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Jeans For Now

Author's note: I hope you can relate to this peice, I know a few of my friends can relate to certain parts. :)
Author's note: I hope you can relate to this peice, I know a few of my friends can relate to certain parts. :)  « Hide author's note
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Prologue and chapter one

Most girls my age like to wear skirts and frilly girlie things. Not me! Prefer something that is comfortable. Okay I have to admit skirts are comfortable. However they just aren’t my style. You can’t do anything in a skirt! Every time you try to sit down you have to make sure you panties aren’t showing. When you get on a horse you have to ride side sattle. Unless it’s a long dress, but then there is the chance of it getting crapped on. Let’s face it, you know I’m so right.

So you now know I don’t care to wear dresses or skirts, so what do I like to wear? I like to wear something casual, something comfortable, where I don’t have to worry about it slipping up. I like to wear denim jeans and a casual shirt. Nothing fancy, solid colors do me justice.
My friend Lucy is the exact opposite. She likes to wear frilly things with bows. We are both equally pretty, but she gets all the guys.
I say all the guys, she hasn’t had a boyfriend yet. At the age of 14 that’s just odd. Most parents say their kids can’t do this and that. Like they listen. Anyway Lucy and I, can truly say we aint had a boyfriend. We have a flirt alerts but no true boyfriends.
We are complete opposites she is girlie I am a tom boy. She is popular and I am a nerd. I am smart and she is um well street smart. Well not the brightest. Everyone loves her, lots of people hate me.
We aren’t totally different though. We both barrel race and live on a farm. We both love each other and have the same taste in food. The best thing we have in commen is, our friendship. I wouldn’t trade anything for it.
14 is a harsh age to be, people start making fun of you because of your flaws. It never bothered me, but it bothers Lucy. When something bothers Lucy everybody knows and hears about it. Including me. It bothers me when she is hurt or crying. We will do anything for each other and that includes secrets. Nothing can separate us!

Chapter 1:
Today was the last day of “summer”. We started school tomorrow, and neither of us along with the whole school wanted to go back to school. To celebrate our first upcoming year of high school we had our first high school party tonight. I woke up early as usual at 5:30 , the sun was shining through my white curtains and streaming across my orange bed. Yes, I did say orange bed. My sheets are deep blue also.
So today Lucy and I are going shopping. My parents weren’t up but I would take my own ride to Lucy’s house. I pulled on a solid green t-shirt that went perfect with my red hair. Grabbed my jeans and bathing suit and basketball shorts. I changed and layered my basketball shorts under my jeans. I shoved my bathing suit into my small purse. Occasionally I do carry a dreadful purse. Today was one of those days. I started out my door, but halfway through it I turned around and grabbed my cell phone and pocket knife off of my dresser.
Yes. I also carry a pocket knife. You never know when you will need them. I don’t use them for defense but I have them in case of emergencies.
I smiled as I walked to the kitchen and pulled out a pin and paper.---

Mom & Dad,
I’m taking shade to Lucy’s we are going shopping be back tonight love you. Also I took a $100 bill out of dads wallet. He can deduct it from my account next chance he gets.
Love yall! ,

There I smiled all done. I grabbed two apples off of the table and went to stand on the porch. A smirk covered my face when I though about our plans for tonight. High school parties are for kids only, so we don’t tell parents. If the cops come you spread, if you get caught you don’t snitch. I don’t know why we can’t snitch or why we run from the cops, It will be fun though.
I stepped off of the portch steps, to find a nice soft ground. I smiled even more as my lungs noticed the change of air. The air in the morning time is better. At night it has more time to replace the bad air with good air.
I took a bite of the smaller apple and slung my purse on my shoulder. I walked towards the barn with a funky pace, if you didn’t know me you would think I was drunk. I reached the big red barn and entered to a strong Winnie from my best friend, animal friend. I love my horse more then anything. She is equal with Lucy. I greeted her with her apple and she gladley excepted. Her eyes where solid black, one of a kind, darker then any other eyes. Her coat is the color black. To match her eyes. She has a single white dot the size of a water drop on her left ear. She is one of a kind. Her family has been in my family for 25 years. Ever since my great grandfather bought her grandfather from a man in Oklahoma.
My grandpa and I share the same ways with out horses. We believe that cars are not the future but horses are. They are stronger and can handle more, and they are safer. Call us old fashioned but that’s how we are.
How we where. My grampa died last summer. He died on a sad day. They day that his horse died.
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