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Freshman Year

March 18, 2011
By BRONZE, Basking ridge, New Jersey
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I never thought high school was going to be this hard. Everyone always said, “You will get used to it.” That is the worst advice I ever heard. I wanted to know what it was like walking though the halls on the first day, breathing in the sense of growing up. “Getting used to it.” That’s the future, not now. I wanted to know the feeling of all of it from the beginning. As I hobbled down the stairs on Monday morning, my first day of high school, I found my sister talking on her phone eating breakfast. My own sister wouldn’t even tell me what it felt like on your first day of high school and she was a junior. I neatly sat down on the island counter top trying not to ruin my new black skirt I bought for my first day. My sister, Kimberly, kept talking away on her phone like I wasn’t even there. Times like this make me want to have a kinder, caring sister. When she finally put her phone down she looked over at me, I thought I would see a smile on her face, but instead I saw a giant frown. “Thanks a lot, Kit.” I just looked at her, and then decided to go back to eating because I didn’t feel like dealing with her on the first day of school; I had enough to deal with. “Kit, I am talking to you. You don’t even know how annoyed I am that we are going to the same school.” I still paid no attention to her. Finally as the amazing sister she is, she took my glass of milk and dumped it on my head. “Kimberly! What did you do?! This is my brand new outfit!” I decided if she wanted to play this way then fine, I let my anger pour all over her as I dumped her glass of orange juice onto her brand new outfit as well. The next thing I knew there was a massive food fight going on in our kitchen. All the sudden the lights went off and it was quiet. My father and mother were standing in the doorway, watching. They didn’t even bother to stop us. I got up and looked in the mirror that was hanging on the door to the den. I was covered in milk, water, cereal, and eggs from head to toe. My brand new outfit ruined after only wearing it for 10 minutes. “Kit, do you have anything you would like to say?” I heard my father’s voice but I was still in shock, so no words came out. “Nice going Kit, you got me and my outfit looking like you now. I am going to change, you can take the bus.” Kimberly walked towards the stairs, still keeping her head held high like nothing happened. “Not so fast missy, you both are going to clean up this mess, put on new clothes, and then Kimberly, you are going to drive your sister to school. Not just for today, but for the rest of this year.” My mother handed us both mops and followed my father out of the room. I turned to my sister, who looked like she was about to cry. Since we only had a half an hour till school started I got to work. “Don’t cry over spilled milk.” I told my sister with a half smile as she picked up the mop and got to work right along side up.

After I finished cleaning the kitchen I went back upstairs and tried to find another outfit to wear. I only had 5 minutes until I had to meet Kimberly outside. I could hear her talking on the phone in her room next door. “I know! She is so annoying! I can’t- I know! What are you wearing today? You’re honestly going to wear that? What am I going to wear, well you just have to wait and see! See you soon!” I rolled my eyes as I walked over to my full length mirror to check out my new outfit. It’s not the best I ever worn, but for my first day of high school, it’s good enough. Black boots, with a not so new black skirt, and a bright blue top. I grabbed my bag off my chair and headed into Kimberly’s room. My mouth dropped opened as I saw what she was wearing. It was even better than her first outfit. She was wearing a pale rose top, with skinny jeans and dark pink sandals. Only my sister would also have a matching dark pink bag. Kimberly was the kind of sister that had the fashion sense and not the brains. We are total opposites, and everyone knew it. While I get the A’s, Kimberly gets the newest Coach bag in the store. “What are you looking at? Are you ready or not?” She snapped at me, losing my train of thought. “Yeah, sure let’s go.” Kimberly walked past me and headed out to the car. With my head hanging low I followed her; I just wanted to make it though his day without any headaches or disasters. I climbed into her BMW and shut the door. The clock said 8:20am. Only 10 minutes until school started. “We need to pick up some friends on the way, I’ll have you at school by 8:30 so don’t worry.” She covered her eyes with her brand new Gucci sunglasses, and sped around our driveway and through the gate onto the main road. I thought today was going to be easy, no problems. I was going to be invisible, but with a sister like this it’s hard to do.

I walked into school with the bell ringing in my ear. I ran to my 1st period class. I could see the door open, the light shining out. I came to a stop and straighten out of outfit. I walked into the classroom; all the eyes were on me. “Hi there. I am Kit Page. Sorry I am late, I didn’t mean to. My sister and her friends were just…never mind. It will never happen again.” I smiled the best smile I could handle. My 1st period teacher, Ms. Bennington, sighed and pointed to the seat that was in the back of the classroom. “Kit, it’s alright. I know your sister, so I know how she can get off track. Yes, off track is a good word for her.” She turned back to the class as I took my seat. I looked around to see if I could find any of my friends. I saw Ashley, Jen, and Rebecca sitting all around the room, spread out. Ashley and I have been friends since pre-k. I sometimes wished she was my sister. We hung out all the time, and did everything together. Jen and Rebecca are also my best friends, but I haven’t seen them since graduation last spring. They spent the whole summer in London, working at this international summer camp. I focused my attention back on Ms. Bennington. “Welcome to freshman study hall. This is the best class to have as your morning class.” Ms. Bennington walked around to her desk and took a seat. She started calling out names. The class was small, and I knew most of the other students. “Sally Abe, Johnny Blake, Jake Keller, Jen Kobe, Michel Lange, Rebecca Log, Nick MacWater, Ashley Mask, Ned Mathis, Kit Page, Ben Pitter, Oliver Quest, Kate Reed, and Chris Zap. I think that’s everyone.” I looked around and saw the many other faces looking around too. For the next 4 years, these people were going to be my friends or my enemy.

“Ugh, I can’t believe its already 6th period. Our first day is already over with.” Jen said as we ate lunch. All of the freshmen get to have lunch together, to make it easier on us to not mix with the upperclassmen. “Jen, we still have 7th period left. Any lucky me, that’s my honors world history class. My morning is easy, with study hall then gym then Latin then English. Then 5th and 8th are the hardest. Who ever made my schedule does not like me, that’s for sure.” I said with a laugh. We continued to eat and talk about our day. We only had study hall and lunch together as a group. The bell rang and we gathered our bags and headed to our next class. When I was turning the corner into the 200 wing I found my sister waiting outside my classroom. I strolled over to her, “Hey sis, how was your first day of school?” I stared at her in total amazing. “What I can’t ask my baby sister how her first day of school was?” The bell rang and I walked passed her and into my classroom. “Kit, I am being nice, just like mom wanted me too.” She followed me into the class. “Kimberly, what in the world are you doing in this class. It is for freshman only. The key word being freshman, not juniors.” As I took my seat I found Kimberly sitting in the chair next to the teacher’s desk. “Hello fellow learners! I am your teacher, Mrs. Charlie! Welcome to Honors World History, this class will help you for the rest of your lives. I would also like to introduce Kimberly Pa-” she stopped halfway through my sister’s name. “Look who we have here. Kimberly’s sister Kit! The Page sister’s in the same class!” I found ever-single pair of eyes on me. I waved to the teacher, and slid deeper into my chair. “Anyway, Kimberly is going to be my assistant. Help pass out papers, grade quizzes, and help teach. This year we are going to be learning about world history. We are going to take a time period and study it for one month. In that month we are going to see what it was like in different countries from all around the world. There are going to be doing lots of projects, little tests, and much fun! Any questions?” Mrs. Charlie cleared her voice and started to pass out papers. Kimberly got up from her chair and grabbed the papers out of Mrs. Charlie’s hand. “Let me, I am here to help.” Mrs. Charlie giggled with delight. “This is going to be a wonderful school year, don’t you think?” The class nodded with agreement, but I didn’t agree. A year in a class with my sister. What can get better than that?

The last bell of the day rang, as I was getting ready for tennis. The tryouts for the season were two weeks ago and I had made the junior varsity team. Only myself and two other freshmen were on the team, so this was a big accomplishment for me. My whole family was proud of me, well not my whole family. As I gathered my bags I found my teammates outside by the courts. Jen Kobe was also on the junior varsity team with me, along with April Tart. There were also 5 sophomores and 3 juniors. We played only doubles, 5 teams of doubles and one extra player. April was going to be the extra player, while me and Jen were going to be the 5th doubles team. When Jen and I were warming up, I saw the cheerleaders walk by. “Go Tennis! Yeah!” Jen and I rolled our eyes, but near the end of the pack I saw my sister. The one and only varsity cheerleader captain. This was her first year being captain; she wasn’t the real captain though, she was the co-captain. She got to be the coach of the freshmen team. She was going to lead them through all the practices, the games, and as she says “Freshmen Cheer Champs.” I turned my eyes back to the court, just in time. Jen hit the ball back over to my side. I smacked it right back, with only seconds to spare. After warming up, we gathered around the coach. “Good afternoon girls. I hoped you all had a great first day of school. We have a busy season this year. We have 24 games, the most games we ever had in one season. If we have a lot of games, that also means we are going to have a lot of practices. Practices are going to be Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. From 2:30 until 5:00. I would make sure you all are ready and come prepared. Let’s start with some drills.” The coach went and talked to some girls as Jen and I hit the court again. We kept hitting the balls back and forth trying to get the perfect shot. Since today was out first practice we got out by 4:00pm. We gathered out bags and headed to the parking lot. Jen, April, and I were the only ones left. I tried to call Kimberly, but she didn’t answer. After a few minutes April was picked up. As she climbed into the Volvo she turned around. “You guys want a ride home? It’s almost 4:45, it’s getting late.” Jen and I looked at each other and shrugged. “I guess, since my sister was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago to pick us up.” We climbed into the back of the car. I called my sister one more time, but she didn’t answer. I gave Mrs. Tart the directions to my house. Jen and I said thanks and both descended out of the car. Jen was dropped off at my house and I walked her across the street to her house. “See you tomorrow and I am sorry my sister never picked us up. I guess her cheerleading went over time.” I smiled. Jen just pointed to my house. As I turned around I saw my sister getting out of her car with one of her friends. “Jen, I should go. I really need to talk to her.” Jen nodded and we said we would meet tomorrow at the library.

After I got home I did most of my homework, which only was getting papers signed and writing about my family and myself. The teachers wanted to understand us better, have the class become a whole. The teachers want to be our best friends. They can try to understand us, but it won’t work. They have to remember they are the ones who make the decision of giving us A’s or D’s. I came downstairs about an hour later and I saw that my parents still were not home. My sister and her friend, Spencer, were eating a pizza. I grabbed a slice and went back upstairs. As I was getting the pizza, I overheard the conversation that they were having. “Yeah, having only 6 classes is amazing. And two of those classes are gym and lunch! This year is totally going to be great.” Spencer nodded and just kept listening to my sister, like she is the best thing going. When I finally reached my room I forgot to grab a napkin. When I was turning the corner I heard my sister talking. “The only downside of my amazing year is my sister.” She lowered her voice. “I need to find someone else to take my sister to school. Then I need someone to take her home! I have my own life too. I can’t be driving her around all day, like her personal driver. What’s next? My mother makes me take her to parties!” Spencer laughed and said something I never expected. “Just tell your mother your driving her to school. But then don’t let her get into the car. Or just drive her around the block, kick her out and drive away!” They both laughed and went back to thinking of more ideas to get rid of me. Too bad these girls were not smart enough because I heard every detail. If my sister wanted war, then she got it.

When I came downstairs the next morning I saw that Spencer was still here. She was eating breakfast and flipping though a magazine. I put on my best fake smile and decided to play nice. “Hi there Spencer! Did you spend the night? Or just love this house so much you drove all the way over?” Spencer kept flipping though the magazine. “I spent the night. I was going to walk home but your mother said I shouldn’t because it was almost midnight. I just borrowed your sister’s things. Anyway Kit, you know I can’t drive… remember?” Oh, yes how could I forget? Spencer had got her car taken away. She had a few many speeding tickets and her parents didn’t like that, so for junior year she doesn’t get her car. “Oh sorry Spencer I forgot. So our we giving you a ride today?” This really got Spencer’s attention. “We? Since when did you and your sister become a ‘we’ thing? It’s her car, and she picks who rides in it.” I did feel sorry for Spencer in a way. She was just following my sister around like a lost puppy. “This morning I got up early and had a chat with my mother. I told her that Kimberly wasn’t treating me nice at school or the car ride. That she made me sit in the trunk while her friends all sit in the front. That’s why Kimberly and my mother are now upstairs talking. This is what happens when you talk too loudly and everyone in the whole house can hear you.” I knew I had won this battle. Spencer got up and ran up the stairs. I heard her knock on a door and then another door. Then I heard silence. Spencer came running back down with her bag. “I am going to walk to school. Tell your mother thanks for breakfast.” She darted out of the back door. I decided I needed to conclude this victory with a full-size breakfast, because I still had the worst part of the battle ahead of me.

7:25am. The clock had told me I had another 35 minutes until I had to meet Kimberly in the car. Spencer left about 15 minutes ago and still no sound from either Kimberly or my mother. I wondered the possibilities of her punishment. I knew that everything I told my mother was only half true, but Kimberly needed to stop treating me like a 2 year old. I placed my ready bag next to the door then sat down in the study and turned on the television. The clock chimed 8:00am. Kimberly and I had to leave within the next 5 minutes or we would be late to school. Deciding to wander upstairs to see what they were talking about I knocked on the door. I heard small whispers coming from inside. I pushed open the door, “Mom, can I have Jen’s sister, MaryAnn, give me a ride to school. I have 20 minutes to get to first period.” My mother came out of the sitting area with a box of tissues in hand, still in her sweats from the night before. “Sure honey. Will you mind telling Mr. Lexus that your sister will be showing up to school late today?” I stared at the tissue box, then at her. Then at the tissue box. “Uh… I don’t know any-” I began telling her. “Well, just do it. Your sister needs me right now. Hurry, your going to be late.” She walk into the study shut the door, leaving me with thoughts swirling around in my head.

I told Jen the whole story on the car ride to school. Her mouth was open in astonishment. MaryAnn pulled in to the school parking lot. Everyone got out in the front, and Jen and I climbed out the trunk. We ran to first period just in time. Ashley and Rebecca saved us each a seat. I sit down behind Ashley and Jen sits down behind Rebecca as the teacher took attendance. I told Ash and Rebecca the story of my wonderful morning. When I got to the part of my mother blowing me off and not caring how I got to school, I forgot to remember to go talk to Mr. Lexus. Ms. Bennington was graded papers at her desk when I walk up. “Hi honey, what can I do for you?” Her hair was bright yellow tied up in a tight ponytail. The dress was a bright pink with yellow pot-a-dots. And her smile looked like a million diamonds after getting polish. I smiled at the thought of her with a million diamonds in her mouth. “Kit, you in there?” I realized I was dazing off and I came back down to earth. “Oh, sorry. My sister isn’t feeling well, so my mother told me to go see someone name… Mr. Lexus?” Ms. Bennington grabbed her cell phone. “Honey let me call Mr. Lexus for you. He should be in his office. If not you can wait there. He has an assistant who is always there.” After Ms. Bennington had a nice long chat with Mr. Lexus she sent me on my way. “Down the hall. Then take a left at the stairs. Then you’re in another hallway. Go left, then right. Oh, never mind go left again, not right. And there you are. I don’t know the room number, but you should find it.” I replayed the conversation in my head again. I came to a door finally after making 20 wrong turns. MR. LEXUS (the helper, not the car dealership!) I open the door to find a bight blue office. There was a small desk in front of me with a guy sitting there reading a magazine. He looked up and smiled. His smile looked very familiar, so did his sandy blonde hair. I heard him say something but I was too busy staring to understand. He took out a blow horn and the sound was deathly. “What’s your problem?” I snapped back in reality only to realize I said the most embarrassing thing. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. I guess I just was dazing-” Laughing. All I heard was laughing in my face. “Girl, chill. It was wrong of me to do. My apologies.” I started laughing too. “Anyway what do you need help with? Mr. Lexus hasn’t gotten in to work yet, but you can hang here until he does.” He walked around the desk and over to me. I was standing within inches of him. He grabbed a chair and placed it at my feet. I sat down looking at him across the desk. He went back to his magazine. I got out my phone, even though we are not supposed to have them out in school and text my mother.
‘I am in Mr. Lexus’s office.”
“Girl, no phones in school. Do you want to get in trouble?” I thought he was for real, but a smile creped onto his face. “That wasn’t funny! I thought you were going to tell on me!” I laughed too. I stared at him waiting for him to respond, but he sighed and went back to reading the magazine. “What’s your name? What grade are you in? Do you even go to school here?” So many questions flew out of my mouth at once. I slapped my mouth with my hand, trying to stop the talking. He laughed some more, and I giggled at my stupid mistake. I tend to speak before I think when I meet a new guy. “My name is Chase. Yes, I do go to this school. I work here first period because normally it’s my study hall. I was able to switch out and work here for some community service time. My mother got me the job.” The only grades that have first period study hall are the freshman and the seniors. “You’re a senior? That’s cool. I didn’t know they needed community service hours. I thought only the freshman and sophomores needed hours.” This time he laughed really hard. I thought he was going to fall out of his chair. “I am a freshman. Do I really look that old?” I thought I was going to melt through the chair and onto the floor. “Now I have some questions for you. Please state your name and grade.” I sat up straighter and spoke loud and clear. “Kit Page. Freshman.” I laughed at how funny I sound, trying to act all grown up. His mouth drop to the floor. “I heard of you, well of your sister. Kimberly, right? Isn’t she a junior or something?” Now he was the one asking all the questions. “Yeah that’s my sister. How do you..?” He flipped open his laptop and started typing away. “Your sister came in here yesterday. About this time and was talking to Mr. Lexus. Apparently she and Mr. Lexus talk at least twice a week. I just meet her, but she seems nice and all. I asked around and heard she is friends with pretty much everyone in the school. She even invited me to a party this weekend. At your house.” He didn’t glance up to look at me once. “Okay…. I know of no such party. Kimberly might be this big shot in the school, but I am nothing like her. I honestly don’t care about her and what she even says.” He looked up really quick and went back to typing. “She can’t be that bad. She seemed so nice yesterday!” Pff. My sister nice? “Anyway what class are you in right now?” He can change the subject all he wants, but I still couldn’t believe he thought my sister was nice. I decided to play along. “Study with Ms. Bennington. Trust me you are so lucky you’re not in that class anymore. She is like a ray of sunshine.” He looked up. The smile that was once on his face turned into a frown. “Kit, maybe I should have told you. My name is Chase Bennington.” With those words I reached over the desk and shut the laptop on his fingers.

After Mr. Lexus walked into the office I had a small conversation with him and left. On the way out I didn’t dare look at Chase. Mr. Lexus told me he was going to call my mother later in the day and get my sister her homework. I was still in a daze when I walked by into my class. “Did you get to talk to Mr. Lexus?” I nodded and just keep walking to my seat. My friends noticed I had a puzzling look on my face. “Are you okay?” I nodded. I went back to listening to music. After class I was walking down the hallway on my way to gym. I hit so many people I didn’t even bother saying sorry. I found myself lost in my thoughts. Parent…son…? Crazy teacher…amazing son? As I entered the locker room I saw Sally Abe waiting there tapping her foot. When she saw me she smiled her fake smile I know or so well from last year when she was running for school president. Too bad she lost and Rebecca won. “Kit! I have been waiting here forever! Here.” With that she handed me the note and walked away.
Kit, are you okay? You didn’t seem well after you came back from wherever you went. What did you find out? Let’s talk about it at lunch.
Ashley is such a good friend! I felt a little better now. I decided it wasn’t a big deal. It was like simple math. Anyway, I wasn’t going to see him again. Only if my sister doesn’t come to school and that never happens. The queen bee can’t be away from her kingdom too long. When I entered the gym I found April Tart was warming up for a game of dodge ball. I went over to join her. Our gym was rather small, and the class was even smaller. 12 girls and 10 guys that was it. “Ladies and gentlemen listen up! I have made up the teams for today! The list is hanging over there on the wall. Blue team on that side and orange team on that side. Get your shirts and let’s play!” Coach Sunni yelled. I read the list of my teammates.
Blue Team: April tart, Kit Page, Jack Tut, Percy smith, Anna flowers, Matt Black, Bob Roberts, Marcus Corn, Tori Story, Peter Ki, and Chase Bennington.
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I look around the room looking for Chase. I found him wearing a blue shirt and talking to Matt and Percy. Bob was talking to April and Tori while Marcus was keeping his arm around Anna, his girlfriend, and talking to Peter and Jack. The whistle blew in my ear. “GET TO YOUR SIDE MISS PAGE!” I hurried over to my teammates. I saw him staring at me, and then he quickly turned his head away. I didn’t want to face him after I made fun of his mother, shut the computer on his fingers and left without saying goodbye. The game began and red balls were flying all over the place. Within a minute Marcus and Anna were out and hugging on the side lines. Our team was already down by two players while the orange team was still going strong. After a few minutes I was still in the game throwing balls side by side with April. Tori had already gotten out. So did two of the guys. I looked around to find Chase, but when I turned my head to the other side behind me there he was smiling. “Kit, I am sorry I didn’t tell you my mother was a teacher. I am not mad at you; she is a little crazy sometimes.” A ball came flying right towards my face. Chase jumped in front of me and caught it. “Thanks. Are you sure you’re not mad at me? It was pretty mean what I said about your mother.” Another ball came in my direction, but it hit April. I saw that Chase and I were the last two left on our team. The other team still had three people, all guys. Chase picked a ball up and thrust it over and knocked out a player. Another ball came towards me, but I caught it. The force of the ball made me land on my butt. As I was getting up a ball was about to hit me, but Chase jumped in front of it. He didn’t catch it. Instead he let it hit him. He landed next to me. “I’m not mad. Can we talk after class?” He walked over to the side lines. It was now a one on one game. The guy from the other side threw the ball right at my face. I got ready and I caught it. We had won the game. As our prize we didn’t have to clean up. We could head straight to the locker rooms. When I was finished getting dress Tori came over to me. “Who was that cute guy you were talking to?” I smiled and told her the story of how he is Ms. Bennington’s son. I left her with the same thoughts I had when I found out. I pushed open the door to the hallway and found Chase waiting there, ready to talk.

Since we won at dodge ball we had got dress early and still had four minutes until the bell was going to ring. I didn’t know what to say, and by the looks of it neither did Chase. We walk down the hallway in silence for a few moments waiting for the other one to day something. “Look Kit, I knew you didn’t know my mother was you know, so I am not mad. I would have down the same thing. I mean who wears a bright colored dress to work anyway?” I wanted to smile, but I still had the same feeling inside of me for making fun of his mother. “Are you okay? You could answer me, so I know you’re not angry at me.” “I am not angry at you. I am angry at myself for just saying cruel things about someone behind their back. It’s not like me.” Chase was laughing at me, like I was the funniest thing on the planet. “What about your sister? You were saying nasty things about her.” He had me there. I know I say mean things about Kimberly all the time, but that’s different. I know her and it’s this whole hate-love thing we have going on. It was time to drop the subject. “So Chase, you know about me. What should I know about you?” The bell rang in my ear and the vibrations echoed throughout my body. “How about I tell you later. Maybe we can talk afterschool?” I swear that my heart melted onto the floor. How could I answer that wonderful question? All I did was nod and watched as he walk down the hall and turn the corner. I floated into my classroom and took my seat. The rest of the day was a blur, classes were normal as they could be for the second day of school. When lunch finally rolled around I sat down at our table. I didn’t feel like touching my food, so I just waited until my friends came to the table so I could tell them the great news! Ashley strolled in the café, scanned the room and ran over to me. “Kit are you okay? Did you get my letter?” She scooted her chair closer to me, wanting to know everything. “Ash I got the best news ever. I am fine I was just a little shocked when I came back from this teacher’s office.” I told her the whole story. Every little detail that could only make it a more interesting story. When I finished up my story Ashley jumped up and down in her seat. “Kit that’s amazing. You were so worried about your sister, but now you have something to look forward to!” With her words I was now feeling better about everything. I thought my sister was going to ruin everything just because we were now in the same school, but with my friends by my side everything was going to be better now.

Since it was raining after school tennis was cancelled. Jen went home with her sister and Ashley and Rebecca went to go see a movie. I tried to find Chase, but I figured he forgot about talking after school. Feeling disappointed I thought I should start catching up on some homework. For the second day the homework was piling up. With Kimberly not here to drive me home and there was no bus for me to take I went to the school library until someone could pick me up. Our school library is huge, filled with books, computers, and posters of famous authors. I found a pleasant seat in the corner and wiped out my history textbook. After finishing my history, Latin, and English homework I called it quits. There were only two other students in the whole place, a girl and guy sitting at a table sharing a book. As I headed out the door I took out my phone and called my mother and father. Neither answered, so I decided to hike the walk home. When I got to the front door it had stop raining. Walking down the pathway to the main road I heard a car pull up behind me. It was a red Jetta, with the driver window rolled down. “Miss. Page! What on Earth are you doing? Are you… walking home?!” I turned to see the one and only Ms. Bennington. Not even was her personality bright, but so was her car. In the passenger seat was Chase, with a friendly smile like he never met me before. “I…uh. Yeah my sister drives me home, but since she didn’t go to school today I don’t have a ride.” “I heard click clank click. “Honey get in the car! I will drive you home!” I tried to protest about getting in a car with my teacher whom I only known for two days, but I was too tired. I buckled my seat belt as Ms. Bennington drove down the school driveway. “Kit you met my son Chase, right? Was he in Mr. Lexus’s office when you went down there this morning?” Chase turned around in his seat, smiled and turned back around. “Yeah, we meet in Mr. Lexus’s office and then again in gym class. I also learned that Kit is in your study hall class, mother.” Ms. Bennington came to a stop then rounded the corner into my street. The guard at the guardhouse asked for my name and we continued down the road. “That’s right, Chase! I have Kit for study hall and then I also have Kimberly for American Literature. Enough about school, Kit how is your sister doing?” I still had my eyes locked on Chase, but I came back into reality. “Oh, my sister is just fine. We got into a fight and she was too upset to come to come to school. She will be back tomorrow, don’t worry. I spotted my house and told Ms. Bennington to pull into my driveway. “Thank you so much for driving me.” As I shut the door Chase came running up beside me. “Your house is sweet. I never thought you be a….” “Rich girl? Yeah I get that a lot. People look at my sister, her clothes, and her car. Then they look at me and see plain and simple.” I glanced down at my outfit. Jeans, flip-flops, and a flowered tank top. My bag was Coach but big deal. “Sorry I didn’t mean it that way. I told my mother I was walking you to the door because Mr. Lexus has a message for your sister.” I raised my eyebrow. “What’s the message? ‘Feel better! Everyone misses you!’” He laughed, what an amazing laugh it was. “I will tell you a secret, there is no message. I just wanted to talk to you,” We reached the front door and I fumbled in my bag for my keys. “Drop your bag.” I shot my head up at him. “Excuse me?” “Drop your bag, then I will help you pick it up. More time to talk.” I continued looking for my keys and when I found them my bag ‘fell’ over and all my books came out all over the front step. We both started picking up books, but when we reached for my history book our hands touched. I pulled back quickly and went to open the door. Chase was still holding my books so I let him inside too. “More time to talk, I was right wasn’t I?” “Oh don’t act so smart. I didn’t mean to drop my bag it just happened.” I threw down my bag on the table near the door and Chase placed my books on the floor. “Anyone home?” I called in my house, but no one seemed to answer. I looked around at Chase who was still standing in my house. The door was still open and I could see Ms. Bennington’s Jetta parked in the driveway. “Chase maybe you should go. Your mother is waiting and I have to find out where my family is.” Chase’s expression changed into more of a sad puppy dog. “Your right, see you tomorrow. Make sure you don’t drop your bag again. I would hate it if you lost your history book.” With that he walked out of my house and shut the door behind him. I didn’t understand what he meant by losing my history book. I went over to the pile he left on the floor of all my books. When I started placing them back into my bag I noticed a piece of paper sticking out of my history book.
Library. 8o’clock. Can’t wait, Chase.
I found my iPhone in my back pocket and called Ashley right away. This was a problem.

After an hour on the phone with Ashley we still had no idea how to face this problem. Oh, I could face the problem because that problem was my sister. She was the one who caused this mess. Let me go back in time. When my dear sister, Kimberly, was a freshman she was dating Johnny Anderson. Now there is no problem with that, but when Kimberly dumped him after dating for four months Johnny felt like he couldn’t go back to school. The even bigger problem was that Johnny’s father was a teacher at the school. Johnny wanted to switch schools because he never wanted to see Kimberly again. Mr. Anderson was so furious that the school and him made it a policy that no student could date a teacher’s child that attends school together. Overall it was Kimberly’s fault because she didn’t care about the guy’s feelings. Johnny ended up going to a new school and now he never has to see Kimberly again. Even after two years the policy is still in affect because it’s better for everyone. I disagree. It’s not like I really like Chase, I just met him, but you never know where these things lead. Ashley said I was over reacting and that Chase probably meant nothing by the note, but again I disagree. When I was off the phone I ordered Chinese for my family, finished my homework and watched some television. My father came strolling in around 6:30pm and shortly after my sister and mother came in the door with shopping bags in their hands. “Kimberly I see you’re feeling better.” My father went to his office with his food, while my mother and sister placed the bags at the foot of the stairs and joined me for dinner. “Kit, I feel brand new! Mother decided I was just too stressed out with the adjustment of you being at school and having to change my life style. I totally understood what she was getting at. We spent the day together having so much fun! You should have been there, but no worries we didn’t forget about you!” She pulled a box out of her purse; it was a blue Tiffany’s box. When she handed it to me I was a little nervous of what might be inside, but when I opened it I found a silver necklace with a heart on the chain. Written on the heart were the words, “Little Sister.” Kimberly pulled a necklace from around her neck, it was the same design, but with the words, “Big Sister.” I didn’t know what to say. “Mother I was right I knew she would be speechless! I am going to start treating you like my sister and not like an enemy. I am truly sorry I didn’t pick you up yesterday after school and it won’t even happen again.” I was still in amazement, but when my mother decided we should get ready for school tomorrow and for Kimberly to do the work she missed today I grabbed the bags and bought them upstairs. Kimberly was right behind me, leaving mother in the kitchen to clean up. Kimberly was right next to me as I walked up the stairs; she put her hand out for me to stop. “I just want you to know, my whole little speech I gave in there was just for mother. She needed to know how much I loved you,” Kimberly pinched my check then signaled me to follow her and like an idiot I did. “Spencer called me while I was out shopping today. Nice job talking about driving when you perfectly knew she can’t drive. Very mature of you. Spencer was so annoyed I had her do a little snooping for me. I thought you were so smart, but I guess I was wrong. You were probably too busy daydreaming in the boy’s eyes to notice Spencer following you in the hallway. Chase I believe his name is. Very cute boy, I met him you know. I am not as dumb as you think I am. I knew you were going to meet him when you were sent to Mr. Lexus’s office. I got that nice text you sent to mother. I just want you to know that I am going to act like a sister to you, only when our parents are looking. The minute they turn away, you’re going to be my number one enemy.” We reached the top of the stairs, but I was too annoyed to stay any longer and talk to Kimberly. I tried to pass her but she pushed the bags out of my hands and sent them flying in the air down the stairs. The noise of the tissue paper being crushed by the bags sent my mother coming in to look at the mess. “Kit! What did you do?” My mother was picking up her clothes that were now in balls on the stairs. “She was walking up the stairs, tripped and fell. I tried to help, but I was too late. Let me help you.” Kimberly ran to my mother who was picking up the clothes and placing them in the bag, trying not to get them wrinkly. Half of me wanted to go help, but the other half knew I couldn’t because Kimberly would try to make me look like the bad person. I retreated to my room and locked the door. I tried to call Ashley, but she didn’t answer her cell. I remember since it was Tuesday night she had work from 6pm-8pm at the bookstore. I decided to call Jen instead because she knew more about my sister than anyone else. Jen answered on the second ring. “Hello?” “Hi Jen, I really need to talk to someone about Kimberly.” I filled her in on the whole story. The necklace, Spencer stalking me, the flying bags. It was all too much to handle. Jen didn’t know about Chase yet, so when I filled her in she was so psyched. She knew about the problem with dating teacher’s children, so I wondered if there was any way she could help. “Kit, if he even does like you nothing can happen. I would say you could hang out as friends, but now that Spencer followed you guys in the hallway and Kimberly knows it will be tough. If Kimberly suspects anything she will report it right away, just to make your life worst. It doesn’t look good. You just have to wait and see.” Jen was right and there was nothing I could do. After I finally thought everything was going to get easy, another battle against Kimberly had begun.

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Favorite Quote:
" Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some just happen to be at the right place at the right time."

I love it.  Be sure to check out When Is Love Friendly.  It's an amazing story.


on Oct. 2 2011 at 8:02 pm
crazyreader14, LaSalle, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
" Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some just happen to be at the right place at the right time."

I love it.  Be sure to check out When Is Love Friendly.  It's an amazing story.

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Thanks for your input! I am going to finish it, don't worrry! 

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Im definitely itrigued now. The story line is catchy, and irresisatble. Some of the sentences are a bit choppy but other than that, great job. Please finish this?

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great story, and yes, freshman year can be very tough  can you please check out and comment on my story Manso's Shame  i would really appreciate the feedback