April 3, 2011
By FateshiddenWriter GOLD, williamsburg, Virginia
FateshiddenWriter GOLD, Williamsburg, Virginia
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if i were the rain could i ever merge with someones heart like the way rain merges with the sky and earth- BLEAH QUOTE



I stepped down from the edge with tears falling down from my green abnormal eyes. I couldn’t jump and even if I did it wouldn’t do me any good because death is my friend and we do not fear each other, in other words I cannot die. It was dark and cold when the world first saw me; at one look they all became afraid of me. I wasn’t even filled with power at birth it was just the sound of my name that made their human skin crawl, Allister (my name). It wasn’t depression that made me beg for death to hate me, it was the fact that he kept me alive for too long. I’ve seen too many things in this world and done so much. There isn’t anything that I haven’t felt, haven’t taste, haven’t seen, and haven’t touched that has been created. I remain young and dangerous while most grow old and weak, but they grow old with happiness and friends while I remain depressed and friendless. Allister, what is in my name that makes it so fearful?



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on Apr. 6 2011 at 5:10 pm
MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
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Usted es especial! AKWARD!!! (in an opera like voice), ohhh fasha', what the huh?,who in the name of what?, sanity now!

soooooooo WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?????????? COME ON FINISH IT!!!!!!!!!


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