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Author's note: I was so tired of reading nothing but vampire and werewolf novels. I have no patience for fairies...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I was so tired of reading nothing but vampire and werewolf novels. I have no patience for fairies or pixies, and the last good book I read about warlocks was Harry Potter. So I took it upon myself to write something about angels and demons. This of course snowballed into Thorn. I was inspired to call it Thorn, not just because its the main characters name, but because of the song 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' by Poison. I knew I would be writing a series of stories, and that song gave me the titles. "every rose has its Thorn..." yeah.  « Hide author's note
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'So this is what dieing feels like.' I thought.
Depending on how you did it, it could hurt, you could put up a fight. It could be painless, if you didn't struggle. I didn't struggle. I let my best friend plunge the blade into my chest because I wanted the girl, my girl, my love, to know that I would die for her. I just wish she didn't have to see it.
I felt the stab as Josh sunk the knife deeper and deeper into my flesh. He almost hit the heart. 'You always said you knew how to kill a man, I'm sorry I didn't believe you.' Tears welled in his eyes, he didn't look at me. "Good choice, you saved her life. Maybe." Josh said, voice cracking. 'What?!?! You said if I died, you would let her go!' I tried to say, but the blood that was rising in my throat cut me off.
Hearing my gurgle, Josh finally looked at me. "I'm sorry, but I made him a deal. You know what happens when he doesn't get what he wants, and he wants her." I collapsed against the wall, waiting for my demise. My death was painful, but I didn't resist it. My love, my Raven, my Princess of Darkness, crawled over to me, tears spilling from her liquid silver eyes, catching in her long black and blond hair. "Shh." is all I managed to say, along with what I hope was an attempt of her name. "Oh Thorn, I-"
I never heard her finish her sentence, because then, my world turned black and I started falling.
I was never one for religion. The whole idea of there being a God, a Satan, a Heaven and a Hell didn't really come up much with me. And despite my Gothic exterior, I wasn't a Satanist or anything. I just happened to like black clothes, lip piercings and getting a tattoo of a heart being stabbed between my shoulder blades. (yes, I did see the irony of the stabbing).
Different items fell around me, college diplomas, prom dresses, guitars, rings, even a baby or two. I memory jerked in the back of my mind, I had read in a lame 'teen novel' about demigods (half human, half Greek god), and it involved a river in the underworld (Greek Hell) called the river Styx, and it was made up of broken dreams. I guessed that the stuff around me was like that, accept they were others, mine didn't consist of college, dresses or kids.
I looked down, and saw a bright green field below me. I slowed down a bit, and landed on my feet. I walked forward, then I came up to a floor-length mirror, like in a ballet studio. I was scared to look at myself, but I ended up doing it anyway.
I started with my feet, which were no longer wearing heavy combat boots, and were bare. I still had on my faded black Levi's, but no shirt. My hair was the same, black with the tips died purple. Black eyes and another ring at the side of my nose. Everything seemed normal; hair, clothes (save shirt and shoes), even the two silver hoops on my lower lip were intact. Then I saw the gaping whole in my chest, right where Josh got me. 'How did I miss that?' I thought. 'It's right there! In total plain sight!'
I felt something tap the small of my back. I turned, and looked down to see a six year old girl holding a gold box the size on my hand. She had long blond hair that touched the ground and seemed to shimmer in the light that came from nowhere in the field. She was tiny, so to speak. Slim, short-not just compared to me, and she had clear gold-yes gold eyes that were unfocused. She was blind. "Hello. Are you Damien Thorn?" she had a voice like the bells you hear 'Santa' use at the mall during Christmas time.
"Y-yes?" I answered timidly. She laughed at that. "My name is Seraphina, but I prefer Sara. Much like you prefer 'Thorn', is it alright if I call you that?" I nodded, a bit dazed. "Good, so I'm your Guardian, Protector, Personal Angel, whatever you want to call me, I'm fine with. So how old were you when you died?" "Uh...18? Wait. Protecting angel of... huh?"
Sara sighed."Call me a guardian angel then, but that's not what I do, or else you wouldn't be here. When a child is conceived, so is an angel. When that child is born, so is that angel. When that child cries for the first time, the angel is named. When the child laughs for the first time, the angel is ranked. Mine was supposed to be high, like your rank in life was supposed to be, then somethings went wrong, you dieing being one of them. I was sent to help you fix things for us."
My eyes widened and jaw dropped. "So, let me get this straight: when I was born, so were you. I messed up somewhere along the way, and now you give me a choice, like in a bad version of the Matrix?" She shrugged. "Pretty much, but without that whole 'red pill blue pill' thing" she held up the box. "Then again, this is a bit similar. In this box is a piece of paper. If you read it, you'll erase your existence, and mine, so you can start life fresh, the only difference is when you get to the point in life where you messed up, you'll know what you did, and will hopefully stop it from happening again." "And if I don't read it?" For a moment it seemed like she actually could see me. "There's also some matches in there. You can burn the paper and you'll have to stay here for the rest of eternity." So overall, a fun-filled experience.
I blew out a sigh, and answered "Okay, lemme have it." Sara handed me the box. I took a breath, and opened the lid. Inside was a piece of folded paper and a box of matches. This is it. Do I start over, or end it all? I considered my options. What did I have to live for? 'Parents? No, they didn't love me before, why would they now? Friends?' I scoffed. Friends had gotten me into this mess, I was reminded of Josh for a brief moment. I never even- wait. How could I forget? Thoughts and memories of Raven filled my mind. I do have something to live for, and I won't give her up. "Not for anything." I whispered the last part and unfolded the paper. "Thank you." Sara whispered, but I was concentrating on reading the page. "You'll need to fill in the blanks; what you want your name to be, what you want to look like, etc." she continued. "And whether or not you want to know of my existence." I grinned as she handed me a small gold pen. "I think it would be better if I didn't. I'm more of a 'do it yourself' -er." Sara nodded, then turned to leave, but I stopped her. "Wait, one more thing, why don't I have a shirt on?" Her laughter hung in the air as she vanished, leaving me alone yet again.
I read a bit of the paper. It was pretty straight forward.
Name: Damien Thorn
Gender: Male
What will you look like? the same.
Do you want to know about your angel Seraphina right away? No.
One after one, the questions appeared. I tweaked a few things, but left a lot. I didn't want things to be too different.

Thank you, Mr. Thorn. You're life will begin momentarily. Welcome back.
The paper shimmered then disappeared. I looked back in the mirror which had turned into a door. "Welcome to the twilight zone." I muttered under my breath. This would really suck if it turned out to be a dream. I thought as I turned the door nob. "Down the rabbit hole....HOLY CRAP!" It seemed like the right thing to say as far as last words went. The door opened and I was sucked right in, like in a sci-fi flick. I was falling again, but this time nothing fell around me. I was falling alone in the dark. I was in a nightmare. I don't remember anything after that...
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Gideon said...
Apr. 12, 2015 at 7:21 pm
This is amazing! Please write more, I am so intrigued.
Baldwinboyfive said...
Apr. 16, 2013 at 11:49 pm
i dont like it  

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