The Perfect LIfe

January 8, 2012
By Forever28 BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
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Forever28 BRONZE, Sheffield, Other
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Author's note: Not a True Story

The perfect Life

I always thought I had the perfect life, my mum and dad gave me anything I wanted as a child but that was when I was a little girl, as a grew up I realised, life wasn’t perfect, you could say right now, life is perfect, but I have been through heartbreak a few times.

A little girl
I loved being a little girl, as an only child I had anything I wanted, I was spoiled really as my mum and dad were successful business people, we were quite wealthy, but I hardly saw my mum and dad always with the nanny, she was more like my mum took me everywhere, dance class, to eat, the park and school.
I remember at 10 I went with my mum to Milan and she took me on my first proper shopping trip, she spent loads on me but she was always on the phone so after 1 shop she had to leave and me and my nanny carried on I just wasted money because I felt sad.
On a positive when I was 16, more grown up, I met a boy called Kyle, he was a footballer only playing for Mansfield but still, he treated me like nobody ever had, he was 2 years older than me and as I was into football, we got on really well, I met him at a Mansfield game when he was playing for the u18s, he was a striker and me and my friend couldn’t keep my eye off him, he got the most beautiful blue eyes they sparkled in the moonlight and the most stunning face, so me and my friend we were sat there supporting my male friend who also played for Mansfield u18s.
So after the game we were talking to my friend Matthew and Kyle came over and asked Matthew who we were so Matthew was telling him and then he asked me what my name was and I told him Scarlett, he said that was the most beautiful name he had ever heard, and we got chatting, exchanged numbers and then went our separate ways.
The Past
If I’m honest Kyle put me on the straight and narrow cause at that time, I was rebelling, as I was angry about my mum and dad I went out and got drunk on park benches, starting wagging school and even came close to taking drugs.
I smoked, now I look back it was the people, I hung around with but I wanted attention, I wasn’t happy with 10 minutes in a morning and that was if I was lucky, I remember when I was failing in school and my nanny Pauline showed my mum and dad and they just shrugged it off and said kids will be kids, even when, I was in hospital having my stomach pumped they didn’t care, they didn’t come, I missed my Nan, she was the star in my life and I know she wouldn’t agree with what I did but that was the past.

The star has gone
My Nan was amazing, she really looked after me, I started living with her when I was 13, she made sure I went to school and that my grades were good, she was my mum’s mum, but my mum didn’t have time for her like she didn’t have time for me.
My Nan hated my mum, she said that she was too wrapped up in the business and that she should be looking after me, I agreed with my Nan, me and Nan used to have special trips to town or the nearest shopping centre, she always treated me, that all changed one day, this is one day I will never forget.
I woke up and I thought it was strange, my Nan was normally up before me and she wasn’t, it was 10:00 am so I went to her room to find her collapsed on the floor, I didn’t know what to do, I was 14 years old, but I decided to ring my mum, I don’t why but she didn’t answer, so I called an ambulance and they came within 15 minutes and told me my Nan was poorly, my mum had still kept my nanny cause she knew I’d be back, so my nanny came to the hospital and really comforted me but when she said she was taking my home to get something to eat and have a shower I hesitated, I wasn’t going anywhere but my Nan who was drifting in and out of conscious, told me to go.
I came back later that night to find the bed empty, I screamed, I fell to the floor, I knew she was gone but I didn’t want to believe it, the doctor came and told me there was nothing they could do, the star fell from the sky that night, Id lost a piece of me, I was 14 years old and there’s where it went downhill, nobody was the same, my mum and dad were a waste of space, as much as I like Pauline my nanny she wasn’t the same as my Nan, I never saw my mum for a month after that she was away in China, but Pauline had told her and Pauline told me she wasn’t sad, I wanted to give my Nan the best funeral ever and I think I did, she had yellow roses and she got her dream to be cremated and put with my Granddad, the church was packed as my Nan was loved by everyone except one person and she was scum, I say that about my own mother, she didn’t come to the funeral or ring me to see if I was ok.

Like I said it went downhill from there, I got in the wrong crowd and went to the park drinking and smoking, we wagged school and went to parties, sounds pretty good but it wasn’t, I was suffering, I never grieved probably but you never grieve fully anyway, but I felt this pain emotional and I loved the thought of being drunk and letting loose, I will admit, I came close to taking drugs but I stopped at the last minute, I don’t why but I did and I tried to kill myself that night because I felt ashamed, I needed the pain to go away and it wasn’t, not even with alcohol, it was just making me feel ill.
At a party, we go drunk, we got advantage taken of us, well I didn’t but my friend did and now she’s suffering the consequences as she’s pregnant, she tried to help me but you can’t help a person who doesn’t want to be helped , and that’s actually what I was.
The day after the match

Anyway I’m going back to Kyle, now so the next day I was lying in my 7 bedroom mansion, in my bedroom and I got a texted from him, he wanted to take me out, I jumped at the chance as Matthew had told me he was a good boy and as I was done with bad boys, so this was perfect, we arranged to go to a resurant called Zizzis, that night , I was fretting over what to wear, so me and my friend Lizzie went shopping and I bought a short black dress, a jimmy choo clutch bag and a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes, I loved designer shoes and bags.
He picked me up as he was 2 years older than me, and we got on really well, chatted all night, he picked the bill up and then I started telling him about my life.
He sat there, and listened, he was shocked about what I told him but he didn’t run for the hills as I thought he would so that was good news, he eventually asked me if I was ready to go, I thought that was it, he will take me home, then I’ll never hear from him again, great more disappointment but he didn’t he took me to this park and told me his story, and his story was similar except his parent left him when he was 10, so he got took in by a foster family, he said they were fine but he wanted his mum and dad and started doing what I was doing getting in the wrong crowd, getting pissed every night, wagging school.
I asked him why have you brought me here, he said this was where my life changed, when I was 15, after 4 years of abusing myself, hanging around with the wrong people, I came down here, ready for a drinking session, when I saw, some kids and a coach playing football and the man asked me if I wanted to play, so I did and this man changed my life, he believed in me, made sure, as I was good, I played at the top level and one day I will, I’m determined, to do it for him and that’s the day my life changed.
I was shocked we were so similar, after getting over the shock, he drove me home and when we got to my house he kissed me goodnight and said I’d hear from him.
The Next day
The day after that I woke up feeling a different person, I decided to change my life, so what if I had money that’s nothing without love, I wish I saw my mum and dad more but that’s down to them.
I decided as I loved fashion and football, to start making clothes, this would be a way out of the problems, I also decided to try and get back on track with school, something about the way he changed his life made me want to, I went to the design room, I had it built when I was 10 as I loved dressing up.
I sketched all day and decided to make the dress, Id sketched it was a simple short dress with a footballer saying you can change your life.
The only disappointment that day was I never heard from Kyle but that was life and I chucked myself into school and designing, after a month, I was back on track and I had 5 dresses that I loved and they were all designed by me, I got a frith for it, more than anything, I felt like the pain and misery had gone from my life, the only bad thing was I never heard Kyle, not the next day or week or anything but I moved on.

The meeting
I went to see Matthew play football he had just got a move to Sheffield united u18s so we went, but what I didn’t know was Kyle had got the move to Sheffield united reserve, so after the game, I was congrulating, Matthew as he was a defender, he had not conceded any goals and he scored one, When Kyle came over he said he was sorry but id moved on and really he was the one that had changed my life and made me go for my dreams.
So he took me to one side and told me he had lost his phone and that he came my house but he was turned away, but I thought to myself why didn’t he get my number off Matthew, but I’m not in a place to judge and I decided to give him a second chance, I didn’t give much away that night but he did play amazing and score an hat-trick, he was tipped to be the next Wayne Rooney but that didn’t matter to me.

After that we went on what seemed to be 10 dates but it was only 3 and then he asked me to be his girlfriend and that was one of the best days of my life, it seemed he took me away from my problems, he guided me and we helped each other, he pushed me to take my clothes to a designer, so I did and my dream came true.
2 years on!
I’m 18 and that’s when Kyle pushed me to take my clothes somewhere else, but I wanted to get my A levels as I exceed everyone exception by getting all my GCSES and getting c and above, so I got my A levels and decided fashion was what I wanted to do, so I took my clothes and my designs to a little boutique shop and they looked at me like I was a piece of rubbish, I didn’t take it well but Kyle told me it was there lose and then I had the idea, I could open my own boutique.
I had sold alot of my designer things; I didn’t a lot of them so I’m using the money to open the boutique, it’s not alot but I’m making my dreams come true, and that’s all I care about, I bought a little shop, that was a lot of money but id already got loads of my designs to put in it, so I decorated and called it star after my Nan, when I opened Kyle was away at Cardiff with Sheffield United first team, he was finally getting a shot at the first team, I was proud, I was travelling up the next day to support him, but what happened changed things forever.
My mum and dad actually wanted to see me the next day, they told me they were proud of me, for setting up a business, but they came out with something that changed me forever, I was adopted and my real mum had got in touch she wanted to see me, I went to my room and screamed, cried, I didn’t know what to do.
I forgot all about going to Cardiff, up until, I saw my phone, I had about 25 missed calls and 10 texts all from Kyle, I couldn’t ring him or text, I was shocked should I meet my Mum or not, I then thought about my Nan did she know, I heard a knock on the door it was my mum or my adoptive mum I don’t know?, she handed me 2 letters, one from my Nan and one from my mum.
I decided to read my Nan’s it said: dear Scarlett
If your reading this, it because I’m in a better place and I know you’ll have turned your life around, I know my death will have hurt you but I asked your mum to give you this when you found out about being adopted, I’m telling you to go and see your mum, she may have given you up but it was under difficult circumstance
I love Scarlett x
I didn’t read the next letter, until I gathered my thought, my emotions, my Nan, why didn’t she tell me, eventually I plucked up the courage to read the letter from my mum: Dear Scarlett
This was not what I wanted all these 18 years, Ive wanted to be a mum to you, but I couldn’t give you what they could, now I look back I regret giving you up, you were the cutest little baby, I hope you’ll come and see me, I want to explain everything to you and I want you to see my family, what ive built for myself
I’m saying you will, but I hope you will
From Mum x
I sat for hours thinking what to do, maybe I should speak to her, but she did give me up, oh I don’t know? Then I thought to myself Cardiff V Sheffield United, I looked and Kyle had scored twice to win 2-1 for United, I was so proud but I knew he would be mad at me, I hadn’t returned his phone calls or texts.
My Decision
I didn’t sleep that night, I was awake all night, I didn’t believe I could talk anyone about it, not even with the boy , I was extremely in love with, for a week, I just stayed in my room, thinking and thinking, no contact with anyone, just me and my thoughts.
I did finally pluck up the courage to go and see her, her house was beautiful, like a proper family house, she answered the door and thanked me for coming, she told me everything, that she was 16 and went downhill, drinking and that and got pregnant, she couldn’t give me a quality life, she had 3 kids now and you know what, this sounds nasty but I’m not bothered about seeing her again, she didn’t have sympathy and it made me appreciate everything I had, like Kyle and a privileged lifestyle.
I decided to go and see Kyle, when I got there I was shocked to see he was with this girl and they were kissing, he saw me but I ran back to the car and drove for hours, I had just got my head around my adoption and know this, whatever, I suppose it’s true what they footballers are all the same, CHEATS.
I got home and sobbed for hours, it seemed like my life was going downhill again, I had one thing good in my life and that was my boutique, so the next day, I woke up and put myself together, I checked all the finances and what stock was left the boutique was doing great, id already made 10 grand in 2 months, and I was offered the chance to have my boutique in the magazine.
A couple of days later, I was in the boutique when, Kyle walked in, he said he tried to ring me for days, I don’t care I said, you did what you did and you can’t take it back, I thought we were finished he replied, where did you get that from? You didn’t come to Cardiff or answer my calls or texts, something came up I said, what then? I’m done talking about it maybe if you were there for me more then you’d know, what do you expect for me to do he exclaimed, I’m not doing this now, come round later !
Later that night, he came round, we went straight to my room and talked about everything, I told him why I hadn’t gone to Cardiff or texted him back, he declared his love for me, but I couldn’t forgive him, he had cheated on me and I didn’t know if I would ever forgive him, I mean I loved him but what he did was wrong and I’ll never forget it.
In some ways, I understand, I didn’t make myself clear, but I was in a different place, then he told that Sheffield united, were going to give him first team football, after all he was scoring, something about him made me feel safe, so call me dumb I gave him a another chance, I got a very good offer, to buy the business a mean alot and I was ready at 19years old to sell and take the money, I wanted to be there for Kyle more so I sold the business and when to every game like a supportive girlfriend and that season, Kyle scored 30 goals and got Sheffield United to Wembley, he scored a dramatic equaliser, and got United to a penalty shoot out, but he missed his penalty and was inconsolable, he blamed himself as the penalty was down to him.
A turning Point
After that day I really saw a change in him and me, he really had grown up and made me grow up, he sorted the people who were using him and chucked them out of his life, he said he didn’t need negative people and they were bringing him down, he stopped drinking and focused on better himself as a player and a person, not that he was bad before but after the cheating he felt his head had changed and I so did to, maybe fame got to his head a little bit but he really did change. People wondered what I was doing after that, well obviously after the play off final, it was a break so Kyle whisked me off to Dubai, and we stayed in one of the most beautifulist hotels, 3 weeks, topped my tan up and had the most best holidays except in week 2 when I noticed he was on his phone a hell of a lot so when he was in the shower I checked it and what did I noticed his ex girlfriends number and hed been texting her a lot, I was surely being played as a fool, so I looked at them kisses and I love you, who puts that when your with someone else. So what did I do I left the room and just sat on the beach at night, listening to the sea coming in and crying my eyes out, but I had no one where to turn, Id forget my phone, so I couldn’t even ring someone up, so I had to swallow my pride and go back, and there he was tanned sexy and looking worried, “Where you been”, “out”, looking confused “why” “cause life isn’t a fairytale”, “are you ok” “yeah I’m fine”, “your obviously not cause your makeup’s all down your face”, “thanks” laughing. So I tell him and he can’t tell me why so I told him well enjoy the rest of this holiday and then when we get back well talk and I mean talk. So we carried on as normal, he was totally on his best behaviour, but in the back of my mind was, what’s going to happen?.
The turning point was defiantly when we got back and we talked and he deleted her number, he told me he would never contact her again and I believed until 3 months later...

The Aftermath
I knew I should have listened to people when they told me, I should have split with him but I suppose we all have to learn and I defiantly the hard way.
So everyone wanting to know what he did, well he just scored an hat- trick, so he should have been in the papers for that but no, I remember the headline Kyle he scores on and off the pitch, when I read the paper, I was heartbroken. The papers were saying that hed slept with ex girlfriend and she was pregnant, I never truly a real relationship with him but to my surprise my mum was there well my adoptive mum, she even took time off work, she took my out, tried to keep my mind of things I even changed my number, so he was truly out of my life for good. I went back to what I knew best clothes, not owning a boutique cause I wouldn’t go back I didn’t enjoy like I did making clothes so I made clothes for me and only me. I could have gone downhill but my mum really changed and spent loads with me I really wished she was like this in my childhood but never mind. I really wanted time to get away from everything from Sheffield so me, my mum and my dad went on holiday and we had the best time ever they were hardly on the phone. I really loved it and they promised to really be there for me but I was older. I decided to see some of my old friends and me and girls went out and guess who we bumped into? None other than Kyle and who was he with not her it did bring a smile to my face, but she was supposedly pregnant so she wouldn’t be there. I got on with it and concentrated on me and girls, we danced we had laugh, got chatted up and had a drink until one his friends Mark started talking to me and flirting, Ive got not interest I told him. He was drunk but still he left and Kyle’s good friend Alex was telling how Kyle wishes he hadn’t but he couldn’t stop his self, I asked him about his ex and he said shed lost the baby, I felt sorry but I suppose he got out of that easy, unlike who was heartbroken and couldn’t pick myself off the floor, but I’m better off without him, or I am?
An opportunity
Someone approached to have my line publishes but under my conditions in London, I didn’t just accept but I did go for it, perfect for getting over him and making something, not living off my mum and dad although was a lot better they pushed and said I should take it, so I did and I loved London, till I got the news my agent which id signed to get my started, was also a footballer agent and Kyle had just signed to him, and to top it off Kyle was moving to Tottenham, 8 million pounds. Mine and his agent must have given my new number so I got call and texts, saying he wanted to talk to me and that but the truth was Id met someone else he was amazing a model and down to earth but he didn’t want a relationship until he met me, so what people don’t know is I’m with him and I’m loving it, but sometime I have the urge to see Kyle, I mean I miss him, I really am stupid. So I met him, told him to come to my place, he told me he never stopped thinking about him and how sorry he was but the stories were true and hed sued them, the baby wasn’t his, I asked why did your friend tell me that you’d lost the baby, he never was my friend, he spent years fanaticising over a girl I had, and he didn’t. He asked me to give it another go but I told him I was in a relationship, he asked who with and told him. I told him and let’s just say he told me some things and showed me proof, so stupid again I told him back and things went from strength to strength.
End of this story
We had the most amazing life in London, I started modelling and he was going from playing in the reserves to playing for Tottenham, he was certainly the next Wayne Rooney, when I turned 23 he proposed and we married in a big Cinderella wedding and now were expecting our first child. So call me dumb, I hope this is the end of story, people call me stupid but I knew wanted all along and that I was meant to be with Kyle.

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on Jan. 24 2013 at 5:00 pm
SunshineKarmaGirl, Weedsport, New York
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Is this a true story? I loved reading it!! :D

Chrea said...
on Jan. 11 2012 at 1:25 pm
falling back is the best part of liveing pst to the futur to the past agin and agin it happens evry second evry day.

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