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Looking Through the Muddy Window

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People:the first case study

Mars, 10 200+8
Hey spider scope: only normal girls get excited about dances, but I’m not normal. It’s as if the stork forgot, I’m the Adams family child (or so I like to think). But instead I’m put with Mr. and Mrs. Smiley, they are always happy, what’s their problem? My family’s like the Brady Bunch. I don’t even know all of my brother and sisters names. The only one I like is John; he hates the brat pack as much as I do. I swear my family’s related to Stan, Jan and the rest of those similes. Thank goodness we’re not in the 70’s, then my life would be a living hell. The worst thing, yet, which is right in the middle of my fire pit called life, is my school dance. It’s coming up and eeverywhere you go some gigglebot of a girl is talking about her date or what she’s going to wear, or would didn’t ask her out. Well I got a couple of asks to the dance myself, but what do these losers know about me? All they know is that I’m some black-haired Goth.
My best friend Victoria is set on getting the school’s biggest nerd, Roger, to ask her out. Quite frankly I say good luck and besides she’s going to be heart broken when she finds out that he’s going to be home studying on the night of the dance. I know because I asked him in World History when he came in the back to sharpen his pencils. It was so funny because when I tugged on his plaid dress shirt, he looked at me as if I was a mugger and I was going to rob him. I think she might even turn smart/nerdy (whichever) for him. What’s up with this being love thing anyway? I mean is it a disease that everyone can catch? When I was younger I thought the way you fell in love was if cupid showed up and you pay him a buck fifty to shoot a stupid arrow at some person, then BAM! you fall in love. Sounds simple when you write it down on paper, right? We all know that it’s one thing to say something and another thing to do it. Anyway I got to leave Mr. and Mrs. Smiley, other wise known as Mom and Dad, are calling me down to dinner (Probably poison).

Mars, 11 200+8
Oh my gosh I just want to scream its 5:30 in the morning and they’re playing Taylor Swift on the radio. I almost had half a nervetothrow my clock out the window, but aren’t you glad I didn’t. So after school Vicky (my nickname for her, which is also short for Victoria) showed up talking about the dance. ‘’Felice, guess what I have a full proof plan on how to get Roger!‘’ ‘’If you say one more thing about the dance, Roger will definitely notice you.‘’ I say slinging my arm around her neck and pretending to choke her. Once we got home I found my mom baking cookies. I tried to steal some cookies while they were piping hot, but my mom hit me with her spoon and said in her June Cleveland voice, ’’No, no, those are for little Peter’s class.’’ Disgusted, Vicky and I went upstairs into my room.
We started our homework, it was more like Vicky did her homework and I cheated off of her when she wasn't looking. I thought about what I said that morning to her about Roger and that’s when I thought about how everyone would pity her if I attempted to kill her just because she’s so beautiful. The thing about Vicky is that she’s pretty and even if I tried to kill her, she’d still come out the victor. She has big brown eyes, long amber-hazel hair and is shaped like a Brat’s doll. While I’m shaped like a dumb coke bottle with long black hair and small brown eyes. The most unfair thing is that I belong to the itty-bitty tiny winy club while Vicky is often considered normal in the boob department. As Vicky was saying something about turning herself into a nerd for Roger, WAIT!! ‘’Hold the phone!’’ I yelled ‘’Y-y-your doing WHAT!?’’ I spitted out. ‘’Oh I’m sorry I thought you heard me’.’ said Vicky in a calm tone. A CALM tone how can she be so calm! ‘’Well, I was going to turn nerd for Roger, see I wrote out my plan -’’ (I cut her off). ‘’VICKY! You can‘t just leave me alone!’’ I whined. ‘’Oh, I‘m not, where did you get that impression? Ben Penerster wanted to know if he could take you to the dance.’’ BEN, the school‘s jock, wants to take me to the dance? (this has to be the worst day ever). ‘’Don’t be such a sour puss; I think he‘s cute and I notice the way he looks at you……. he wants you BAD!’’ ‘’Well if he‘s so cute than you take him!‘’ I growled. ‘’And hurt Roger‘s feelings, NEVER!’’ ‘’Ok, I’m going to say this slowly, Roger never had, will, or is going to have feelings for you!’’ I said as if Vicky was mentally retarded. (That was a little harsh) I thought to myself, but before I could apologize Vicky ran out my room sobbing.
I sighed, One friend gone zero to get rid of. What did I just do? Vicky was my best friend and I just ruined our relationship. Knowing her, it would take a least a month to forgive me and by then the dance will only be 5 days away. Another sigh heavily feel out of me, I thought to myself, I‘m a loser. I got up to go talk to her, but when I stepped outside of my room, I heard John’s voice, and he had that kind of voice that he uses when he’s trying to figure out about something important. ‘’What happened?‘’ He said in a soft low voice that I almost couldn’t hear. ‘’She and I were in her room and I was telling about my plan to…….‘’I heard heavy crying, then I couldn’t even hear anythingng else they said ,but after a while I didn’t even hear murmurings. It was as if they weren’t even talking anymore.
Backing into my room, I stepped on a piece of paper. Picking it up and smelling it, I could tell it wasn't mine because my papers aren‘t scented, VICKY! It was her plan to get Roger. Flopping into my chair, I read her plan. First she was going to change her schedule so that she could be in Roger’s classes; all but two so he wouldn‘t get suspicious. Then she’d make sure that they’d become lab partners and find out what he likes, his interest and every thing about him. At the end she‘ll turn into his dream girl. I havetogive her props, it‘s pretty full proof! Wait! is that why Ben seems to be eeverywhere I am? EWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Ben Penerster is trying to be my dream guy. EWWWWWWW!!!! At that moment my brother John walks in. ‘’Hey, I saw Vicky in the hall and stopped her, and we talked. You of all people I would have never expected to say something so mean (but true) to your best friend.’’ he said crossly. ‘’I only said it because she was trying to put me with Ben.’’ I said angrily. ‘’Wait? Ben, Ben Penerster? You and Ben? Ha!’’ snorted, John. ‘’Well Ben, I mean Ashley, wait, Vicky is sitting out there for you, Ha, Ben what a loser!’’ John laughed closing the door. I threw my head into a pillow and screamed.
As I walked into the kitchen, I saw Vicky sitting there, her eyes blood red eating my mom‘s homemade cookies. ‘’Felice don‘t talk to me.’’ she said sharply turning her head, sniffling. ‘’I swear sometimes Vicky, you‘re like the only person I trust and you break down the first time I talk to you.’’ I said turning my back to her. ‘’W-w-well you-you You made fun of me when I needed your help, I thought you of all people, You the one I trusted, You Felicity H. Bradley would understand, but then I guess you‘re just another failure right?’’ (That hurt). ‘’Vicky I-I-I‘ll try for you.’’ I said biting my lip. ‘’Y-Y-You will?’’ said Vicky looking up all teary eyed. ‘’Yeah.’’ I said looking down at my shoes. ‘’OH! I love you!‘’ screamed Vicky as she jumped from the table to hug and squeeze me. ‘’Know if you really loved me, then you’d let me have one of those delicious chocolate chip cookies.’’ I drooled while looking over her shoulder. ‘’Anything for a friend.’’ Vicky grinned as she handed me a cookie and we slid into my kitchen booth.

Mars, 18 200+8
Hey, Sorry I haven’t written, I’ve been busy hanging out with Vicky. She’s even persuaded me (God knows how) to buy a dress for the dance. We’ll go shopping in week. Well in a couple of minutes, I’m going to be forced to take a ‘’family photo’’, I bet you can imagine how that’s going to go. Later! (Wish me the best)
OMG!!!!! I hate ‘’family photos’’. I walked downstairs just to see my five year old brother, Pete running around in his Sunday clothes (if he ever used them). Once my twelve year old sister Anna finishes mopping the floor, Pete decides he wants to finish eating his ice- cream just to slip and fall only to be caught by my dad, who was smiling (highly irregular).Since I don't actually have the picture try to imagine it with me. So I’m standing on the far right with my hands behind my back . My older sister Anne is standing with her hands to her side. My brother John is the one with his hand making ‘’bunny ears’’ behind Anna’s head. Pete is the little child jumping in front of my mother and father, or as I like to call them, Mr. and Mrs. Smiley. When I showed it to Vicky she told me that I was being dramatic, but she can’t say anythingng because she’s an only child. Besides her photos always look like she walked out of a magazine. She even said we all looked pretty and handsome, but as she said handsome her eyes darted straight to John. (Strange thing is that my brother John, is considered the hottest guy at his school, but he’s just as socially award as me. It’s even been a couple of girl fights over him, for the stupidest things like who gets to sit next to him on the bus or who will be his biology partner.) Why can’t I have a family like Vicky‘s, or at least a photo like hers, maybe once in my life?
Mars, 21 200+8
Well, only god knows what I want to do today. I’m sitting on my rug writing in you while what looks like a thousand school books and miscellaneous papers are scattered eeverywhere. My Smiley loving mother told me it looked like a zoo cage in my bag. I know what zoo cage I’ld like to put her in! Math is my favorite subject, but if you let anyone read this, then I’ll rip your pages out, one by one. My poor math book is in a clutter with half of the pages either gone or falling out. The light blue notebook in my lap looks like it got into a fist fight with a pencil and a pen. Drawings crawl up and down the pages and assignments become less and less frequent as the year goes along. I kick my dreaded English/grammar book across the room so I don’t havetolook at it. Talk about the worst subject ever invented. I lean onto my backpack and something sharp hits me in my backside. ‘’OWWWWWW!’’ I scream.
Placing journalal down along with the weekday smack down book, I turn on my stomach. While searching through my book bag I could have sworn something bit at me. I found that old 2005 stick of gum that I was going to use as a gag, my beginning of the year schedule, a metal pipe (not sure where that came from), a piece of Roger’s tie that I cut off for Vicky (better give that to her), those animal crackers I stuffed into the bottom of my bag so Mr. Blue wouldn’t notice that I was eating, the lame book Vicky gave me entitled ‘You are Important’ like I every read that crap, and notes I passed for and to other people.
Then that’s when I saw it, a love note. Confused, I picked up the paper, it stuck to the inside of my gym shorts. Ew. Yanking it off I carefully unfolded the paper it read: My dearest Felicity your raven black hair and dark demeanor fill my heart with joy and makes everything I see different. Your sarcasm is that of poetry, You may not notice me but the clichés will be reverse and then we can be happy together.-Your admirer! My admirer. WHAT!? Wait, the question is why is this stuck to my gym shorts? I thought back to where I could have or someone else could have poseably passed a note to me. But a guy, I can only think of one time. OH,NO! OH,NO! The only time I can remember a guy passing a note to me was in gym. OH,NO! And it was with Ben Penerster.
That day Coach Grampler decided everyone was going outside, but he didn’t want us to run off and do any ‘hanky-panky’, whatever that is. He told girls to stretch because apparently we were going to run. The guys stretched in the middle of the track, but most of them did these complicated stretches just to get the girls attention and it worked. Ben and his posse were in the spot light and they were loving it. I was doing my sit-ups and every time I sat up, I could have sworn I saw Ben wink at me or maybe it was my imagination. As soon as I was done stretching I got up and ran. Every time I passed Ben he would whistle sharp and loud, you know that dumb boy/girl mating call whistle, ugggh, he would do that. Most of the girl’s I was running beside giggled and blushed but when Grampler turn his face, I flicked him off.
During the last five minutes of gym, I was finishing my last lap and everyone was heading toward the showers, but Ben. As I walked by him he grabbed my arm. Before I could make him wished he had never done that he softly said, ‘’Felicity, take-take-I-you-’’ his eyes fell toward the floor and he said nothing. All he did was looked into my eyes. ‘’Feel my soul, you’re the one that fuels it.’’ he said as he cupped my hand in his handed me a piece of paper and ran off. Not bothering to look or even try to explain what just happened, I walked casually to the locker rooms, where Vicky was waiting for me.
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