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I Will Not Break

Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something different yet paranormal,and to bring some history into it,so This is what I came up with.Thank you sis.  « Hide author's note
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The fallen will rise

The night sky darkened and the clouds circled us. Funnels formed all around and the thunder boomed as Energy flowed through me. Fury burned deep with in my veins and Quinn's expression made my blood boil and my adrenaline flow.
I must destroy him!

How dare he claim to be the man that ditched me and my mother before my birth? He is dead to me and that is how it will stay. No one could fill that position because my mother was all I needed.
Graves let out a growl of protest
Okay SO GUESS WHAT THIS IS?!!! The second to last chapter in this book:'( The next chapter is the last and most revealing of all! No worries though. There will be a second book and I have even bigger plans for Ember. I can not believe I am almost done:'( I never thought I would finish this anytime soon because I just loved writing it so much but I have to leave secrets for the next one:) so I have the Last chapter finished but I will not be uploading it until I have comments on what you guys thought of the book. Any series names suggestions? All of you guys that read my book are awesome and you are my inspiration because I never would have continued writing it if it wasn't for you guys.:) Thank you so much
as I pulled from his grasp.
My body shook, and heat spread through out my body burning the tip of my wings, as my need to kill spiked up. My shoulder blades twitched which caused my wings to follow the motion, and send a gust of wind at Quinn.

Water began to sprinkle from the sky splashing onto my face, and steam rose from my body from the heat. My hair began to cling to my face, and neck as it soaked up the water and dripped down my almost bear back.
Graves stepped toward me but Quinn sent him a warning glare to stay back. This was between me and him. "I have no father," I stated flatly
My urge to attack was becoming very hard to hold back, but something was helping give me the little control I had. It was the way the stars shone passed the storm clouds, and lit up all around me. Or the way the moon light made my wings tingle with light energy urging me to stay calm.

A calm voice whispered to me in the back of my mind.
-Not now. Today is not the day you must rise. You have too much to learn my child. He will destroy you if you do not wait. I will guide you in the right path.-

As the voice spoke to me The first thought I had was it was my hunger but no. My hunger feared the voice speaking, and a submissive feeling spread throughout my body as I heard it. The voice sounded neither male nor female. It sound natural , and full of power beyond recognition. It was something I'd never heard before, and feared at the same time. Was this God?

-I am not God half ling. I am merely a servant of him. He can not speak to those in the physical bodies because his power is too great for your mind to understand. I speak for him when I tell you , you are never alone. He has guardian's over you , but you must not fight the Fallen today. It is too soon for your Angel being to take. God has seen your struggles with your new form coming in and Has sent help. Do not fear.-

The moon light shining above began to diminish and Quinn's angry stare was directed at me, and me only. "I see they have already contacted you. God already thinks he can help you. Psh He can not stop the fall, and You have a father no matter if you do not want to I am your father," He Paused watching the clouds circling us, as my anger vibrated inside me as he spoke.

"You are my child no matter how much you wish it not. I am the man your mother fell in love with and I am the same man that left her when I heard news of you. It is rare for a Demon to be able to impregnate Human females, and even rarer for the child to bear the gift of the wings. I wished you to grow normal and to die the life of a human but It was not was was for told. You will rule over all human kind, and immortals alike. You will acknowledge me as your father and you will fulfill your destiny as ruler over us all!" He said rising up into the sky staring down at me,taunting me to deny our blood.

If I was his daughter, then I was a... Demon. I can't be. I don't want to live to kill, to kill in pleasure and to revel in the suffering of other. To be a demon was to live the life of death,and I will not do that. I must not.

"I am not a demon," I whispered. My denial fault false even on the tip of my own tongue. The truth in his words was obvious and made more sense then the lies I had been told about him my whole life. I'd always thought That my father was just a immature man with no responsibility and he could commit to me and my mom. So I excepted that I would never have the father I wanted... But to know he's right here in front of me, a man more evil than anything I've ever known and he left me because of that tempted me more then ever to hear him out. How am I suppose to cope with this?

I looked over at Quinn and he was just chuckling at my ignorance about him. "You are a demon my child. You will become more demonic than even I once you embrace the power within your hunger. I do not know how you were able to avoid that when you fed from your precious mate over there glaring at me, but soon you will feel it eating at you like insects," He paused to look at Graves who was Growling furiously.

" Those temper tantrums you've been having are not just coincidences. That is your power begging to be set free. You are a demon and that is all you will ever be. Embrace it and I shall be the father you always wanted as a child and more. I will guide you into leadership and you shall be more powerful than even God!" He rose his voice and stared up at the night sky as if he was yelling at God.
His words were so tempting... He would be there for me.

But He was never there before so why now? He only wants to be in my life because of what his DNA has done to me. I am doomed to become just like him. Helplessness was baring its way into my heart and tears of frustration were dropping down my cheeks. Graves tried to get closer to me but the funnels above us were accompanied by winds stronger then even him. They pinned him against the side of my house and He was breaking threw the sides.

Sadness overwhelmed me. Graves was trying to get to me but Quinn kept him pinned sending wind after wind at him. This is what I will be like. I will be a demon with no love, no kindness, just death, and pain to swallow me whole. Nothing within me wanted to forget the love I felt for Graves, friendship I had with Beth or even the screwed up relationships between Graves family and I. I did not want to be against God, and be more powerful. I just wanted to love and be normal,wait no. I just wanted to be with Graves... And I wanted to be good.

As if Graves was reading my mind he Cried out to me. "Don't you give up Ember dammit! You can't honestly believe him? He may be your father but he is still a demon and he will say anything he has to, to obey his master. You are not a demon! You have not fallen! You were born with the blood of an angel,which is his blood also. His blood did not make him a demon, his choices did," He yelled in pain as pieces of glass began to dig into his back from the glass window, but he kept his eyes on me.

" You have a choice Ember. You were given humanity from your mother that he will never have. She gave you a gift. It was not your mother that was suppose to die that day. It was you. He was trying to kill the humanity within you by killing her. Your supposedly father killed your mother. Your mother saved your life for a reason. You were given a choice of what you want to be!" His screams caused him to stop speaking but He had said enough.

The anger was back, but so was my hope. I can choose. I am not my father. Graves screams of agony angered me more then my own. The funnels began to form even faster heading closer to Quinn and the lightning began to strike.

Quinn Gaze at me, Then back at Graves, "He is right. Your humanity should have died the day she did. her love was what kept you human, and I do not know how you have not fallen yet but you shall. It is for told. You do not have a choice, because all half lings eventually fall. You will fall especially since you have my blood. Your mother merely gave her a gift from God! Humanity is hardly a gift!" He spat.

Lightning immediately struck right for Quinn.
He leaped out of the way faster than I had ever seen anyone move, and the lightning struck right where he should have been.
"How dare you try to harm me child? You can not compare to me yet!"He roared and With a flick of his hand all the lightning I controlled moments ago was hurled at Graves.

"NO!" I screamed. Terror consumed me, and I threw myself in the way of Graves.
It was as if the lightning was moving in slow motion, Because Graves yanked me against his chest and switched us around. His eyes bore into mine, and his kissed me softly.
"I can't live without you," He breathed. Then the lightning struck.

"Graves!" I Cried. His body was way beyond the heat he could live through. He needed the cold, and His collapsed. I fell to my knees begging him to be alive, to stay with me.
-God if you can hear me please save him! I can't do this without him Please!- I cried out to God begging. I just got Graves back. I can't lose him again.

"Graves please don't leave me dammit I love you don't die!" I slammed my hands down on his chest over and over begging him to respond, but he laid motionless.
Every ounce of me felt dead. The humanity within me broke. I was gone.
My hollow gaze rose to Quinn, and Within me I felt nothing.
I rose up and just stared at him impassive.

He chuckled in curiosity." It only took the death of this blood sucker to Break you? Well child It was a honor breaking you into the fall. Now you must come with me. We have much to do," He came toward me to take hold of my hand,but I acted fast.

You ever seen star wars? Well What I did next was similar to what you would think is the force. The power within my numb chest exploded and Became like a purplish force field bending to my will. It took a hold of Quinn and squeezed his neck to the point of breaking.
He struggled to breathe and I squeezed tighter. No feeling registered within me. No sadness, anger compassion. Nothing, I was just living. That was it.

The funnel clouds closed around us, and tightened around Quinn. I just stared at him, expressing nothing but my being, "Let-goo!" He gasped.
I just stared.
"Ember let him go. You don't have to do this. You can still save Graves,"A voice spoke up.

The sound of the voice Caused feeling to spread into me, and tears ran down my cheek.
"Graves," I choked out and purplish force field shattered dropping Quinn.
The voice belonged to a woman Standing a few away from me. She stood in the shadows, but the moment she stepped out I recognized her immediately... Miss Weathers.
The tears flooded down my face and I ran to Graves pulling his body against me... He was completely still.

Miss weather looked over at Quinn and frowned. He glared back at her as he tried to ketch his breathe." What are you doing here?"He snapped. His was trying me make his voice sound threatening and angry, but it cracked as he spoke... He was scared... Of Miss Weathers?

"You should not even have to ask that question Dear Quinn. You are breaking one of the most ancient laws of time. You know as well as I do You must let the child's nature decide which side she will become. You are not aloud to make her take a side. She has a choice and you know it," She scolded.

The wings she kept so wrapped up against her body in class unfolded and Stretched out farther then even ours... The weren't blue anymore.. They were white? The bluish colors that enveloped her while she was our teacher were gone. Her hair was a still Bright blue but her wings were like ours, and pure white. The only blue on her was her hair.

Quinn's expression was clearly one of anger and fear, but That did not stop him from speaking his mind. "She is my daughter of course she will fall. She will be tempted far more than any half-ling before or after her. I am the only one that can control her and until she falls I will have more control over her than anyone. You can not help her. He destiny says she will rule over us all."

Miss weathers smile did not waver after he finished. She laughed lightly and shook her head, "Yes the prophesy does say she will rule over us all, but it does not say she must fall in order to do that. All prophecies come with another future. If she falls we shall all fall. If she succeeds in fighting it off then The future is dependent on individual choices. That is the way of life. The future is always changing and always will with each choice she makes."

Quinn's face was darkening in anger, along with this colors swirling around him, But he simply took flight and looked over at us. "You can draw out the enviable as long as you wish, but she will come to me,and She will fall," He said.
Then he was gone in the blink of an eye.
Miss Weather then turned to me as I cried over a motionless Graves.
"We must hurry. He has little time left."
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HarryPotterLover30 said...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm
Ohmydearsweetlord. Holy guacomole............... I"m about to die. This....... by FAR, is one of the best books I have EVER read, on TeenInk , or published in real life. I applade you. This is........ amazing. I am DEFINETLY going to look for the second one. and HELLS YEAH i'm going to spread the word of this story; because thsi story deserves some SERIOUS recognition. Amazing. I have NO crittisism.... well, maybe with a little editing on the spelling and  grammar errors, but those... (more »)
Dudet95 replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 11:18 am
Thank you so much:) I am in the process of editing all the errors now and that is why I have been taking so long to update the second. lol sorryXD
BlackRaven said...
Mar. 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Ru going to finish


BlackRaven said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 8:13 am

Please tell me your gonna finish it!!!Pleasssssssssseeee finish it!


BlackRaven said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 8:06 am
ShayleeMar said...
Jan. 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm
OMGosh! So amazing!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! You have to finish it!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!! Oh, watch out for misspellings and word mixups. You would often say "to" when you meant "two". and you would put "strait" (which means narrow) when it should have been "straight". You also many times put "through" when it should have been "threw". I find that it helps to read through what I have written before posting.
BlackRaven replied...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 7:57 am
Most awesomest book ever!Danggirl YOU can write
livethelifeyouwanttolive said...
Oct. 21, 2011 at 11:10 am


It's AHMAZING!!! Please keep writing. You're very talented. <33

LazyBlueKitten said...
Sept. 12, 2011 at 7:50 pm
My gosh this is good. You're really talented! :)

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