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Collaboration: Bigger Than Me

Author's note: This is a collabortaion, if you would like to join in you can find us in the writers workshop...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This is a collabortaion, if you would like to join in you can find us in the writers workshop section of the fourm under "A Line Game,"  « Hide author's note
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Kimmy snapped herself out of it before anyone could notice, "Zack I need to talk to you.”
”About what?”
”Hey guys,” Atom came up behind them, “What are you talking about.”
”Nothing.” They both said at the same time.
Atom raised an eyebrow before he made an ”o” shape with his mouth, "I get it I'll leave.”
”Atom that's not what I meant.” But he was already walking away. "Atom.”
Atom turned to face him noticing Zack
There is a bit of romance in this chapter around the end of it, credit goes to SweetPolarBearHugs UnderHisFinger, TyTy22, and RyanTyler. THis story is on going so if you want to add something go to the writers workshop section of the forum and you'll find us under, "A Line Game."
trying to not move his abdomen. ”What's wrong with your stomach.”
”It was Brian wasn't it?” Zack froze, how did he know? Atom took the look on his face as a yes and stormed off to find Brian in the cafeteria. ”You went too far this time!” Brian just smirked,
”So little Zacky ran and told you.”
”What's wrong with you.”
”First let's get this straight there's nothing wrong with me. AND I'M SORRY IF I OFFEND YOU BY HITTING YOUR BOY FRIEND” He yelled loud enough for everyone to hear.
”He's not my boy friend.”
”I KNOW YOU'RE GA.Y ATOM. YOU TOLD ME SO!! What it not like you’re ashamed of it or something. ” Brian sneered,
”No,” Atom whispered blue eyes went wide, everyone was staring and whispering. Brian just kept smirking.
”Now it begins.” Kimmy said standing next to Zack as Atom ran past them.
”What begins?” Zack asked.
”Come with me.” Kimmy drag him out use so they could talk.
”Are you going to tell me what's going on?”
”Yes, I'm Karman.”
Zack stares at her like she had gone nuts. "Ha-ha good one, Kimmy but really what's going on?"
She frowns. "I'm sort of like her. She's in my head and tells me what I need to do to help. I’ll prove it, look." She pulls up the sleeve of her right wrist, a bright pink bracelet with the name "Zackery" was engraved in silver. His hand reaches for his own right wrist where a bright blue bracelet with the name "Karman" was engraved also in silver. After Kerman's death he had never once taken it off and he had always hid his under his long sleeves. She seemed to notice and her eyes were filled with shock.
"You wore that over all these years? Wow! You must've really loved her. She made me wear this as in proof that she's really here." Zack shook a little. "I know it's hard to believe but she won't leave me alone until I help you guys." Zack sways a little. "Zack?" Kimmy sighs as he fell to on the floor, passed out.
When Zack awoke with Kimmy was standing over him, “Are you alright.”
”Good because I'm not done yet. First of all stop blaming yourself; it was my idea to go to the lake. Second I've saw the future in my last few seconds of life and Atom could die within the next few hours if you don't act soon. Find him and take him to your house, you're parents will know what to do. But do not let him talk to Brian or his dad. Hurry and when you’re done we can talk more.”
"Zack just do it, your running out of time!" Zack jumped up and ran in the direction Atom had taken off in. He banged into the bathroom door and immediately spotted him. Zack grabbed his shirt and didn't give him time to argue as he dragged him out the doors ignoring Atoms pleas to be left alone. Zack turned to face him once they were in the car and speeding off towards Zacks house. "Atom?"
Zack slowed the car down to stop and the light and grabbed Atoms wrist to keep him from escaping. Warm blood oozed over his fingers and made his head feel dizzy. "What the.....Atom why?" Zack pulled back his sleeve to reveal a dozen more small marks carefully hidden.
"Zack, I can explain!"
"No, this has already gotten way out of hand." Zack paused when he saw Atoms dad walking quickly towards the passenger door. Zack grabbed Atom as they ran towards his front door screaming for his parents.
"Zack you do realize that you have a house key, yes?" his mom asked as she opened the door, "And hello to you Atom," she then noticed Atom's dad coming up the driveway looking furious. "You guys go inside I'll take care of this."
"I need to talk to Atom," his dad roared. "I got a very disturbing call from school today."
"You mean about the bruise," Zack's mom asked.
"Move out of my way." "No, you’re not going to lay a hand on that boy,"
"You know what...keep him, I don't even want the little fag to begin with." he stormed off.
Zack let out a breath that he didn't even realize he was holding, "You alright." he asked Atom who had his head in his hands.
Atom nodded, "I'm fine."
Zack's mom came back in looking flustered noticing the blood on Zack's hand and Atom's wrist, "I'll go get the first aid kit,"
Atom sighed once his mom was gone, "Thank you Zack."
"No problem."
"I mean it, not that many people would do this kind of thing for me." He leaned forward and lightly kissed Zack on the lips, and was blushing when he looked away not looking him in the eye.
Zack stood there frozen in place; his right eye seemed to twitch a bit.
"Sorry." Atom, mumbles feeling hurt and ashamed. Zack was about to say something but his mother came back holding the First Aid Kit in her hands, tightly.
The nerve of that man!!" She yells as she slammed the kit onto the coffee table. She roughly took out the things that were needed. She was clearly mad at Jim for what he has doing to Atom. She looks at Atom, the fire burning in her eyes cools down at the sight of him. "Don't worry, Atom...I'm sure he didn't-" She was cut off by the door bell. She stood up, walking to the door opening it for Zack’ father.
"What happened?! Why did Gigi give me this?" Betty snatched the paper from her husband's hand. Zack and Atom watch as she read it. She straightens up a bit and looks Zack's dad in the eyes.
"We're adopting him...I want Atom as our son because he deserves a family who will truly love him!!!" Zack's mom screams as big fat tears stream down her burning cheeks. Danny nods, understanding his wife's choice. Zack and Atom watch as Zack's dad held his mom as she cries. They had heard every thing.
Zack didn't know weather to be happy or upset. Happy that Atom was going to be a part of the family and upset his mom as crying. ”You want to adopt me?” Atom asked in shock.
”Of course sweetheart.” Betty took Atom into her arms kissing him on the top of the head. Atom pushed her away, at first everyone was surprised and then we're even more surprised by the fact that Atom shoves his fingers down the back of his throat forcing himself to throw up. He then commenced to drinking the last of the milk.
I took a whole bottle of pills.” He explained.
”We need to take him to a hospital just in case.” Betty said. Zack was in shock; Atom had actually tried to kill himself, but changed his mind.
When they entered the hospital and Zack's parents explained that Atom "by mistake" had taken too many pills. The lady didn't ask why he took them but called the doctors right away. They took Atom; only letting Zack's parents go with him. So Zack sat in a chair in the waiting room. It became quiet and felt like forever since they had left him here to wait.
"Well done, now you must face the other problems." Zack jumps at the sound of her voice. "Kimmy! Gosh, you scared the living hell out of me!!!" He placed his hand on his fast beating heart.
She laughs. "Nope still a demon in there." Zack's eyes widen. "Ah I'm just joking...But enough of silliness, lets get down to the real business of these messed up lives you guys have." She sat next to him, grinning a bit.
"Are you possed Kimmy?...Is Karman here now?" She laughs, making Zack shudder.
"Kimmy's still here but I borrow her body once and a while."
"So you're Karman now...not Kimmy?"
She punched his arm. "Did that answered it?"
Zack grew paler. "KARMAN!?"
She punched him harder. "Shut up stupid! No one really needs to know that a ghost is possessing a human girl just so she could help make her brother and friend’s life’s better!" She whispers harshly.
Zack smiled sheepishly. ”So what else do you want to talk about.”
”Mom wants you to go to the family therapist. Do it, you can't help anyone unless you help yourself.” Zack just nodded.
”So did Atom kiss you yet?” She smiled gleefully.
Zack paled. ”Yeah he did,”
Kimmy giggled, “How'd did that go over for you.”
Before he could answered the doctor came out with his parents, “He'll be fine,” he started, ”his forced vomit and the milk got everything out of his system” Zack's family sighed in relief, ”however we while you came up with an excuse for the pills we can't over look the cuts on his arm. We want to admit him, he needs mental help.”
”A-what if we brought him in for therapy but he can come home.”
”You promise to bring him back.”
”Of course.”
Zach dragged Kimmy around the corner while his parents rushed to go check on Atom. "What do you mean how did it go?" Zach was confused.
"Zzzzzaaaaacccchhhhh we all know you like him back!" Kimmy said softly as if not wanting to admit it.
"WHAT?! No, I am in love with you!!!" Zach screamed.
"Zack I'm Karman remember. Kimmy is just the body I'm using and even with that. Once I leave so does she."
She was created to be my vessel and nothing more." Zack just stared not knowing how to respond.
"Hey Zack your mom wants to know if you’re ready to g...oh..." Atom came around the corner realizing he was interrupting something, "I'll just tell her you'll catch up in a little while...sorry."
Zack was ready to pull his hair out, how do those two always pop up at the worst time possible. "I think he might be getting over you." Kimmy/Karman said. "Anyways good luck, I just have a few more things to fix before I leave, and don't rush Atom. You'll know what I mean soon enough. Did I already tell you to go to therapy, trust me you should?"
Karman what is this all about?"
"Atom came out to me a year before I died, something about girls being more understanding than boys. He told me a lot of thing Zack, he's broken and I wasn't able to help him put himself back together but I think you can."
The ride home was mostly silent, Zack flustered that Karman/Kimmy had disappeared some where again and that she might be leaving soon. His parents were talking to Atom, they were going to fill out the adoption papers today and hopefully everything would go through. The one problem they had was that all of Atom's stuff was at his dad's house so they would most likely have to go shopping. And until they fixed up the guest room Atom and Zack would be sharing a room. His thoughts went back to Karman and the conversation they had in the hallway about Atom being broken and more damaged than either of them knew. How in the world was he going to help him? Maybe he should tell his family about Kimmy...then again he probably end up at the funny farm if he even began to explain.
When they got home, Zack's mom had ordered a large pizza pie since it was very late and couldn't cook dinner because it would take up more time. Zack's father happily chattered about what had happened at his job, making Atom laugh at the funny parts. Zack was shocked; he hadn't heard Atom laugh in a while. He tries to focus on his dad's story but his mind kept on wondering back to Kimmy/Karman. What was she doing now? Maybe there could be away to keep Karman's host alive when she leaves Kimmy's body...I'll have to look it up on the computer when everyone was sleep.
Zack put his plan into action researching how to save Kimmy. He forgot that Atom was a light sleeper and the lights from his laptop woke Atom up. ”What are you doing?” Atom asked sliding up in the bed next to Zack.
”Don't scare me like that.” Zack jumped.
Atom just nodded looking at the screen, “So you finally figured out the whole Karman/Kimmy thing.”
”You knew?”
”Long story.” Atom yawned, “You can't save her, you know.”
Atom took the laptop from Zack and started to put his computer skills to work. He types in Kimmy's full name and the search came up empty. ”She's not real; the girl she has for a host didn't even exist before now.”
Zack sat there dumb founded.
Atom looped an arm around Zack's shoulder trying to comfort him. ”This is what she wanted,” he mumbled into Zack's cheek kissing him gently there before kissing his lips.
”You can't make a habit if this.”
”Of what, this.” He kissed Zack again trembling a bit as Zack allowed it to last a little longer. Atom hands rested on his chest as if to keep him self from falling over.
Zack lets the kiss last a little bit longer then need. Atom moaned breaking for air and came back for another kiss, but the noise he made snapped Zack out of it. He opens his eyes realizing what he was doing and shoves Atom away breaking the kiss. Zack leaps out of the bed into the bathroom that was right next to his room and away from his parents’. He locks the door so no one could come in. He yanks his blue toothbrush from the cabinet with mouth wash. He brushes his teeth and tongue roughly, then use mouth wash. "Zack you are you okay?!" He doesn't answer; he kept on repeating using mouth wash and brushing his teeth, over and over. He stops looking himself in the mirror. He couldn't stop thinking about the kiss; it was like it had poisoned his mind. He felt disgusted with himself, one: for letting Atom kiss him and two: For sort of liking it. He gags and began to throw up in the toilet.
When he came back to the room he found a note that said ”sorry” he later found out that Atom slept on the couch in the living room for the rest of the night. Zack sighed not knowing what to do
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 Next »

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Surobhi_Moitrayee said...
Feb. 29, 2012 at 4:12 am
Quite interesting...keep writing :)
Collaborations replied...
Mar. 23, 2012 at 7:37 am
Thank you, we thank you :)

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