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The Unknown

Author's note: I wrote this after reading numerous books about paranormal romance. I love it and I love writing,...  Show full author's note »
Author's note: I wrote this after reading numerous books about paranormal romance. I love it and I love writing, so I decided to write this.  « Hide author's note
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Chapter Twenty Two

I didn't know what was going on with my body. I was lost in a black world. I wandered around blind and scared. I must be dead and stuck in the underworld as some sort of punishment Liam brought upon me. It was as if I was in a black hole. I was alone. I was definitely lost. And I had nowhere to go. Three things that make a horrible combination. I did what I think was sitting and shut down. I didn't do anything. When I closed my eyes I felt a excruciating pain in my chest. I opened my eyes and I was back at the cemetery and Armand was towering over me. "I told you to trust me." He whispered into my ear. I cringed at the pain. I clutched my chest and felt the healing tender skin where I had been stabbed. "You healed me?" I asked, my voice raspy and sore. I could barely hear myself. "Yes. I healed you. I couldn't lose you. But Liam, he, he got away. And the rest of them they sped away when Liam left. Some of them tried to stay and fight me off, but they couldn't. Guardians are often stronger and more stealthy than death angels. I'm so sorry that I couldn't have gotten to you sooner. But, I just couldn't find you. Liam found a way to hide you from me. I found you when you called out to me." He explained. I looked wearily up at him. "But I thought you couldn't be around them?" I pitifully asked. "We can't. I came anyways. I wasn't going to let you die." He said with pain etched on his face. "But, I was dead. How did you-". He hushed me. "Don't you worry. I'll explain everything later. You have to get home. You are in terrible condition still." He told me. "But my parents! What will I tell them! They must be panicking!" I tried to yell, but my voice wouldn't get louder than a raspy whisper. I felt defeated. Damn Liam. "They are all taken care of. I made sure that they remember nothing about you leaving. They think that you are asleep." He confirmed. I was thankful. We were home and in my room in a minute. He moved at an incredible speed. Before he laid me out on the bed he took everything off my bed, sheets included, and ripped the dress off of me. I was in too much pain and shock to care anymore about my body. I knew I was safe with Armand so I allowed him to undress me. He took a towel and covered below my waist. He cleaned the blood off with peroxide and water. I had to keep a hand over my mouth while I screamed out in pain, even though I'm sure no one could hear my whispered screams. I was crying hysterically when I realized I had been cut everywhere. I knew I had cuts on my cheek and arm. I also knew that I had been stabbed in the heart, but when I sat up, lifted the towel, and saw the cuts down my side, on my thighs, on both my arms, and on the fronts of both my wrists I couldn't help but cry. I had no memory of those cuts. I was traumatized. "Shh shh shh love. I know you are upset, distressed, even outraged, but I have to help you in order for you to be healed." He soothed. I laid back down and cried. I was heaving. The pain was indescribably horrible. The pain spread everywhere. It was like someone was slowly cutting each one of my nerves. When he was finished he prepared the bathtub for me and set me down in the warm water. He went out of the bathroom and left me alone. I couldn't move. I was still in pain and I didn't want to move. When the water started to get cold and I had been in there for at least thirty minutes, Armand came back. When he found me in the same position he had left me he came over and washed me. The soap hurt worse than the peroxide and I screamed with my weak voice. He scooped me in his arms and swaddled me in my towel and carried me into the bedroom. He got out a large tshirt and gently put it on me. He slipped on my underwear and put some large sweatpants on me. It was nice and warm. He put all my sheets back on and put me under my comforter. He got under the comforter, too and pulled me into his arms. It still hurt, but I wanted to be in his arms, so I didn't care. I just wanted him. "Il mio amore eterno. You are my eternal love, Ashley Lynn Grahm." He whispered softly in my ear. I smiled weakly. "I love you, too." I whispered. And then I fell asleep. I had nightmares. Reliving the events that had occured. I woke up still in pain. When my mom came in, I told her I was sick and I didn't want her to catch anything and she left me alone. I tried to get up but it was nearly impossible. Armand came and helped me get up and take another bath and get into more comfortable clothes. He was the most help. We laid back down together and I was happy again. He made me feel complete. "I thought I had lost you to Liam." I said, sounding the smallest bit better. He looked away. "I'm sorry for what I did." He said with sorrow and regret. "Hey, hey, I know that wasn't really you." I assured him. "But it was. I was never under his control. I had to fake it so that he wouldn't suspect me saving you. I hurt you and I can never get over that." He confessed. I looked at him and felt more pain, but not physical this time. "I know you did that for me. I'm not mad. I am forever grateful. Nothing will change that. So don't feel sorry for me. I'm alive because you saved me. Right?" I reasoned. He didn't look me in the eye and I started to get nervous. "Ashley, you died and came back. I am no longer able to be your guardian. I'm no longer able to be a guardian at all. I have been exiled. No one can fix that." I stared in disbelief. "I am officially cut off at sundown. I can't save you ever again. I have brought you back. I gave you my heart. Literally." I touched my chest. The skin was still extremely tender. "I have your heart?" I asked in awe. "Yes, you do. I don't think we can ever be together now. Unless I'm a guardian we can never be together." I looked at him. Confused and felt abandonment creeping in on me. "I don't understand." I breathed. He looked at me and then looked down. "Ashley I can never see you again." He told me. It was like Liam had stabbed me all over again. I didn't know what to do. This was the worst thing I could possibly imagine. "I can't do this." I said. "Please tell me there's another way." I begged. He just stared at me. He got close to me and kissed me with an intensity that hurt more because I knew it would be our last. I opened my eyes and he was gone. The only thing left behind was a pure white feather. Armand Victorus, my only love, the only heart I have, is gone out of my life forever.
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