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The Gift of Ashling

Author's note: I had a dream when i was four yaers old and there was a boy in my dream and i ended up meeting...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I had a dream when i was four yaers old and there was a boy in my dream and i ended up meeting him 9 years later he is now my best friend. I told my grandmother about it and she too had dreams similar she told me about the story of the Irish second sight and it inspired me to write about it.  « Hide author's note
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Piecing the puzzle pieces together

Its 1:16 am and i'm falling into a trace as i slip into slumber flashes of Molly ,the peacock butterfly, and her corpse pass through my mind. i have drifted into my other world and there stands a man in his mid thirties standing in front of a tomb stone, in the center of a beautifully lit up garden. I look at the name on the tomb stone and there engraved into the slick Marble slab is Molly Fitzgerald. The man is holding a bouquet of beautifully colored flowers his eyes are swollen and filled with tears. He begins to speak,
"i'm sorry Molly." he sniffled.
"i never wanted this to happen, it should have been me not you. I'm so sorry Molly. I loved you so much." he whispered.

he keeled down and rested the flowers on her grave. Who is this man and what did he have to do with molly ? Was he her lover, maybe bother ?
who is he? That is what i wanted to know. He had a sliver ring on his finger so he was married , was he a dear friend? I wasn't sure of anything, my dreams aren't so limpid. As he keeled before molly's grave he began to whisper again. He gave a prayer and then he once more spoke to molly's grave . he too sang the same song " In Dublin's fair city
where the girls are so pretty
I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malone
She wheeled her wheel barrow
through streets broad and narrow
Crying “Cockles and mussels alive, alive oh!." he sang in tears.
"remember molly? that was the song i sang to you when we first met. i remember how your beautiful face lit up ." the man said with a smile.
He then put down a white envelope and arose from his knees with one last word."bye." As the man disappeared into the distance of the garden i focused my attention on the envelope he had left on molly's grave. On the envelope written in cursive was his name , Gearoid Noel Fitzgerald. He was Molly's husband my father. the pieces were finally coming together i felt myself getting closer to solving the mystery , but if the man killed Molly why didn't he kill Gearoid? There was still so many things unanswered. Suddenly, i felt myself drifting away from the scenery, but why there was still things i needed to know. I jolted away causing my cat to run out of the room , but why my door was not opened when i went to sleep?"Miko, come here kitty," i whispered softly as i peeked out my bedroom door. The hallway was dark except for the small streak of light that came from the cracked bathroom door. i saw Miko wiggle into the crack , as i approached the door i began to feel scared for some odd reason. i pushed the door open gently and as i walked in i heard Miko hiss, but why? I immediately turned my attention to him, he was sitting on the window seal peering out the window. i felt my heart pounding inside my chest now. I inched toward Miko who stood on the window seal with his tail and hairs raised. As peered out the small window i saw nothing and began to try to calm Miko , but suddenly something slapped the window i jumped back with a shriek. Only to chuckle to myself because it was only a neighborhood cat siting on a tree branch that stretched out to the window arguing with Miko.I then picked him up and turned to leave only to be surprised by my father.
"Ashling , why are screaming?" he said half asleep.
" this cat outside the window scared me an Miko." i giggled.

my father proceeded to walk towards the window and replied,
"Ashling there is nothing there."
i stared back puzzled, "how he was just there."
" it's late maybe we should all get some rest," he insisted.

How odd , the cat was just there and i know it didn't imagine it because Miko saw him too. I walked back to my room and closed the door behind me, as i bent over to let Miko down i heard a meow. However, this was not Miko i looked up and saw the cat at my window . He looked lonely so i walked to the window and let him in. He was a beautiful cat stripped with black and golden fur his eyes were grey , which was a odd color for a cat. He had a collar around his neck , as i scratched him behind his ear i looked at the name on his collar his name wassonámbulo. under his named was his address and his owner's number. i guess i will take him home tomorrow , i wonder what his name means i know it's Spanish , but that's weird for a cat that lives in Droom it's a dutch town.I crawled in bed and soon fell asleep again with Miko and sonámbulo next to me.
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