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Author's note: It's a vampire novel with a twist
Author's note: It's a vampire novel with a twist  « Hide author's note
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“Don’t struggle and it will be a lot easier for you.” he whispered in my ear. I shivered with hatred and tried to kick him, then I managed to free one hand long enough to punch him square in the face. It hurt my hand more than it hurt him. He was just very annoyed. “Ha. Well now it will be a lot harder for you.” he said, louder this time. “Now, I’m going to tie your hands up. Make any noise and I kill you. Don’t think I won’t do it; it’s not my loss.” His hand
for miss fu, for unknowingly letting me write in my maths lesson
lifted from my mouth and I decided not to scream. I didn’t doubt what he had said. “Good.” . After tying my hands up, he gagged me and hoisted me over his shoulder as if I was completely weightless. I screamed and protested through the gag, but It came out as muffled sounds and I knew it was no use trying. Kicking and punching didn’t do any good because he didn’t even flinch. “Hold on.” He told me, and I muttered something unintelligible but explicit. I think he got the message. “Is that so?” he smirked, full of cockiness. I pouted and made a vow to stay silent, at least until I got to my destination. Wherever that was.
After about five minutes of me being carried on his shoulder, he put me down. We were in a place I had never been before. With another fresh wave of terror, I realised it was the very edge of a cliff. I wobbled as I gasped, and rocks crumbled off the edge and down into unknown blackness as I nearly fell off. To save myself, I grabbed on to the only stable object available: my kidnapper. He pulled me a little way away from the edge and even though it was pitch black I could almost see the smug expression on his face. “Careful,” he told me almost sarcastically, “You might fall.” So this was to be it then? I would die after being pushed off a cliff by a very cocky and sarcastic kidnapper.
My assumptions were proved wrong when he untied the gag. He pulled me down a small, rocky path along the cliff which was so narrow that if I took a step to my right I would fall off and plummet to my doom. Twice I nearly fell off, and twice I had to hold on to him to stop me from falling. Just great. So much for my tough act, then. It seemed like the longest journey of my life down the cliff and I stayed completely silent, even the third time I stumbled when I was much closer to falling off.
At the bottom of the cliff, parked in the shadows, was a car. I couldn’t make anything from it in the darkness, but it looked like that’s where I would be going whether I liked it or not. Sure enough, he opened the door for me and I had no choice but to get in if I wanted to avoid being shoved in. As soon as he had closed the door, I immediately tried to open it with my tied hands but realised to my dismay it was locked. Great. I mean, where would I have run anyway? It was pitch black and I was at the bottom of some unknown cliff.
Resigning myself to my fate, I pulled my knees up to my chest and wrapped my arms tightly around them. Inside the car, it was pretty bare. The leather seats were worn and battered, there were scratches on the dashboard and the steering wheel had marks in it. My kidnapper got in the car next to me. He reached over and to my horror I saw he was holding a knife. I screamed briefly and shied away from it as far as I could go. He laughed- actually laughed!- and I thought it was a little less sinister than it should have been. There was a hint of gentleness in his voice. “I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to cut the tie.” I immediately lost my fear, or some of it. “If we’re driving and anybody sees tied then I’m in a load of trouble from the boss.” He explained, and then looked as if he had said too much because he quickly cut the tie and then put the knife away, starting the car’s engine. He’s the bad guy I told myself. But there had definitely been a hint of gentleness, almost sympathy, in his voice.
I don’t know how long we were in the car for, passing countryside and cities and places I had never seen. He wasn’t making any effort to conceal where we were going to me. Maybe he thought that I wouldn’t find my way back, or maybe he thought I wasn’t going to leave. The thought pained me. As much as my sister and I fell out, I wouldn’t ever want to lose her. And maybe it would hurt her to lose me? Sometimes I thought it wouldn’t, but deep inside I knew it would. We were each other’s only family. A single tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away, furious with myself fro letting it come. From the corner of my eye, I saw him glance at me but he wasn’t cocky this time. The expression on his face read ‘Guilty as hell’.
After a few hours, it began to get light and I started to take fleeting glances at him. His face was pale but not like deathly pale. His eyes were dark coffee brown and his hair was jet black, but it definitely wasn’t dyed. On one occasion, he met my glance, and his eyes seemed to wander over my face before they locked with mine. He held my gaze for about five seconds, and then he winked. Winked! The cheek of it. He kidnaps me, gags me, ties me, terrifies me, drags me down a cliff, piles me into a car, and drives me across the country. Whoever this ‘boss’ was, they hired an annoying skivvy. He was taking me right across the country and I was helpless to do anything about it.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next »

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Lespri said...
Apr. 1, 2013 at 1:12 am
Hi! We clearly have alot of the same ideas if you read my article "The Lost and the Living" you will find it very similiar!
J1029 said...
May 16, 2012 at 11:25 am
When I first started I thought it would be stupid, but it was good. I didn't like the way he kissed her though. That was too quick. He should have slowly started to like her instead of just coming out right away. Other than that you should keep writing it. P.S good descriptions

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