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Thick and Thin

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Richelle ran home from school, looking behind her to make sure no one was there. She slowed to a walk when she saw no one in site. As she turned the corner, Seven stood, on top of her roof. She jumped, and then sighed, Seven wouldn’t hurt her.
“Seven, what are you doing here on top of my house?” She raised an eyebrow, smiling. He jumped from the roof, landing on his feet.
“I had nothing else to do,” He said, walking over to Richelle, “I don’t see you at school so much since they changed our schedules. I miss you.” He made a pouty face, showing that he was teasing.
“Oh I never see you, except in Science, Math, Lunch, Soccer, and for every project we do.” Richelle stuck her tongue out, “Come on Seven, since you’re here, I might as well let you in.” She whipped out her key, and Seven tossed his head, so his shiny, black hair uncovered his deep, blue eyes. Richelle looked behind her one more time, before she unlocked the door, just in case.
“Five, are they chasing you now? God, those guys are annoying.” Seven said as he kicked his feet up on the couch.
“I don’t know what’s up with them. Ever since I broke up with Danny, they are after me. I can’t help it though-“
“He made some bad choices. I know, I know. Who was the one to stick up for you when he commanded you to sleep at his house? Me. Who was the one to knock the guy’s lights out when he was about to inject those drugs? Me. Five, I got your back, thick and thin.” Seven turned on the T.V, where it showed the 4 o’clock news. Richelle and Seven sat side by side, watching the two news reporters talk about a missing boy.
“Seven remember when we met?” Richelle said, remembering the day they met. Seven nodded.
“We were only 5 at the time, in only kindergarten,” Seven recalled, “You were playing with a horse, and I was playing with a G.I. Joe figurine. I came over, and said, ‘Hi, I’m Steven.’ You laughed asking-“
“’Your name is Seven?’” Richelle laughed, the image of little Seven’s confused look popped in her head. “You shook your head, but I insisted. ‘If your name is Seven, then I’m Five.’ We were friends ever since.” Seven raked back his bangs, smiling.
“I’ve stuck up for you ever since,” Seven’s smile wavered.
“Seven, why are you REALLY here for?” Richelle knew about his mother, and her drug addiction.
“It’s my mom. I-I need help. She just found this cool guy, and they are dating-“
“Seven,” Richelle nudged him, “That’s amazing.”
“Yah, amazing alright,” He rolled his eyes, “The problem is, he is an alcoholic. I thought he was cool, until I found beer bottles littering my mom’s room. She says it’s nothing, but-“ His voice broke, “but I don’t want to problematic parents. One is enough. Could you help?” The eyes of his melted into Richelle, she just couldn’t say no to her best friend.
“Sure, I’ll be with you through it all, remember, thick and thin?” She stuck out her hand.
“Thick and thin,” Seven smiled, gasping her arm, doing their secret handshake. He stood, and started to walk out the door. “Come around my house at around seven,” Seven winked, and Richelle laughed at his joke.
“I’ll be there.” She said. Seven gave one last toothy grin, and shut the door.
Chapters:   1 2 3 4 5 6 Next »

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