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Day 2; Chapter 2: Massacre

Primax stirred the next morning, and brought the other two from their stases. Vespis drowsily buzzed her wings to wake up, and fell from her leafy perch, hitting a small pile of leaves.
A loud gush of air signaled the arrival of newer contestants. Primax’s antennae identified them as an ichneumon wasp; a few stink beetles; a grasshopper; and a few more spiders; and a strange species of ant.
“I think we have a chance of getting some of these newcomers.” Primax said optimistically.
Note: I'm not done with this story! :) I'm still writing on it, but not much. I'll add more in the future!!
“Pfft.. Please. What good will a grasshopper and some stink beetles going to do for us? All their purpose right now for us is food; At least, for the carnivores.” Vespis said the last word with such venom that Primax thought that the poison would quite literally seep from every pore of her body.
Victoria shot Vespis a dirty look but started to walk away.
“You know, if you want to survive the army ants, I suggest you gain some higher ground. Sound good? Well, if it doesn’t, have fun being torn to shreds.” Victoria sneered, clicking her mandibles together in a murderous manner towards Vespis. She giggled a bit and scrambled up the tree and disappeared from sight.
“Mantises. Think they know EVERYTHING there is to combat. Well, I’ve had plenty experience in battle. Come on, Primax. Let’s move like she said to.” Vespis said, as she began to climb up the tree. Primax started to follow suit when her antennae whipped towards the east.
The white army ants poured into view, their massive sickle-shaped jaws snapping. One twitched its antennae and caught scent of Primax.
Primax scrambled up the tree desperately, but was yanked onto the ground, screaming violently for Vespis and Victoria.
Vespis exploded into view before the army ants could destroy Primax. She violently slammed into a warrior, and smashed her stinger into its head. Victoria calmly climbed down the tree, her head cocked to the side.
“Relax, you two. I know how to deal with these nitwits.” Victoria said, suddenly taking on a demonic manner. She danced wickedly towards the ants, and slammed her arms around a soldier. As if on cue, the other soldiers attacked the injured one, ripping it to shreds, and attacked the other ones until one was left. Primax moved in for the kill, suddenly filled with hate.
She pounced, and inserted her stinger into a chink in its armor, filling it with venom. Hatred and wrath poured of her stinger, and killed the army ant. Primax released the dead soldier, watching as its body curled up and stopped twitching. They climbed the tree, and sat on a branch.
“Trust me, Vespis. I think I know a thing or two about the Heteroptera Duel. Two time winner, remember?” She chided the wasp. “I faced them both times, both on the second day of the duel. The humans have this on a schedule. Tomorrow, if I’m right, they will release Stag and Goliath beetles to daunt us. They may be leaf eaters, but they are vicious in battle. We’ll leave the arachnids up to that battle, and we’ll finish them off. We do need air scouts. Vespis, if you wanted to do it I guess you could, but I was thinking of the dragonflies, because they are fast in flight, and they can be inconspicuous. No offense to you of course, Vespis. We need you though, and we can’t afford for you to get exhausted and fall in midflight into the arachnids trap.” Victoria said. Vespis nodded and inspected a claw.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” She muttered.
“The fourth day, they crank up the mister so it replicates a heavy rain. It soaks the ground the point that you can’t walk without getting stuck, regardless your weight. That’s our best chance to get kill the arachnids. Then I guess we dissolve the alliance with the dragonflies and kill them off.” Victoria said the last sentence glumly.
“No, we won’t. We’re going to make a plan to get as most of us out of here.” Primax interrupted as she stared at a spider that walked under their perch. “We can drown the spiders. They’re too big of a threat, and we need them gone. But, I think we can form an alliance with the scorpion.”
“Brilliant, Primax! That’s an excellent idea.” Vespis said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.
“Vespis, calm down.” Victoria snapped.
“No, no! I think it’s a GREAT plan, a marvelous scheme….for suicide.” Vespis finished. Primax felt insulted, and walked to the end of the bush.
“Then why don’t YOU come up with something? Every time we come up with something, you shoot us down.” Primax snapped. Vespis shot her stinger out from its sheath, ready to attack the ant. Primax whipped her head around and stalked towards Vespis.
“Because I think that we should listen to Victoria.” Vespis said, ignoring Victoria’s sharp arm.
“I refuse to break the alliance and kill you two.” Primax said.
“Oh, pip, you won’t be the one that’ll be doing to killing.” Vespis threatened.
“Both of you KNOCK IT OFF!!!!” Victoria shrieked as she flung the other two aside with her arms. Primax lost her balance, and fell off the branch, plummeting towards the ground.
Primax smacked the spider, making him lose his breath for a slight second. He then wheeled, and shot Primax off his back. Primax ran for her life, searching for any source of shelter. She threw herself into another thorn bush, and located an escape hole. The tarantula kept smashing into the thorn bush, only to leap back and flick spines out of his legs. He gave up and crashed through the bush, earning a thorn in an eye. Primax shot out of her hole, and screamed from Victoria and Vespis.
A massive black form materialized from nowhere out of the shadows, and huge pincers slammed shut on one of the spider’s legs.
“Go.” The scorpion uttered at Primax. She nodded and scurried off, avoiding small holes. She fell into a small cement stream that cut through the small jungle, and thrashed her way out. Vespis appeared from nowhere.
“What is it? Are you alright? What happened?” Victoria said as she crawled her way into view. Primax rapidly explained how she ran into the bush, the tarantula getting his eye punctured, and the scorpion suddenly appearing. Victoria uttered a slight chuckle.
“Well, I guess your plan will work. Lead us back to the two. If they’re still battling, we can ask the scorpion to help us. That is, if he doesn’t get killed.” She went into her twittering giggly mood, leaving Vespis and Primax to work out the details.
“I’m telling you the truth, Vespis. He really popped out of thin air!” Primax said.
“Alright, alright! Don’t get your feelers in a knot.” Vespis said, exasperated.
They quickly found the spot where the scorpion and the tarantula were battling.
Blood stained the dirt, and the tarantula was missing two more eyes and a few feet. The scorpion was weakened, but he charged again, and clamped his pincers onto the spider again, and inserted his stinger again and again. The tarantula shuddered, but stilled.
“I want to thank you, for saving me.” Primax said to the scorpion.
“Don’t mention it.” He replied back, setting his massive pincers down.
“What’s your name?” Vespis asked, obviously annoyed with the situation.
“Vox. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find a new hiding spot.” He said, turning to leave.
“Wait!” Primax said. “Will you please join us in our alliance? Please?” Primax blurted. Vox stopped in his tracks.
“What for? We’ll all end up dying anyway.” Vox said.
“To defeat the other arachnids. Then after they’re all dead we’ll all get out alive.” Vespis interrupted Primax.
“I hate to say this, but that’s impossible. Aren’t we all supposed to die, and have only one victor?” Vox said.
“Well, yes. But not this time. Primax has an idea, or at least she says she has one. Why don’t you come with us to Primax’s bush, and we’ll talk.” Vespis said.
“Alright. But if any of us die, don’t stop me when I say ‘I told you so.’” Vox said as he followed the others to Primax’s old bush.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 4 5 6

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