November 24, 2011
By L.I.V, south jordan, Kansas
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L.I.V, South Jordan, Kansas
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Author's note: Hey, diversity killed the cat.

Chapter 1
Who am I?
“Look I’m telling you. I don’t know who I am. I barely know what happened.” I shouted. The man wrote it down. “Look lady. I can’t help you. You have no I.D. ,No driver license , no name, no nothing. All you remember is that you where running for some monster.” He said. I looked down at my lap. The door sounded like someone was banging on it. The man got up and opened the door. There stood a very ,very skinny man. Tall but so very skinny. “ Special agent Bones.” He said. “I needed to see an I.D. Mr. Bones.” He asked. “Of course officer.” He said. He pulled out a wallet.”All right. What do you need Mr. Bones?” The officer said. “I’m here to help that girl. Does she have anything that connects her to anyone? And please call me Charlie.” He said. “No she got noting only a single piece of her...” I cut him off. “I hardly remember what happen. You called me crazy because what I told you. I don’t know who I am. Don’t know anyone. I don’t know what chasing me. I suppose you’re going to call me crazy. Mr. Bones. I’m not going with you.” I said. I crossed my arms. “Well I’m going to have to insist.” He pulled out a gun. “Ah... Mr. Bones you can’t pull that out.” The police officer started backing up. He hit the wall. I didn’t know what he was doing with that. He shot the police man. Not even a yelp came from him.”Now let’s go!” he said. “I’m not going with you. You did something to that man. I pretty sure you’re going to do that to me. So no!” I said. I watched him walk toward me. “I’m sorry but that’s not an option.” He said. He shot the gun at me. I closed my eyes ready for impact. Noting. I opened my eyes. Mr. Bones was scratching his head. “Wow! I guess I have no choice then.” He said. He grabbed me and throws me over his shoulder. “Hey, not cool! Where are you taking me?” I questioned. I slammed my fist against his back. He kicked the door opened.”Help! I’m being kidnapped!” I yelled. “Stop yelling. No one can hear you.” He said. I saw the police officers on the floor. “You killed them?” I said. I slammed my fist harder and kicked harder. “Stop it. Before I leave you for dead.” He said. We got out side and walked to the parking lot. I couldn’t see where we were going. Only where we’ve been. I stopped kicking, and I just let him carry me. “So aren’t you worried that you’re going too been seen kidnapping?” I asked. “Nope!” he hissed. I heard a door open. He tossed me in there and shut the door. He got in through the other side. “What is this?” I asked. “It’s a car. Let’s get one thing straight. I don’t like you. ” He hissed. Well this car was one hundred percent black. I looked in the back to find to big green eyes. I screamed. It jumped on me and said “Hi there. You smell real good. What’s your name? I’m Special Agent Masters.” He wagged his tail. His got all wide eyed. “I don’t know.” I said. “What kind of name is ‘Special Agent masters’?” I asked. “Well it’s not my real name it’s…” he was interrupted by Mr. Bones “Do you get the job done.” He said. “Yes, all the officers are on the move and don’t know a thing.” Masters said. His pupils got thinner. “Well we need to check on some Shadow runners, and then we’ll go home.” He started the car and drove out of the parking lot. “Excuse me, but where are you taking me. Who are you people?” I asked. “Well were from the witness protection program, and also Special Agents from the M.B.O.” he said. “May I sit on your lap?” he asked. “Yeah.” I said. He curled up and purred. I stroked his head. “What is the M.B.O?” I asked. It was silent for another hour or so. “The M.B.O is the Myth buster organization. We keep anything that’s non-human under control.” He said. He stopped the car and got out. “Hey sleepy head get up.” He said. Mr. Bones pulled Masters Tail. Master woke up with an uneasy start. “Yeah, yeah.” He said. When Mr. Bones pulled his head out. Master whispered “Dummy head.”
“I heard that! Road kill!” he shouted. “I’m coming!” he said. He grabbed my hand and opened the door, and pulled me out. I noticed he was wearing a suit. I saw Mr. Bones writing notes on a notepad. A glimpse of sliver shimmered behind him. Masters climbed on my back and whispered in to my ear “Can I tell you a secret?” he asked. He didn’t wait for a reply. “My name is Ghosty, and you have to call me that forever, and ever.” I shake my head yes

“So you were attacked.” I questioned. “Yea, Man. Look this is how it all went down. I was running like any other day, when another shadow runner pushed me down. He held a piece of sliver threaten to kill me. Dude the piece of sliver had some weird mojo.” I wrote it down on my note book. The shadow runner looked over at my partner. “Who’s the chick?” it questioned. I looked over and saw her walking toward us. “She just a girl I’m protecting.” I said. “Does she have a name?” it said. “No! Let’s get back to the subject. You were nearly killed by other shadow runners. What happened to its charmer?” I asked. “Well he said something about a ‘private zoo’.’ That you’ve been chosen to become a pet.’ Man I’m scared dude. “He said all in a rush. “Is that it?” I hissed out the words. “Well I maybe have more info. I’ll tell you if have that girl be my charmer.” He said. “She doesn’t have that power. I don’t even think her one of us.” I said. Well it’s true. I real do think she’s not a monster. She looks to normal. I don’t like humans. I mean the only weird thing about her is that she wears a trench coat. “Look out!” someone yelled. I was pushed out of the way. My hat fell off. I looked seeing the girl. I looked and saw her wing spread out. Some metal piece was right in the middle of it. “Wait this is it what was supposed to happen.” I saw the shadow runner ran off. “Get back here. You weirdo.” Masters ran after him in hurry. I looked back to the girl. She was on her knees. “Are you all right.” She questioned. “I’m fine. Thanks for asking.” Said the shadow runner. “Not you idiot. Why are you asking me, you should check that wing? Wing?” I repeated. “I’m fine. I was just wondering about you.” she said. She got up and back to the car. Masters was right behind her. “That was harsh dude. I know you hate the living and stuff but did you have to be that ruff.” The shadow runner ran and left me there. I grabbed my hat and went back to the car.

“That wasn’t nice.” I said. I hopped in the back with Ghosty. “You’re very right. Can you take off your jacket and wrap it around your fluffy thing.” Ghosty requested. I wrapped my jacket around my fluffy thing. Mr. Bones got in the car and look back at us. “Why aren’t you sitting in the front?” he questioned. Ghosty was going in to my coat pocket and pulled out a little panda bear. “Look what I found in her pocket.” Ghosty held it up. “This may not be a good time. But the hotel over there looks nice.” Mr. Bones said. I still didn’t talk to him. He went to the parking lot. “Now if you say anything I swear I’ll do something bad.” We walked in and Mr. Bones asked for a room with two big beds. The lady gave him the keys. Ghosty looked like a cat in a suit. We walked to the elevators. Got in, and rode up. Mr. Bones strolled ahead of us and opened a door. He walked we followed. Ghosty closed the door behind us. “Okay ah…girl you better sit down and let me see that wing.” He asked me. I sat down and Mr. Bones yanked on something. He examined it. “Night shard.” He said. I went to the other bed and lied down. Who am I? I want an answer to that simple question. There was a knock on the window. “Who is it?” Mr. Bones called out. “Special Agent Mothman!” it said back. Ghosty got up and opened the window. I large thing stepped in. Mr. Bones got up to greet him. “It’s been awhile. How it going.” Agent Mothman said. Mr. Bones said “Fine. I have to protect this female.” He pointed to me. The large man was seriously tall. He had wings. He placed his hand in front of me and introduces himself. “Welcome to pleasant point, west Virginian. The name is Charlie Mothman.” I shake his hand. “How is sector 19-67?” Ghosty said. “Ah masters. I am sector 19-67.” Mothman said. I stood up. I was thinking. Monsters.”Ghosty is a talking cat thing, this guy is a giant human moth thing, but...then what is Mr. Bones?” Everyone was staring at me. Opps guess I didn’t know I was speaking out loud. I stepped back. Tripped over something, and fell out the window. I was grabbed by the ankle before falling completely. “Got her.”Mr. Bones said. He pulled me up. I fell on top of him. “You’re seriously heavy.” He said. He shoved me off he got up, and didn’t help me up. I got up. Some strange thing happen I remembered something. I was in a cell being inspected. Next me was trickster was next to me. Striped of its joyful bells. The image faded away. Just a voice repeating the same words. ‘Beware the games. Beware the zoo’ just repeating over and over again. I opened my eyes. I found myself in Mr. Bones’s arms. Charlie and Ghosty on the other side asleep. I wasn’t sure if Mr. Bones was awake or not. So I didn’t make a noise. I felt an item poking my back. I carefully slide my hand to where it was. I had my hand around. When Mr. Bones said “Don’t touch that!” I stopped. “So you’re awake.” He continued. “Mr. Bones why am I on your lap.” I asked. He looked down at me. I saw no eyes. Just dark black holes. “Mr. Bones what are you?” I asked, with pure innocents. “What do you think I am?” he said. “I don’t know.” I said. He looked at me. I just couldn’t stop looking at his eyes. They were just dark holes in his head. His very white, head, with no skin, or hair, or anything. “It’s easy come on.” He said. I felt a trigger. Click back. “What is it?” he asked. I grabbed his neck and throw him on the floor. Ghosty jumped, pricking his ears. “Shadow runners.” He said. Mothman got up. Mr. Bones got up and pulled out his gun. It was a black revolver. He shot a few rounds. One of those things had him by his neck. “I told you guys he was a fighter!” I guess the shadow runner said. Charlie had his wings spread out. One dragged me off the ground, and out the window. I flapped my fluffy thing. I felt the wind under my wings. The shadow runner slipped off. I flew to the roof. There were thousands of them. I went back down to where the other was. I looked in Charlie was in a net. Mr. Bones still in a neck hold. “Let’s take them to the roof.” They dragged them out the door. I stepped in I found. Mr. Bones gun on the floor. I took the gun and jumped out the window. I headed to the roof. There was helicopter there. I didn’t know what to do. I flew back up to the roof. I watch them drag Charlie, and Ghosty them under the helicopter. “What shall I do with the bone skull here?” One of them asked. Well you when you do something that’s against your better judgment. Well I’m going to do that. Right now. “Hey Runners.” I shot the gun upwards. They all looked at me. “Well that’s as far as I went in this rescue plan.” I said. They all jumped for me. In seconds I was buried. They knocked Mr. Bones’s gun out of my hand. Man I’m in a pickle! I felt a pain in a back. I took out. It was a sliver gun, with purple flames. Cool! I Shot it. They backed off. Right in to Charlie. “She has the javelin weapon! Run!” They yelled. “Yeah you better run!” I said. “It won’t be long before they get back up.” He said. Those eyes. Well I guess not real eyes more like dark holes, but we’ll just call it eyes. You know what I mean. “What’s this?” I pointed it at him. “Don’t point that thing at me.” He said. “Fine.” I turned. Placing the gun in my coat. “Well I think we should go to base.” Charlie said. “Yeah it would.” Ghosty said. Mr. Bones was looking down. “Let’s go!” Mr. Bones hissed the words out. “Follow me!” Ghosty said. He jumped off the building. The others followed. I jumped off as well. I hit the ground. Hard. I looked up seeing the guys where in the car. Already in. I ran to the car. “You had one bad fall. Are you okay?” Charlie asked. Charlie punched Mr. Bones arm. He grunted in pain. “Yeah are you?” He hissed. “Yah!” I said. “Well we better go to headquarters.” Mr. Bones said.
“I’m Hungry!” Charlie said
“We have to go to headquarters.”
“But I’m hungry.”
“I don’t care.”
“I do.”
“I’ll eat your car seat.”
“You won’t dare."
“I would! I’m part moth,you know.”
“You keep your mouth off my car.”
“Make me.”
“I’ll blast that head off.”
“Hey not nice. If you know.”
“Fine I’ll feed you. Just keep your mouth off the seats.” He drove in the direction of a burger king. And we ate happily ever after.

“I’m so bored!” I signed. “Well where almost there.” Mr. Bones hissed. I remembered the panda bear. I want to look at it. “Hey can I see that panda?” I asked. Ghosty handed it me. I looked closer it was bigger than I thought. It was dressed like a mini detective. He had the cutest tie. It was solid black with a White x. It was super cool. I pulled back the sleeves of the trench coat to find two zippers. I barely pulled on the zippers right before it said “Don’t touch that.” I let go. It turned in my hand. “What’ch you look at bone head?” He asked. “Look teddy.” He was quickly cut off by the panda. “I don’t like the name teddy.” He shouted. “Okay? Well I need Name, purpose, and any things else.” He took out his note pad. “Name purpose, and anything else. Is none of your business?” He put his hands (well not real hands more like paws) on his hips. His mouth tore open. His stitching looked like teeth. “That’s it.” Mr. Bones hissed. He grabbed the panda by the neck and got out of the car. I jumped out too.” Hey what are you going to do to him?” I asked. I took out his gun in response. I ran to the other side of the car. He put his finger on the trigger. I did the only thing I could think of. I punched him smack in the jaw. “Nice job girly.” The panda put his arm up in approval. “What the in world was that for?” Mr. Bones shouted.
“You were going to shoot him.” I said. He looked at me. Those dark eyes. “Ha, ha, ha. I’ll tell you anything if you punch him again.” The panda continued “And let me drive the car.” He gave us a wicked smile. “Fine. “ Mr. Bones said. He got up. “Well time to show me how hard you could real punch.” Panda sat ready to watch. “Nothing personal. Mr. Bones.” I said. I punched him straight in the jaw. He flat on his back again. “I think I broke his jaw.” I said. “K. O.! K.O.! K.O!” panda yelled. He yelled, and dance around the hood. “Let’s go.” He ran to the front seat. I poked him with my foot. He did get knock out. Poor guy. Wait am I feeling sorry for him. I picked him up. Walked back to the car, and put him next to me. “Well where are we going? “ He asked. He looked in the back. He jumped “Geez you guys scared the stuffing out me. But hello I’m Archie Pop.” He said. He started the car. “We are going to a fancy club I know called Club monster.” Ghosty said. “Well let’s go.” He shouted. He pulled back in to the high way. He pulled out a ukulele. “You all know that one Elvis Presley song.” We all looked at each other. “It goes a little something like this. You ain’t a nothing but a hound dog. Crying all the time.” He sang. I joined in. “Well you are never rabbit and you ain’t a friend of mine.” The others started getting the jiffs of the song. We sang the next part. (Expect for Mr. Bones.) “You said you were high class. But that was just a lie. You have never caught a rabbit and you ain’t a friend of mine. You ain’t noting but a hound dog. Crying all the time.”
“Guitar solo!” Archie shouted. He played his little guitar. “Wow that was fun. What other song do you Archie? Oh and Archie aren’t you suppose to keep your hand on the wheel at all time.” Ghosty said. “You don’t tell me what to do shortie. I know what I’m doing.” He shouted at him. “Well what’s a good? Oh I know Blink 182. Yeah.” He strummed some strings. “ Oh, were here. Everyone out. We’ll leave the sleep bones here until he wakes up. If he doesn’t wake up in five minutes. Well you know.” He jumped on the hood of the car. “Oh, oh Linkin Park. Come on Bo you this song.” I looked at him. “What do you say?” Now he looked me. “I said Bo. That’s your name you know. “
“Really that’s my name.”
“Ah...yeah that’s what your mom called you.”
“So you’re my dad?”
“NO! No! No!”
“Then who are?”
“I’m like a guardian Angel sort of thing. The only different is that I’m a mirror monster.”
“So like a copy?”
“No. They wish. I’m one of a kind. Your great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather made me from scratch.”
“Cool! Wow. If you remember all that you have to know what happen to me.”
“Sorry girly but I got knocked out too. I remember only who your parent’s are, but not their names.” He said. “Hey girly do you have any lolliz.” I looked at him oh so very strangely. He sighed. A black smoke appeared. The smoke vanished leaving a black board. He drew a lollipop. He wrote lollipop underneath it lolliz. “This here is the best thing to suck on.” He said. “Any question?” Charlie raised his hand. “Well professor Pop what is the best flavor?” He said. “Good question Mr. Mothman. The best is mango. Anyone else?” Ghosty raised his hand. “Yes mister Cat.” Archie said.
“Masters sir.”
“Yeah of course. Well mister Master Sir. What your question?”
“Just Masters. What is the best way to enjoy a lolliz?” Ghosty asked. “Girly Lolliz please.” He held out his paw. I twisted my finger in my hair and pulled out a lollipop. “Thank you kindly. Know watch closely.” He pulled out a lighter. Then set the lolliz on fire. “Now simply stick it your mouth and you have a yummy lolliz. Whoops it’s been five minutes. Let’s go.” I swear he can be like a TV host or something. He ran to a door it was leaning a against the building. He pulled the door opened the door and jumped in. Mothman and Ghosty followed. I didn’t know how they got through. I walked to the door and opened it. What was in inside of it was total awesome. It was a vortex to another world. Well I guess club vortex. I jumped in. I nearly fell flat on my face if it wasn’t for Archie. “You better be careful girly. I won’t be around forever.” He said. He set me on my feet. “Archie can I ask you a question?” he looked at me like I was for another planet. “Of course girly right after we get in to the club.” he skipped. The guard quickly put his arm down in front of Archie. “What’s the big deal?” Archie said. “The big deal is that you don’t look like a monster.”
“You wish I didn’t look like a monster!”
“I need some I.D. or something.”
“You think were human or something because we ain’t got any I.D. You back of shortie!”
“Yes sir...i mean master... I mean my lord.” He bowed. “That more likes it.” “WOW!” That club was full of every monster I know of and more. “Okay let’s get some drinks and we can talk.” He ran over to the bar. He kept jumping up, and down. I think he was trying to get on the seat. I grabbed him, and placed him on a seat next me. “Thank you girly. Okay dude I like a Honey with lots of ice.” The guy gave him a glass filled with honey. “And for the lady.” I looked behind, next me, and finally in front. “Oh you mean me right. I don’t know.” Archie quickly said “She’ll have a milkshake. Chocolate extra whips cream.”
“Make it two.” I said. The bar tender was a vampire. He had very pale skin, black hair. “Hey I’ll be right back.” I slipped off my seat. I walked to the door, and went back outside. I saw that Mr. Bones was still in the car. I strolled over and opened the door. He didn’t move. I was about to shove him shove him, when he grabbed my hand, pulled me in, and shut the door. “What are you doing?” He covered my mouth. Two large monsters walked past us. They were dragons. They flew off. Mr. Bones removed his hand. “Mr. Bones. Ah… Thanks.” He had me in a strange position. “You know I getting very tried off having you call me ‘Mr. Bones’ all the time. Just call me Tux. Alright.”
“Why the change?”
“How would you like it if I called you Miss. What-ever-your-last-name?”
“I don’t know?”
“Well it makes me fell old.”
“And how old are you?”
“I’m nineteen and counting.”
“Wow! I thought you were like old.”
“Cause you act like it all the time.”
“Oh!” He looked at my arm. I followed his gaze. My arm had a cut. “I guess I did that when I pulled you in.” It wasn’t bleeding or anything. It was just a scratch. “Hey! I have two chocolate milkshake waiting for us.” I opened the door and fell flat on my back. Tux right on top off me. “Hey get off me.” I pushed him off. He fell to my right. Then I was on top of him. “I think we’re stuck.” I looked at my left hand. He was right. His suit was stuck on my wrist band. “So how are we going to get out of this?” I asked. He shoved me to his left. Now I lay flat on my back. “Okay Me going to get up first. Then you follow.” He got up. I followed. We walked a little and he said. “We’ll look real weird if we walk like this.”
“Hmm... let’s think about shall we. Were stuck together. I look like I just kidnap you. Then handcuffed you to me, so I won’t lose you.” He said. I said.
” But it’s true.” He looked at me. “The kidnapping part yes. The handcuffing part no.” We stood there quiet. “Okay either we hold hands or I drag you by the arm.”
“You’ll look like your kidnapping me. Again.”
“True, true.” He took my hand and walked to the door. The guard watched us as we passed. Archie was still at the bar drinking honey. Our milk shakes were on the counter. We sat down in front of our milk shakes. Archie leaned back, and gave a wicked smile. “Well, well looks like someone has boyfriend.” He giggled. “Nope were just stuck.” I said. “Well I’ll fix that crisis.” He jumped off and ripped our arms apart. “Now that’s better.” Archie said. He went back to his seat. (Well with my help of course.) I rapidly drank my milk shake. One after the other. “Ah girly I don’t it’s a good idea. You’ll get a cream rush, and everyone know when a monster gets a cream rush they acted the total opposite.”
“I’m sorry what did you say.” I drank another two milk shakes. “I said. Blah, blah.” I didn’t hear him. Wow I fell just delightful.

Dang I can’t believe she didn’t obey me. She’ll do something she’ll regret. Man I don’t know what she going to do. The last time she was in a cream rush. She ran rampage in a city destroying things. I mean she almost kiss me once. Well she kisses me all the time, but on the head, or the check. Sometimes my nose. But never, ever kissed me on the mouth. Hey I remembered something. Yes! Happy dance! “Hey Archie your girly is dragging me.” Mr. Bones hissed the words. “Right I’ll happy dance later. Now Bo you let go of Mr. Bones’s right.” I turned around. They were gone. Dang. “Okay. I don’t know where they are.” I saw her jacket left there. “Excuse me. Hey did you say where two people went.” The vampire shake his head yes. The point at the door that read roof. I ran there. I kicked the door opened. Ran up stairs. What I found was the weirdest thing ever. (Good thing I brought a video camera.) It was Mr. Bones running for Bo. I just stood there watching them. Run around. After a few minutes Bo finally tackled Mr. Bones to the floor. “Why are you running? You cutie.” He looked terrified. “Ha, ha, ha.” He laughed nervously. “Now why not relax.” She took off his hat. “You look scared?” She said. He shoved her off. He started backing up against the wall. Bo quickly rushed toward him. She put her arms on either side of him. Before I know it she had her lips on him. She fainted in to his arms. “Wow! I got all on tape. Yes!” Happy dance. “Hey Archie can you get her off me.”
“Nah... Just take her to the car. I’ll get the others.” I left him there holding my precious girly. I went back. “You get your hands off her.” I took my girly back. “You go get the others.” I took her back to the car. She was sleeping like an angel. The other guys came. “Hey why are we leaving so early?” Mothman asked. “It’s like three in the morning.” Ghosty said. “I total call shot gun.”

Charlie put Bo in the back seat. She was sleeping soundly. Ghosty sat in the front with Archie. I sat in the back with Bo. I sat as far away for her as possible. I guess it didn’t help. She fell on my lap. She is kanda cute. Well I guess that kiss didn’t mean anything. She is the champion of all monsters. I don’t know what to do. She just there sleeps. Her jacket was on the floor. I picked it up. Rested it on her. Wow her cream rush did get the best of her.

Charlie put Bo in the back seat. She was sleeping soundly. Ghosty sat in the front with Archie. I sat in the back with Bo. I sat as far away for her as possible. I guess it didn’t help. She fell on my lap. She is kanda cute. Well I guess that kiss didn’t mean anything. She is the champion of all monsters. I don’t know what to do. She just there sleeps. Her jacket was on the floor. I picked it up. Rested it on her. Wow her cream rush did get the best of her.

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