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I Will Not Break

Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something different yet paranormal,and to bring some history into it,so This is what I came up with.Thank you sis.  « Hide author's note
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Rebonded tomy mate

Wind rushed past us as we flew through the sky, prickling my nose and images of Graves face flashed through my mind over and over, prevoking my need for him even more.
Anciously I rushed even faster careful of Beth holding onto me, her fear was taunting me but my need for Graves over powered her lovely fear. "What are you fearful of Human?" My hunger questioned.
She glanced at my face, then down at the ground causing another wave of fear to hit me... Tempting me. "It's
Sorry took so long.lol I am having computer dificultes. Let me know if you like:)
so-so far up," She stuttered as she eyed the distance between us and the ground.

My hunger chuckled at such a simple fear that tempted me but I struggled to ignore it and keep flying. Toward where my gut told me to... Closer to Graves.
The burning in my chest sparked even brighter the closer I get to him. My need begged me to hurry up and just get to him but I could only move so fast.

-Hurry you are almost there! You must feed soon so we may unite completely!- My hunger urged me further aware of my little control.
If Her fear rose anymore I would not be able to control myself... It is so tempting to just attack her and forget about him, but a aching to feed from him was so much easier to consintrate on. I could picture him in front of me as I fluttered my wings faster.

His eyes so dark and intense, His smile so dark and sexy, and his lips, oh his lips. Touching those lips and feeding from them was the most entoxicating thing to think about because I urged my need even more. I must feed soon.
-Do not torture yourself. It only makes it worse. Consitrate on the feel of flying, you will love it.-

Irritation tugged at the back of my mind from being so vonerable to this hunger but it was right, flying was amazing.
The wind sliding down your body as you slice through it,and hitting my newly wings sent shivers down my side but the adreneline from flying so high was amazing. My skin adjusted to the high alttitude rather fast so all I had to worry about was Beth.
She shivered against me and was on the verge of bursting into tears from fear.
"We are almost there,we shall be safe soon," I assured her of her safety, and flew a bit lower for to calm her a bit.
She nodded her head, and I was about to speak again but before I could my senses went all hay wirer. A whisling noice echoed in my ear,and I looked over my shoulder to see a red colors aproaching fast.

My instincts told me instantly it was a threat, putting my body into action mode.
I used my new wing muscles and slammed down on them sending us flying even faster and harder scaring the crap out of Beth.
Her screams pierced my new ears horrible but I did not slow down. The whisling got louder and louder even over Beths screaming But I could not slow down till the threat was iliminated or We reached Graves.
-Turn to the left! He is merely a block away! We must hurry the other acient is gaining speed!- My hunger rushed.

My new wing muscles ached along my chest from the closness to Graves but I pushed harder. We had to reach him! We must!
I used my muscles harder and faster, a feeling of determination flooding through my blood stream, and adrenline adding to my hurry.
"You can not out fly me Ember, I am more powerful than you until you feed. You must stop at once. You do not want to defy me!" Quinns furious voice carried through the wind to my ears, and angered my hunger even more.

-How dare he talk to us like that?! We are more powerful than him he does not control us! We are his leader! His master! Hurry to our mate so we may feed and put him in his place! GO!-My hungers plead sent messages all throughout my body awakening more strength and throwing me farther forward, and faster down to a fimiliar neighborhood... My home.
My home at ruins barely standing, Anguish seeped through my hunger and into my actions. I lost control and we slowd down about to crash into the earth.

My old instincts kicked into gear and I flipped my body putting me in between the earth and Beth to save her life.
I would survive. A part of me knew that.
"Ember we are going to die!" Beth screamed, her grip cutting the circulation to my hands.
Seconds later we hit the ground.
Pain irrupted all through out my body from my wings to my back, to my head.
A scream burst through me and echoed through the street.

Why people did not wake from their slumber I do not know but I felt as if I was dying.
"Ember?" Beth wimpered as she crawled off me and examined the damage done to us.
She was unscratched, I on the other hand was a bloody mess.
My wings were covered in blood oozing from my back and head,but my wings were not damaged some how to my relief.
I couldn't move a muscle. "Graves," I cried.

He is here somewhere. I know it! My chest burned from his closenes somewhere and my hunger was killing me.
Beth paniced and gripped my hand bawling and telling me he is not here, but I knew otherwise. He was.
"Find Graves, He is here. Beth please!" I pleaded with her.

Her frightened gaze searched mine for something,what I do not know but she must have been satisfied with what she saw because she was up, and running. "Graves!" She bellowed as she ran.
The pain running through me was behong comprehension. My eyes were Feeling heavy and I couldn't keep the opened.
Graves I need you.
I cried silently for him.

"Ember!" His paniced voice caused me to snapped my eyes open against their will and search him out.
He had been running at me and he collasped at my side with Beth following behind.
He lifted me off the ground against my cries of protest ,and positioned my wings so he could cradle me against his chest muttering words of apology, and love to me.
"Ember oh god Ember please forgive me I am so sorry I can't forgive myself for what I did to you. I can't live without you. I Need you don't die on me please!"He begged and begged.

Tears flooded down my face and against all the pain and the hunger I pulled his face to mine and I kissed him.
It wasn't a kiss of passion and lust, or even spite for that matter. It was a kiss of need and forgiveness.
We pulled away and he rested his head against mine staring into my eyes with fright and need.

He was scared for me. " Graves It's okay. I'll be fine. I am new. I will heal and be stronger than before. My hunger told me," I assured him and hugged tighter onto him.I felt like I never wanted to let go.

Shock formed onto Graves face, and he pulled away slightly to look at me better. His eyes searched mine, Wanting to understand, but my hunger was something only I could understand. Only I could feel and only I could control... If that was possible.
"Your hunger talks to you still? You aren't one?" Graves fear was imediete.

-Feed-My hunger urged. My eyes focused on Graves eyes wanting him to understand how much my hunger yearned for him right now. How much his fear radiated off of him like sweat. It was abvious the colors that shined around him was his fear I was seeing. I some how could feel it. The way the colors swirled around him taunting me, wanting me to taste. His fear smelled amazing. I need it.

The lust must have made it's way to my eyes because Graves saw it imedietly.
His eyes mimicked mine,and his gaze drifted down to my lips. My heartbeat was suprisingly steady but I was so nervous and shaky nothing could keep that from being noticeable. Especially to Graves. "You should be lost in power by now. We both should. Especially since Quinns made you feed," Graves muttered but he was lost in the lust.
This face leaned in closer to mine as if I was gravity pulling him in. Our lips found each other before I could come to my senses.
My chest burned, but it felt good,and Graves fear was completely gone, but my hunger was not.

He was filled with a much Better emotion that Smelled so much sweeter.Our lips moved with the others, and Graves carressed my face in his hands.His tongue darted out and teased my lip wanting access. I wimpered and granted him access,which he took emedietly, his tongue rubbing up against mine,and pulling my lip between his teeth. He ran his hands down my body,my pain slowly faiding some how. His hands rubbed my bare back cooling my burning skin. Then he ran one hand up to my neck trailing it down the front feeling every inch of my body.

That's When it sparked up. My hunger, my need. It burned. It Swirled around inside me like a volcanoe waiting to irrupted. A posessive urge within my hunger needed Graves more than ever. Graves was in my reach and I needed to be closer to him. I needed to make him mine!
Graves hands were rubbing up and down my body in a manner so much more tempting that I could not hold it in any longer.

"Graves I need to make you mine!" I breathed between kisses.
Something was different about Graves he pressed me tighter against his chest, and Kissed harder."Then do it.I cant live without you.I won't, and I want you as mine," He urged, and explored secret places under my torn shirt.
-Do it!- My hunger said excitedly.

I did not hesitate. My hunger took control and I let it loose.The hunger instincts knew what to do, and how to get it.
I pressed my lips even harder against his and used my lips to open his mouth completely to mine. My eyes were closed but I could see the The emotions boiling inside him. It was like a big red ball of fire bursting inside his soul.
My hunger leeched onto it and pulled.

At first I thought Graves would be mad or would struggle but the moment I started sucking the emotions from him it flared even brighter and he pressed harder against me. A growl rumbled deep in his throat and he pressed his lips deeper against mine urging me to feed more.
The more I took from him the more It flared up, and I sucked in more.

Something changed between us as I fed. His emotions became mine, and his pleasure mine. It was as if our original bond was formed again but twice as stronge and twice as hot. Now my hunger was more than just feeding, it was passion. I needed to feel more of him. I had made him mine as I fed. His emotions became mine, making me just as pleasured as him.

Above all my hunger suddenly changed. It wasn't as if the hunger was a voice in my head. It was as if It was my own concious now.
"No Ember!"Quinns voice shattered My need to feed and my fury burned.
Graves Gripped me tighter against his chest posessivly, and I broke away slightly to get a look at Quinn... The threat.
I broke away from Graves and he pulled me against his chest posessivly.

Quinn was in front of us now, but he was changes. His wings was so much like mine it scared me but his were a midnight black. His Skin was Smooth as a pearl and his eyes shined white. His Body language pointed out he was abviously Horrified of some sort and extremely pissed.
My hunger was warm and happy from finally feeding from my mate, and forming our bond. He was mine, no one could have him... But me. This Demon would not take him away from me either.

A inhuman Growl rumbled deep inside of me. It held the warning not to even think about separating us.
Quinn Glared at my growl and he sent a gush of wind at us with his powerful wings. The air felt cool against my skin but the threat was obvious in the gestur.
"Mine," I growled. Graves gripped me tighter in aproval but Quinn let out a roar of anger.

"No he is not! You are not his! We will break this bond like the last! You will make this bond with Rubin because I say so!You will obey me!"Quinn lifted himself a few feet in the air trying to show of his power but it was just pissing me off.

"Who the hell do you think you are? He is mine and he will stay mine! What right do you think you have to telling me what to do?" I snapped.Graves gripped loosened on me as I forced myself and him to stand. My wounds were healed from feeding off of Graves energy but my anger was beyond calm so Someone else was going to be in pain.
Quinn lowered himself to the ground and he stared me down before answering.
"I have right because I am your father."
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HarryPotterLover30 said...
Oct. 7, 2012 at 1:37 pm
Ohmydearsweetlord. Holy guacomole............... I"m about to die. This....... by FAR, is one of the best books I have EVER read, on TeenInk , or published in real life. I applade you. This is........ amazing. I am DEFINETLY going to look for the second one. and HELLS YEAH i'm going to spread the word of this story; because thsi story deserves some SERIOUS recognition. Amazing. I have NO crittisism.... well, maybe with a little editing on the spelling and  grammar errors, but those... (more »)
Dudet95 replied...
Oct. 8, 2012 at 11:18 am
Thank you so much:) I am in the process of editing all the errors now and that is why I have been taking so long to update the second. lol sorryXD
BlackRaven said...
Mar. 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm

Ru going to finish


BlackRaven said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 8:13 am

Please tell me your gonna finish it!!!Pleasssssssssseeee finish it!


BlackRaven said...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 8:06 am
ShayleeMar said...
Jan. 3, 2012 at 4:44 pm
OMGosh! So amazing!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! You have to finish it!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!! Oh, watch out for misspellings and word mixups. You would often say "to" when you meant "two". and you would put "strait" (which means narrow) when it should have been "straight". You also many times put "through" when it should have been "threw". I find that it helps to read through what I have written before posting.
BlackRaven replied...
Mar. 5, 2012 at 7:57 am
Most awesomest book ever!Danggirl YOU can write
livethelifeyouwanttolive said...
Oct. 21, 2011 at 11:10 am


It's AHMAZING!!! Please keep writing. You're very talented. <33

LazyBlueKitten said...
Sept. 12, 2011 at 7:50 pm
My gosh this is good. You're really talented! :)

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