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The Picker

Author's note: It all started one day when one of my friends asked me to come up with a story. And so i told her...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: It all started one day when one of my friends asked me to come up with a story. And so i told her about a tree, with notes in it form past students, and you can leave a not if you wish. The idea kind of carried on from that, and became bigger and bigger.  « Hide author's note
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Pull a Prank

I ran out of the room with Charles at that moment, and we ran laughing down the halls, shouting jubberish words as we went. We finally arrived at the fire alarm, I looked at him, into his eyes. He stepped forward to me, smiling down at me, he was adorable. I was about to kiss him, when I looked behind him, Audrey was standing behind him, signaling to me to pull the fire alarm. So, I did. He backed up just a bit and when the alarm sounded. It was a loud beeping sound, and immediately I heard the scurrying of feet in the dorms around me. Charles took my hand again and we ran into a closet nearby. Audrey disappeared.
The closet was dark, and smelly. He turned on the lights, there sat a plunger, a mop, and a custodian box. We sat down, next to each other, laughing. He had an amazing laugh that showed his smile ever so perfectly. We finally stopped laughing and I looked at him. He smiled and looked back at me.
“Charles, I have something-“
He leaned forward and kissed me.
“What have I done?” I looked at him, turning away.
“You have just kissed me” he smiled
“Joey will hate me for this. I was told about people like you, you fall in love with them. Then, they break your heart.” I turned to shake my head, in disappointment of myself.
“Angie, you are different. You aren’t popular, and I think that’s why I am so attached to you. I can’t stand being away from you. Please-“
“Oh, thanks,“ I said sarcastically.
“But Angie-“
“Hello?” I heard a knock on the door. I froze. “It’s cat-“
I swung open the door and Cat fell on the floor, she had been leaning on the door before, pressing her ear to the wood. Charles stood up immediately and came over to help her up. He looked alarmed.
“You guys, do you understand what you just got yourself into? Everyone on school campus is falling down the stairs, in order to get outside because of the fire alarm. And remember they have the drill, so the teachers are going to come by and check in this closet any time now.” She fluffed out her skirt and fixed up her hair just a bit
“I know, but I can’t do anything about it. Remember the letter? And we saw her, we saw Audrey, this letter is no phony.”
“Just warning you guys,” She paused for a moment to look at Charles, “what did you guys end up doing in here?” She smiled
“We ki-“
“We just laughed in here about the fire alarm, and you came knocking on the door right after we stopped laughing.” I lied, covering his mouth with my hand. She knew I was lying too
“Okay, so Charles what really happened?” She sat down and listened intensively, I let my hand go.
“I just, I um, I kissed her and I told her how I felt.” He acted normal.
“You know the letter is not for you, Angie still needs to do her part.” She said this in a way that she hoped I would pick neither Joey nor Charles
“Well, I,” I stopped for a moment, unable to speak. What was I going to say?
“It’s fine, Angie. I think we all know who you like,” Charles looked down at the ground
“Really, who do you think I like then?” I said sarcastically
“I don’t think, I know” he confidently corrected me.
“But, who?” I asked
“Joey-“ he stopped abruptly
“I don’t, you guys…. I don’t like Joey. I mean as a friend, yes. Nothing more than a friend though.”
“I know who you like,” Cat smiled, “I overheard you and Joey talking, you said you were um, daydreaming or something.” She chipped at her nails, something she did when she became nervous.
“Okay, fine.” I sat there, an open gaze at all of us, sitting in there, wondering in five years, what would I have wished I had done? There was Charles, the most popular and most handsome man in school, and then there was Joey, my best friend since third grade. I had been in love with Charles since the ninth grade… but I knew it was only attraction, nothing more.
“Who?” Charles began to demand from me
“Charles, I” I looked him in the eyes, “I love you.” The words were shaky, and his face lit up.
“I am the one? But you have known Joey since the third grade. Really, me?” He was surprised, and happy
“I love you too” he looked at Cat as he said this to me, and she blushed
That was how the first thing on the list went along. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but that is exactly what happened. Charles had something hidden behind his back, and I knew it. Something behind that grin of his, something behind his words, something behind everything. He had a secret, and it wasn’t that he could speak to ghosts.
I woke up the next morning, exhausted because of the little amount of sleep I had gotten. For the next week, We sort of formed this group, Charles, Cat, Joey and I. We were the note readers, what ever you chose to call us, we were. We planned what exactly we would do and how.
Later, Charles came up into my room. We were dating, but I had this small feeling in my heart that he didn’t love me the way he said he did, although I just ignored it. Maybe Joey was wrong, maybe he was right, all I knew was that we would find out soon.
“So I thought of a new plan.” He smiled, and in doing so, we sat down on the floor together.
“I’m all ears,”
“We read the note, but in a separate room, an enclosed room. This way, no one can hear us talking to Audrey and no one questions us.” He untangled and unfolded a map of the building in which our dorms were located, then he showed me a red X he had marked on one of the rooms. That was where we would meet next.
The next week, we came into the room and I read aloud the next sentence,
“Number two, prank a teacher.” I waited until I heard a cry, but there was not one this time. Instead, I heard a low moan, coming from the bathroom, she was there, sitting prettily with a long skirt on, sitting on the toilet. Of course, she hadn’t been using the toilet, but she had sat herself comfortable on it.
“Okay, please explain this second one.” I asked. Charles stood outside, figuring I wanted to speak with her alone. She had the same clothes on this time, as from a long time ago, a long skirt and I white polo t-shirt, what I would have worn in her time as well.
“My friends and I always wanted to come to the meanest teacher on campus on prank her. You have to ring her door bell, run away as fast as you can, and leave a bucket of water outside her door. This way when she comes to the door and steps outside, she will look around and suddenly feel a large amount of water dumped on her head. All you have to do is get a bucket filled with water and barely balance it on the door, so that it is about to fall down, and do not run away until you feel you can.” She looked at me in the eyes as she explained this, “good luck.” And then she was gone.
I walked out of the bathroom, Charles was curiously sitting in the leather chair, facing the door.
“What now?”
“We must play a prank on a teacher, ring her door, and put a bucket above the door just so that when she walks outside, the water will dump all over her.” He laughed from this, trying to cover it with his hand.
“I know which teacher we can do it to,” Charles said
Mrs. Williams was a very strict and hot-headed teacher. Although she did not mind if a student forgot their homework or did not study well for a test, she was incredibly angered when students arrived late in her class, just as Mrs. Paula, except for that was the only thing Mrs. Paula flawed about. Mrs. Williams was flaws all over the place, starting with her children, who left her at an early age to run away to meet their father, whom they lived with for the rest of their teenage years. Then came her love life, I don’t think she had been on a date since the third grade, when kids pulled her hair, thinking it was funny to annoy her.
We filled a bucket with water and hung it at her door step, we rang the door and just balanced the bucket enough that it would fall any moment, when we heard her reach for the door and try to pull it open, her door was locked, so we had five seconds to run, and so we did. Once we were behind a bush, the pale of water was slowly sliding, and it was perfect timing, she opened the door, and the small amount of air from the door, that little brush, triggered the bucket to tip, she looked around for three seconds, and during the first second, the pale was flipping over, during the second, the pale was spilling, and during the third second, she was in complete and utter shock and disgust, she was drenched in water.
I tried so hard not to laugh, I saw Audrey standing in front of the door. What was she doing? She walked up to her and inside her house, yet the teacher did not notice.
“I’ll get you little slugs!” She readjusted her eyeglasses on her head and slammed the door. Audrey was now in her house, and the teacher I figured was headed upstairs to take a shower and get the unknown water source away from ever touching her body again.
Charles and I grabbed the bucket, and the second Charles had the bucket in his hand, Joey called me on my cell phone.
“Angie, we need to meet up.”
Charles, Cat, Joey and I all stood in a circle. Joey looked jealous of me, jealous of Charles, and in doing so, he looked me in the eyes, for a good three seconds, and he turned to Cat.
“Cat, I have been wanting to tell you something for a while.” He looked right at me, and then he turned to her, “I love you.” He kissed her, and then he turned to me, and back at her.
Cat’s face lit up, she was confused because Joey had a girlfriend already,
“But, don’t you have a girlfriend already?” Cat asked
“It was all a cover up, I never had one in the first place.” Joey replied
“You called all of us here so that you could ask Cat out?” I tapped my foot
“I just wanted to show you guys how much I love her, and I wanted everyone to know.” He looked at me, with a greedy look. That was the last I saw of Joey that week.
I talked with Charles and Cat, and told them both that we had to meet up. It was time to recite the third thing on the list.
We sat in a circle as I said it, “number three, make someone jealous.” It had been over a week since I had seen Joey, one of the longest times since the visit he took to Hawaii in fifth grade.
Right in front of us, this time, Audrey appeared, she looked happier and happier with each time we saw her. She was straight faced.
“Make someone Jealous. This is easy to do when you have two guys, one that likes you and one that you pretend to like. Here is how this will work, you must choose someone, not anyone standing before me, and choose to make them jealous, they have to be a friend, someone that you know well, so that you know how to make them jealous. Make them fall in love with you.” I knew who Audrey wanted me to make jealous. It was Joey, and I knew what she wanted me to do.
“Who, and what exactly do you want for me to do?”
“You know who, I can read your mind. And do exactly what you are doing now, it is working, but go more intensely. Only you will understand what I am saying, picker.” She sounded magical, like a narrator from a movie. I thought it just came with being a ghost.
“Okay, will do.” I smiled, and she disappeared.
“What exactly does that mean?” Charles asked me, Cat knew exactly what was happening, but she did not dare to peep a word. She knew everything.
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Shadowpom said...
Mar. 3, 2012 at 2:55 pm
whoa...just got started on this and am intrigued...:) i'll have to finish up later(just finished first page) but you got something going here!! lots of luck!
Jellybeann replied...
Mar. 3, 2012 at 8:00 pm
Thank-You so much! It is support like yours that keeps me going :) i hope you enjoy the rest of it

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