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Those Days

Author's note: well, I wrote this piece last year, my freshman year, so I'm not really sure what inspired me,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: well, I wrote this piece last year, my freshman year, so I'm not really sure what inspired me, but I saved it, so I figured "why not submit it." But keep in mind, this story is Fiction, so when it comes to the court chapter, there is nothing real about that, it is not how court is done today.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter 1

Alone for once, Alex was in the bathroom stall, sitting fetal position on the closed lid of the toilet, thinking. Maybe I could do it now, I have a belt, he thought to himself. Alex was such a bullied kid, no matter what he did, or said, he was criticized. He was top of his class though, but no one really liked him for that, it’s exactly why he was so bullied. A top class genius, there was no better target.
Alex sat there in total silence, when he suddenly heard voices entering the restroom. He could hear them perfectly now, they stood at the sinks, two people, he could tell. Alex shoved his hands over his mouth, so they couldn’t hear him. The voices, and footsteps, got closer and closer. The fear on Alex’s face was worse than ever before. Suddenly, the door to his stall slammed open and appeared Douglas and his partner in crime sidekick, Donathan.
Douglas was the star quarterback for Rufflin High School, Donathan was receiver. Douglas was a tall and buff guy; he didn’t make the best grades, so he dedicated his life to bullying the smartest of the smart, basically. Donathan had no friends other than Douglas, so he didn’t want to ruin it. Donathan was tall, scrawny, and he was the only African American that Douglas hung around with.
“Well, well, well,” Douglas said. “Look what we’ve got here!”
“Please leave me alone!” Alex argued loudly.
“Sure, when we are done with you we’ll leave you alone” Donathan argued back.
Alex sat there, terrified. When suddenly, Douglas lunged his fist forward, it stopped one inch from Alex’s face. Alex, so scared, soiled himself. The stains appeared on his pants one second later, Douglas and Donathan both laughing. Alex began to cry, he rocked back and forth, then rolled onto the floor.
“Pity” Douglas exclaimed as he turned around and walked off. Donathan stood there for a second, feeling sort of sorry for the poor boy rocking back and forth on the floor. Maybe I should help him? Nah, Douglas is my key to popularity, I can’t lose it now, Donathan thought to himself. Donathan stared at Alex for a half a minute in sorrow, then walked off to join back up with Douglas.
Ashamed and embarrassed, Alex lay there on the cold and hard floor. He curled up, knees to his head. He placed his hands on the ground, and pushed up so he could stand. He was now standing and he could see something shiny and sharp over on the sink.
Alex walked over to the sink, and he could now see the object clearly enough to know what it was, a razor. He picked up the razor, looked at it, then looked at his arm, Alex repeated a couple of times. Then, Alex paused, and he touched metal to arm, and blood slowly came out. Now, after a minute, the blood was coming out faster and he was starting to get dizzy. Alex tried to walk, but ended up falling in the corner, and he was now unconscious.
It was about half an hour later, he awoke, laying on a white bed, with a woman in a white dress standing over him. He recognized the room when his vision wasn’t blurry anymore; he was in the nurse’s office. The nurse Ms. Amelia realized he was awake now, “It’s going to be okay” she said, and then left the room. She came back in a second later holding some medical wrap. Ms. Amelia brought the wrap to Alex. She unraveled it, and started wrapping Alex’s wrist.
Alex began to move his wrapped wrist, to test his flexibility. He looked at it for a minute, and then put his arm down. Alex sat up, and asked “Am I able to go now?”
Alex got up and left the room, and then the building. Alex was on a straight path for his car, when Douglas appeared from behind Alex’s car. NO! Alex thought to himself. Douglas bent over and picked up a pipe, and began beating Alex’s pick-up truck. “NO! STOP!” Alex exclaimed while starting to run for his car.
“Make me!”
Alex stopped in his tracks, he couldn’t stop Douglas and he knew that. Maybe, just maybe, he thought. Alex turned to his left, facing the gym, and ran for the door. He didn’t want to turn his head to see Douglas chasing him, but he wanted to know if he was being followed, so he turned his head. Alex could now see Douglas running as fast as he could. Alex panicked and ran faster than ever, slamming into the door and opening it.
Alex took the quickest door, which just so happened to be the first door on the left, the girls’ locker room. He ran to the back of the locker room, ducking behind a set of lockers. Alex could hear the door open, and he closed his eyes hoping not to see Douglas standing there. Alex peeked over, to see a girl standing by a locker ravaging through her gym bag. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him and she jumped back screaming “What are you doing here?”
“He’s outside!”
“Who is?” she asked again, wanting answers.
The girl knew Douglas was a bad person most of the time, and she felt sorry. She walked forward, and hugged Alex. “I’m so sorry” she said sympathetically.
They stood there in each other’s arms, now for a minute. She picked her head up from beyond Alex’s shoulders. Now, they stare straight into each other’s eyes. Alex wasn’t much of a ladies’ man, but he knew his point of romance, he leaned in and touched his lips to hers. Their lips touched for about a minute before he backed up, and she said “I’m Nola, Nola Shades.”
“I’m Alex, Alex Groves.”
Silence again took the air, “Would you by any chance be able to give me a ride home?” Nola asked with intent of going home with him.
“Yes, yes I can, come this way” Alex said, flattered.
Alex now led Nola to his car, in which he’d been caught up in the romance, he’d forgotten that Douglas beat his car up a little bit. They got outside, and walked to his car. “Why is it so out of shape?” Nola asked while entering the passenger seat, like anyone would have.
“Douglas, obviously,” Alex said entering the driver seat.
The seats in the front were connected by a third middle seat, as were the back seats too. The front seats were a dark forest green; the back seats were lighter than the front. Alex was now putting the car into gear, and drove off. Just leaving the school parking lot, Nola kept looking over at Alex, and then at the middle seat. Alex realized she kept glancing at him, and he patted the middle seat for her to sit next to him.
Now, Nola lay in the seat next to Alex and wrapped her arms around Alex’s right arm, and her head on his shoulder. It bothered Alex’s driving a little at first, but he got used to it. Alex was realizing something in his stomach, he was getting the butterflies. He really liked this girl, she was pretty, she was sweet, she actually liked him, and they looked really cute together.
“So, where do you live, I know it’s on this street?” Alex asked, looking at her pretty face while it lay on his shoulder.
“Right there, thanks” Nola replied pointing to her right.
Nola let go of Alex’s arm, lifted her head, and kissed Alex’s cheek before scooting back into her old seat to get out of the truck. “Wait!” Alex exclaimed, grabbing her hand and pulling her back to him. Alex kissed her on the lips once more, and when he let go of her lips, they stared into each other’s eyes again. Nola reached out of her trance and got out of the car.
“Bye” Nola screamed flirtingly.
“Bye” Alex exclaimed.
Alex drove off as soon as Nola entered her house, he hadn’t walked her to her door, and he regretted it. I knew it; I knew I should have walked her to her door! Alex thought to himself, being hard on his self. He didn’t go to hard on himself because he knew he would get to see her again, Alex was sure of it.
Now, Alex was at his house, which was surprisingly close to Nola’s house. He lay in his bed, thinking about Nola. The same came for both, though.
Nola, in her bed, thought about Alex. When will I see him again? Nola thought to herself. She missed Alex’s warm body, his arm, his shoulder. She missed having her head on his comfortable shoulder, he missed this much too. They both missed each other, even though they’d just met, but that just made them more eager to see each other again. They just lay there, wondering and daydreaming about each other, Maybe tomorrow would hold more in store for these two recently new lovers.
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RayBaytheDinosaur said...
Sept. 13, 2011 at 11:20 pm
Found you andie xP so not fair though theyre taking forever to publish my stuff lol but anyways im not gonna read your book, no offence but i cant stay focused reading stuff online =P if yu get it typed and printed let me know lol
Andie95 replied...
Sept. 14, 2011 at 4:59 am
lol i printed it out last year for mrs rea and mrs williams, it was 47 pages, im not wasting all that paper again lol
RayBaytheDinosaur replied...
Sept. 16, 2011 at 3:23 pm

you can handle it just do small print xD i have 40 pieces of paper right here



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