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The Perfect LIfe

Author's note: Not a True Story
Author's note: Not a True Story  « Hide author's note
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The Pefect Life

The perfect Life

I always thought I had the perfect life, my mum and dad gave me anything I wanted as a child but that was when I was a little girl, as a grew up I realised, life wasn’t perfect, you could say right now, life is perfect, but I have been through heartbreak a few times.

A little girl
I loved being a little girl, as an only child I had anything I wanted, I was spoiled really as my mum and dad were successful business people, we were quite wealthy, but I hardly saw my mum and dad always with the nanny, she was more like my mum took me everywhere, dance class, to eat, the park and school.
I remember at 10 I went with my mum to Milan and she took me on my first proper shopping trip, she spent loads on me but she was always on the phone so after 1 shop she had to leave and me and my nanny carried on I just wasted money because I felt sad.
On a positive when I was 16, more grown up, I met a boy called Kyle, he was a footballer only playing for Mansfield but still, he treated me like nobody ever had, he was 2 years older than me and as I was into football, we got on really well, I met him at a Mansfield game when he was playing for the u18s, he was a striker and me and my friend couldn’t keep my eye off him, he got the most beautiful blue eyes they sparkled in the moonlight and the most stunning face, so me and my friend we were sat there supporting my male friend who also played for Mansfield u18s.
So after the game we were talking to my friend Matthew and Kyle came over and asked Matthew who we were so Matthew was telling him and then he asked me what my name was and I told him Scarlett, he said that was the most beautiful name he had ever heard, and we got chatting, exchanged numbers and then went our separate ways.
The Past
If I’m honest Kyle put me on the straight and narrow cause at that time, I was rebelling, as I was angry about my mum and dad I went out and got drunk on park benches, starting wagging school and even came close to taking drugs.
I smoked, now I look back it was the people, I hung around with but I wanted attention, I wasn’t happy with 10 minutes in a morning and that was if I was lucky, I remember when I was failing in school and my nanny Pauline showed my mum and dad and they just shrugged it off and said kids will be kids, even when, I was in hospital having my stomach pumped they didn’t care, they didn’t come, I missed my Nan, she was the star in my life and I know she wouldn’t agree with what I did but that was the past.

The star has gone
My Nan was amazing, she really looked after me, I started living with her when I was 13, she made sure I went to school and that my grades were good, she was my mum’s mum, but my mum didn’t have time for her like she didn’t have time for me.
My Nan hated my mum, she said that she was too wrapped up in the business and that she should be looking after me, I agreed with my Nan, me and Nan used to have special trips to town or the nearest shopping centre, she always treated me, that all changed one day, this is one day I will never forget.
I woke up and I thought it was strange, my Nan was normally up before me and she wasn’t, it was 10:00 am so I went to her room to find her collapsed on the floor, I didn’t know what to do, I was 14 years old, but I decided to ring my mum, I don’t why but she didn’t answer, so I called an ambulance and they came within 15 minutes and told me my Nan was poorly, my mum had still kept my nanny cause she knew I’d be back, so my nanny came to the hospital and really comforted me but when she said she was taking my home to get something to eat and have a shower I hesitated, I wasn’t going anywhere but my Nan who was drifting in and out of conscious, told me to go.
I came back later that night to find the bed empty, I screamed, I fell to the floor, I knew she was gone but I didn’t want to believe it, the doctor came and told me there was nothing they could do, the star fell from the sky that night, Id lost a piece of me, I was 14 years old and there’s where it went downhill, nobody was the same, my mum and dad were a waste of space, as much as I like Pauline my nanny she wasn’t the same as my Nan, I never saw my mum for a month after that she was away in China, but Pauline had told her and Pauline told me she wasn’t sad, I wanted to give my Nan the best funeral ever and I think I did, she had yellow roses and she got her dream to be cremated and put with my Granddad, the church was packed as my Nan was loved by everyone except one person and she was scum, I say that about my own mother, she didn’t come to the funeral or ring me to see if I was ok.
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SunshineKarmaGirl said...
Jan. 24, 2013 at 5:00 pm
Is this a true story? I loved reading it!! :D
Chrea said...
Jan. 11, 2012 at 1:25 pm
falling back is the best part of liveing pst to the futur to the past agin and agin it happens evry second evry day.

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