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Jeans For Now

Author's note: I hope you can relate to this peice, I know a few of my friends can relate to certain parts. :)
Author's note: I hope you can relate to this peice, I know a few of my friends can relate to certain parts. :)  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 2

My horse winnied wanting my apple to, I took a last bite and handed her the rest. Her we lips touched my palm. We looked into each other eyes, and we connected.
She knows what I want. She unlatched her pen something I taught her and walker over to the feed barrel and stole some feed. I gasped, I never thought she would just help herself to whatever she wanted, must be why she doesn’t eat very much. I pulled on my boots laughing to myself and stuck my knife in my boot.
Soon as she got her fill she paciantly waited on me to saddle her up. Within ten minutes she was saddled and we where galloping across acres of land. The good thing about my house is Lucy’s is just next door. When we need time which is rarely ever we still have a good distance. It’s good for sneaking out and meeting each other in also.
Soon we where at Lucys yellow house, she had big white columns on the front of her house. Her house was truly old fashioned. She was just as rich as me, in fact our dads worked together. So did our moms.
Our dads where farmers and construction workers. Our moms where second grade school teachers.
Lucy was sitting on her porch when I arrived. I waved and unsaddled Shade. Putting the saddle on the side of the portch.
Lucy’s hair was already curled and she was wearing a pink tank top and long skinny jeans. Her boots matched the ones I pulled on this morning. Shade gave me a goodbye Winnie and took off back home.
“Are you ready to go, O’ my gosh, I’m so excited.” Lucy gasped. “ I’m ready, but I aint gunna buy anything fancy.” I stated
“You take all the fun out of it” she sighed. “Well I aint your fancy Barbie doll” I smirked. “Unless you pay me.” I joked. “Hey Bo, remember those” “No!” I cut her off mid sentence. “ You know I was talken real mony not coupons.” We knew each other so well most of the time we where capable of finishing each other sentences.
Behinde Lucy the house door slammed shut. “Come on, Princess!” Groaned J. J was Lucy’s older brother. He often had the opportunity of driving us around and babysitting us. I giggled as J stomped off. Lucy smirked and whispered in my ear. “I wonder if he is going to the party tonight?” I shrugged my shoulders. As if J cared about parties. He was usually to busy doing stuff. Nobody knew exactly what he did in the woods all day. He has been caught sneaking out at times. His momma gave him a beaten until he couldn’t sit. At school he had to squat.
We walked over to J’s jeep. J climbed in the driver seat of course, I climbed in the back with Lucy. We could sit in the front but why when we could sit together. We drove in silence for a long time. Until J said “ I know you two are planning on sneaking off to that party tonight. Somtime or another yall are going to. So I’m not going to tell you not to but I am going to tell you don’t drink anything anyone gives you. Or eat anything someone gives you. You haven’t seen these kids in a year and you don’t know how they have changed. Maybe for the better but probley for the worse. If you want anything to eat or drink take it yourself. If the cops come you better hide. Don’t get caught. Don’t try anything stupid. Don’t wear anything you can’t run in because the cops might come. Be sure to take a weapon, you don’t know what creeps will be there tonight. Your 14, you know what I mean. Hide the weapon in you boots, pockets, and jeans. Take more then one. Understood!” J sure had a stern look on his face, he was serious. “Ya” we said in union. I can’’t believe J knows about the party, somehow I’m not shocked.
We drove for a long time thinking over J’s lecture. “J. Are you going to the party.” Lucy asked. “Ya , I aint going to save your butts either if you get caught. If I get caught go home and don’t get caught. If your in danger yell police as loud as you can and run.” I gasped. So all those times he snuck out. Wow! He has a badboy side. I always though he was sneaking out to write in his diary.
Soon after the talk about the party we pulled into the mall parking lot. “ Listen girls, I’m going to hang with Tyler and get some stuff for tonight. Meet me at the front entrance in 3 hours. That should give you plenty of time to get whatever the hell it is you want. Lucy you need to dress decent to, same for you Bo. That means something that covers most of you skin.” He glared more at Lucy. I knew he was implying it more to her because she had a tendency of dressing in more skin then clothes. “Yes, Sir” Lucy smirked. We climbed out of the car.
When we went inside we went to all the expensive shops, spotting out what we wanted. I had enough money to buy almost any dress or shirt I wanted, but decided against telling Lucy. Soon we went to our favorite store. A hour past as we picked out our favorite clothes. Lucy decided it would be fun to try and dress me. I faught against it but with Lucy’s puppy dog eyes that was impossible. She decided she would pick what I was going to wear tonight. I allowed this under certain terms. I didn’t want anything bright nor to skimpy. She argued with me but I stood my ground.
After two hours we found a Lime Green half top shirt, with black stripes across it. With the word “2hot4u” across it. I agreed even though it was neon colors. I smiled as she picked out a similar shirt except it was grey and blue striped with the word “Single” across the front. I got a black tank top and she got a grey to go under.
We only had to look for pants. It was August still hot yet a little cold so we decided on capris. Lucy got a pair of navy blue capris to match her shirt and I got a Pair of black Capris. We decided to wear our tennis shoes in case the cops came.
The lady at the check out was about the same age as J. She smiled when she saw us.
“ I don’t suppose your first day of high school is tomorrow?” she asked. Lucy and I looked at each other. “Ya in fact these are for tonight.” Lucy whispered. The girls who name tag read Cindy smiled. “I know exactly, these are perfect for tonight, you two have good taste, You don’t happen to have a brother say around 15, do you.” She giggled. “ Actually, She does” I smiled.
“If you want to meet him, we can give him a call.” I stated. Lucy glared at me. J hated it when we told people about him.
Right as we paid for our stuff J called. “Hey J , yah we are done. Ok. Ok. Bye.” Lucy smiled. “He says he wants us to stop by and pick him up a polo shirt from that guy store.”
“Your brother isn’t J. It isn’t Mr. Super Cute. The one who drives the yellow jeep.” Cindy gasped. Lucy smirked. “Yep. That my brother she said popping the p with he lips.
“ Tell J, Cindy will be exspecting him tonight.” She smiled. I thought she was going to explode she was so happy.
On our way down to the entrance we stopped at the guy store. They had a bunch of things that that guys try to impress girls with. We went straight to the counter and asked a girl about Cindy’s age what guys around the age of 16 usually buy. She directed us to a particular brand of polo shirts. I smiled knowing that J had worn these before. I pulled out a solid Blue one and handed it to Lucy. She smiled. She knew I had more taste in guys clothes then she did. The ladie walked us back to the register. “ Are you buying for a certain guy” she winked. “Yah. This reilly H-O-T guy J, tell me you know him.” Lucy smirked. The girl frowned. “ You mean J, the one with the jeep?”she asked. “Ya, that’s him. I don’t suppose. No never mind. He is just my older brother.” She grinned with excitement. “ You two are officially high schoolers are you not.” She blushed as a guy walked through the door. “Ya, we will be there tonight. You have another customer, so we will see you around.” She smiled. “ Bye”
“Wow! How many people does your brother know?” I gasped leaving the guys store. “ Apparently more then I do.” Lucy laughed. We rushed to the exit.
In the jeep Lucy sat up front. “Did you get my shirt?” J questioned. Lucy pulled out his blue shirt. He smiled as he saw it. “ Let me guess, Bo picked it.” He smirked. Lucy glared. “ I have a taste in guy clothes to!” She yelled. J and I laughed at her. “ We met some of your friends, one of them is Cindy. She said she was looking forward to seeing you tonight.” Lucy questioned. “ I look forward to seeing her tonight to.” J blushed.
J blushed! OMG!
We had spent the next few hours giving shade a run for her health. Soon we where all sweaty. We grabbed Lucys clothes and her bag full of randomness and rode Shade home. Eventually it was after 4 and we took showers at my house. We convinced Lucy’s mom to let Lucy stay over. Lucy’s mom agreed saying she wasn’t far away. My parents came in later, and kissed us goodnight.
Lucy recurled her hair and put on her clothes, she looked amazing! She pressured me into putting on make up. I put on eye-liner, blush, eye shadow, and foundation. To please Lucy’s pleas. Soon Lucy had decked her self out in all her fashion trends. We had one hour to get to Wheelers Mill, to the party. We snuck down the hall. On our way out I rembered J’s advice and drug Lucy back to my room. She got made at me but I ignored her. I grabbed my knife stash. I pulled out six knifes handing her three and keeping three for myself. All six knifes where equally sharp. I put one in my back pocket one in my front tucking it in my belt. And held on to the other one, Lucy did the same. She put her phone in her front pocket and I followed her. We grabbed our hoodies and went outside.
J was taking his horse Polo tonight and I was taking my horse Shade. Lucy was going to take my brothers horse Pistol. Pistol was Shades dad. He was a little timid but a very good horse as long as he knew you. The only people that could ride him where my brother Colt and Lucy.
Lucy and I snuck out to the barn and saddled Pistol and Shade up. Shade was curuious but not worried what we where going to do. I grabbed five flashlights and gave Lucy one keeping on for myseld. I put the other two on Lucy’s saddle and the other one on my saddle. I grabbed the big lantern. I took a few apples from the bin and some candy bars from my hiding hole. Lucy stole some water from the emergency pack. We smiled and saddled up.
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