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Collaboration: Bigger Than Me

Author's note: This is a collabortaion, if you would like to join in you can find us in the writers workshop...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is a collabortaion, if you would like to join in you can find us in the writers workshop section of the fourm under "A Line Game,"  « Hide author's note
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I'll Show Them All

Breakfast was awkward at best, it seemed as if Atom had a permanent blush on his face. ”Do I have to go into school today?” Atom asked not really mentally prepared to go back.
”We we're going to let you stay home today. We need to get some. stuff from the store for Atom. You guys get dress and we can make it a kind of outing.”
Zack raised a brow, ”shopping?” He gave his mom a look.
”It's that or school.” With that the boys went up stairs to change into good clothes.
There's one more chapter left because we just finnihed. Comments are still loved

”I'm sorry about yesterday, I shouldn't of kissed you.” Atom said quickly taking his spare clothes that he always kept at Zack's place before escaping into the bathroom.
They got to the mall and basically let Betty do all the work, letting her pick out clothes she thought would look, ”cute” on Atom. They stopped for lunch when Zack spotted the arcade. It took a while before they finally convinced his mom to give them money. Lucky for them it was a school day so no one else was there.
”We need to talk,” Zack said.
”If it's about the kiss, I already said I was sorry. I won't do it again.” Atom promised. Zack looked at him and what happened next surprised even Zack, he kissed Atom his hands tangling in red hair. Atom kissed back trembling and knees weak, he actually would of fallen if Zack's arm hadn't wrapped around his waist. ”Zack don't do this to me.” Atom managed to whisper.
”I don't know what's going on anymore.” Zack kissed him again.
Atom shoves Zack off, looking down at the floor. Zack stares at him confused and a little hurt. He takes a step towards him but Atom stepped a way. "Don't....you're just confused Zack. That’s all....It's my fault. I've confused and quilted you...I'm sorry." Atom says, still looking at the floor.
Zack stares at him, in shock and disbelief. "What?...I thought you wanted this?...Us?..." Zack whispers, still confused.
"I do....but I want you to know for sure that you want to be with me. And that you....really love me." Atom says, staring up at him.
"But I -"
"No, Figure it out first, Zack." Atom left the arcade room, leaving Zack very confused. He leans his back against the wall, shoving his hands into his pockets. Maybe Atom is right...Maybe I'm just confused... Zack looks up notices a couple of girls walking by. One of them looks at him, with wondering dark brown eyes. He couldn't help but look into them.
Zack jumps at the sound of her voice. "WHAT THE HECK, KIMMY!?...Where have you been anyway?"
She laughs at him. "I've been around....so ya kissed him? How did that work out?"
Zack frowns at her, gazing at the floor. "Not to well....I'm so confused, Kimmy...I don't know what to think or do anymore!" She sighs.
"Do you love Atom?"
"But do you REALLY love him?"
Zack thinks. "I-I don't know!"
Kimmy sighs. "Zack, theres no time....do you love him, yes or....no?"
Zack stares to panic. "I-I..." He looks down ashamed at himself. "No....I don't feel that way towards him....He was right, I was confused."
Kimmy shakes her head also ashamed at him. "You're playing with boy's feelings, Zack....it might kill him...for real."
Zack groans. "What have I gotten myself into!? I should have stayed in the dark like before. Then this wouldn't have happened!"
Zack wondered through the mall for a bit talking to Kimmy/Carman about anything that came to there mind. ”Remember back in the at the hospital when you asked me if I liked it when Atom kissed me?” Karman nodded, ”You said that when you died you saw the future how far did you see to keep asking me about Atom.”
”Far enough.” Was all she said, ”Why?”
”Did you see us together?” Zack blushed.
”Trust me you want this to be a surprise. I got to go.” Kimmy/Karman said before taking off around the corner. Zack went to call out to he when he saw Atom talking with a kid about there age with brown hair and matching eyes. The guy must have been funny because Atom blushed and laugh. Zack felt his blood boil. Zack felt the rage building up, he never felt like this before. He even growled a little out of anger.
"You okay?" A soft, small voice asked from behind him. He glanced at the girl, from the corner of his eye. It was the girl from before, the one who stared at him with wondering eyes.
"Yeah....just-" He looks at Atom laughing at the boy's joke or comment. It made Zack feel dead inside. "Just fine..." He looks at her again. "What's your name?"
She hesitates before answering. "Call me Bree....everyone does."
Zack glanced at Atom but he and the boy were out of sight. Zack groans in pain and anger in his head. "So....Bree, is it?" She nods, giving him wondering eyes. Zack could tell she was into him. "Bree." He says soft and confused. He sees her shiver which made him smile a bit. He never had seen a girl act this way to him. Maybe she's different from the rest? He took her hand in his, Bree blushes at this. He could tell she was a very shy and sweet girl. Probably one of the quiet ones who don't get notices. Bree was a very pretty girl. Long dark brown wavy hair up to the middle of her back, dark blue eyes that sparkle with kindness and yet with mystery. She was thin with small curves but was prefect for her. She was small ,five foot probably, and fragile. Zack could picture him holding her in his arms and kiss the top of her head. It made him feel...good and yet sad. He pushed the feelings away. Atom doesn't need me anymore he has that other guy anyway, he's over me and I don't love him!....Right? He starts to think not noticing Bree was leading him by the hand towards a lonely bench hidden under the shade of a large plant. The chair had a black and purple book bag laying on it with a notebook and pen next to it. Do I love him? What I told Kimmy....was I lying? He felt confused again. He realizes he was sitting next to Bree as she wrote. A small yet shy smile was on her lips as a light blush colored her cheeks. She is cute.... Zack thought to himself as he studies her. He felt a little strange, like a new feeling was starting to come but he couldn't put his finger on it. He lightly wrapped his arm around her waist, making her blush more.
"You-you didn't say your name." She says embarrassly.
Zack grins at her cuteness. "Zack."
She looks at him shocked, still blushing. "Zack?....I think we go to the same school....where do you go to?"
Zack was also shocked. I have seen her before.... He remembers now. "You are that girl who sits in the same row as me in English?"
She looks away. "Yeah....Your friend Atom....he's very kind to me. Come to think of it he's the only one who ever shows kindness towards me."
Zack felt suddenly guilty and a little bit jealous. Why does everyone like him?! "Yeah....he's a nice guy....I'm sorry that I've never showed kindness to you, Bree. It was just..."
She nods. "I understand....my little sister died that same year as her. Now it's just me and my brother." She understands?
"Hey, there's Atom now..." Zack looks up only to Atom and that boy again. He felt the anger build up again. "I wonder why my brother is with him, are they friends?" Bree asks with wondering as she was lost in thought. Zack didn't hear her for he could only feel rage and the need to get Atom jealous burst into him.
Atom and the boy approached them, “Zack this is Trevor.” He said, “And I see you already met his sister.” Zack wanted to punch the smug look off of Trevor's face as he gave him the once over as if sizing up competing. ”Hey Bree,” Atom smiled at the girl, “What are you guys doing in the mall anyway?”
”Skipping class.” Trevor said simply, “We could ask you the same.”
”Unlike you two we got called out.”
Trevor nodded turning his attention to Zack, ”You know, I feel as if I already know you. When ever Atom talks it's always, Zack this, or Zack that. You guys are boy friends know, right?”
”Trevor,” Bree protested in a quiet yet firm voice.
”What? You're acting as if you didn't see them kissing a little while ago.” Zack almost fell out of his chair and Atom looked like he was about to faint.
”We're not together!” Zack all but yelled, causing an akwards silence.
Trevor smirked, ”You don't just kiss some one for no reason. There's something that's telling you you're in love and that you need to act on that feeling.”
”Stop harassing him.” Atom said.
”Sorry, we have to head home soon anyways, say good bye to your friend Bree.” Trevor then embraced Atom kissing his cheek all the while smirking at Zack. Atom pushed Trevor away on reflex wiping his cheek with the back of his hand. Two can play this game. Zack thought, doing his best not to look up set as he asked Bree for her number and casually mentioned that they should hang out more often. Out of the corner of his eye he could see the different emotions play across Atom's face.
"What?" Atom asks annoyed by the look Zack was giving him.
Zack relaxed, leaning his back against the bench. "Nothing....you like him?"
Atom raised a dark red eyebrow. "What?"
"Do. You. Like. Him?"
Atom glares at him. "Maybe....you like her?"
Zack paused before answering. "What do YOU think?." He replies, keeping cool.
Atom snorts. "I'll take that as a yes."
"Then I'll take it you like him. Asked for his number?" Zack teased.
Atom gives him a dirty look. "At lest I didn't look like I was being tortured when I asked for it, unlike YOU." Atom mocked back.
"At lest I had the guts to touch her." Zack grins at the look on Atom's face.
"At lest I got a kiss on the cheek."
Zack laughs cruel. "Then why did you shove him away?"
Atom was getting mad which made Zack feel sort of better. He lounges on the bench, folding his arms behind his head to use as a pillow. "What ever, Zack." He glares at Atom. "So is Bree your girlfriend now? Is she your soul mate!?"
Zack chuckles, amused a little at how Atom was starting to get jealous. "Maybe. Who knows? My soul mate could be ANY WHERE, maybe just MAYBE, my soul mate could be standing right infront of me!!!" Zack snapped as he stood up and storms away. "Stupid heart!" He utters. "Stupid brain and stupid feelings'" He hissed quietly at himself. I'll call Bree really soon and I mean REALLY soon. Zack says in his head as walks faster. It was a good thing he had already put her number in his cellphone. Maybe I'll even put her on speed dial! He snarled in his head. He was very angry.
Betty was confided n the time they got back Atom ended up sulking in the back of the car the whole way home and Zack seemed angry.
Atom was now laying on the couch with Zack sitting by his feet. “I don't like Trevor.” Atom said after a while, “Yes he's gay yes he's a friend but I don't like him.”
”You sure did seem to be enjoying his company.” Zack notes.
”People say the same about us.”
”You said you wanted me to be sure.”
”Yes I did. I didn't say to pick up the first girl who shows mild interest to get me jealous.”
“Dude, are you jealous?”
"No!!!" Atom snapped which made Zack laugh.
"Yes you were, admit it."
Atom snorts. "Sure Zack, what ever flouts your boat." Zack grins sheepish. All of a sudden Zack's cellphone starts to ring. He sighs. "Is it Bree?" Atom asks, trying to keep his cool. Zack shrugs as pulls out his phone.
He looks at the caller ID a little shocked. "Hello?"
”Hey” Kimmy's voice came through the phone.
”How did you get this number.”
”I,knew before u died remember.”
”Right I guess you wanted to give me some words of wisdom.”
”Stop messing with Atom, he just wants to make sure you don't look back and regret this.”
Zack left the room so Atom couldn't hear the conversation, ‘Then maybe he shouldn't of kept kissing me so I wouldn't be so confused.”
”It was only once or twice and that might be my fault.”
”What did you do?”
”I told him what I saw in the future, but that's besides the point. You we're the one that started that last one.”
”Wait told him what you saw, how come you won't tell me?”
”Don't worry.”
”What did you see?”
”Just stop messing with Atom ” the line went dead.
"Kimmy!?....Kimmy?" He looks down at his phone confused and angry. "What the hel.l!? Great! Now I'm even more confused then before!" His utters under his breath. What should I do now?....
"Zack! Is everything okay!?" He heard Atom ask.
"Yeah everythings fine!..." Zack thought hard, his brain began to hurt. Maybe it'll be a good idea if I stop spending so much time with Atom....I'll call Bree later to see if she wants to hang out with me....It'll be better that way, wouldn't it? He felt confused and upset but kept it hidden as he went back into the living room.
Zack spent the next few days hanging out with Bree, he even went back to school. Atom didn't, he said he was too scared to go to school. Zack didn't mind it gave him time to think at school and when he got home Atom was at therapy. So the only time he saw him was at dinner because Atom had gotten his room put together. Zack was however missing Atom.
Zack was walking down the block, school was over for today. He should be feeling happy but lately he was feeling more sad every day. But when he is around Bree, he felt better because it would keep his mind off of Atom and he would always feel something else. He really likes Bree, more then he thought really but he still miss Atom. He thinks harder, making his head throb with pain. Zack felt even MORE confused then ever before. What should I do? I'm still confused about this!!! He ponders as he starts to walk in front of a cemetery. Zack stops and looks at it. He shudders a bit. Might as well go see it, hopefully Brian won't be there. He walks through the black steel gates into the cemetery, a strange, thick fog rolls in. Engulfing the area in thick, dark grey smoke. It sent shivers of fear through Zack. Very weird. He thought as he walks through the dark smoke.
Kimmy was waiting for him. ”Still confused,” she asked.
”Yes,” Zack sat down next to her.
”Well, why did you start seeing Bree?”
”To make Atom jealous.”
”And why did you want to make him jealous?” Zack sat there and thought about it. Kimmy shook her head.
”Zack, I think you like him more than you let on. What would you do if Atom dated Trevor?”
"I don't know!!!" Zack crys out.
"You have to know Zack, we're still running out of time."
Zack stares at her. "What do you even mean by that!? You know what Kimmy, you're not trying to help. You're trying to get-get revenge on me!!!" He yells at her as he stood. Zack shook hard from rage. "What if I don't "love" Atom, what if I love Bree!?!?!?!" He yells mostly asking himself.
Kimmy sighs annoyed. "You didn't even kiss her, how do you know if you love her if you never even kissed her?"
Zack glares at her. "I don't want to rush things, we're taking it slow. Okay!"
”Doesn't that sound familiar.” She smirked referring to what Atom had said before. ”You're running out of time.” Kimmy said again.
”I don't know what to anymore.”
”Think Zack, if you don't figure it out in time. YOU LOVE HIM!!!, you just don't want to admit it to yourself.”
"SHUT UP!!!!! IT'S JUST LIES!!!!!!!!" Zack shouts at her. "I LOVE BREE AND I'LL PROVE IT TO EVERYONE, YOU'LL SEE!!!!!!!!" Zack runs away from her.
"You're only hurting yourself Zack, you can't run away from love!" He heard her yell. "And by the way, your time is running out. So if I were you, I would figure it out now." Her voice was right in his head and he shook it to rid her out of his mind.
He ran out the cemetery, pulling out his phone. He clicked her name, holding it up to his ear. "Bree, meet me at the pond, you know the one with the apple blossom tree infront of it. Okay?" He wasn't asking.
"Umm okay?....Is there something wrong?"
"NO!! I-I just want to see you again." He answers, stuttering a bit.
"Okay, I'll see you there then...Bye." He hung up the phone and shoves it into his pocket.
He could tell by the sound of her voice was both nervous and happy. "I'll show them....They'll all see."
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Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
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Quite interesting...keep writing :)
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