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Jeans For Now

Author's note: I hope you can relate to this peice, I know a few of my friends can relate to certain parts. :)
Author's note: I hope you can relate to this peice, I know a few of my friends can relate to certain parts. :)  « Hide author's note
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Soon we where heading to Wheelers Mill, I held the big lantern out so Pistol and Shade could see where we were going. Pistol seemed to know were we where going because he took the lead. He wasn’t very donminate, so Colt must have went to parties to.
Soon we came to a bottle just like we had heard pointing us in the direction of the party. After we passed two bottles we could hear the beating of dance music play through the air. Teens screaming and shouting. We tied Pistol and Shade giving them each a apple and took off on foot to the party. We each tucked a flash light in our pocket as we approached.
In middle of a huge crowd of teenagers was J, dancing wildley to the music holding a red cup. He clearly hadn’t brought that with him. Before long we spotted a group of guys that Lucy knew. Well I knew them to, but no well. We all where dancing soon.
I don’t know what all I was doing but I do know I made the party complete. Soon Cindy found us along with the girl from the guys store. The kids we knew where shocked that we new such hot babes, so they followed us. Cindy lead us to J and his friends. Soon most everyone was drunk, Lucy was drunk to. She hadn’t taken he brothers advice.
Somone must have tipped the cops off because around two in the morning we heard sirens. Teens went bazzerk trying to find their keys, not leaving any evidence, Cindy just stood their in shock. I tried to move her but she slapped me away. A guy around our age came over and put one hand on her back, bent down and picked her up like a baby. She laughed thinking it was fun. It must have been the alcholhal. To me it sure as hell wasn’t fun. I motioned for the boy to follow me. He did as I asked.
He sat Cindy on the sattle but she was in no condition to control pistol so the boy got on the back with Cindy. Pistol didn’t seem to mind he followed Shade home. They boy didn’t say anything all the way home. When we got home the boy picked cindy up as she fell off the horse. He carried her to the portch. I smiled. I took the horses back to the barn and quickly unsaddled them. They boy was holding onto Cindy as they opened the door of my house.
I froze in shock, this stranger was so kind yet he was a stranger. Should I let him go into my home? I had no choice. Before I could put my input into it, Lucy staggered into the house. My heart beat faster.
Once he was in the house Lucy mumbled random thoughts and wishes about her life. Going so far to tell the boy he had a hot ass. A smirk rose to his face and his eyes twinkled when she told him. I didn’t know what to do but Lucy let the stranger straight to the kitchen. He automatically found a coffee pot and poured her some cold coffee. She gladly took it and thanked him.
The boy and I say silently listening to Lucy mutter. Soon she fell asleep hitting her head on the table with a hard thump. The boy arose from his chair. “ I can’t thank you enough for helping Lucy. Say, I don’t even know your name.” realization hit me rather qiockly. “Oh, no worries. I’m not from around here. Well I guess I am know, We just moved in. I live about a quarter of a mile down the road. I moved in to the old Wilson’s place. I’m starting eight grade tomorrow, I heard about the party through a guy name J.” His voice made me want to melt. I smiled he was so sweet, I hadn’t decided how harmless he was yet. “Oh, I didn’t realize the Wilsons moved. They where an older couple, didn’t get out much.
Did you say J told you about the party?” I wondered out loud. “Ya, J he drives that yellow jeep, sweet ride. My parents are business partners. He is suppose to have a younger sister but I havn’t had the chance of meeting her.” Again his voice was so strong and deep.
“Are you friends with them?” he asked.
Actually I am very close friends with them, my parents both work with their parents. Let’s see the girl passed out drunk in front of you is Lucy, J’s little sister.
The boy cleared his throat.
“So whats your name?” I questioned.
“Michael” I smirked.
“My turn. What’s your name?” he questioned.
“Bo” I grinned.
His face crinkled. “You mean to be tellin’ me your dad and mom names you Bo. Aint Bo a boys name” He laughed.
“Bo aint a boys name, its my name. Your kinda sexist are you not?” as hard as it was I kept a stern face.
“It’s time for me to be leaving, My first day of school is tomorrow and dad will have my tail if I aint there first thing.” He waved and stood up,
I stood doing the same but he waved me off and walked out my front door. “See you tomorrow” I muttered.
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