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Slipping Away

Author's note: What inspired me to write this is that there are a lot of kids who have lost a parent in the war....  Show full author's note »
Author's note: What inspired me to write this is that there are a lot of kids who have lost a parent in the war. and they are left lost in a challenging world.  « Hide author's note
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Jesse Carter wasn’t your normal teenage boy. He didn’t go out and hang with his friends on the weekends. He didn’t care about anything or anybody. Well, not since his dad passed away. Jesse is the son of a fallen war hero. His father was Sergeant Major Tim Carter, or as he was known as in the marines, Vector. Tim and his unit were trapped behind enemy lines fighting for their lives waiting for the rescue chopper. They had been fighting for almost an hour before it finally got there. When it did, Tim gave his men the signal, and they fell back to the LZ. Tim stayed back and provided cover fire for his men. Once they got there, they yelled for him to hurry. He started running when out of the corner of his eye he say someone on the ridge 40 ft to his right. He turned and realized it was a man with an RPG. He radioed the pilot and told him to take off. The pilot told him that he wasn’t going to leave him behind. Tim said that there’s no other option. The pilot agreed and took flight. As the chopper rose, the man with RPG raised his weapon. Tim shot at him and barely missed, hitting the ridge right in front of the man. The shot surprised him and he fell back. The RPG flew into the sky wildly before hitting the ground and exploding two hundred yards away. The pilot flew off quickly into the distance. Tim started running back to the LZ trying to find more cover until he could figure out a plan. While he was running, he continued to fire at the militia. As he fired, someone he didn’t see before raised his weapon and fired. It hit Tim right in the heart. Tim’s family received the Medal of Honor award for his actions and self sacrifice.
Jesse was very close to his dad as a child. They used to play catch in the yard when his dad was home. And they would talk on video chat whenever his dad could get on. Jesse spent most of his time on the computer waiting for his dad to get on. Jesse used to be very outgoing and friendly. But he always had a bit of a dark side that showed. It was nothing bad really. But when his father died, Jesse’s dark side grew deeper and deeper. Soon Jesse began isolating himself in his room, away from the world, more specifically his old friends and his family. He barely talked to his mom. He only came out for dinner or for school. The rest of the time, he was in his room listening to music and writing in his journal that he kept. He never let anyone look in his journal, never let anyone in his room. Jesse started cutting himself to cope with the death of his dad. He got his ears and bottom lip pierced. He got a tattoo of his father’s name on his back. No one knew he had it. Now he is seventeen, and has saved up money ever since he was a little kid. Now he has saved over ten thousand dollars. He is waiting to turn eighteen so he can move out and get his own place. But for now, he continues his daily life.
Jesse was sitting in his room listening to music and was on his laptop. He was reading his emails when he came upon one that caught his eye. The email read that Jesse should come to 142 North Hindle Street. It didn’t say what it was for. But Jesse figured that it was probably nothing. He deleted it and continued reading through his emails. As he continued reading through them, he got a new message. Again it read that he should go to 142 North Hindle Street. Jesse was freaked out by the fact that he had just deleted this message, and not even 3 minutes later it was sent to him again. Jesse wrote down the address and logged off his computer.
Jesse grabbed his jacket, which was once his father’s military jacket, and went out the door.
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