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I Will Not Break

Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something different yet paranormal,and to bring some history into it,so This is what I came up with.Thank you sis.  « Hide author's note
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Miss weathers Crouched down beside me and examined Graves as he laid motionless in my lap. His body was warm, When it should have been ice cold. He felt fragile instead of the rock hardness I was so used to and safe around. Burn marks traveled along his chest in jagged lines from his collar bone down to his hip, and rose around to his back to his shoulder blades. It looked like a lightning bolt tattooed across his upper body. It scared me to think that this could be the last time I hold him, the
Okay so this is the end.:) I have the second one ready to post but I wanna see who actually wants me to make the sequel. lol is it good enough for one? lemmie know!
last time I felt his skin against my own.

I made my choice not to live without him when I fed from him and Now I was going to lose him again. My hunger that lived within me, that was me cried out. Our mate was dying and we sat here doing nothing, just letting him die. I tear my eyes away from Graves and looked at Miss Weathers only to find her staring right at me. Her eyes bore deep into mine, as if she was trying to read my emotions, my pain and sorrow eating me alive. "We can still save him, but I can do nothing. It is you who must do it. You are his mate, and lover. You only can save him."

Determination rose with in me and I stared back at her. I will do anything to save Graves, including give my own life. I spent nights in pain, hours in sorrow thinking I had lost him forever and that he did not want me. I would not lose him again. I need him like I need to breathe, I need him like the earth needs gravity. I can not live with out him.

"What must I do?" I demanded. Anything that could save his life I would do in a heart beat,because my heart only beat him him now. I see now the blood bond we shared before was merely adding to the attraction we already felt. Those were our feelings we felt, not just the bond. I only hoped it was not to late now.

My eyes stared only at Miss Weathers now, and She held my gaze. I wanted to see into this immortals soul, and find out what is was about her that Quinn feared so much but I had to save that for another day if we even had another.
She leaned closer to me, placing the tip of her dainty fingers along my neck and smiled faintly. It was meant as a comforting Gesture but my patients was running thin. I needed to save Graves.

"What must I do?" I Persisted, Panic was beginning to slip into my head. Scared thoughts of Graves never waking up, never Opening the dark amazing eyes again filled my head
Her grip on my neck Tightened and before I realized it was not a comforting gesture, but a threatening one, Her nails pricked my skin.Warm blood dripped down my neck, and my newly formed senses smelled the blood instantly. It hit Graves just as fast and his body immediately twitched at the smell. I gasped and my eyes widened at Miss Weathers in hope.
"He needs to feed," she whispered softly to me.

My fear of being bit rose to the surface again, but I pushed passed it and held on to the memories of Graves smile, his eyes staring at me as if he saw into my soul, and into my heart. His grin when he first wanted to bite me, the way his fangs exposed well beneath his smile. His eyes that darkened in hunger, That was the thought I held onto as I positioned Graves body farther up,and pushed his head against the crook of my neck by the droplets of blood.
Doubt nudged at the back of my mind. What if this didn't work and He was gone forever?

Graves body instantly came alive The moment the blood droplets touched his lips. His arms flew out around my body and reversed us to where it was I sitting in his lap pressed against his chest. His tongue darted out and tasted the blood on his lip, then on my skin. He shoved his face deeper against my neck and his mouth quickly opened. He traced his fangs along the cut,and before my panic could stop him he sank his fangs into my skin.

When his fangs slid in, it was like little pocket knives stabbed into my neck, The pain was immediate, and my blood poured into his mouth like a river. Graves gulped it down greedily... And that is when the pain began to diminish... To be replaced but complete pleasure. When he drank in my blood, and it slide down his throat, it spread warmth through out my body, and our hormone exploded. My body burned with with need. Graves felt my need, and wanted the same thing.

He slid his hands up and down my body before positioning one hand my ass and twisting my body to straddle him. He rocked against me and I gasped. I dug my hands into his hair and press his head harder against my neck, making his fangs go deeper into me. A moan of pleasure escaped passed my lips, and Graves growled against me in approval. My hunger surfaced immediately as Graves emotions began to flood into my mind. He wanted me, All of me. He wanted to ravenous me and eat me all up.

My hunger leaped in joy as His emotions became visible to me, and I leeched onto it as before. We both fed from each other, connecting in a way we had never known possible. Graves gripped harder on my ass as he realized I had began to feed from him, and he explored my bare skin with his other hand. His skin had begun to cool down so every touch of his cool hands sent shivers of pleasure through out my warm skin. Graves eager gulps slowed down to little sips, then slowly to light licking up and down my neck, healing his bite. His tongue was cool and soft against my skin.

I felt so happy my heart might explode in joy. Graves slowly leaned back carefully as if I would break, then kissed me softly letting it linger for a moment. His lips fit perfectly against mine, and when he pulled back, he pressed his forehead against mine.

Tears streamed down my face and he wiped them away with his thumb and traced patterns along my face as he held me against him. "I love you Ember stone. You are my life. I want to live with you forever and I want you to become my blood mate. Will you do me the honor of becoming my eternal partner?" I choked out tears and threw my arms around Graves neck crying out in pure happiness.

He laughed happily and picked me up swinging me in circles. The he knelt down on one knee and gripped my hands in his. "Will you Ember stone Be my love?" He asked again, his smile was fearful of my answer and excited all at once. I smiled down at him, then a grinned formed upon my face. "Are you asking me to become your equal and no longer the slave you so anxiously needed to break?"

He looked away in shame and then looked back up at me with a smile."Yes I want you as me equal. You are one slave I could never break, and I never wish to. I want you to challenge me every day, and Stand up for what you believe as long as you do it as my mate," He rose and waited for my answer, his body was high on alert fearful of rejection from me.

I wanted to be his mate more than anything in the world. I wanted to love him and him to love me, but we needed to do this the right way. We needed to do this the way my mom would have wanted.
I stared into his eyes then leaned into his arms before lightly kissing him. "There is nothing in this world I want more then to become your mate and spend eternity with you. Yes Of course I will, but I have one condition," I paused to see if he would protest but he waited urging me to tell him my condition.
"Whatever it is it shall be done, I can't live without you and I will do anything you wish,"He urged.

He wrapped his arms around my waste and pulled me to him waiting and I breathed in a huge breathe before letting it out, "If I become your blood mate we need to take it slow, and build up a relationship the normal way, the way my mother would have wanted. I want to spend eternity with you too so I want to do this right," I sighed,and waited for him to be mad or change his mind about me. I waited but what he did next was nothing I expected. He kissed me. His lips attacked mine then he pulled back and smirked. "As long as I get to kiss you, we will take this as slow as you wish. We have all eternity for deeper things," He winked at me then nipped playfully at my lower lip.

My laughter rung sweetly against his chest, and he played with a strand of my hair.
"Oh and Graves?" I questioned.
"Yes my love?"
I smiled. "I love you too."
He guided my chin up to meet my lips with his before smiling lovingly at me.

"eh em," A voice spoke and caused me to jump in surprise. Graves burst out laughing then yanked me back against his chest and looked at a Very humored Miss Weathers.
Heat spread to my cheeks as I realized she saw us get hot and heavy, then mushy gushy. Graves smiled at my blush and tightened his grip on me, "Thank you for everything. You saved Ember, and I and for that I am eternally grateful."

Graves Breathes were long and heavy but he stilled smiled at her. She chuckled at us both before turning serious. "You both are going to have a very dangerous and troublesome road ahead of you. You are going to need each other to make it through. It may very well break you both," She warned,

Her expression was grave and worried, but she turned her eyes on me alone and place a hand on my shoulder. "I can not promise you it will be easy to resist falling. So many before you have failed, and you have a stronger calling then any of them. I can only pray that God be with you two and you depend on this man to help you," She said.
Her eyes were filled with sadness but also a bright tint of hope and care. She saved us, and I only have one sentence for her that I have been saying since my life turned upside down. I just smirked at her then looked up at my mate,partner and other half. His eyes stared into mine, and I grinned, "I Will Not Break."
Chapters:   « Previous 1 ... 36 37 38

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HarryPotterLover30 said...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm
Ohmydearsweetlord. Holy guacomole............... I"m about to die. This....... by FAR, is one of the best books I have EVER read, on TeenInk , or published in real life. I applade you. This is........ amazing. I am DEFINETLY going to look for the second one. and HELLS YEAH i'm going to spread the word of this story; because thsi story deserves some SERIOUS recognition. Amazing. I have NO crittisism.... well, maybe with a little editing on the spelling and  grammar errors, but those... (more »)
Dudet95 replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 11:18 am
Thank you so much:) I am in the process of editing all the errors now and that is why I have been taking so long to update the second. lol sorryXD
BlackRaven said...
Mar. 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Ru going to finish


BlackRaven said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 8:13 am

Please tell me your gonna finish it!!!Pleasssssssssseeee finish it!


BlackRaven said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 8:06 am
ShayleeMar said...
Jan. 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm
OMGosh! So amazing!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! You have to finish it!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!! Oh, watch out for misspellings and word mixups. You would often say "to" when you meant "two". and you would put "strait" (which means narrow) when it should have been "straight". You also many times put "through" when it should have been "threw". I find that it helps to read through what I have written before posting.
BlackRaven replied...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 7:57 am
Most awesomest book ever!Danggirl YOU can write
livethelifeyouwanttolive said...
Oct. 21, 2011 at 11:10 am


It's AHMAZING!!! Please keep writing. You're very talented. <33

LazyBlueKitten said...
Sept. 12, 2011 at 7:50 pm
My gosh this is good. You're really talented! :)

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