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Author's note: I'm used to writing short stories on romance and heartbreak, and I never used to add cursing to...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I'm used to writing short stories on romance and heartbreak, and I never used to add cursing to them. This time, I got my inspiration from my best friend. She asked me, "Why don't you write about something out of your element this time?" So, I decided to run with her idea. That is where I came up with the story's concept of love, drug abuse, and bounderies.  « Hide author's note
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I diverted my attention to the ceiling, taking a slow, long drag from the thin brown stick filled with green herbs. Staring at little clumps of cobwebs in the corner of the ceiling, I exhaled; the smoke swirling into minuscule grey clouds in front of my vision. I lay on the bed that was positioned next to the rectangular window that didn’t have any curtains or window props. Taking another long puff from the perfectly rolled swisher in my hand, I now directed my attention to the room. The room was small, crowded, and lifeless, with no sign of color, decoration, or hope; just a bed, a cupboard, and a half-full closet. “Tell me when you finish with that swisher, El, cause I just rolled another one if you want to smoke more.” I silently shook my head vertically. My boyfriend, Charlie, lay right next to me, his shoulder softly resting against mine. I glanced at him, letting my eyes roam over his mature face. He was lying on his back, eyes darting to the ceiling, followed by an occasional blink. His auburn-brown shaggy hair rested on his forehead, and he pursed his lips like he was in deep thought. I never understood how I came to love these features so much. We lie silently staring at the blank ceiling together. The strong THC in the cannabis soon took its course, for I had begun seeing colorful swirls and patterns in my vision that I couldn’t see minutes before. I exhaled once more, trying to distort reality from my illusions. The atmosphere of the room began to blend in with the bright light shining through the window, which caused me to shield my eyes with my palm. Charlie on the other hand seemed highly relaxed in his own little euphoria. He lay on his side facing me with a slight smile on his faded face. “We should grab a bite later, I’m f*in’ starving.” “I’m not hungry”, I lied through my teeth. Charlie stared right into my pupils. “Why not? What’s wrong with you now?” “I’m tired of doing this every damn time. I’m fed up, Charles.” My tongue felt unbearably thick and dry, and an after-taste of weed lingered in my throat. Charlie rolled on his back once again, covering his eyes with his arm. “I thought you liked when I took you out to eat--” “I did”, I cut him off. “But it’s turned into a stupid routine now. We’re such a dysfunctional couple. All we do is have sex, smoke and take ‘hella drugs, bicker, and then go ‘grab a bite’. I’m exhausted.” Charlie flinched as if my words left bee-stings all over his body. “So the truth finally comes out huh?” “I mean, you know I love being with you; I love you for Christ sakes. You already know that. I’m just tired of being stuck with the shitty, blasted-out-his-mind Charlie. You’re always extremely high or rolling off pills.” Charlie jerked his head at me. “What the f***? Don’t lay up in my bed and say some stupid s*** like that, acting like you’re a perfect person. You take the drugs too! You never say s*** when you’re smoking my blunts.” His voice boomed, echoing through his room, shaking my bones. “See! This is what I’m talking about! All we do now is get into arguments! I can’t take this s*** anymore!” I tried to summon all of my might to get out of bed, but I was too weak and too out-of-my-mind-high to follow through. At the same time, Charlie got a hold on my arm and pinned me down, no matter how hard I tried to break loose. The more I resisted, the tighter his grasp became which eventually started to cut off the circulation in my arm. “Ow, Charles you’re hurting me!” I squirmed and bit, trying everything I could to break free, but it was no use because he was way stronger than I could ever be. He climbed on top of me and grabbed a hold of both of my arms now, his weight toppling on me. “Wh…what…are…you…doing…!” I could barely breathe. He looked right into my eyes, burning a hole through my sockets. “Stay with me, El.” His gaze rested on mine; his hazel eyes blood-shot and glassy. We tossed and turned, wrestling with each other. I started yelping for help at the top of my lungs when suddenly, Charlie pressed his lips on mine. His lips were dry from the swisher, but unbearably soft. He lay on top of me, kissing me; the warmth of his body caressing me. We rolled around on his bed getting entangled with the sheets until it eventually dropped on the floor. Charlie slipped his tongue into my mouth, and gently brushed it against my mine. His breath was a mixture of grape-flavored swishers and coca-cola. He gave me light kisses from my lips all the way to my bare chest. His lips made goose bumps appear on every inch of my skin. Time seemed to go into slow-motion as we made love on that bed for what it seemed like endless hours and minutes…
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