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Author's note: I'm used to writing short stories on romance and heartbreak, and I never used to add cursing to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I'm used to writing short stories on romance and heartbreak, and I never used to add cursing to them. This time, I got my inspiration from my best friend. She asked me, "Why don't you write about something out of your element this time?" So, I decided to run with her idea. That is where I came up with the story's concept of love, drug abuse, and bounderies.  « Hide author's note
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Epiphany, pt.3

On Halloween night, the word around school was that a group of well-known guys on the school’s Varsity Soccer Team were throwing a huge “Halloween Bash”. Jayden Clemmings, Ashton Brown, and Aaron Sanchez were throwing a huge party at one of their houses, and all of Milton High was invited. As much as I hated being apart of the whole popular-I-think-I’m-the-s***-because-everyone-loves-me-scene, the party was hard to avoid. On the other hand, my close friend, Kasey Westwood, was extremely excited to be apart of the scene
“Hey Elle, we should definitely hit up Jayden and Aaron’s party tonight.” I was quietly eating an apple in the school’s cafeteria during my lunch period when she waltzes up to me. “Hell no. You know I absolutely despise those types of scenes.” Kasey plopped down in a seat across the table. “Oh c’mon Elle, this is a good opportunity to meet new people and socialize!” When I heard this, a chunk of my apple slid down and lodged itself in the wrong tube. I grasped my throat with both of my hands and went into a coughing frenzy.
“What the f*** Kase!” I pounded my chest with my fist like a wild gorilla. “Socialize Kase? Socialize? Who do you think I am? You already know that’s not my fortay. I’d rather spend my time playing hop-scotch at night, blind-folded in my birthday suit, than partake in a dumb-ass party ‘socializing’ with a bunch of steroid-taking, meat-head, soccer-playing yahoos.” Kasey rolled her eyes. “Oh please, save your damn vocals for the fat lady. I would really like you to come with me, I’m hoping to leave the party with my goal accomplished.”
I raised my eyebrow and cocked my head to the side. “…Which would be…?” Kasey grinned wide from cheek to cheek. “…To hook up with Jayden Clemmings.” I spit out a huge chunk of my apple and burst into laugher. “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, good luck with that!” I clutched my waist, trying to control my laugher. Kasey furrowed her perfectly arched, blonde eyebrows. “You think it’s a joke, huh? Well, watch me.” I clutched my sides tighter and continued laughing frantically. “Yeah, alright Kasey; whatever you say love-bug.”
Kasey let out a soft chuckle. “So it’s a deal. You’re coming with me.” I sat up and glared at my best friend. “The hell I’m not!” As serious I sounded, my words didn’t go through to her, for before I knew it, I found myself approaching Jayden’s huge mansion with Kasey right next to me, grinning with triumph. As we approached the steps, my enthusiasm evaporated into the midnight October sky. “I so hate you right now”, I grumbled under my breath. “I love you too, Elle.” Kasey flashed me one of her pearly-white, beautiful smiles.
Kasey rung the door bell, and we stood waiting for minutes on end. All of sudden, the gigantic glass chandelier door swung open. Jayden Clemmings appeared in the door way, flashing us a flawless dimple-smile. “Yoo, welcome to my crib cuties! Let’s get s*** crackkkkkkkkiiiiiiiiin’!” Kasey clapped her hands excitedly like a little toddler in a candy store. I just grunted at them both in response and stepped inside.
The party was insanely packed. Students and non-students crowed every inch of Jayden’s living room. Loud annoying rap blared from his surround-sound stereo. I shielded my ears in reaction. I glanced around the room to try and locate a chill spot, but it was no use. All of the coutches and chairs were all being occupied by drunken athletes hooking up with adolescent girls. My gag reflexes kicked in at just the sight of the scene.
“Kase, we should go—” I blurted to no one in particular, for I turned around and realized Kasey had disappeared into the crowd. “I should’ve known she’d do that.” I grumbled to myself. I worked my way through the crowed mansion, trying to find a bathroom. I knocked, ran over, and bone-rushed anyone who had got in my way. I was highly irritated and tired; I just wanted to get the hell out of there. I quickly shimmied down a flight out stairs leading to a huge basement. I could barely breathe because the basement reeked of cigarettes and hookah.
Spotting a door leading to the backyard, I pushed past students crowding around a huge table busying indulging themselves in hookah and beer pong. As soon as I stepped onto the backyard patio, I frantically gasped for air. “Holy s***. I’m NOT going back in there again, screw Kasey.” Outside, the fall crisp wind swayed, making the trees in Jayden’s backyard dance back and forth. I silently watched them as I tried to catch my breath.
“Are you straight? You look like you’ve seen a ghost or some s***.” I turned around to find a tall, lean, handsome guy grinning at me. I could feel butterflies flutter inside my stomach. “Um, yeah. I’m better now.” I tried so hard to keep my cool and act natural, but I couldn’t because this guy was throwing me off my game without even saying anything. “Well, that’s good to hear. I’m too blasted to do CPR on anyone at the moment.” The mysterious guy grinned some more, making my insides churn. I chuckled softly. “Naw, I’m good. It’s too crowded in there. I literally felt I was gunna pass out.” The guy nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah, I feel you. That’s why I’m posted out here. I’m Charlie by the way.” I glanced into his shinny hazel eyes.
“I’m Eliana. But just call me Elle.” Charlie stuck his hand out. “Nice to fuckin’ meet you Elle.” I slowly shook his hand. The touch of his hand caused electrical shocks through my whole body. The butterflies in my stomach increased its flutter. “Nice to meet you too.” I just dumbly stared at him, trying hard not to be so obvious; obviously I was sadly failing. Charlie reached into the pocket of his flannel green and black checkered shirt and took out a swisher. I watched him slip it between his perfectly shaped lips, take out a lighter, and lit his blunt with one hand. Closing his eyes, he slightly tilted his head backwards, inhaled, and then exhaled, the smoke gracefully gliding into the midnight air.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful and enticing ever before in my seventeen years of living. My heart fluttered uncontrollably and I could feel my palms clamming up. That was the moment I had realized I fell in love with Charlie. His auburn brown hair freely blew in the whistling wind, slightly covering his eyes. My gaze always stopped as his physique: his body perfectly balanced between muscular and thin. He stood shy of six feet tall. I was amazed on how he looked so carefree and surreal standing there smoking, his flannel shirt also swaying with the wind. I could feel myself drooling.
“want some?” Charlie handed me the lit swisher. I knew it was against my beliefs to smoke weed, but I didn’t fight with him over it. I figured if I ever wanted to get close to this guy, I would do whatever it took. With that thought in mind, I hesitantly took the blunt from his hand and stared at it for a second. Here goes nothing… I inhaled, taking in the smoke for the first time. The weed attacked my throat, burning my nostrils. Before I knew it, I was dramatically coughing, trying to catch my breath. Charlie suppressed a hearty laugh. “You’re so cute.”
Unable to respond, I just shook my head, clutching my chest. “I can already tell we’re gunna get along perfectly.” Figures I thought.
“So who did you come with?” Charlie contested.
“My friend Kasey.” I responded, still gasping for air.
“Oh, okay. Cool.”
“Yeah, are you friends with Jayden and his crew?”
“Not really. We’re more like acquaintances. I supply his weed, he hooks me up with his parties.”
“Oh, I see. You don’t look like one of them.”
“You’re right.” Silence. After that, we just stood there, looking up at the starry sky. The sky was twinkling with stars, and the full moon glistened above us. “Hey, what do you say we get out of here? This party is getting boring to me now.” Surprised and taken off guard, I looked into Charlie’s beautiful eyes. “Are you serious?” I protested. “Yeah. You seem like a chill girl. I’ve never chilled with a laid-back, beautiful girl like you before.” I could feel my ears overheating and turning red. “Okay.” Charlie flicked the leftover stubs of his blunt on the floor and smashed it with his timberland boot. “Iight, let’s dip.” Lacing his fingers through mine, he took the lead, running off Jayden’s crowded lawn and down the empty street. The wind blew, causing my eyes to water.
“Where are we going?” I tried to yell above the sound of the wind. “My place”, Charlie yelled without looking back. I remember that night so vividly; especially when we were running through the neighborhood, hand in hand, nothing but the streetlights as our guidance. I was clearly aware that I had just met Charlie that night, and that I was ignorant to his lifestyle and perception of the world. All I knew was that infatuation had already taken its course, and Charlie’s presence was impossible to avoid. I guess one could say I just simply had fallen in love.
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