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Don't Worry, I'm Still Here..

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My biggest regret…

I was hoping that my parents would get back together a few days after they divorced. But sadly, they both still really hated each other. And they just kept yelling the same things they had said before they divorced. But their next fight started with my dad walking in the room saying, “Man, I can’t wait to get as far away from you as possible.”
“I can’t believe you’re the man I fell in love with!” My mother would start out. “You’re just a selfish man that can’t even pay enough attention to his kids and even care enough that his own daughter just died!”
“I don’t care?! Listen to yourself, Carmon! You are at work twenty-four seven! You never have time for the kids! I never see you with them!”
“Gabriel! Do you even know that your son won his basketball game?! Do you even know that your daughter won a hundred and fifty dollars in her last poetry slam?!” She would scream. Before she said that, she acted like she was just thinking of something to yell back. Honestly, I think they are just being ridiculous. I could hardly even listen to this fight.
“Yes, Carmon! I do know that Carter won his basketball game and I do know that Amethyst won a hundred and fifty dollars in her poetry whatever thing!” Now he is screwed because he said “poetry whatever thing.”
“See, Gabriel. This is why we are divorcing. You can’t even keep a good fight going on! You don’t even know that dang name of your daughter’s POETRY SLAM!” My mother was now acting kind of like a jerk because she said “POETRY SLAM” really slowly for my dad to comprehend what she was saying.
“You know what, Carmon? I’m done. I’m done with this conversation. And you know what else?! I’m taking Carter with me! And we are going to move to Fairbanks, Alaska! My ex-girlfriend from Fairbanks and I have been talking for the past couple days and she said we could stay with her! At least she actually cares about me and loves kids! So say your last good-byes to him because we are leaving next week! Good-bye!” And then my dad stormed out of the house. I looked down the stairs to look at my mom. She was sitting on the couch crying telling herself that she can’t let me go. She was saying that she just lost her only daughter; she doesn’t want to lose her only son to a horrible man like him. So after that, I just decided to go back into my room and act like I was sleeping…
During the rest of the week that I was with my mother, I tried to spend as much time as I could with her before I actually moved with my dad. I could honestly say that I wasn’t excited to move. I was actually really upset because here in Michigan was where Amy and I had all our fun times together. And now that she is dead and we are moving to Alaska, there won’t be anything I had to remind me of her.
So the rest of the week, I had to pack up all the stuff that I wanted to take to Alaska with me and put them in boxes to be shipped out. I wrapped up all my breakable stuff and pretty much just stuffed them all into any box I could find. But while I was packing, I went into Amy’s room and took some of her stuff to take with me so that I wouldn’t ever forget her. I mean I knew I wouldn’t, but I just wanted some stuff that would make me think of her. So I wrap all of her stuff nice and carefully so that when I receive my boxes in Alaska, they won’t be broken or anything.
Today is the day that my father and I fly to our new town in Alaska. All my stuff was packed and already being shipped down there. My mother was still drowning in her own tears because she was so upset that I was leaving her. She was horribly angry with my father for taking me away from her, so she didn’t say one word to him. He tried talking to her just to make her feel worse, but she ignored him as much as she could and just kept whispering to me, “If he dares to hurt you in any way, shape, or form, you call 911 right away and then call me. I will come and pick you up and rescue from him.” I didn’t really know what to say or how to respond to that, but all I did was nod and look away so I maybe she would stop saying things like that.
On our flight to Alaska, I asked my dad why he wanted to move to Alaska instead of staying in Michigan where I could be closer to my mom.
“Hey, dad?” I started out. I sounded kind of upset, but only because I was. I really missed my mom and I had already missed Michigan.
“Yea, Carter?”
“Why are we staying with your ex-girlfriend? Why couldn’t have you bought another house in Michigan where I could stay closer to mom?”
“Because, son, I want you to get away from her. I don’t want anything bad happening to you, and I don’t want to take any chances with you staying with your mother.”
“I have another question.”
“Hit me.” Oh trust me, I kind of wanted to.
“Why have you been talking to your ex-girlfriend?”
“Well, we’ve been thinking about getting back together.”
“Oh…” I said sadly. The rest of the flight, I didn’t really want to talk. So I just turned around and tried to go to sleep. I just wanted to get my mind off of all this…
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