Anna Marie

July 20, 2011
By BellaTrixster, Fort Richardson, Alaska
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BellaTrixster, Fort Richardson, Alaska
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We're taking turns now? I think it should be Eric's personally.

Author's note: Pirates of the Caribbean inspired me, along with my friends. I hope people will get the some of the humor from this and the fact that it doesn't take talent to do what you want most.

A young girl leaned over the railing of a ship, her reddish-brown hair falling in front of her eyes. Water misted across her face, making her shiver, but she wasn’t afraid of the deep water.
“Robin!” a man called. “Get away from the edge of the ship.”
“Yes Father,” Robin sighed, she leaned away from the side of the ship.
“Thank you,” Robin’s father said.
“Sir Garrett,” Ray said. “We’ve spotted a ship!”
“Can you see it clearly?” Garrett asked.
“No Sir,” Ray replied staring over the side of the ship with a telescope in his hands. “We are close,” Ray said. “She’s got jade green sails, and she’s rather big.”
“Jade green sails you say?” Garrett said blinking his eyes. “That’d be Anna Marie, a pirate ship. Turn Jasmine around! And hurry bout it!”
Ray nodded and turned the wheel as far right as possible. “She’ll out run us, Garrett!” Ray called. “You know how fast Anna is!”
“We’ve got to try!” Garrett called back. “All men on deck! Robin get below!”
A wave splashed up on the other side and rocked the ship, sending Robin over the edge of the ship. She screamed.
“Help!” she screamed.
“Robin!” Garrett called his voice high and shrill. “Throw her something out there to get onto!”
Ray nodded, “Take the wheel, I’ll go get something!”
Garrett grasped the wheel tightly while Ray went in search for something to throw over board for Robin to hang onto.
Ray came back up from the hold with a small raft like piece of wood. He threw it over the side of the ship, “Get on that!” he yelled as loud as he possibly could.
Robin swam the best she could over to the raft. She dragged herself on it. It was going the wrong way, toward Anna Marie.
“Um, Sir Garrett! She’s going toward Anna.”
“What?” Garrett said. “Can you take a boat down there and get her?”
“Of course,” Ray said nodding. “John! Prepare a boat for me!” The man by the boats nodded, and then started to lower the boat he was closest to.
“Good luck, Ray,” Garrett said, “You’ll be needing it.”
“Of course,” Ray murmured. “I’ll get her to safety, even if it means risking my safety.”
“Thank you,” Garrett said. “I think your boat’s ready.” Ray looked to where John was and sure enough the boat was ready. Ray hurried over to the boat and pushed away from the ship.
Slowly and steadily he caught up with Robin, unfortunately Anna Marie was by their side.
“What you doing down there?” a man called.
Ray ignored them.
“Oh, you one of them guys,” the man said. “Well, you best get going before someone else on this crew finds you here. They are so ready to let you go.”
Ray sighed and rowed the boat back to Jasmine.
Robin was hauled up by her father, and Ray was helped up by John and Garrett.
“Thank you,” Garrett said his voice a little more relaxed. “John, could you take Robin down and get her something warm to eat and to wear?”
“Yes, Captain,” John said.
“Here,” Garrett said wrapping a towel around his daughter’s shoulders.
“Thank you, Father,” Robin murmured as John led her down into the hold.

Robin looked across the sea. There were ships and boats out near the horizon, and some were docked. It seemed so unfair that she would never be able to be on board of one of the ships.
She dreamed of becoming a pirate someday, only because she loved the sea, and to get away from all the racket of the docks, and to be free.
“Miss Robin?” a young girl’s voice said behind her.
“Yes, Kayley?” Robin asked.
“I was wondering what you were doing out here so early in the morning,” Kayley said. “It’s not even noon yet.”
“I know, I was just looking out there,” Robin said turning to Kayley. She was dressed in her usual tattered dress that Anne had made for Robin when she was young, and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.
Kayley looked over the railing. “It’s very pretty, Miss Robin,” Kayley murmured.
“How many times do I have to tell you, please call me Robin,” Robin said the corners of her mouth rising a little.
“But your father-”
“Oh don’t mind him, he’s just a man trying to make his way in life,” Robin said.
“If you say so,” Kayley murmured. “But I have to call you Miss Robin when your father’s around, or else I’ll get in trouble.”
“Yes, I know,” Robin sighed. “Come on, let’s get back inside,” she murmured walking back into her room.
Kayley followed and shut the French doors behind her. “Have you eaten this morning, Robin?”
“No,” Robin replied. “But I’m not hungry.”
“Well you have to eat something,” Kayley insisted. “Here I’ll go get you a piece of toast.”
“Thank you,” Robin said. But I don’t want it, she added silently in her mind.
“I’ll be right back with it,” Kayley murmured as she walked across the room. She opened Robin’s door, and then shut it behind her.
“Why did I have to be born into royalty?” she muttered as she sat on the edge of her bed. She grabbed her brush and pulled it through her hair. It rarely ever got caught in her reddish-brown hair, and it didn’t this time at all. What surprised her though was the fact that this brush wasn’t hers, it was different, almost alien to her. She hummed a soft tune to herself, one her mother used to sing when she was little, though she couldn’t remember the words.
Knock, knock, knock. “Yes?” Robin asked.
“It’s Eric, may I come in?”
“Yes, of course,” Robin replied standing up.
Eric opened the door, which revealed a young man wearing a soldier’s uniform. “Good morning, Miss Robin,” he said bowing.
Robin rolled her eyes. “You really don’t have to call me Miss Robin,” Robin insisted.
“But it was an order from your father,” Eric said, his eyes bright.
“I don’t care what Father says, you don’t have to call me Miss Robin,” Robin said.
“But it feels better doing so,” Eric said smiling a little, because he knew he was irritating Robin.
“Fine, do what you want, because I know you will anyways,” Robin said, her eyes reverted back to the door again.
“You know me too well,” Eric murmured.
“I’ve known you since we were little,” Robin said, “Of course I know you well.”
Eric snorted, the door bumped into him as Kayley opened it, “Sorry Sir Eric,” Kayley squeaked.
“It’s fine,” Eric murmured. “And please don’t call me Sir Eric, soldier or not, we’re all the same deep down.”
“Yes Eric,” Robin said furrowing her eyebrows. “I wish you would make me apply to the same thing. You make me feel like I’m not even human.”
“Sometimes I don’t know if you are,” Eric murmured his smile growing.
“You know you’re living-”
“If you can still feel the pain,” Eric and Robin finished together.
“How long ago did I teach you that?” Eric asked.
“You taught me that about a year ago, when you started teaching me how to sword fight,” Robin said taking the piece of toast from Kayley.
“Is there anything else you want me to do, Robin?” Kayley asked.
“No, that’s it for now. I’ll call for you if I need anything,” Robin said excusing the young girl.
Kayley nodded then hurried out of the room.
“She’s a good person you know,” Eric murmured when Kayley was gone.
“Yes, I know,” Robin replied quietly. “That’s why I won’t allow Father to get rid of her.”
“He wants to get rid of her?” Eric asked.
Robin nodded her head. “Don’t you have to be patrolling today?” Robin asked.
“Oh yes, I forgot,” Eric said jumping to his feet. “Well, I’ll see you later.” Eric hurried out of her room.
“Don’t forget you’re sword!” Robin called after him.
He always seemed to forget his sword when he needed it. Then he would come back upstairs to get it and get into a conversation with Robin, and be in a dilemma with Robin’s father. He wouldn’t be allowed in the house for the next couple days as a punishment.
“I’ve got it!” Eric yelled back down the hall.
“Good,” Robin murmured as she shut her door. She walked back across her room and opened her French doors. She saw a trio of soldiers patrolling the docks. And then she saw Eric racing down the stairs to the docks, hurrying to the patrol going the opposite way of the other group of guards.
Robin laughed quietly. Eric was always late, no matter how many minutes he left early, he always seemed to be late.
“Late? Again? You know what Sir Garrett will have to say about this,” Ray spoke loud enough for Robin to her him on her balcony.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be late again,” Eric said he threw back his head. “I checked in on Miss Robin this morning.”
“Now you’ll really be in for it,” Ray said.
“Can’t you keep anything to yourself?” Robin asked smiling. This was why she liked him, he could never seem to keep anything to himself. But there was only one thing holding her back from ever loving him. And that was the fact that no matter what unless he got promoted very quickly to a very high position, they could never show any affection for one and other. She already knew that he showed his love for her way too often, by being late consistently.
She turned her attention back to the sea. There was an awkward looking ship coming up to dock. She looked at the flag to see where it had come from. And there it was.
It was a pirate ship.

Robin stared at it for a moment, then she started to slip her shoes on. As soon as the shoes were on her feet she hurried to her door. And then hurried down the hall.
“Miss Robin? Where are you going?” It was Kayley.
“Come with me, Kayley,” Robin demanded.
“Okay,” Kayley murmured. “Where are we going?”
“Wait and see,” Robin said. Robin picked up her pace when she reached the stairs. She reached the front door before Kayley, and opened it before the young girl could try to do so.
“Robin!” Garrett called.
Robin slowed her pace, but didn’t turn to her father.
“Robin!” Garrett called again. “Where are you going?”
“There’s a pirate ship docking,” Robin said.
“What?” Garrett said, apparently not believing his daughter. “What are you doing out here then?”
“I wanted to check it out myself,” Robin replied.
“A young lady doesn’t belong near a pirate, or a pirate’s ship. Pirates deserve to be hung,” Garrett stated.
“Yes Father, I already know this,” Robin said, she started to walk. Garrett grabbed her arm.
“Young lady, I demand that you stay here,” Garrett commanded.
“I deserve to check it out,” Robin said pulling her arm away from her father. “I saw it first anyways.”
Garrett sighed deeply. “I’m never going to forgive myself for this,” Garrett muttered. “Fine, come on, Kayley, be careful.”
“Thank you Father,” Robin said.
“Do not make me regret this,” Garrett warned.
“Oh, I won’t Father,” Robin quipped.
Garrett, Robin, and Kayley walked onto the docks, where the pirate ship was docking. A young man was anchoring the ship when the trio reached them
“I demand you get off of my port,” Garret demanded.
The man looked past Garret. “Who is this?” he asked bowing in front of Robin.
“I am Robin Vadast,” Robin informed him. “And as my father said before, we demand you get off our port.”
“I’m sorry Miss Vadast,” the man said. “I can here in hope we could get some provisions.”
“And how many is we?” Robin asked.
“Oh… about a twenty man crew,” the man said. “And in case you didn’t know, I am Captain Jacob Wayland.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr. Wayland. It’s a pity I had to meet you as a pirate,” Garrett said. “You have about twenty minutes before I arrest you.”
“Oh Father please,” Robin begged. “Just give them some provisions.”
“Oh and now you’re beginning side with pirates!” Garrett grumbled. “Go back.”
“No,” Robin said stubbornly. “I’m standing up for someone I don’t know, because I want you to realize, I’m not a little girl anymore.”
“I know, dear,” Garrett said. “That’s why I’m doing this.”
“Sorry to interrupt your argument, but we’ll be leaving as soon as we can get some provisions,” Captain Jacob Wayland said.
“Go back,” Garret demanded. “I’ll take care of this.”
“Fine,” Robin said. She turned and marched around the corner, and ran into Eric.
“Nice to meet you again, Miss Robin,” Eric said. “What are you doing out here?”
“There’s a pirate ship out there,” Robin replied.
“Really?” Eric asked. “Where?”
“Out there,” Robin replied. “But for now we’re not going to be concerned with the pirate ship. What we’re going to be concerned with right now is what you’re going to do.”
“Which is?”
“You’re going to get Captain Jacob Wayland’s attention, and make him ask me on board, make it look like I’m going willingly, so my father realizes that I’m not the little girl he thought he knew,” Robin said.
“Robin,” Eric said, “that’s a brilliant idea!”
Eric waited for Garrett to leave to go talk to someone about the pirate ship before gesturing Captain Jacob Wayland over to them.
“Hello,” Captain Jacob Wayland murmured. “Pleasure to meet you again, Miss Robin.”
“You too, Mr. Wayland,” Robin replied.
“May I talk to you in private?” Eric asked Captain Jacob Wayland.
“Of course,” the captain said. He walked as far as he could without taking his eyes off Robin.
Robin waited there patiently, knowing what Eric was doing.
“Miss Robin,” Captain Jacob Wayland murmured walking back over to her.
“Yes?” Robin said her head held high.
“I was wondering if you would like to have a tour of my ship.” Jacob Wayland said.
“My pleasure,” Robin said. She followed the captain up into the ship.
“Robin! Get down here immediately!” Garrett shouted as soon as he saw his daughter on the pirate’s ship.
“She came up here on her own will!” Jacob shouted back.
“What?” That was it. He had finally snapped.
“Conner! Get Anna going!” Captain Jacob Wayland called to the man standing by the wheel.
The man nodded before yelling a few commands to others on the ship. The anchors were pulled out of the water quickly and Conner pulled Anna out of the docks just in time. Two patrols came racing up the docks; their swords pulled out and ready to fight.
“What are you doing, Robin!” her father shouted.
“Being a pirate!” Robin called back.
“You’re not a pirate, you’re royalty!”
“I may be! But I don’t think I fit in!” Robin said almost laughing. She pulled away from the railing and started laughing.
“How is that even funny?” Eric asked.
“I don’t know,” Robin said still laughing.
“She’ll fit in great,” Captain Jacob Wayland murmured walking away from Eric and Robin.

Robin watched the waves crash against the boat from the quarter deck. Eric was standing by her, peering over the side of the ship.
“This is all you ever wanted?” Eric asked.
“Yes,” Robin replied.
“To be on a ship- a pirate ship?” Eric murmured.
“And for you to be there too,” Robin said smiling.
“Really?” Eric asked.
“Yes,” Robin murmured. “How many times have you been out at sea?”
“Loads,” Eric replied, “And I hated it, because all we did was look for ships that might have been a pirate ship.”
“Well now you’re on a ship you’ve been looking for,” Robin said. “Is this more exciting than when you used to go out?”
“Very,” he replied.
“I’m sorry, I never introduced myself,” Captain Jacob Wayland said stumbling over to Eric and Robin. “Captain Jacob Wayland,” he said holding a hand out for Eric to shake.
“Eric Thompson,” Eric said shaking Wayland’s hand.
“Nice to meet you Eric,” Wayland said nodding slightly. “You two need anything?”
“No, we’re all good,” Eric said.
“Alright,” the captain said turning back to the front of the deck. “Oh, by the way, do either of you have a sword?”
“I do, she doesn’t,” Eric replied. “She knows how to use one though, she normally uses mine.”
“A lady knowing how to use a sword,” Wayland murmured, “Impressive.” He walked down the stairs to the main deck, and called to the blacksmith, in the hold. “We need a sword for Lady Vadast.”
“Another lady on board, Jacob, you’ll be the death of us!” the blacksmith called up.
“Sorry, but this one was a willing young lady,” Jacob called down.
“You said that about Kristean and she was not willing at all,” the blacksmith said.
“No, this time, this one is willing,” Wayland called down.
“Uh-huh,” the blacksmith muttered. “Are there any requests for a certain type of sword?”
“Make it like mine, just a bit more lady like,” Jacob called down.
“Alright then,” the blacksmith said. “I’ll get to it right away. And I need your sword Captain.”
“Here,” Jacob said handing his sword down to the blacksmith, “Well,” he said standing up, “I assume Mr. Thompson knows his way around the ship.” Eric nodded. “But do you, Lady Vadast?”
“No,” Robin replied.
“Well, then we’ll show you ‘round the ship,” Wayland said. “Conner!”
“Captain?” Conner said coming to the captain’s side.
“Show, Miss Robin around the ship,” the captain told him.
“Alright,” Conner said giving Captain Jacob Wayland the wheel. “Well first off, this side of the ship is the starboard.”
Robin nodded.
“And this is…”
Robin listened to him tell her everything about the ship. She never got bored once while he talked about the ship.
“So,” Eric said after her tour of Wayland’s ship, “You have fun?”
“If that’s what you’d call it, yes,” Robin murmured smiling.
“Then what would you call it?”
“A dream come true,” Robin replied.
Eric’s eyes flickered to her face, then to the wheel. “I wonder,” he murmured “if maybe someday I could be captain of this ship.”
“Eric!” Robin said. “You, be a captain? That would be scary.”
“No, you being captain would be scary,” Eric said his hands on her shoulders.
“What are you doing?” she asked.
“I’m going to throw you overboard,” Eric said smiling.
“You wouldn’t with the captain here would you?” Wayland said from behind them.
“I wasn’t going to anyways,” Eric muttered.
“Uh-huh,” Wayland said.
“He wouldn’t,” Robin said turning to the captain. Robin turned her head to Eric, “You wouldn’t, right.”
“No!” Eric said. “I’ve known you too long to hurt you.”
“Hmm…” Wayland grumbled. “Tomorrow, Miss Robin, you will be learning more complicated swordsmanship.”
“What if I disagree?” Robin asked her eyes gleaming in the sunset’s beautiful light.
“You will be anyways,” Wayland called over his shoulder as he returned to the wheel.
Robin snorted. “Well,” she muttered. “I don’t have a sword!” she called to him.
“You will tomorrow!” Wayland called back.
Robin squeezed her eyes shut. “Why not?” she muttered.
“You’ll be fine, I’ll let you practice your swordsmanship tonight, if you want that is,” Eric suggested.
“I will,” Robin said. “I just didn’t want to learn more than I already knew,” Robin muttered. “I would do fine without learning anymore.”
“No, Robin, you’d get yourself killed. Do you know how skilled some of these pirates are?” Eric said completely disagreeing with her.
“I know how to parry, isn’t that all I need to know?” she asked.
“No, it’s not, because there will be other pirates, and they will not hold a grudge against you because you’re a lady,” Eric insisted. “I don’t want you to get hurt.”
“I don’t want to get hurt either,” Robin admitted. “But I don’t want to learn from the captain, I want to learn on my own,” Robin said, her eyes filled with determination.
“I know,” Eric said, “But it’s not my place to tell you what to do.”
Eric looked over the railing, where the sun was setting on the horizon. The clouds were pink and purple, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight,” he murmured the old saying.
Robin turned away from him and shook her head, smiling. “I wonder if we’re allowed to sleep?” she murmured.
“No,” Conner said. “We don’t allow the ladies to sleep.” Conner walked away snickering to himself.

“Lady Vadast?”
Robin raised her head slowly, “What?” she asked sleepily.
“It’s Captain Wayland,” the captain said. “Here with your sword and if you’re ready we can begin your swordsmanship.”
“I’ll be there in a minute,” she murmured pulling herself out of her hammock.
She stumbled to the stairs, and looked up at Wayland. “It’s not even noon yet, is it?”
“No, but it’s never too early to start,” Wayland said with a suppressing smile.
“If you say so,” Robin yawned. She walked up the stairs.
Wayland handed her the sword that she guessed was hers.
“Don’t be afraid to hurt me,” Wayland said, “I’ve been hurt often enough that it won’t hurt me much anymore. I’ll try my best not to hurt you.”
“Thank you and I’ll try,” Robin said dipping her head. She held her sword in a readying position, waiting for Wayland to make his move.
“Relax,” Wayland murmured. “It’ll help with winning fights if needed.”
Robin relaxed a little, she jabbed her sword forward, missing Wayland by only a short distance. She pulled back her sword and started to back away from the captain. She bumped into a mast.
“Cornered you, eh?” Captain Jacob Wayland murmured. “It’s best you not do that in a real fight, or things just might get ugly.”
Robin who was barely paying attention to Wayland was readying herself to attack him again. She swung her sword out precisely enough that if the captain hadn’t moved out of the way, he would have had serious injuries.
“Good. Good,” Wayland said. “You’re going to hurt me if you keep that up.”
Once again, Robin wasn’t paying attention to his words, only the movements he made. She looked up, and there was a rope, hopefully good enough to swing on. She reached up and hulled herself to a point where she could kick the captain to the ground. She swung forward and him in the face. He fell to the ground, and went limp.
Robin jumped down and ran over to him.
He immediately jumped to his feet. “You never run to check if they’re okay, because who knows, maybe one day the pirate you’re fighting just might be me.” He put his sword out, and hit Robin’s out of her hand. “You have to keep a firm grip on your sword, or else the person you’re fighting will knock it right out of your hand. And they will show no mercy for a lady.”
“So I’ve been told,” Robin said through gritted teeth, she bent down to pick up her sword. She snatched it up quickly and crossed her sword to his.
“Life and death situation,” he muttered. “In this case you never want to loosen your grip.” He loosened his grip a little, and immediately her sword slid forward, and came to his chest. “And that is why.”
“Oh, so you don’t want me to kill you?” Robin asked her voice tone serious.
“Not really. Who would be captain of the ship then?” the captain asked.
“Whoever the crew voted,” Robin said her head held high.
“So you do know something about pirates,” Wayland murmured.
“Yes,” Robin said. “What’d you expect? Royalty wanting to come onto a pirate ship, and yet know nothing about a pirate?”
“Possibly,” Jacob murmured.
“Then you thought wrong,” Robin said jabbing her sword’s hilt into Wayland’s stomach.
Wayland grunted with pain. “You could show a little mercy,” he muttered.
“You said I could hurt you,” Robin said innocently. “And you know you’re still living when you can feel the pain.”
“Yes, yes. I know,” Jacob said as he stood up straight. “That’ll do for now, we’ll work on it some more later, around sundown possibly.”
“Alright,” Robin said nodding.
“Oh, and by the way, your moves weren’t that impressive,” Jacob said smiling.
“Don’t make me,” Robin threatened. “You know I can.”
“Yes, I know. And I can do the same exact thing,” Jacob said not even looking back. “Although, Mr. Thompson might have a few issues with that.”
“Yes, he might,” Robin said. “The blacksmith, last night, said there was another lady onboard? Who is she?”
“Oh that’s Kristean Hendering,” Jacob muttered. “She’s a bit more impressive then you.” Wayland flashed her a grin. “I mean a lot better than you.”
“Oh, you really want to make me mad don’t you,” Robin said gritting her teeth together.
“I was aiming for it,” Wayland said shrugging his shoulders.
“I may not be a trained pirate, but I’m dangerous enough to kill,” Robin said.
“Oh I know that,” Wayland said. “I’d love to see you try, because I have a whole crew behind me. And you have Mr. Thompson.”
“At the moment Eric is the only one I know besides you,” Robin retorted.
“What’s going on out here?” It was Eric.
“Nothing,” Wayland called.
“Get him out of here!” Robin demanded.
“What’d he do?” Eric asked.
“He’s annoying me to the death,” Robin growled.
Eric sighed. “Captain, I think it’s best you stay out of her sight until noon or so,” Eric said to the captain.
“I entirely agree with you Mr. Thompson,” Wayland said. He disappeared, probably going to the wheel.
“Did you enjoy your little session with Captain?” Eric asked.
“What do you think?” Robin asked her temper still bad.
“Not so much?” Eric suggested.
Robin rolled her eyes and sighed. “He really knows how to get to people,” she muttered.
“What was he saying?” Eric asked.
“Oh things like, ‘She’s a bit more impressive then you, I mean a lot better than you,’” she said imitating Captain Jacob Wayland’s voice.
“You’re really good at imitating him,” Eric murmured. “Why is that?”
“I can imitate almost anyone. I’m good with persuading as well,” Robin said.
“That’ll come in handy!” Wayland called.
“Shut up!” Robin yelled back.
She heard him mutter something, “Who’s in charge on this ship?”
“You are,” Robin called back. “But I don’t have to listen to your orders.”
“And why would that be?”
“Because I don’t want to,” Robin said smirking.

“Mr. Thompson, do you think you could ask Miss Robin if she would like to practice her sword fighting?” Wayland asked.
“I guess, but I don’t know if she’ll be nice about sword fighting with you though,” Eric said. Eric ran down the stairs, “Robin!”
“Yes, Eric?” she asked.
“Oh no, I want nothing to do with that idiot,” Robin said her voice growing angry.
“He wanted to know if you’d be willing to practice your sword fighting,” Eric finished.
“Only if I get to kill him,” Robin said pulling her sword out of its scabbard.
“She says only if she gets to kill you!”
“If she can!” Wayland called down.
“Oh why that little-” she marched up the stairs. Eric heard someone’s sword clatter to the ground. He hurried up the stairs to see Robin pinned against the main mast.
“What’d I tell you,” Wayland said. “You can’t fight all that well, and I could kill you if I really wanted to, but I won’t because Mr. Thompson is here, and because I’d love to see you get through your first fight.”
Robin was breathing heavily. Wayland took his sword away from her throat, and tossed her, her sword. She caught her sword and ran forward and slashed her sword and missed him by centimeters.
“Talented aren’t you?” Wayland murmured said not even turning around.
Robin launched herself at Wayland, her sword stretched out in front of her. She stabbed his arm, but he kept his sword level. His sword flashed out and hit Robin’s wrist, her sword flew out of her hand and clattered to the ground again. She gripped her wrist and glared at Wayland.
“It’s not like I didn’t warn you,” Wayland said looking at his arm. He tore off a piece of his shirt and tied it around Robin’s wrist. “What, I don’t get a thank you?”
“No,” Robin said. “Because you’re the reason you had to do it anyways.”
“How ‘bout an ‘I’m sorry,’” Wayland suggested.
“No, because you deserved that,” Robin said smirking.
“Boy, are you going to be in for it when you come to a fight you can’t fight,” Wayland muttered wiping the blood away from his wound.
“I think that you may be the only pirate I fight alone,” Robin said.
“So you think you’ll always have Mr. Thompson with you?” Wayland asked. “Truth is, he’ll be gone sometime or another. He’s not the strongest nor is he the smartest soldier I’ve met.”
“Excuse me, but he’s the closest thing I have to family on this ship,” Robin said, her temper coming back.
“On this ship, we’re all family,” the captain said. “Like it or not.”
“Well I don’t like it,” Robin said walking away holding her wrist in a tight grip.
“Are you alright?” Eric asked.
“Fine, as long as he stays away from me for the rest of the day,” Robin replied.
“You know he won’t,” Eric said trying to not laugh or smile. “Why don’t you just go down in the hold? I’ll stay up here and help around here.”
“I want to help to,” Robin said. “I’m fine, see?”
She flailed her arm around.
“I don’t think that is a good idea,” Wayland called from the wheel.
“Everything I do isn’t a good idea to you,” Robin grumbled.
“And everything he does you don’t think is a good idea either,” Eric murmured. “So you’re even.”
Robin pulled her arm back to her chest and sighed. “I guess I’ll go down there, but I’m not always going to be stuck down there forever. I will help out up here at some point.”
“I never said you wouldn’t help, just not with your wrist the way it is.”
Robin didn’t answer; she walked down the stairs back into the hold.
“You know you could be a little more considerate,” Eric said walking over to Wayland. “Like about what you say to her.”
“Then she needs to rethink her words as well,” he muttered.
“You know she’s going to end up killing you, she really doesn’t like you. I think she liked you better when we were at the docks,” Eric murmured smiling a little.
“Her kill me. I’m like unstoppable.”
“Yes, that’s why you have a hole in your arm,” Eric said shaking his head. “How did you ever become captain?”
“I don’t know,” Wayland admitted. “One minute it was a seaman, than I was captain.”
“That’s a big promotion,” Eric muttered. “Have you always been a pirate?”
“Since I was a little boy,” Wayland replied.
Eric was surprised. From the way Wayland acted you would have never known he’d been a pirate for most of his life. “You don’t seem like you’ve been a pirate that long.”
“That’s because I never wanted to be one, I was born one though,” Jacob murmured.
“Robin was born royalty, and now she’s becoming a pirate, you never had to be one,” Eric said.
“But my father always wanted me to be what he was,” Wayland said quietly. “He said if I didn’t do it he’d kill me, whether he was a live or not.”
“Oh,” Eric muttered. “Well I don’t-”
“It’s fine, he’s gone now, and his son’s everything he wanted him to be,” Wayland murmured.
Eric looked over the rail. The water was splashing up the sides of the ship. “So, where are we going? Or I should say what are we doing?”
“We are going nowhere. We are looking for something,” Wayland murmured.
“That something is…”
“Something important to my family,” Wayland said. “It’s been in my family for centuries, and my father lost it when he died. It’s in the Caribbean Sea.”
“Where is this thing at, exactly, in the sea?”
“Sadly, in the Cayman Trench,” Wayland murmured. “It’s the deepest part of the sea.”
“Yes, yes. I know,” Eric said impatiently. “So you’re meaning to say, someone has to go down there and get it?”
“Yes, and I believe that person will probably be me, because no one else will be willing to down there. I will try to get it back, if it kills me,” the captain shrugged his shoulders, “No one will miss me anyways.”
“So you’re going to kill yourself? That’s suicide!” Eric said.
“If I want to get it back, I’ve got to try,” Wayland murmured. “It’s a family treasure; I’m not letting something else get a hold of it.”
“I’m sorry to hear that,” Eric said. “I may not have known you that long, but I’m not letting you die for something that’s a family treasure. I’ll do it, if you want.”
“What about Miss Vadast?” Wayland inquired.
“She won’t know, until the moment I’m jumping off the ship to find it,” Eric vowed. “She’ll hate me for it, but it’s always worth doing something that’ll make the difference in the end.”
“No, I meant what will happen with her,” Wayland said.
“Oh, I don’t know. She would be heartbroken. She would be driven by that. She’d be more dangerous than she already is.”
“I just hope I wouldn’t have to fight her after that,” Wayland said. “It would not be pleasant.”
“No it wouldn’t,” Eric agreed.
“Sword fight?” Wayland suggested, trying to change the subject.
“Sure,” Eric said pulling his sword out.

“Miss Robin?” a boy’s voice echoed across the hold.
“Yes?” Robin asked.
“I was wondering if you needed anything,” the boy said.
“No, but thank you,” Robin murmured. “What’s your name?”
“Okay. My name’s Levi George,” the boy said. His blue eyes shined in the dark, and his pale blonde hair stood out among the rest of the hold, which was dark brown. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Robin.”
“Oh, please don’t call me Miss Robin,” Robin begged. “Robin if you wish.”
“Captain told me to call you Miss Robin.”
“Oh don’t even bother with him,” Robin said. “He’s not so keen on his wishes.”
“Alright, Robin,” Levi said smiling. “Are you staying here with us?”
“Yes,” Robin said. “I’m a pirate now.”
“Well you’re not wearing pirate clothes,” Levi said.
“I haven’t been here long enough to wear those yet,” Robin murmured.
“I could ask Kristean for some clothes if you’d like,” Levi offered.
“Oh- I don’t know-”
“Oh she’s got tons of clothes, I’m sure she’ll let you wear something,” Levi said his smile growing.
“If you’re so sure,” Robin said. “You can.”
“Alright!” Levi said. “I’ll be right back!” Levi ran to the stairs, and raced down them.
Robin sighed. This was just what she needed, someone who would be willing to help her out for the first few days on the ship, Anna, she thought. She heard Levi running back up the stairs, and another set of footsteps besides his.
“Here’s Miss Robin,” Levi said bringing up who she supposed was Kristean.
“Hello, Robin,” Kristean said holding a hand out for Robin to shake. Robin shook hands with her. “Kristean Hendering.”
“Pleasure to meet you, Kristean,” Robin said.
“Now, Mr. George here, says that you needed some clothes?”
“Yes,” Robin said. “Unless I wear this thing for all eternity,” Robin muttered tugging at her dress.
“I like the dress,” Kristean said. “I just think that it may be a bit much for around here.”
“I just don’t want to wear it anymore,” Robin muttered.
“Mmm…” Kristean murmured. “I think you’ll fit in my clothes, if not, they’ll be a little big on you.”
“Oh well,” Robin said. “I think it’d be much better than wearing this thing,” she muttered as she stood up from her hammock. Her wrist started to throb, so she gripped it.
“What’s with your wrist?” Kristean asked curiously.
“Captain, cut it with his sword,” Robin said, her eyes filled with dislike.
“He actually hurt you?” Kristean asked. “Amazing, he always says he’s never going to hurt you. And he never hurt me.”
“I stabbed him with my sword,” Robin replied. “I think he personally deserved it.”
“Oh he did deserve it, he’s a pain, and he annoys everyone on Anna Marie. I don’t think you personally hurt him, you probably pleased him.”
“By hurting him?”
“Yes, you pleased him because you hurt him, but it was also the fact that he knows that you can be dangerous,” Kristean said. “Come on, we’ll got get you some cloths.”
“Alright,” Robin said as Kristean walked to the stairs, Levi following.
Kristean opened a door into another room, it was different from the other rooms in some ways, and it had an actual bed, which was bolted to the floor. And it was a little brighter in here, because of the lighting.
“You have your own room on here?” Robin asked.
“Yea,” Kristean said smirking, “It was the only thing that made me agree to stay on Anna Marie.”
“Oh, lucky you,” Robin said. “Wayland knows that I came willingly so, he won’t give me anything except for a few sword fighting lessons.”
“Actually, that may be better than what I’ve got,” Kristean said, “You actually get attention. I don’t get any, because I made my point here. And now everyone leaves me alone, or else they get their butts kicked.”
“What’d you do? Or do I not want to know?” Robin asked, quickly taking back her words.
“Oh let’s say that we were one less person onboard,” Kristean said smiling a cheeky smile.
“You killed someone on the crew?” Robin asked astonished that Kristean would ever do that.
“Don’t tell anyone, but he killed himself. He just made it look like I killed him,” Kristean murmured, her eyes clouded. “But he’s gone now. Nothing is ever going to change that.”
“You miss him?”
“Very,” Kristean said softly, “Well,” she said clapping her hands together trying to distract herself. She opened cabinet doors, and behind were all sorts of clothes. “Take your pick.”
“Really?” Robin asked her eyes widened. Kristean nodded. Robin considered Kristean’s offer before taking a few shirts and pairs of pants out.
Finally she decided on a loose white button up shirt, and a dark brown pair of pants.
“Come on, Levi,” Kristean said. “Let’s let her get dressed.”
Levi nodded and followed Kristean out of the room.
Robin quickly undressed, then pulled the shirt over her head, and pulled her pants on. They fit almost perfectly.
“How’s it coming?” Kristean asked.
“Good,” Robin said, she walked to the door and opened it.
“You look comfortable,” Kristean said. “You can keep those.”
“You mean it?”
“Sure,” Kristean murmured. “Well, come on. We should probably go see Captain.”
“Unfortunately,” Robin muttered.
“You don’t like him?”
“No,” Robin replied to Levi.
“Why not?” Levi asked.
“Because he’s a pain. And he’s annoying. He likes to make me mad,” Robin said.
“He’s always like that,” Kristean muttered. “It could be his best friend, and he’d still be cracking those dumb jokes, and trying to make them mad.”
“Oh, so it’s not just me?” Robin said. “Whew, I thought he was just doing because I was new here.”
“Oh, he’s a little more annoying toward you,” Kristean said. “I heard him earlier. I think he likes you.”
“You’ve got to be kidding,” Robin said her eyes widening.
“Oh, no. I don’t lie often, do I Levi?”
“No, Miss Hendering,” Levi said looking up to Kristean.
“Wonderful,” Robin muttered. “Well we wouldn’t want to keep Wayland waiting, now would we?” she asked her eyes brightening a little as she reached the stairs.

“Welcome back,” Wayland said as Kristean, Levi, and Robin walked onto the quarter deck.
“I don’t like to be welcomed,” Robin said. She looked around, trying to find Eric.
“Your little soldier is over there,” Wayland said pointed to the bow of the ship. “Feel free to go meet him.”
Robin looked to where Wayland was pointing, unfortunately he was right, Eric was at the bow of the ship.
“Do you have to be right?” Robin asked as she turned and started walking to the bow of the ship.
“Oh of course I have to be right, or else I wouldn’t be on this ship,” Wayland called as she walked across the deck.
Robin snorted and continued to walk across the deck. “Eric!” she called.
Eric turned to see who was calling him. “’Ello, Robin,” he said, his English accent almost unbearable for Robin. “Where’d you get the clothes?”
“Kristean,” Robin replied as she came to Eric’s side. “She’s letting me keep ‘em.”
“Nice of her,” Eric said. “Why’d you come up here? I thought you didn’t want to be in the same place as Wayland.”
“If I didn’t want to be in the same place as Wayland, I’d have jumped off this ship a while ago,” Robin responded. “I came up because Kristean suggested.” She turned to him. “You know, I think I may not like this as much as I always dreamed I would. These pirates have no manners at all.”
“Not my fault, you’re the one who had me come with you,” Eric said. “If it were not for you, I’d be back on patrols. Possibly even on a fleet to come and look for Anna.”
“But you aren’t and I’m not leaving, so neither are you,” Robin said.
“I don’t take orders from a woman,” Eric stated. He had a smirk on his face.
“Hmm… that’s weird because I remember you doing whatever I asked of you when we were at Port Royale.”
“It was ordered by your father that I had to obey every command and do every order given by you,” Eric said. “Now I don’t have to listen to you, because I’m not under Garrett’s orders.”
“But you do have to listen to Wayland,” Robin proclaimed.
“Actually, no I don’t,” Eric said. “Only if it’s an order, do I have to listen.”
“How do you know so much about this?”
“Remember I used to go out to see with a fleet almost every month,” Eric muttered.
Robin nodded. “But I always asked what you learned from every one of your voyages, and you always said, ‘Nothing.’,” Robin said.
“Lies,” Eric said. “I’m very good at them.”
“That’s a lie,” Robin affirmed.
“Alright, you only know that because you know me so well,” Eric admitted. “No one else would know, because they don’t know me.”
“I bet you quite a few people among this crew would be able to tell you were lying.”
“I don’t think so,” Eric said.
“I do,” Robin said trying to get him to agree with her.
“Still don’t,” Eric said smiling a little. “And will never.”
“Fine,” Robin said giving in. “You win. This time.”
“I always win,” Eric said.
“But in the end I win,” Robin muttered.
“Yes, yes I know,” Eric said. “Shall we see what Captain Wayland is doing?”
“We shall,” Robin said, “I guess.”
Robin and Eric walked back to the quarter deck while Kristean and Levi were busily arguing about where they should dock.
“Come to join us again, I see,” Wayland muttered as he turned the wheel back toward Port Royale.
“What are you doing?” Robin demanded.
“Going back to Port Royale,” Wayland said as if going back to Port Royale meant nothing.
“You’re going to get us all killed by going back there!” Robin exclaimed.
“Am not,” Wayland said. “I know what I am doing.”
“What, exactly, are you doing?” Robin asked.
“Going back to Port Royale to pick up a girl by the name of Kayley Muhly,” Wayland murmured.
“What?” Robin said angrily. “She’ll get killed.”
“From what young Mr. Thompson tells me, she’s good, and she knows how to use a sword.”
“You,” Robin said turning to Eric. “How could you do that to poor Kayley? She’s only a little girl!”
“That knows what she’s doing better then you most of the time,” Eric said pointedly.
Robin opened her mouth to retort, but shook her head instead. “You’re sending her to her death, Eric, mark my words; you’ll be the blame for this.”
“I’ll take the blame, punishment anything,” Eric said raising his head to the point where Robin could look him in the eyes. “She knows how to do things that I know you can’t.”
Robin turned away from him abruptly. “I can’t believe I’m hearing you say that,” she said. She shook her head than ran to the steps. Eric started to follow, but Wayland caught him by the arm.
“Leave her be,” Wayland murmured. “You can talk to her later, when she’ll actually want to talk to you.”
“No, she’ll be needing time to heal from what you just did,” Wayland insisted.
“I’m the reason she’s mad, and upset,” Eric said trying to pull his arm away from Wayland, but Wayland was stronger. “Please, lemme tell her I’m sorry. Then maybe she’ll come back up here.”
“I can’t let you do that, Eric,” Wayland said. “She’d try to kill you, and you know just how dangerous she can get when she’s mad, and she’s angrier than she was at me earlier.”
“I know,” Eric murmured. “I can’t believe I did that.” Eric hung his head and shook it very slowly. “She’ll never forgive me.”
Chapter Eight

Robin threw herself on her hammock and sat there staring at the wall. She couldn’t believe that Eric had just let a little girl become what Robin had always hoped would not happen to her. Kayley had never wanted to become a pirate, she loathed them. She just hoped Kayley would settle down, and someday forget what Eric had forced upon her.
“Miss Robin?” Levi asked softly from the stairs.
“Yes, Levi?” Robin asked.
“I was wondering if you were alright,” the boy murmured from the stairs.
“Fine, thank you very much,” Robin answered quickly.
“You don’t sound like it,” Levi said attempting to smile, which turned quickly to a frown.
“Eric just betrayed a girl who didn’t deserve a life like this!” Robin cried, she shook her head. “He knew she hated pirates. I don’t even know why he decided to bring her to the crew.”
“Ladies onboard normally bring bad luck,” Levi said effortlessly smiling.
“Kristean doesn’t seem to bring bad luck,” Robin said.
“She doesn’t count, she doesn’t act like a lady at all,” Levi said his smile growing.
“And so far I haven’t brought any bad luck,” Robin continued.
“Actually you have. You probably have a fleet of soldiers looking out for this ship,” Levi said.
“Well, they know I can use a sword, and I’m better than most of them,” Robin said.
“That’s horrible!” Levi said. “How in the world did they manage to join?”
Robin shrugged her shoulders, “Not a clue, not my decision,” she said. “There’s only like two good sword fighters I know of.”
“Who can beat you, or Mr. Thompson?”
“With combined skills.”
“Oh, well… that depends, when you’re mad or when you’re just sword fighting for no reason?”
“Mad,” Robin replied, she frowned. That wouldn’t be good if they ever had to fight them.
“Oh wonderful,” Levi muttered. “I guess we could hold off two soldiers like that, but if the whole lot of ‘em knew how to fight like you said the other two could, than we’re in for something bad.”
“The only thing is, how exactly are we getting back to port without anyone noticing that it’s me? Kayley will notice pretty quickly who it is, and I’m absolutely sure that she is mad at me.”
“You’re saying…”
“That Kayley would probably tell my father that I’m here, which would also means Anna Marie is there,” Robin said. “So they’d arrest us.”
“Well maybe she won’t babble and maybe she’ll just come to us,” Levi suggested shrugging his shoulders.
“She won’t,” Robin said. “She’ll talk to me, and I know it, and Eric won’t be allowed near the port for letting me get on this ship. So he wouldn’t be a help.”
“But does he know that?”
“He should,” Robin said, “and I’m not talking to that mangy excuse for a human.”
“He was only trying to help,” Levi said. “Captain asked him if he knew of anybody that would possibly be willing to join us. And we didn’t get our provisions, so we have to go back and get them.”
“He didn’t give you the provisions?” Robin asked. “I thought he said he was going to.”
“Well, he didn’t so we have to go back,” Levi said. “We have the choice of going back to Port Royale to get provisions, or not and die of starvation.”
“I think starving might be the better idea,” Robin muttered.
“How long do you think we could go without food?” Levi said. “We could give the food to the ones that do more work, and the younger ones.”
“Which would be me, you, Mr. Thompson, and Kristean that would be eating the most, because Conner just raises and lowers the anchors when needed, and Captain he doesn’t eat that much anyways,” Levi said. “Mr. Thompson advised you rest, you know to help heal your wrist.”
“Tell him thank you, but I don’t need rest,” Robin said.
“I will,” Levi said scurrying up the stairs.
She heard Levi talking to Eric. Then she heard someone coming down the stairs.
“Robin.” It was Eric.
“I’m sorry for what I said earlier,” Eric said apologetically. “I know you didn’t want Kayley to have a life like this.” He hung his head.
“I know,” Robin whispered turning her head away from him. “You were doing it because you had no choice.”
“Yes,” Eric said, he stood next to her hammock. “I didn’t mean anything I said, other than the fact that Kayley is coming with us.”
Robin shook her head. “And who’s getting her?”
“It was a decision between you and me,” Eric said. “I know you probably don’t-”
“I do!” Robin said. “But she won’t want to come! And you know it.”
“But it’s worth a try,” Eric said.
“Our luck she’ll tell Garrett or someone that we’re here,” Robin said trying to end the argument, and make him see her point of view.
“Then we’ll just have to find out,” Eric said, his eyes flashed mischievously.
“You’re going to get us all hung,” Robin said, “And I have every right to blame you for it. Whether it was Captain who asked you in the first place or not.”
“Oh trust me,” Eric said, his smile turning to a smirk. “I know what I’m doing, and I won’t get us hung.”
“You mean you don’t know what you’re doing, and you will get us hung,” Robin muttered. “I trust you. Just don’t waste that trust for bringing a little girl onto the crew.
“Oh I won’t,” Eric said. “I promise. Now we should probably go on deck, and be prepared to get off, and borrow some provisions, and get Kayley.”
“Borrow? You mean steal,” Robin said.
“Yes,” Eric said pulling Robin to her feet.
Robin winced when Eric pulled on her wrist that Wayland had cut.
“I’m sorry,” Eric said his voice concerned. “Are you alright?”
“Fine now,” Robin said. “Now, let’s get up stairs.” Robin smiled then ran to the stairs.

Robin could see Port Royale miles before they docked. It was high above the sea level, making it easier to find the island.
“Are you two ready?” Wayland asked Robin and Eric, as Anna neared the Port Royale docks.
“If that’s what you’d consider it,” Robin said. “Yes.”
“Alright then,” Wayland murmured, “Conner! Lower a boat for Miss Robin and Mr. Thompson!”
“Right Cap,” Conner called back. Conner ran to the side of the ship and lowered a smaller boat that was hanging off the side of the ship. “Milady,” Conner murmured bowing in front of Robin, he burst out laughing. Robin rolled her eyes as she passed him, when she was settled in the boat she started laughing.
“Was that really that funny?” Eric asked as he rowed the boat toward the docks.
Robin nodded and looked over to the docks. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Robin sighed. Why is it so hard to believe him?
“Well it was Wayland’s idea,” Eric said. “So, I don’t think so.”
Robin sighed deeply. “Then why in the world did you choose to follow it?”
“He threatened me?” Eric said more like it was a question instead of an answer.
“Yea,” Robin said. “I find this hard to believe. What was the threat?”
“He’d put me in the brig until we got here, and then make sure I got hung,” Eric said.
“I wouldn’t let him do that, even if he was threatening you,” Robin said.
“Can you reach the dock?” Eric asked.
Robin reached out and touched the dock.
“Can you pull us toward it?” Eric inquired.
“Of course,” Robin said pulling them toward the dock with both hands.
“That’ll do,” Eric said tying the rope to the post. He stepped out of the boat. He put his hand out to pull Robin up. Robin took his hand and allowed him to pull her up.
“Halt!” a man shouted. It was Ray.
Eric stood in front of Robin, blocking her mostly from Ray’s view.
“You aren’t supposed to be here,” Ray said. “Pirates don’t belong in Port Royale.”
“Well,” Eric said. “I don’t care, pirate or not, we deserve provisions, any man deserves provisions.”
“I certainly don’t think Sir Garrett will be taking your wishes happily.”
“I don’t care what he thinks,” Robin said. “I don’t care what he wants either. He will let us have the provisions we need, or we, meaning our crew will come ashore and get them ourselves.”
“Doesn’t seem like much of a threat,” Ray said. “Considering the last time I saw Anna, her crew was only a few. And I doubt that you can fight well enough to kill anyone if you wanted.”
Robin opened her mouth and reached for her sword. “I don’t think doubting my strengths would be a wise idea,” Robin said. She raised the sword into her fighting stance.
“Where did you get that?” Ray demanded.
“It’s none of your business where I got it,” Robin said. She stepped forward and jabbed the sword toward Ray. Ray who had gotten his sword out hastily blocked her blow, and put all his weight on his sword and leaned forward, sending Robin’s sword to his throat. “Brilliant idea!” she muttered. She reached for Ray’s sword handle and managed to yank it away from his grip and toss it to Eric. “You know I could kill you,” she said looking into Ray’s eyes. “But it’s my love for royalty that’s keeping me from killing you. If I ever meet you again, consider yourself dead.”
“Ye- yes, Milady Vadast,” Ray stuttered. Eric tossed his sword back to him and Ray stuffed it in his scabbard. “I’ll be back right away.”
“Thank you, Ray,” Robin said coldly. “Follow him,” she murmured when Ray was out of earshot.
“Alright, wish me luck,” Eric said, he slipped into the shadows and followed Ray.
“Good luck,” Robin murmured. She stood there alone for some time before Eric returned with Kayley quietly tagging along behind him.
“I told her to hide until we get our provisions and nobody’s watching,” Eric said as he neared Robin.
“Brilliant!” Robin said throwing her arms around him. He hugged her, though he was surprised.
“Thanks,” Eric said. Robin pulled away from him as Garrett and Ray march up to them.
“Robin,” Garrett said, “I’m so glad you’re back!” He tried to give her a hug, but Robin backed away, bumping into Eric. Garrett’s eyes darkened. “You’re not staying, are you?”
“I’m sorry, Father,” Robin said looking into his eyes. “I’ve always dreamed of this, and I’m not about to let it go.”
“You- you’ve always wanted to be a pirate?” Garrett said horrified.
“Very much, Father,” Robin said.
“You’re not my daughter than,” he said. “No child of mine would ever want to be a pirate.” Garrett turned his head away from her. “How many children are aboard Anna?” Garrett asked Eric.
“Five, Sir,” Eric replied.
“Get them six days’ worth of provisions, for the children,” Garrett said to Ray.
“On my way, Sir,” Ray said he gave Eric one more hostile look before turning to the food store.
“You have a day to get away from my port,” Garrett said turning back to his daughter. “If we find you we will kill you, hang you.”
“Thanks for the notice,” Eric said coolly. “But we already know.”
“Did your foolish captain tell you?”
Robin shook her head, “Every time a pirate ship came to our port, you’d tell them what you just told us.”
“Well,” Garrett said. He turned in the direction Ray was coming in. “Ray, help them load it onto their boat.”
“Yes, Sir,” Ray said as he set a crate down. He wiped his brow, “Eric,” he said. “Take that to the boat.” Eric sighed and picked up the crate. He carried to the boat, which Robin helped him lower, it into.
“Thank you,” he said breathing heavily.
“You’re welcome,” Robin said. “Ray, hurry up!”
“I’m going as fast as I can,” Ray said, almost growling.
Robin turned her head away from him. “Okay then,” she muttered.
Ray set the heavy crate down and pushed it onto the boat. “There you be,” Ray said. Ray walked away, heading back to the main part of Port Royale.
Eric whistled and Kayley hurried to their boat. “Finally! I thought they’d never leave!” Kayley said in a loud whisper.
“We’ll be out of here before anyone realizes that you’re gone,” Robin said, as she grabbed an oar, and helped Eric pull away from the docks. “Did Eric tell you why we came to get you?”
“He said he’d explain it when we got out of there,” Kayley said.
“Eric,” Robin said angrily. “You said you’d tell her.”
“Sorry, I couldn’t risk anyone else hearing me,” Eric said, his voice calm. He turned his attention to Kayley. “I- I’m sorry if you didn’t want this, but we came to recruit you for Anna Marie, a pirate ship.”
Kayley looked at Eric then to Robin, then Eric again. “You’re one of them aren’t you?” she asked accusingly to Eric.
“Yes,” he said hanging his head.
“Actually it was my idea,” Robin said defending Eric.
“Miss Robin?” Kayley asked. “I thought you said you didn’t like pirates?”
“A lie,” Robin said.
“How many other lies have you told me?” Kayley demanded. Water splashed over the side of the boat, soaking Robin’s clothes.
“Eh… let’s wait until we get to Anna before we tell you anymore,” Eric said nervously.
“What are you scared I’d jump out and swim back to port?” Kayley asked. “I can’t even swim,” she said. “So there wouldn’t be a point to that.”
“This might be easier than we’d planned,” Eric murmured as he rowed the small boat toward Anna Marie. Robin looked at him, her eyes questioning. “I’ll tell you when we get there,” he murmured.
Robin nodded, though she wasn’t really sure he’d tell her what the plan really was. It was so hard to trust him now, but she really had no clue as to what was making it hard to believe him. He’d done nothing to make it hard to believe him, but yet here she was, barely believed a word he said.

Robin and Kayley were hauled aboard by Conner and Levi. The both of them got a towel wrapped around their shoulders. Once Eric was aboard Robin hurried over to him.
“Tell me,” she said her voice demanding, “what that plan was.”
Eric looked at her, “It was to make sure no one got of Anna, and the person or people that did would be left behind.”
“Finding this hard to believe,” Robin said. “Why is that?”
“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m lying?” Eric suggested his brown eyes gleaming in the warm sunlight.
“Maybe,” Robin murmured. “Now, tell me what the real plan was.” She looked at him expectantly.
“Fine,” Eric said. “It was to make sure no one got off the boat when we reached the Caribbean,” he murmured.
“And that’s because?”
“Because the pirate lord, Captain Michael James, rules there,” Eric murmured. “And Wayland doesn’t want anyone to go to James, because he doesn’t like to give back what he takes.”
“Alright,” Robin said. “And if one does happen to be taken by Captain James?”
“Depending on who it is, he said he’d go after James,” Eric mumbled. “Being you, Conner, or me,” Eric said looking up at Robin’s face.
“Why me?” Robin demanded.
Eric shrugged his shoulders. “Donno, my guess is he likes you,” he said.
“If that’s what you’re worried about,” Robin said. “You have no need to worry. I don’t like him.”
“I’ve noticed,” Eric said. “That’s not what I was worried about. I was worried about your wrist, what happens if we have to fight?”
“I can use my other hand just as well as this one,” Robin murmured. “I thought you knew that.”
“Well I do now,” Eric said. “Come on, you need some rest for your wrist. And here,” he murmured wrapping his towel around her shoulders.
“Thank you,” Robin mumbled. She hugged him; he was surprised for a moment, because of her drenched clothes, but ended up hugging her.
“Alright, lovebirds,” Wayland said. Robin and Eric jumped apart. “You get to the wheel,” he said to Eric. “And you down in the hold.”
“Since when do I take orders from you?” Robin demanded holding his gaze evenly.
“Since yesterday, when you join meh crew,” Wayland said. “Now go to the hold.”
Robin rolled her eyes, than reluctantly went down the stairs. She stumbled over to her hammock and crawled into it, and wrapped the towels around her, but she didn’t fall asleep. She couldn’t she was wide awake from the cold wet clothes she was wearing. She sat up and looked around. Nobody was down here; they were all up on deck helping around.
She frowned and crossed her arms across her chest. Well this isn’t fair, she thought to herself. So what if she was hurt? She could do the same things as many people without complaining, hurt or not.
She decided it would be better to explore the ship, more than sit in a hammock until someone came down to wake her up. She grabbed an oil lamp and then walked to the closest door to her. She grabbed the handle, but it didn’t move. Locked, she thought. Well, I’m smarter than this; she pulled pin from her hair and then stuck it in the lock.
Finally she got it unlocked. She stuck the pin her mouth than opened the heavy door. It quietly creaked open, and it opened up to a huge room, at least twice as big as Kristean’s.
“Wow,” she murmured softly.
“Who goes there?”

There will be more to this story.

Robin and Kayley were hauled aboard by Conner and Levi. The both of them got a towel wrapped around their shoulders. Once Eric was aboard Robin hurried over to him.
“Tell me,” she said her voice demanding, “what that plan was.”
Eric looked at her, “It was to make sure no one got of Anna, and the person or people that did would be left behind.”
“Finding this hard to believe,” Robin said. “Why is that?”
“I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m lying?” Eric suggested his brown eyes gleaming in the warm sunlight.
“Maybe,” Robin murmured. “Now, tell me what the real plan was.” She looked at him expectantly.
“Fine,” Eric said. “It was to make sure no one got off the boat when we reached the Caribbean,” he murmured.
“And that’s because?”
“Because the pirate lord, Captain Michael James, rules there,” Eric murmured. “And Wayland doesn’t want anyone to go to James, because he doesn’t like to give back what he takes.”
“Alright,” Robin said. “And if one does happen to be taken by Captain James?”
“Depending on who it is, he said he’d go after James,” Eric mumbled. “Being you, Conner, or me,” Eric said looking up at Robin’s face.
“Why me?” Robin demanded.
Eric shrugged his shoulders. “Donno, my guess is he likes you,” he said.
“If that’s what you’re worried about,” Robin said. “You have no need to worry. I don’t like him.”
“I’ve noticed,” Eric said. “That’s not what I was worried about. I was worried about your wrist, what happens if we have to fight?”
“I can use my other hand just as well as this one,” Robin murmured. “I thought you knew that.”
“Well I do now,” Eric said. “Come on, you need some rest for your wrist. And here,” he murmured wrapping his towel around her shoulders.
“Thank you,” Robin mumbled. She hugged him; he was surprised for a moment, because of her drenched clothes, but ended up hugging her.
“Alright, lovebirds,” Wayland said. Robin and Eric jumped apart. “You get to the wheel,” he said to Eric. “And you down in the hold.”
“Since when do I take orders from you?” Robin demanded holding his gaze evenly.
“Since yesterday, when you join meh crew,” Wayland said. “Now go to the hold.”
Robin rolled her eyes, than reluctantly went down the stairs. She stumbled over to her hammock and crawled into it, and wrapped the towels around her, but she didn’t fall asleep. She couldn’t she was wide awake from the cold wet clothes she was wearing. She sat up and looked around. Nobody was down here; they were all up on deck helping around.
She frowned and crossed her arms across her chest. Well this isn’t fair, she thought to herself. So what if she was hurt? She could do the same things as many people without complaining, hurt or not.
She decided it would be better to explore the ship, more than sit in a hammock until someone came down to wake her up. She grabbed an oil lamp and then walked to the closest door to her. She grabbed the handle, but it didn’t move. Locked, she thought. Well, I’m smarter than this; she pulled pin from her hair and then stuck it in the lock.
Finally she got it unlocked. She stuck the pin her mouth than opened the heavy door. It quietly creaked open, and it opened up to a huge room, at least twice as big as Kristean’s.
“Wow,” she murmured softly.
“Who goes there?”

Robin froze and stood there, “Robin Vadast,” she said. “Who are you?” she demanded.
A man about as tall as Eric stepped out of the dark shadows. “A lady? On board?” he asked. “What are you doing here, Miss Vadast?” he asked ignoring her question.
“I am a pirate,” she said. “Now, I demand you tell me who you are.”
“You don’t sound like much of a pirate,” the man said in amusement.
“I wasn’t a pirate until a few days ago,” Robin explained her voice tight. “Tell me who you are, now.”
He raised an eyebrow as a smirk appeared on his lips. “You’re a feisty one,” he murmured. “Meh name’s Randolph Clifford.” He looked at her his eyes thoughtfully gazing at her.
“Randolph Clifford?” she asked. “You’re that soldier Governor Garret’s ship lost when I was nine,” she said.
“What? Oh, yes, you’re his daughter,” Randolph said. “Yes, I am that lost soldier. And before you ask, I was rescued by Anna Marie, by Captain Wayland. Captain Jeffery Wayland.”
“Wayland’s father,” Robin said.
“Yes,” Randolph said. “He was a little more willing to take a soldier than his son is.”
“He took Eric without a problem,” Robin said as she moved the oil lamp in her hand.
“Eric Thompson,” Robin said. “He came on board when I came.”
“Well that would explain it right there!” Randolph said. “Wayland likes you, and there’d be no doubt about it.”
Robin sighed. “I already know that,” Robin said. “But he likes Eric.”
“Maybe he’s had a change in heart,” Randolph said. “I don’t know. But you probably shouldn’t be in here.”
Robin nodded then turned to the door; she opened it and walked back into the room where she slept.
“Where’ve you been?” Eric asked from the stairs. “We couldn’t find you.”
“Exploring,” Robin said. “What’d you want to tell me?”
“That we need to keep quiet,” Eric started, “and that all oil lamps must be drowsed.” He nodded at the oil lamp in her hand.
Robin sighed and then blew it out. “Why?”
“Because,” Eric said taking a step back toward the stairs. “We’re on the Caribbean, and if James finds us, we’re going to be dead meat.”
“Oh,” Robin murmured. “Well, I’m coming on deck.”
“Wayland won’t agree.”
“I don’t care what he thinks,” Robin said as she tried to barrel past Eric, but Eric was stronger.
“It’s stormy out there,” he warned before lifting his arm.
“I’ll be careful,” Robin said, although she wasn’t entirely sure she intended to keep to her words.
“I find that hard to believe,” Eric muttered as he walked up the stairs after Robin.
“I thought I said she was to stay down there!” Wayland called from the wheel.
“You did,” Eric said. “And she said she wasn’t listening to your nonsense.”
“I never said I wasn’t listening to his nonsense,” Robin protested. “I said I don’t care what he thinks.”
Wayland ignored Robin. “I personally think she should stay down there, because if James happens to find us, he’d probably take her first.”
“Robin,” Eric said turning to her. “Please,” he begged.
“No,” she said stubbornly. “If James taking me is going to save the ship from being sunk or anything else, I’ll go.”
The sky was filled with huge dark, low laying clouds and the air was cooler than it had been earlier. Robin looked over the railing leaning a little.
“Robin,” Eric said his voice warning.
“Lord, Eric, I thought I saw something,” Robin said raising her hands above her head in distress. “Can’t I do anything on this ship?” She stomped away to the bow of the ship.
“I did it again,” Eric muttered as he walked up to Wayland.
“You have a bad habit of making her mad don’t you?” Wayland said his lips curving up.
“Oh well you have no room to talk either,” Eric said, “She’s mad because you don’t let her do anything.”
“I don’t let her do anything because I don’t want her to get hurt,” Wayland replied his calm voice starting to rise.
“Look,” Eric said. “Hurry up and get us to where we need to be, then we can get your thing, and get out of here, before James shows up.”
“Speaking of him,” Wayland said ignoring the rest of what Eric had said, “I want you to keep an eye out for a ship with blood red sails.”
“Blood red sails? Who in the world-”
“James would,” Wayland said. “So keep an eye out for it.”
Eric sighed deeply, before turning to the main mast. “Scope?” Wayland tossed Eric a tin cylinder. “Thanks,” Eric said. Wayland nodded then turned his attention back to the sea.
Eric put the scope up to his eye and searched the horizon for any kind of ship. There were none.
“Wayland, there’s none at the moment,” Eric reported, as he turned back to the captain.
“I don’t care,” Wayland said. “He has a tendency of turning up out of nowhere. So you will be keeping an eye out for that ship.”
“What is he like, poof! There he is?”
“Yes,” Wayland said. “So stop talking and concentrate on the sea.”
Eric rolled his eyes then looked back out on the sea. “I don’t see anything,” he muttered to himself.
The water smacked against the ship hard enough to rock it, and with enough force to probably knock people off Anna.
“Do you think we should check to make sure nobody’s fallen over board?”
“We’ll check later,” Wayland said. “After this calms down a little.”
“And if someone did fall overboard? Are we just going to leave them?” Eric demanded.
“Guess so,” Wayland said.
“You are the worst captain I’ve ever heard of,” Eric said.
“Ah you have heard of me,” Wayland said.
Eric shook his head. “Now I see what Robin is always mad at you for,” Eric said.
“What?” Wayland said. “I was just stating that you have heard of me.”
“But you were doing it to annoy me,” Eric said.
“Somehow I can’t deny that,” Wayland said squinting. “Turn yer head back to sea. I don’t want no bloody pirates on meh ship.”
“Aren’t you a pirate?” Eric asked.
“Not a bloody one,” Wayland said smirking a little at his words.
Eric ignored him as he turned his head back to the sea. He knew that River Nida was going to turn up sooner or later, and that didn’t scare him. It was the fact that James might take Robin that frightened him.
There is was, River Nida. “Wayland,” Eric said, his voice shaking a little. “James has spotted us.”
Wayland sighed. “Of course,” Wayland muttered. “Tell the crew to make sure that Miss Robin, Kristean, and Kayley are all below.”
“Alright,” Eric said. “Make sure all the ladies get below!” Eric shouted out the order. Immediately Conner started shouting orders to all the other crew members.
“Eric!” Conner yelled. “We can’t find Robin!”
“Cap’n!” Eric yelled as loudly as he possibly could. “They can’t find Robin!”
Wayland sighed. “Of course she’d be the one to go missing,” Wayland called. “Conner, take the wheel,” Wayland called to his first mate.
“Right, Cap,” Conner said running up the stairs to the quarter deck. He gripped the wheel tightly so it didn’t slip from his grip.
“You, come with me,” Wayland said pointing at Eric. Eric nodded then followed him to the boats. “We are going to go to James, and hopefully, not to say this is good, but hopefully he’ll have her.”
“And if they don’t?” Eric asked.
“Then we have to hope that James won’t go after her, because we’ll be going after her,” Wayland said. “Hey, can you prepare one of the boats for us?” The man standing next to the rail nodded. “Thank you, Canty.”
“You’re welcome, Cap,” Canty said as he turned to the boats. “The boat’ll be ready in a moment.” Wayland nodded then looked up in the direction of James’s ship.
“He’d better have her,” he muttered. “I’m not searching the seven seas to find her.” He shook his head then looked back at Canty.
“Your chariot awaits you, Sire,” he said his hand pointing at the ship.
“Thank you,” Wayland said as he climbed down the ladder to the boat. “We’ll be back as soon as we can. Tell Conner good luck, he’ll need it.”
“I will Cap,” Canty said as he turned back to the other side of the side.
“Now the fun begins,” Wayland muttered.
“It wasn’t my idea,” Eric said. “It seems that you have a habit of making up bad ideas.”
Wayland wasn’t amused. “Shut it, and grab an oar so we can get yer bony lass back.”
“’Lright,” Eric said. He grabbed an oar and started rowing toward River Nida.
“You’d better hope that he has oh what’s her face,” Wayland said, “because I’m not dropping my thing to go look for some troublesome lass.”
“I never said you would,” Eric said. “But if you don’t then I will.”

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This book has 4 comments.

on Sep. 9 2014 at 4:02 pm
this was an amazing book it was really nice and i wish that i ha dthe wrighting that your simply have keep up the great work.

LuvLife said...
on Feb. 19 2013 at 1:39 pm
LuvLife, Sydney, California
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Favorite Quote:
Live the life you love, love the life you live!:)

Oh! This is a wonderful book! I hope you can find more time to work on it. I wish it would explain a bit about Captain Wayland and Eric and how they like Robin and so on. I want to see what happens next!

KMao123 said...
on Jan. 8 2012 at 12:09 pm
i think you should cut a bit of the dialogue, but the story looks great so far!

on Jul. 28 2011 at 1:08 am
BellaTrixster, Fort Richardson, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
We're taking turns now? I think it should be Eric's personally.

Its so AWESOME!!! It'll be even better when it's completely finished... which will be shortly. I've got everything planned out. The only thing left to do is to put my plans into action! Nobody that I know of yet, dies. That doesn't mean anything though, considering I have a thing for killing of my best or favorite characters. Eric Thompson is one of those few... sadly... it's not the fact that I wanted him to die, he has to in order for the next book to work. And this doesn't happen until the 3rd book, so he doesn't die until then. Kristean dies at some point before the 4th book as well. I hope that this book will be both great and teaching others that if you set your heart to it, you can do anything.


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