. “Are you done?” he asked when I had finished, “because whilst it might be nice to stay with you all day, I have a job to do.” I rolled my eyes at the double meaning to his words that he pretended wasn’t there. “Yeah, I’m done. In fact, I’m more than happy to be done. Anything to get away from you.” it was the best comeback I had, because my supply had been drained after he had abducted me, leaving my usual sarcastic and witty personality absolutely exhausted. “The feeling is mutual babe.” he replied, making me want to punch him. Which is exactly what I did the second he released the handcuffs. “Wow. That was really not smart.” He commented, showing no sign of pain but a slight trace of amusement. Before I could get away, Tristian grabbed me around the waist and it was another struggle as I tried to free myself from his grasp of iron. “Let me go!” I yelled, which did as much good as a fly. The handcuff went back on my left wrist, but he fastened the one for my right onto the bed post. The key went back into his pocket, and I resigned myself to hitting out at him with my right hand. Twice I hit him in the face, but really it did nothing. He left without saying another word and I heard a lock click behind him.
From my position, I could sit on the four poster bed and I took advantage of this. It actually was very comfortable, but I couldn’t stretch far onto the bed anyway, so I leant against the bed post and thought about things, people mostly. I thought about Yasmin. What would she be doing right now? Would she have called the police? I thought about Aaron briefly. Why had he looked so worried when he had seen me? And why had he looked even more worried when he mentioned ‘the boss’? I thought about this boss person. Why was everybody so scared of her? And why had she requested I be brought to her, as it was apparent she had. Most of all I thought about Tristian. His cockiness, his sarcasm. The way he seemed so sure of himself. He was strong, brave and so much more, but it seemed he was a killer. NO. I told myself. Do not fall for him. Do not fall for him. Do not fall for him. But I had already. Ha. Great, just great.
I had been sat there for hours when I heard the key in the door. It had gotten dark and I hadn’t been able to turn the light on due to my handcuffed situation, so I was sitting there in the shadows. I expected Tristian at the door, but the figure was smaller. When I turned the light on, I saw it was a tiny woman wearing plain clothes. “I’m Bree, Miss. I’m the maid.” She said. She sounded kind and slightly scared, so I nodded in what I hoped was a reassuring manner. Bree wasn’t going to hurt me. “I’ve been instructed to unlock your cuffs, miss, and to tell you that there are clothes in all the wardrobes and drawers so help yourself.” She came over to me with the key.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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Lespri said...
Apr. 1, 2013 at 1:12 am
Hi! We clearly have alot of the same ideas if you read my article "The Lost and the Living" you will find it very similiar!
J1029 said...
May 16, 2012 at 11:25 am
When I first started I thought it would be stupid, but it was good. I didn't like the way he kissed her though. That was too quick. He should have slowly started to like her instead of just coming out right away. Other than that you should keep writing it. P.S good descriptions

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