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Author's note: This peice was inspired by my brother who was always trying to convince me that I was adopted when I was little.
Author's note: This peice was inspired by my brother who was always trying to convince me that I was adopted when I was little.  « Hide author's note
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The Truth?

I heard it, but I couldn’t believe what I heard. My parents were explaining to my older brother, Luke, that I was adopted. They were saying that my real mom and stepdad had been paying them a lot of money to keep me hidden from my real father since they got me in 1997. I also heard that my real mom was Alexis Aarons, as in the award winning actress, who was married to James Aarons, the famous director. As I stood there listening I wanted to cry, they were telling my brother that everything they
The Chapter names need some work.
had ever told me was a lie, that I was born on September 14, 1994 in Santa Monica, California, and that he had to keep it a secret because no one was supposed to know, and that they wouldn’t even be telling him if he wouldn’t have found the latest check from the Aarons’.
I was so shocked, but I decided that I should, at least, try and figure out if all of this was true, so I went to my room and got onto Google. I looked up adoption records for children born in 1995. I didn’t find anything so I decided to look up Alexis Aarons. I found that she had been married once before to Jonathon, John, Connors, and that they had had a child together. It also said that the child, whose name was never released to the public, was allegedly taken away from the parents after they divorced and Alexis remarried, a supposedly abusive James Aarons. The article went on to say that there was no evidence of abuse and that no one has ever heard from the child. I decided to follow the one lead I had, and I Googled Jonathon Connors. I clicked on a link, and wrote his address and phone number down.
I knew that California was two hours behind us, so I waited until midnight, when the house was asleep, to call John Connors. “Hello?” he said when he answered the phone. “Um, Hi,” I started,” my name is Hannah Carson and I was calling to see if you had any information on where your, um, child might be?” I asked. After a few seconds of silence I heard him clear his throat and ask, “Who are you exactly and why is my daughter any of your business?” “Um, I was just wondering about you daughter because, um, I overheard my parents talking about how Alexis Aarons was paying them to, um, keep me hidden from my real, uh, dad, and that they sort of adopted my in 1997 , so I was just checking to see if I might, um, have any relation to you maybe,” I paused giving John some time to talk, so when he didn’t I continued. “ Look, Mr. Connors, I know you must think I’m wacko, because believe me even I think that I’m wacko because my birth certificate says I was born in 1995 and your daughter was born in 1994, and,” At this point John cut me off. “Hey, hey, hey, I don’t think that you’re wacko, I just need some time to think, so can I call you back tomorrow afternoon maybe?” “Um, yeah you can call me tomorrow afternoon, this is my cell so my parents won’t exactly need to know about this just yet.” “Okay, I will talk to you tomorrow, Hannah?”He replied. “Yeah, um, bye.” I said then hung up.
As I lay in bed after the conversation, I couldn’t stop thinking about what all of this meant, because If John turned out to be my real father then what would I do, would I go live with him or with Alexis, or would I stay here and live with these people I have called my family all of these years, and if John isn’t my father then I just look like an idiot and I’m back to square one. With all of these thoughts preoccupying my mind I didn’t drift off to sleep until 3:45am.
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lyricaldaze said...
Jan. 20, 2014 at 2:33 pm
love it cant wait to read more
Country_Storm_Inspired said...
Oct. 2, 2011 at 10:49 am
For whoevers reading or read this thatnks so much! I'm working on the rest of it, and if you ahve any suggestions or comments feel free to tell me so I can make it better!

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