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The King's Crown

April 2, 2018
By Anonymous


It was the new year in 1936 A.D. Tristania, the king Tristan the 33rd had been appointed king of the Tristanian Empire one of the largest in the land. He had barely been king for a week and already a big problem had arose. Some thieves had stolen the crown of the king and how dare they steal the king’s crown. Tristan had already created a large search for the crown to be recovered into proper hands of the king’s guard. While this went on they also had the wars with Brutarius and Marsherium to fight because of decisions made by the prior king. Many suspect one of those nations to have stolen the royal crown.

“Wilhelm is there any new information about the crown ?”. “No sir we have nothing new” “Then I must go and search for the myself since you fools can’t keep the crown in the right hands apparently”. “But it is dangerous sir”. “I shall be fine get Brian the Carnotaurus he shall go with me and get someone else to.” “But your majesty you don’t even know where to go” “oh really, then where do I go Wilhelm ?” “Well the crown was probably stolen when it was being stolen on the way here from east Tristania” “What city” “Maybe uhhhh likely Volksburg or Wulf Schloss” “That far east, hmmm… ready the horses, I shall be going a far distance to get my crown back”. “Are you sure about this, my king the east is dangerous because of the war with Brutarius” “It shall be fine, appoint the 3rd Army to the area immediately” “understood” “WELL THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL STANDING AROUND WILHELM !” “Good point sir”. Wilhelm ran off to get what the king had requested.


The King's Crown

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