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i am cathrina vardalos

March 22, 2011
By helen14 BRONZE, Concord, Massachusetts
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helen14 BRONZE, Concord, Massachusetts
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"i don't teach children to dance i give the joy."-isadora duncan

Dear Diary,
Am I really Catherina Vardolos? a perplexed Julia
Johnson asked herself, for the millionth time. Am I the crown princess of Greece? But then where’s
My boyfriend though mom already said I am betrothed Andrew the duke of Kent, I feel sad to leave my boyfriend behind julia\cathrina

Dear diary,
I’ve been thinking about my new home in Greece
But I haven’t much time for thinking for I have
Met Grand’Mere she will Giving me princess Lessons as well as taking me to Greece this summer this is a lot for a fifteen year old so-called princess to take in
Catherina v.
Dear diary,
Happy New Year
Grand’Mere had a New Years Eve feast and because the emperor and empress of Japa Were in town they of course were invited this was the first formal occasion I obviously though heels because it was formal but grandmere insisted that I wear flats because she said :”it is rude to be taller then an emperor.”
I have the best news it turns out I will not have to bring my hideous school uniform To Greece but wear my after school clothes for the flight
And then get custom made clothes made by Vera Wang herself!
She also mentioned my own private suite in the Palace in Athens she said as the crown princess of Greece I can only have the best from 100% Tibetan silks sheets to a four poster canopy made of Indian silk chiffon.
Catherina vardolos

dear diary,
i am on the plane to Greece with my new papillon, cocoa i can hardly wait.
an exited Catharina vardalos

dear mom, 12\26\011
i just got of the plane & i can't believe that i am in greece! and the press is following me everywhere! a limo with two little greek flags on it picked up at airport with two police cars around the limo and there autograph hunters and reporters, all around me. but thanks to the police men and straight after that we met up with vera wang and Sadie spika ( the designer all the awesome singers and movie stars go to go to for clothes)
grand'mere explained that sandie was here to design my wedding gown and jewelry vera wang for everything else i asked sandie if you make it like one taylor swift wore in love story's music video but in silver and gray blue for to replace gold and pure white instead off white and by the way could you come? love,
your daughter,
cathrina vardolos

dear cathrina, 12\28\11
the wedding dress sounds lovely, i can't wait to go to the wedding. how is coco? do you like the palace? how is grand'mere? sorry i didn't tell you earlier about the whole princess thing.
you're mother,
Amelia Johnson

dear mom,
the palace is wonderful and so is my fiance. cocoa chased grand'mere's white persian cat, snow queen, right when we got out of the limo cocoa loves the palace and almost everyone (including andrew) but of course except snow queen. i can't wait for the wedding i love my suite it is beautiful. I didn't have time to write in dad"s diary because i have been writing to you! so instead i will try in finding time
to call when you won't be busy hope to talk to you soon cathrina vardolos

dear cathrina 1\3\012
i hope you have are having a a great time greece, do you like andrew? here some good times to call:
three o'clock p.m. our time
4:30 our time
and right before you go to bed our time which was 9:00
thanks keeping in touch ,
amelia johnson


dear diary,
i can't believe it's been a month and three weeks since i wrote to you last that is because have not had minute to myself for 7 weeks! that i had i spent writing letters to mom. anyways, oh nearly forgot that it is 16th birthday today! and since my betrothal was when i was a baby i didn't get a ring until today now i am truly engaged! hard to imagine getting engaged at sixteen betrothed as a baby!
thought at, least andrew remembers it because i didn't and besides andrew and i are only 2 years and 11 months apart anyways, here's how my birthday went so far
8:30 wake get dressed
8:30-9:00 break call-mom
9:00-12:00 wedding dress+outfit fittings with sandie\vera
12:00-1:00 lunch with greek olive growing society
1-3 visit mainland the greek public schools
3-3:30 public outing with andrew but of course grandmere insisted that for all public outings i must have a body-guard
3:30-4:30 parade in athens
4:30-5:30 call mom| write in diary
cathrina vardolos

later that day
dear diary
here is how I
spent the rest my birthday
5:30 - 6:00 early dinner with greek government officials
6:00-9:00 a royal birthday party
good night,love, me cathrina vardolos

ten days later
dear diary
i cannot wait for the wedding\coration in april
andrew is a wonderful friend, even after only ten days of being sixteen am already starting to look gorgeous my usually brown mop of ultra curly hair has been starting to get lighter. almost 10X every day since it's change color my eyes look more beautiful then before( since it is used to be brown which clashes with green eyes)
a proud cathrina vardolos

guess who? cathrina vardolos. that's who!
andrew and i are becoming really close
now it is not as hard to picture him as my husband he seems like the sort of guy i like to be around
a content cathrina vardolos

5 days later
dear mom, the preparations for the wedding have begun
i have been picking out flowers for my bouquet turns out my dad's youngest brother has a six year old daughter a perfect flower girl her older brother (who is seven) will act as the ring bearer my cake is a 4 tier, white with white chocolate chips, with pink rose buds all over cake,
love cathrina
dear cathrina,
i am so exited for you! thank yo so much for inviting me! but keep the rest a surprise for my sake.
Amelia johnsondear diary,

i just received two tiaras that were attached by a strip sliver brocade
when i asked sandie why there was two and not one she told me this:"in greek weddings the bride and the groom both wear crowns because the switch them then switch them back though they always have a ribbon attaching the two" by the way my wedding dress is done
cathrina vardolos

dear diary, i just received a wedding present from vera wang! a new perfume bottle the front had my name in cursive
really, truly,
bride to-be' dream
from a thankful cathrina vardolos

2 days until the wedding!""
sandie gave me her gift she got the original hairstylist from love story's music video to do my wedding do and the test run and real thing he said it could work for both wedding and the coration!
catrina vardolos

dear diary,
1 more day untill the wedding!!””
andrew gave me a bridal gift
today, a pair of white pantet leather heels
sandal style with diamond buckles
cathrina vardolos

The author's comments:
epiclogque; cathrina grew up to be the world’s most beutiful monarch and best country leader since cathrine the great she had 2 children her husband andrew died in a car acecident 20 years after the wedding while she and her 2 children and her nephew & niece were in paris on vacation and rreging for 50 more years

dear diary, today’s the day
after today i won’t be a princess anymore but a queen
as i walked down the asile i had butterflies in my stomach
i felt As though i was hit by a meteorite as the pope pronouced us husband and wife i was happpeir then i had ever been cathrina v.
21 days later
dear diary time for the coration
when the pope placed the crown
on my head was so happy
i could burst
cathrina vardolos

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on Mar. 27 2011 at 5:42 pm
stellabella21 BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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This is good but it seems a lot like the princess diary books. It also seems to go very fast for a complicated storyline. Its really good keep writing!