Day Breaker Academy:

November 23, 2011
By LlamaGirlMay BRONZE, Hyde park, New York
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LlamaGirlMay BRONZE, Hyde Park, New York
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“Jump, Jump, Jump,” The group of boy’s yelled. The brown haired free thinker was backed up on the edge of the hill, which went over the school lake. The crowed of overly buff jockeys stood around him yelling at him. Telling him this was pay back. His Hazel eyes were wide with fear. He had no clue what he did. “Go on then. Jump,” Yelled the so called leader of the school. Griffin Redfern is the captain of the football team and is the stat quarter back of the football team. So really he is your typical high school hot guy. You’d think that he would go out with the head cheerleader. With her beach blond hair and blue eyes, but no he’s not your complete typical jock. “Jump dork. JUMP!” He screamed. Moving toward the fear stricken student on the hill. I looked over at Ali.
“Oh no, I know that look,” She said her hands going up as she backs away. My hand snakes out and grabs her writs. “Quinn, No,” she said planting her feet on the ground. “He’s a jerk, and he’ll hurt you again,”
“It’s better than this,” I said. Letting go of her wrist I start to walk over to the group. I called over my shoulder “You have to drive him home all wet in you car to,”
“Fine,” She said her voice reaching me just as she did. “I’ll help,” I smile my famous smile at her.
“Griffin! Your are suck a dick nowadays,” I yelled at him. At the sound of my voice his head whipped around. I saw the shock of seeing me fill’s his face. Quickly he composes his face, like any other jockey he doesn’t want his friends to see him down. His back up man, Cayden Wintusk, walks up and puts his hand on Griffins tan shoulder. All the while he was glaring at me. Why at me? He was the one who pushed me to do it. Griffins baby blue eyes lock on my chocolate brown ones. I bet that now you’re thinking. Oh so he has blond hair that looks like gold in the sun, and she does to. Well that just so happens to be true but it’s not his fault, but I don’t have blond hair like he does my hair is auburn, but it’s a reddish auburn. I keep it up in a bun because I don’t like it, and because he used to like it down
“Well if it isn’t Miss I’m-too-good-for-you,” he said with a sneer. He puts on a fake smile. He spreads his arms and bows. “Why do we owe you this extraordinary pleasure,” he asked sarcastically. As his arms go down I hear the sloshing noise of liquid in a bottle. My eyes flash to his tan arms and up to his hand. In it I see the source of the sound. The light hit the liquid making it shine amber.
“Oh so your now ridding your pain by alcohol,” I snapped at him. A smile spreading across my face, my perfect white teeth showing just enough to make it breath taking. “I thought you were better than that, but I guess not,” I watch as his breath gets stuck in his throat.
“We’re celebrating my freedom,” he said once he could breathe again. That hit a nerve, and he knew it. He saw the flash of pain in my eyes, and then sympathy and sorrow broke onto his.
“Then I’m glad I let you go free,” I snapped back at him. I walk right up to him and look him in the eye. I turn my gaze to Cayden. “Thanks,” I said to him. “Thank you for telling me what was going on. If you hadn’t I’d still be with this dick,” I push passed them and grab the arm of harassed guy behind them, and start to walk away again.
“Wait Quinn,” I heard. I turned and looked at Carter, and let go of his wrist. “They’ve been drinking and need a ride home,” he said looking back over his shoulder at Griffin and Cayden.
“I’m not driving yet, my birthday is in January. You have to talk to Ali,” I said with a smirk creeping into place. We both looked at Ali, I was shaking my head and she was looking back and forth from, me, Carter, and the two boys. Her eyes locked on Cayden and love filled her eyes. No her stupid crush on Cayden is taking over this decision. I rolled my eyes and stomped my foot.
“Come on guys,” She said waving her hand towards the parking lot. She looked at me and gave me a sympathetic shrug.
“Hey what about us?” Asked Jack. One of the biggest meat heads of the school. His brown eyes narrowed into an accusing stare.
“Sorry Jack,” Ali said “But I only have room for 5,” she said pointing to her little black convertible
“Who’s the fifth” Gavin asked his blue eye full of confusion and stress.
“Me,” Carter said raising a hand
“Why you?” Gavin asked again even more confusion dripping onto his face.
“How else am I gunna get home,” He said “She is my ride to and from school until my car is fixed,”
“I’m sorry to interrupt,” I said giving a smile “But I have to get to the barn,” With that Ali moaned
“That’s right we have riding today,” She said slapping her head. “Come on guys, move it or lose it,” She said rushing to her car. I opened the passenger door and moved the seat up.
“Get in,” I said to the three guys.
“Umm ladies first,” Griffin said
“Nope I get shot gun,” I said putting my hands on my hips.
“Why?” Cayden asked, well more like whined.
“Because for starters, I’m not drunk,” I said shoving them in.

“Stop the car!” I shrieked. Ali stomped down on the brake causing everyone to fly forward. “What the hell!” Griffin yelled “Why?” before I answered I jumped out of the car and ran towards the side of the road to the baby deer. Kneeling down I feel tears come to my eyes. I put my hand on it spotted back and felt this overwhelming feeling of pain fly into my body. “Quinn!” I heard Griffin yell “Where are you?” “I’m over here,” I whispered my hand still resting on the foal. He runs over to where he heard my voice come from. “You need to start wearing light colors at night,” He said walking right next to me “I couldn’t see you,” He put his hand under my chin and lifted it up. “Something could happen to you, and then I.... I don’t know what I would do,” I looked right into his baby blue eyes and he looked right into my chocolate brown ones. A pang went through my whole body making me shudder and forget about everyone and thing around me and just focus in on Griffin. This is what it was like when we were still a thing. When we would make skin contact everything else would go away it would just be me and him. I wish we could have that back. I move my hands and put them on his chest. The pain went rushing out of my body, shocking me back into reality. I moved away from him and put my hand back onto the deer. “It’s dying,” I said. Griffin looked away from my face and down to the deer. “I know,” he said “A slow and painful death,” “I know,” he said stroking my hair. He slips the black bow out of my hair causing it the fall down to my waist in it’s perfect little auburn ringlets. Peeking up through my eyelashes I looked into his eyes and saw compassion. As if he had read my mind he asked “Do you want me to...” “Yes,” I said getting up and walking over towards Ali. As I walked over to her I could feel how scared the poor foal was. Then there was a sharp pain and then bliss. I could feel it start to slip into death. Looking up I saw the outline of a foal floating up into the sky. Looking back down I could see Griffin coming back around from where the deer was. Walking in the road with his back to us he didn’t see the car that was coming. None of us did until it was almost on top of him. “GRIFFIN!!!” I screamed. I ran to him and pushed him out of the way. I heard the horn of a car honk and looked in front of me the last thing I saw was blinding lights and then blackness. “We need to take Quinn to the hospital,” I heard Griffin tell someone. Hospital for a headache that’s dumb. “No we have to take her to the school,” 10:00 at night and she wants to take me to f*ing school. “No, I know that you just want her to go to school so then we don’t need to lie to her anymore. And because you want Miss. Halman to tell you that she’s a fairy, like you” Griffin sneers. What a fairy! “We are taking her to the hospital where they can makes sure that she is okay,” “Why don’t we ask her?’Cayden asked. “We can’t smart one she’s-” “Awake and really annoyed,” I said. I had opened my eyes to see that I was in to back seat on top of Carter and Cayden. I pushed myself off of them but caught my breath when my leg hit the side of the car. “Mother f*er.....” I seethed through my teeth. “Okay pain,” I said waving my hands back and froth. Cayden holds out his hand and I grab it. As soon as I made contact I heard him gasp from pain and shock. He looked over at me with a questioning look in his eyes. “Well, Quinn where would you like to go now.?” Ali asked “Well, Maybe home,” I snapped. I had let go of Cayden’s hand once my leg had stopped hurting for the most part. “Can you turn on the radio?” I asked. Once it was out of my mouth I knew that she was going to say no. I quickly pushed my will into her, making her want the radio on as well. All I can hear in the silence that remains are the words I couldn't say blast through the speakers of her car. “We can’t take you home. You just got hit by a car,” Griffin said looking back at me “So?” I asked attitude filling my voice. I crossed my arms and looked him right in the eyes. I reached inside him, looking for willingness and giving up. When I found the emotions in him I brought them to full force making him cave and bring me home. While in his mind I felt something it was as if someone or thing brushed up against my mind, but it wasn’t them, it was there mind as if someone else was in there as well. * * * I screamed, and saw red. What was happening? All I could hear was a woman saying she was sorry. I’m sorry my child. I had to it was the only way. Then everything went away. All the pain, all the sound, it was all black.

S***. My head hurts like hell. I moaned and rolled over onto my side. “Quinn,” I heard a voice ask.
“What?” I moaned rolling back on to my other side
“Oh thank the Goddess,” I heard the voice say again. What the hell!!! Who says Goddess? Was the only thing that came to my mind at the time “It’s time to get up Quinn,”
“I don’t want too,” I moaned again “5 more minutes,”
“You’ve been asleep for the past three days,” The voice said jerking me awake, I whip up in bed and stand on the cold tile floor. Now that my eyes are open I take in my surroundings. I’m in an all blue room with three hospital beds, but I know this isn’t a hospital. I’m wearing one of the ugly ass robes that you get there to. The only other one in the room is a women. As my eyes skim over her I realize that she’s beautiful. She has sky blue eyes, like my mothers and pale blond hair falling around her face and down past her shoulders. She’s tall but not that tall. The dress she is wearing is tight at the top until the hips and then it pools out into a long gown, that trails on the floor. It is a simple midnight blue dress other than that. All of a sudden a get a sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach. It was telling me not to trust her that she isn’t who she says she is.
“I seem to be at a disadvantage. You know my name but I don’t know yours,” I said as smoothly as someone who had been sleeping for the past three days could.
“Oh, I’m sorry how rude of me,” she said a look of shame plastered on to her face. “I’m Iona, I’m the head mistress here,” she said smiling. The shock on my face must have been plain for anyone to see but she seemed not to notice it.
“And where is here?” I snapped at her. Giving her the full on Quinn attitude.
“Now, now don’t be rude Quinn,” she said shaking her finger and smiling. “You’re at Day breaker Academy. Where all the best Fairies, witches, shape shifters, and vampires are trained,”
“Wait what?” I said my mouth hanging open the whole time. “Where you train….. Those things aren’t really. There just made up characters in children fairy tales,”
“No child, they are as real as you are. In fact you are one of them, as am I, Griffin, Alisa, Cayden, and Carter,”
“WHAT???” I yelled “Their super natural?”
“Yes, Now come along I have much to show and tell you,” she said walking out of the room. I looked down at myself and stomped my feet. Out of nowhere I was in a short black skirt and a white button up with a black blazer over it. My mouth had fallen open in shock and stayed that way. “Come on my dear,” she called back to me. As I walked out of the room I was in and saw four backs turned towards the door way.
“Well, who do we have here?” I asked as I continued they turned around so I could see their faces fill up with joy and relief. “If it isn’t the four lying people who drove themselves into my so called “planed” life,” I crossed my arms and leaned all of my weight onto my left foot. They all look down and had the guiltiest looks on their faces. “Well?”
“We’re sorry Quinn,” Spoke up Ali “But groups of people from the school are picked and put into the high schools and elementary schools and middle schools to look for others like us,”
“And then when we find them we center our lives around them,” Said Carter
“And then we watch them and protect them from the evils trying to steal them,” Said Cayden
“And then when it’s time we bring them to these schools all over the world,” Said Griffin at last. They had all stepped forward as if waiting for a hug.
“Well you see, if you had told me that in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess now would we?” I asked leaning onto the wall.
“We COULDN’T tell you that’s the thing, you never would have believed us and let you into to your life,” Ali said walking a step closer to me. I raise my eyebrows in an accusing way.
“You guys really think I didn’t know?” I said. When I saw that they all had this confused look on their faces I said “Come on I knew that you guys had known each other before you “Moved” here. You all came the same year and were linked somehow within the first hour, and said you all came from different states. Plus my Bro and I talked all the time and we train together,”
“Trained?” Ask Iona
“Well, yeah we worked on our magic together,” I said turning to her
“Wait you know you aren’t normal?” Asked Cayden
“Well duh….” I said “Kinda hard not to,”
“Do you know what you are?” asked Iona hope in her eyes “It would make it a lot easier,”
“Sorry can’t say I do,” I said to her
“You said your brother went to one of these schools you would be what he is. What is he?”
“Oh no one knows what he is all they know is he is a powerful non-human,” I said looking over to her “Some say he’s part Wizard part demon, but you never know,” I said
“Wait,” Ali said raising her hands
“Your Rain’s sister,” finished Iona
“Oh so you know my brother, cool”
“Your brother is Rain?” Ask Griffin slaked mouthed
“Well yeah, who else’s sister would I be?” I asked with confusion in my voice
“Like Rain, Rain Noel?” Asked Cayden
“No Rain Cloud, Yes Rain Noel we have the same last name,” I said
“I can see the resemblance,” Said Carter from in the corner “They have the same face, skin tone and same style of hair, But he has blonde hair and brown eyes, oh wait you have brown eyes,”
“But his are like mud and her are more of a chocolate,” Said Griffin
“Yeah my mom have blonde hair and mud colored eyes. That’s where he gets it from,”
“And what about you?” Asked Iona from the corner
“Look like my dad did,” I said looking down at my feet
“Did? Oh I see. I’m sorry I had no idea,” Ione said while placing her hand on my back
“It’s okay I don’t really talk about,”
“Wait your dad died?” Ali said
“Yeah when I was 7 and Rain was 8,”

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This book has 4 comments.

on Dec. 15 2013 at 8:52 pm
Savannahbookworm BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
1 article 0 photos 1 comment
That's really awsome! It sounds so cool, I can't wait to read more, I can already see the story unfolding!

Konabandit said...
on Dec. 5 2011 at 8:22 pm
Konabandit, Oak Run, California
0 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Throughout life people will tell you what you can't do. All you have to do is turn around with a smile on your face and say 'Watch Me'"

anytime and Thank you!

on Dec. 3 2011 at 2:40 pm
LlamaGirlMay BRONZE, Hyde Park, New York
1 article 0 photos 2 comments
Thanks, and yeah Quinn is the narrator. 

Konabandit said...
on Dec. 3 2011 at 10:06 am
Konabandit, Oak Run, California
0 articles 0 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Throughout life people will tell you what you can't do. All you have to do is turn around with a smile on your face and say 'Watch Me'"

okay I love the detail you give and you do a spectacular job at keeping the reader in tune. However, I am still mildy confused at who is narating. Is it Quin? That would be all im confused about, all in all these three chapters are excellent and I cannot wait to read more :) great job

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