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Collecting Pieces Of My Heart

Author's note: This story is romantic, suspencful, and to die for. If you read this you will fall in love and will want more.
Author's note: This story is romantic, suspencful, and to die for. If you read this you will fall in love and will want more.  « Hide author's note
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The meeting

Chapter 1

Watching the black body bag of my sister’s dead corps being carried away brought sharp iced cold tear to my eye. It seemed like just yesterday my sister was holding me in her arms letting nothing hurt me what so ever. To think now my sister Willa is dead there is no one out there for me, to help me, take care of me, no one out there to love me. I thought I’d better off dead with her. I never had a father and my mother is strung out on heroin, Willa was my only parent. I figure I could commit suicide to take away the pain tried too several times but I never died maybe I guess there’s a reason I’m here. Willa wouldn’t want me to kill myself so I guess I could at least keep breathing for her.

Two years later I’ve been staying in this tree house that Willa and I built ten years ago. I couldn’t pay bills so it’s been my home. We would always be in this tree house playing house. She would be the mother and I’d be her daughter them were the days I used to smile but I haven’t since she past. Next thing I see is a big moving truck coming down the street making so much noise then it pulls right next door to my house. A teenage boy around my age got out of the truck and sat on the porch steps and started texting on his phone. This boy had long brown braids, was about 5’6. The boy stood up and started walking down the drive way onto the sidewalk to a woman around the age of 30 I’m pretty sure it’s his mother.

“ Honey why don’t you walk down the street to get a good look at your new surroundings” The woman said very politely.

“Sure there’s nothing better I could be doing” He said sarcastically

He started up the street toward my house and he stopped in amusement looking at my tree house. Then he walked toward it and started going up I yelled out,

“ Stop, don’t come up here.”

“Who said that?” The boy wondered

“ The owner of this tree house.” I answered

The boy walked to sidewalk to get a better look through the half boarded up windows. Then he asked,

“ Are you living in this tree house?”

“ Why does it matter to you?” I asked rudely

“ I just was asking, I’m Aden what is your name?” He said

“ I can’t tell you.” I said

“ Why not im a nice guy.” He said

“ Go away NOW!” I yelled

I looked out the corner of the window peeping out at him. He started walking away and he walked up his driveway into his house. It started getting late so I lay down and covered up with the blankets off my sister’s bed. Then I fell fast asleep

The next day it was 6:30 in the morning and I managed to wake up at that time every morning because I’m used to Willa waking me up for school. I got dressed and I climbed down my tree house and was off to school a little earlier so I could get some coffee and a bagel from Shelley’s Pastries, when I got down the latter on to the sidewalk the boy next door came walking down the steps of his porch the down the driveway. I tried to walk faster but he ran and caught up to me.

“ So you’re the owner of the tree house?” He said with a smirk

“ Yes!” I answered. Then paused.

“ Why are you talking to me, I don’t even know you.” I continued

“ Well I told you my name was Aden but you never told me your name.” He replied

“Well Aden why do you want to know my name I don’t care for yours.” I said

“ Well I just moved here and I want you and I to hang out you seem cool” He said

“ I don’t hang out with anyone, I don’t like anyone so stop bothering me.” I growled as I speedily walked away.

I made it to Shelley’s Pastries. I sat at the front counter asking for a bagel and some coffee and to my surprise Aden walked in and sat next to me.

“ Why are you so grumpy?” Aden wondered

“ None of your DAMN business, why the hell are you following me!” I yelled. Silence filled the room everyone looked at me.

“ Well I’m not trying to make you mad I just wanted us to be friends” He said back

“ Well maybe I don’t want any friends, maybe I don’t want to socialize with anyone the only person I ever socialized, talked to, or even hung out with was Willa and she’s gone now so just leave me be!” I yelled really fast almost not knowing what I was saying

“ Willa, who is that?” He asked

“ How did you know about her?” I asked

“ You just said Willa, is that your mother?” Aden asked

“ No, she was m-my sister.” I replied

“ She’s gone does that mean she left?” He asked

“ Something like that, I-I don’t want to talk about this right now.” I said

“ Sure but I’m sorry if I upset you I just wanted to be your friend.” Aden said

“ It’s okay Aden and my name is Rachael.” I said with pity.

“ Rachael what a pretty name.” He said with an amused look.

“ Thanks, I appreciate it.” I replied

“ Come on Rachael let’s go so we won’t be late.” He insisted

I grabbed my coffee and bagel.

“ Do you want me to pay?’ He asked

“ No I get it free.” I answered

“ Free, how so.” He asked

“ Well Willa used to work here a-a never mind.” I responded

So we walked out the café and started toward the school. When we made it to the school we split up. By that time I felt weird because I haven’t spoken to anyone for a long time but then a boy moves in next door to me and we started speaking. After school I started walking home then Aden came running behind me to catch up.

“ Hey Rachael you weren’t going to wait for me?’ He asked

“ I wasn’t thinking about you, I just wanted to get home.” I answered

“ Do you want to come over my house, I’m sure my mom won’t mind?” He asked

“ Sure!” I answered

We walked past my tree house up his driveway then up his porch steps into his house. When we walked in I saw a man and a woman slow dancing like they were in love.

“ Mom, Dad are we interrupting?” Aden asked

“ Oh no honey we were just dancing.” The woman replied.

“ Well this is Rachael my friend.” He said

“ Hi Rachael, I’m jade his mother and this is William his father.” The woman said.

Aden and I went walking up the stairs to his room. I stood by the door and he sat at his computer desk.

“ Why don’t you sit on my bed?” He offered

“ Okay!’ I answered.

“ So you living alone is it cool?”

“ No because I barely get to eat I get lonely and there’s no one there for me so it can be depressing that’s partially why I act the way I do.” I replied

“ Earlier when I asked if when you said Willa was gone did you mean she left if she did where did she go?” Aden wondered

“ Do we really have to go back to this?” I asked

“ Why are you fighting against talking to me holding all your emotions inside isn’t helping your life it’s making you hurt.” Aden shrieked

I felt warm tears roll down his face as I looked down at my folded arms knowing that what he had said was true.

“ Willa died two years ago when she was my age 15 she was murdered and the murderer was never found.” I murmured

“ I never had a dad and my mother was strung out on drugs.” I continued.

“ Wow your life sounds harsh is that why you shut everyone out?” Aden asked.

“ Well when my sister died I didn’t think there was anyone else who would love me, care for me, or listen to me. Knowing she was murdered and the murderer was never found made me shut down. After a year of looking the FBI gave up and went along with their lives and that’s what kills me deep inside everyday.” I answered.

Aden grabbed a clean tissue to wipe my face. He stared into my eyes and at that moment I knew I knew he had earned my trust. Aden still staring into my eyes gave me a jolt in my heart. I think I started to fill a little something for him but maybe I was feeling a sense of gratitude because the last time I had a deep conversation with a person who understood me it was when Willa and I were talking about mom and her heroin addiction. I stood up,

“ I should go home, I appreciate the talk we had.” I said

So when I left the room we walked downstairs I said goodbye to Mrs. Jade and Mr. William and I went to my house. When I got home I laid down covered up then went to sleep. All I dreamt about was Aden I couldn’t get him off my mind. Then I started to have a dream about Willa. I heard her scream that woke me up. The time was about 6:00 so I wondered if I could find missing pieces to her murder like in my dream. I climbed down the latter then up the vine on the side of my old abandoned house. Then room at the top of the vine was mom’s and I could still smell remains of heroin in the old bed, old condoms from when she would sleep with men to get the money for the heroin, I also see old rusty needles on the dresser. It was a horrible sight. I left that room and right next to it was Willa’s room it was exactly the way she left it except her bed was sheet less. I looked through her drawers, went through her closet but found nothing. I sat on her bed and I heard something crumble. I got up and lifted the mattress and there was a ball of papers. I grabbed those papers, uncrumbled them and they read,

“ Dear Leiam,
I know we’ve been together for three years but I feel I have been pulling away from you. You try to force me to do things I don’t want to do. I can’t ruin my life because I have my sister to think about. How would she even begin to take care of herself without me? I don’t want to do drugs or have sex with you because I’m just not ready. If you really loved me you wouldn’t try to force me to do things I’m not ready for. But I’m sorry I can’t tell you this to your face because it is hard for me to express my feelings. We have to break up. I never want to speak or be with you again. This is goodbye.”

With All My Love,

After reading this letter it made me think. I had a lot of questions why didn’t Willa say something. Why would Willa want to leave Leiam? I stood up then headed toward the door. I walked toward the door turned around fixing to shut the door but then I saw a small box under her bed. I walked toward the bed bent down and grabbed it and sat back on the bed. I opened the box and there was Willa’s cell phone and charger. I wondered why it was sitting there because none of this made sense. I sensed that it was about 6:30 time for me to get ready for school so I grabbed the letter and the little box then went back through my mom’s room to climb back down the vine. I back down to the ground outside the house ran back onto the sidewalk then climbed into my house. I put the things I found down on my pallet walked to the last jug of clean water I had left to wash up with then I got dressed. Before I knew it was time to go so I grabbed the things I found and climbed down the latter waiting for Aden then her he comes dressed in grey skinny jeans and a black vest sweater he was so cute. But what I found was very important so I had to get serious. When Aden walked up to me he said,

“ Good morning sunshine hope you had a good night sleep.”

“ No I didn’t I dreamt about Willa, which made me wake up I had to follow my dream which told me to go into the house. I found a break up letter and a cell phone with a charger in a box.”

I put the things into my backpack until after school. Neither of us was hungry so we didn’t stop at Shelley’s Pastries. We went straight to school the whole walk was silent. At school both of us could only think about what we would find in the cell phone.

After school Aden and I walked as fast as we could to get to his house to see what was on that phone. We walked past my house then up his driveway then up his porch steps then into his house. When we walked in we yelled good afternoon to Aden’s parents as we speeded past them. We ran up stairs then plugged the phone charger into the jack in the wall then plugged the phone up. It took us at least five minutes for us to be able to turn the phone on because it’s been dead for two years. When we finally turned it on, the screen had a picture of Willa and I on our last Christmas together. I went through the messages but nothing was out of the normal. Then Aden grabbed the small box the phone and charger was in to put the phone back in and a smile memory card fell out. He grabbed it then gave it to me. I stuck it I the phone and a video link came up I clicked play and it was a video from Leiam saying,

“ No one has ever broken up with me. You think I’m going to just let you leave, if you want out its only one or two options. You kill me or I kill you.
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missbee said...
Dec. 11, 2011 at 1:50 pm
I would buy this book I love that you are putting your creative mine to work. I'm soil proud of you can't wait for the next one.
Mz.Smith replied...
Dec. 12, 2011 at 8:19 am
thanxs your the best

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