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The Black Angel Rises

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High School and The New Boy

School is like an inferno, waiting to ruin you, Ravelle Midnight thought as she entered her school hallways. She loved going in the mornings to sit by the indoor fountain and read since during school it is occupied with the popular crowd with Brittany as their leader. She used to be Ravelle’s neighbor and friend before she began to hang out with a new crew and ignored Ravelle. Since then, Ravelle was a loner until she met Fernan Admetis. Like her, he was an outcast and they understood each other.
I wrote this in a confusing state because I want the reader 2 feel how Ravelle would feel as she progresses more into her story.
As soon as she sat down, she heard someone enter.
“That’s my place.” the voice was angry.
“I’m sorry, but your name’s not on it.” Ravelle muttered sarcastically and looked up at Brittany.
“Oh shush up Midnight, you have no reason to be sitting in my place.” Brittany tossed her brunette hair behind her.
“Watch that mouth of yours Dermont; you don’t want it bruised, do you?” Ravelle threatened as she pulled her boot and fixed it in position.
“Har de har har, like you could.” Brittany mocked.
“Do you remember Dylan Islas?” Ravelle brought up.
“Yeah, he was in the hospital two months because he was badly bruised across his mou...” Brittany stopped and looked at Ravelle with fear in her eyes as Ravelle nodded.
Instantly, Brittany backed up and ran. Soon, the school began to fill up with students and Ravelle sulked away to the library for the next hour.
Ravelle walked to her desk as the bell was about to ring and sat down. She heard the bustling of everyone in her class as they chatted away. Ravelle sat there wishing she was at the library instead of this blackhole known as school. She could hear the head cheerleader and school president, Brittany, as the loudest one in the class, but her voice was wiped out as the bell rang.
“She’s so annoying right?” a familiar voice asked Ravelle.
“Hey,” Ravelle greeted Fernan as he sat next to her, “yes, she is annoying.”
“Yea, can you believe she is making a big fuss about her hair, just listen.” Fernan pointed.
They watched as Brittany messed around with her hair before she suddenly stopped and eyed the doorway. Fernan and Ravelle turned their heads and there was a new boy standing at the doorway. He had hair the color of midnight with golden tips, which look permanent. He had bright emerald green eyes Ravelle found strange, they looked familiar to her. Just as the new boy arrived, Mr. Bellephron appeared from his backroom and extended his hand for the new boy to give him the teacher slip, which Mr. Bellephron signed and gave back to the new boy.
“Everyone, this is Xander Rosemend.” Mr. Bellephron introduced.
“He’s gorgeous,” Brittany muttered to Lervaine who giggled in agreement.
Ravelle rolled her eyes and began to take notes for her history class.
“Where do I sit?” Xander asked in a smooth, melodic voice.
“Right next to Ravelle, she’s sitting in the back seat next to the window. Ravelle, will you please stand up.” Mr. Bellephron raised his voice.
Ravelle stood as Brittany, Clara, and Lervaine scowled at her. Despite the three being popular and pretty, Ravelle was far more gorgeous then them. She had eyes the color of the ocean- a deep frozen blue, deep black hair, an expression guys find alluring, and fair skin. She looked up to meet Xander’s eyes and his expression was in awed. Ravelle looked away in disgust. But as soon as Xander was walking towards his new desk, Ravelle sat down and waited for Mr. Bellephron to turn around that way she can finish sketching what she saw out the window. A few moments later, Ravelle saw a shadow illuminating in front of her and knew it was him.
“Shoot, make him go away.” Ravelle muttered under her breath, just as a piece of paper was passed to Mr. Bellephron.
“Ravelle Midnight, you are to meet the counselor at the end of the day.”
“Okay,” Ravelle was glad.
“Moving on class, take out your notebooks and start a new sheet on why Heaven was more important than Life.” Mr. Bellephron headed to the backroom.
Chapters:   « Previous 1 2 3 4 Next »

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